Yoga Worlds

The spiritual existence is customarily divided into (three) major worlds (in Buddhism, Jainism, other).

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Sakshi Worlds

Dharma | Brahma Sakshis Sakshi = Witnessing & Consciousness. Here Sakshis attain Brahma, Dharma and/or Kundalini.
Dharma Sakshis
Human Sakshis
(13) Sakshi Ministers   3rd jhana (highest degree)
(12c) Neither-perception-nor-non-perception This always happens after the nirvanas 3rd's formless jhana (highest)
(12b) Sun Nothingness Sakshi Devas not Falling Away 3rd's formless jhana (medium)
(12a) Sun Bliss => Ecstasy   3rd's formless jhana (lowest)
(12) Sun Consciousness   3rd jhana (medium degree)
(11) Sakshi Retinue Shiva, Buddha, Mindfulness. Additionally Nirvanic Awareness (Sakshi!?) 3rd jhana (lowest/minor degree)

Brahma Worlds

(10) Brahma Devas of Perfect Glory I think one can fall away from here if one is not also Kundalini enlightened: when one has these then one is likely to be born to the higher planets where they have complete public inner knowledge. Brahma Enlightened zero sex addicted (plus Nirvanic Awareness)
(9) Brahma Devas of Limited Glory Assumes that the next life Brahma Enlightened stays Brahma Enlightened. I think one falls away to Brahma Retinue and becomes a Bodhisatt[v]a. Brahma Enlightened sex addicted

Alternatively/Additionally, Nirvanic Awareness (maybe not falling away)

(8) Ministers of Brahma Brahma Awareness in this life + this job. 4th jhana (highest degree)
(7c) Neither-perception-nor-non-perception [Atma; Maha atma]   4th's formless jhana (highest)
(7b) Nothingness [Nirvana; Maha nirvana] 4th's formless jhana (medium)
(7a) Infinite Space, Infinite Brahma Awareness [Brahma; Maha brahma] 4th's formless jhana (lowest)
(7) Brahma Awareness (Maha brahma)   4th jhana (medium degree)
(6) Brahma Retinue (entrance hall) Beings in this plane know the truth, about themselves, because of the Dhyana, Meditation, Mindfulness: the stream-entry (sotapatti) => Brahma Retinue, F/fourth seekers. The Dhyana is the drop in the Ocean, in the Fourth. Bodhisatta: A being striving for Brahma Awareness. Sanskrit form: Bodhisattva. The striving will be more or less unconscious, and will take time, lives, before one's Xmind becomes fourth mature enough = major F/fourth talent => {'the last life' of (the senior)} Bodhisatt{v}a. 4th jhana (lowest/minor degree)

Deity Worlds

D | Kundalini Brahma Sakshis Those whose Kundalini is awakened in other Worlds are reborn here, where they attain Brahma, Dharma and Sakshi.
Dharma | Kundalini Sakshis
Dharma | Kundalini Brahmas
Dharma Kundalini Devas
Human Kundalini Devas
Animal Kundalini Devas
(5) Kundalini Ministers   2nd jhana (highest degree)
(4) Kundalini Devas Here one has an active Kundalini (= inner therapist) and the middle (= balancing) channel and/or chakras. Kundalini's home is the 1.5. In our body the Kundalini goes where we put our attention onto. 2nd jhana (Deva degree)

Kundalini enlightenment [origin unknown (too much load!?)]

(3) Dharma Humans Do not resist goodness is the Mantra here. This Mantra opens the existential Dharma. Here one is not to go against sahaja: blocking is mere morality. And one is not to do anything positive either, but just to allow the positive to happen. And one should open also the pure brahma nature, if it's not already open => Brahma Retinue. If the brahma nature is not opened one is playing/having the Deities without self-awareness; that creates the religious dreams. Dharma awakened knows one's pure dharma nature. Sahaja morality is a by-product, it comes from the 'heart', not from the mind. Sahaja morality comes from the right mind; the right mind is a by-product. 2nd jhana (medium degree)

Major Dharma awakening

(2) Humans Minor Dharma awakenings 2nd jhana [Dharma jhanas] (lowest degree)
(1) Animals   1st jhanas (Deity jhanas)
(0) Ghosts The land of the dead Death

Hell Worlds

Asuras (asura) Sakshiasuras, Brahmasuras, Devasuras, Humanasuras, Animalasuras, Ghostasuras. Not put into those Worlds as they are not for evolution; it's the evolution that creates those higher planes. Asuras create hell. The six: imbalance, causing increase of mercilessness / decrease of mercifulness; ignorant/immature mind, mad/imbalance mind stuff. Anti-Dharmic actions against others. More or less dominant.
Hell Planes of unimaginable suffering and anguish. Is this planet the most likely destination for those ruined beyond human birth? Animals are not likely to be so ruined? Perhaps some are, and I think that is one of the destinations. Anti-Dharmic actions against oneself. This is psychological (like all worlds though in all cases one is not born exactly to where one isn't), like in Sahaja Yoga, all the problems one can have, and "hell" is more or less a fitting word; world, plane. More or less dominant. The time this level of things last is the time they last (load [memory], habit [memory, attitude]), and the same for any positive karma (old lesser loads, old good habits). (x-mind [surface, memory]-> X-mind [deeper, more complete, bigger, M/memory] -> Xmind [Xhistory, Xsuperego, Memory]; the laws of memory. Including inner and outer persona, abilities, energy [load, power].)

Souls ruined beyond human birth?

Kundalini might wake up if this happens (many things tend to change, up to mutation, when pressed/unpressed enough). How does a ruined beyond soul get a (human) birth? Ruined beyond babies might get a birth to less ruined mothers - active problem vs. less active problem, same load.

Buddhist sources: The Thirty-One Planes of Existence