Kundalini Awakening - Sahaja Yoga

This I got in 1995 when an acquaintance of mine/the photograph waked my Kundalini. It's basically easy to get this the most important enlightenment; just find a Sahaja yogi, and ask your Kundalini to be awakened; attend collective Sahaja Yoga. has all the necessary info for one to get this enlightenment. Sahaja Yogis have only this one enlightenment - including the people who write about it. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is the only real Kundalini Maha guru, as far as I know. I don't see she is a Witness, a Sakshi. Though the Witnessing & Consciousness might developed automatically during the Brahma year (then one knows less about Witnessing and Consciousness), but I don't see she has the Brahma Awareness either.

With the waking of the Kundalini the middle channel chakras will get awakened and will grow into their full strength, automatically, in about two years. Their work is to balance. Things like fears or any similar thing will be one of the first problems to decrease. If one has enough mindfulness (meditation), then during the next about 9 months one feels the middle channel strengthening, physically also. After the Kundalini awakening one feels the loads and imbalances of one's chakras (the body part of them) in one's fingers. The Kundalini awakening is the best or must enlightenment to start with.

Kundalini itself can be used to balance, and to clearing. In 1996> I Kundalini meditated (Sahaja yoga) about 10 hours every day. I had a burn-out, plus the hardest times of celibacy going; I have a normal 10x15 photograph of Shri Mataji, and it also fitted well to my problems (R2-L6). In 1998> I Kundalini meditated - separate time - only when needed for balancing or clearing. If one is a Sakshi, a Conscious human being, one does not need to do any meditation or yoga for other than for the purpose of balancing/load decreasing. Or for study. Or for Kundalini flow, or/and Dhyana-Samadhi yoga meditation e.g. just for the interest of it (nothing to achieve).

The 1st Step. Active-balancing. In theory, what comes to mental loads, e.g. L6-R2 combination, then the Kundalini meditation is perhaps of no faster, as long as one eliminates enough or all mentality and lets the time do its job, instead that one Kundalini meditates e.g. ten hours per day one year (I know that path, not the other like that). The active imbalance tries to balance automatically. The Kundalini is useful in certain situations and at clearing (in my experience not much needed if one has no major blocks at left, e.g. when I 'dropped' the mind and did clearing, on my path to become a Buddha, there came in two months a moment when it remained open and didn't close anymore, that being about the L6 load decrease or possibly about the heart now being not covered, by L6 perhaps, so that kind of things are the permanent solutions, not the mere clearings), but what comes to mere mental loads, I can't say that one would need to use the Kundalini, except in certain situations. One does not necessarily need the Kundalini to mental loads at any Step, though it can have situationally speeding effect. As long as one is aware that through the legs energy is moving out (the amount and the type), then one knows where one is going at. At the 2nd step one might not use the through- the-legs method more than as little as it takes to get some flow at the right. What comes to collective vibrations other than the Kundalini (the Kundalini gets more power), they are as usual something that will catch, and as usual, are supportive, but the permanent help is a different matter, the most central thing being in one's own loads and in the soul (to find the Deity qualities from oneself, and the understanding of the system and its functions, laws, the Deities), and the Kundalini.

If one does not have enough dhyana, one possibly won't feel the Kundalini (cool energy) in the brain (and it's not sure one feels it there then either). Sensor dominants possibly won't achieve enough dhyana (their world is dominantly sensoric, not N that might have/get some more dhyana). If one is dominantly hot (ST-dominant person when right sided is more likely up to soon too hot) and on the left (especially L6) hasn't got enough cool energy flow, then keeping the attention on the top (of the head/in the head/brain) is near useless and possibly harmful (the hot energy feels up to burning without enough cool energy on the left). It will then flow through the legs without it being focused up/in the head (the same way one can flow also the left energy out). So, the Kundalini meditation really works mainly with the dhyana (with iNtuitive dominants at least, if they get the dhyana, though not a sure thing then either, but dhyana is important in itself also) person who has enough cool energy on the left/L6 as active load; at least then he according to me figures to feel it as a cool flow in the brain, or at least above the brain (that just might still flow better in the brain even if one doesn't feel it there), when one focuses the attention there, that then will focus there more energy, and as cool, it will clear, open and so one comes to know the real Kundalini (that is pretty much just left energy, or at least with it), and with the dhyana, one has a better possibility to understand the whole system. Collective meditation adds an additional aspect to the functions of Kundalini but I am not sure of what those are compared to a similar (NF?) groups elsewhere without the Kundalini, if one is not having the Kundalini the best way.

The 2nd Step. But just being at balance is not good enough; one needs to decrease the loading up to as low as possible, and one basically very much needs to keep balancing as there is still load left. In 2005 I again started to push my R2-L6 down with a lot of Kundalini meditation and no mental operations (R2-L6), as much as possible (the latter is absolutely mandatory). First the most active unbalance will balance, and in 1996-7 that was the case and the flow was mainly strong and cool, though as much hotness went out too (this time the active balance is already there so no major flow comes from that, only whenever the L6 - or R2 - 'opens' up more and stays 'open' more, then it's the same balancing). Then there is still load, one just has the active balance. At that point the flow will be little and one will move from the right to the left after the right balances more, then one works on the left, then again dominantly on the right. Some warm flow is there when dominantly the right is balancing, and some cool flow when dominantly the left side is balancing, though opening the left can result as a dominant right balancing, too. One must keep working for years, much similar to losing fat; it won't go away just by eating what one spends.

The overactivity does go out (balancing) through the feet also when not Kundalini meditating. The Kundalini may be cool (felt so all over the body, except in the brain when hotness goes out. But all over the body there are also warm currents), but it may not (seems to me it doesn't) exist (just the awakening to this phenomenon exist, though the coolness may feel different from coldness but I think it's from the same stuff, as warm and hot), but it's just a question of both the cold(-cool) as well a hot(-warm) to go away from our system.

At balance it's more or less difficult to get more layers 'open'; it can even become a wall (smaller or a bigger) , leaving just what one gets from the laws of decreasing addiction (possibly/likely behind those walls), habit, losing weight/power, body recovery. Though one is not facing a wall all the time. I got some results from both months, full time (one person). But the problem with the whole Kundalini thing is that one lacks better possibilities to decrease the loads; one gets at balance and one has the balancing middle channel, but then at balance one runs into a major problem of how to get the loads to decrease; it's a lot a Kundalini meditation needed here to try to speed it up outside of the laws of addiction. The Kundalini (the left channel energy!? The left chakras [or organs] can be hot or similar and the Kundalini is the cooling energy of that channel, that flows only and as much as there is activity at the left, e.g. when unloading, and it would not be the unloading material itself, and from that and other matters comes that the Kundalini is e.g. the energy of the pure desire [the chakras are of course that, but this is how one can feel it, though not necessarily from the Kundalini, so I might call it the helping energy of the pure desire instead as that's what it does], it just balances the left activity, while the right seems to work only as a side product and has no cooling energy) flows only when there is active unbalance or some load is opening (or melting) and releasing energy. In other cases one feels only the little (up to nothing) one gets from keeping the attention at the 'top' of the head (in the brain), and that's fine when there's enough active unbalance or the block is opening, or even just melting, but it's not much to mention here (this is not a small flow, this is a complete wall, there being nothing to balance). In that case I might lift the Kundalini - the left channel's vibrations and flow - many/several times to get a stronger flow, and I repeat it when it gets slow. But it has its limitations (but it has an effect, and might even have some more or less real healing power over the body as it can 'clean' it somewhat at this point). That and other helping methods (anything) that also increase the flow, or better still, open the blocks, are the unknown techniques in this 2nd step (at balance) of the Kundalini meditation. For opening the blocks, not to grind too much and use one's life too much, one better use nonloading action together with normal balancing and only some grinding (up to the complete wall and hand liftings) might/can have the effect of opening them more, but through the legs method is one of the major things here, helping to get rid of the block, that the Kundalini can't remove (I figure in my case it was L6+iNtuitive-block, connected to R2, and in my case I went all the way to become a Buddha/Sensor to get rid of it, though it may not be necessary to go all that far, the main story here being about how the Kundalini fails when one is in balance, its limitation being there, and how one can still do progress with the through the legs method - as long as one doesn't use it too much).

Overactivity from the loads (and activity) moves out through the feet when one is passive (it sometimes might help to be aware of it, similarly like in the brain). The Kundalini flow in the brain/on the left channel does at least clearing (what that contains is not all known), but even in that case in practice it's easily a necessary part in maintaining a good balance (up to no flow); together with losing "weight." Also for at least few first (from dominant totality up to totality) months (when it can open to a stronger flow; after that no major openings might happen, maybe just melting, though deeper layers one still might have to open) during this second step it can be a matter of getting some layers (sort of "knots") open after the active balance (more or less no Kundalini flow) or no progress is possible (to be and up to maintain an active balance and get no progress). Not here nor anywhere else in my life have I ever got any major results from anything less but dominant totality (up to totality), though it doesn't mean one gets any more from doing too much, but doing too little easily means no major results.

There is no need to bother oneself with too much Kundalini meditation when nothing much is happening; coming to know that the over energy, especially from the right, moves out when one is passive, at rest, standing, sitting, lying down (and moving just perhaps), there one just remains so, doing nothing, and when one does that a lot one comes to know all about the energy moving out through the feet, while the Kundalini meditation can me more effective for unloading the left, that also often needs to be unloaded enough or at rest before the right side will start to unload (but that's no law and it differs). In the long run it's just like losing weight, but one needs to be passive for the best unload results, while being passive but the L6 being actively loaded even little by anything (preventing its deeper unloading), little or no (deeper) recovery is the result.

This is about the recover beyond the active balance, about the stored loads. This being the second step after any kind of a first balance has been achieved. It's easy to balance the active balance from action, with or without the Kundalini, and balance any time there's something active to balance, but it's difficult to decrease the loads if one does not know how it all works; one needs to be up to very passive on the area of the load (e.g. L6-R2) and it takes up to hours of (more or less) passivity before they start melting (and sometimes it helps to give them little action to speed up the start of that recovery), and only then the loads will start to decrease (through the legs as one can observe at least about the right channel. It's up to passivity first and the L6 [and/or some other left side chakra maybe] to be passive first - that's why one needs to keep the L6 passive - and only then the flow starts and gets better, and if one is passive at L6 already no time is taken and the right side loads will be unloading [though in-between the left can clear/unload], while without all those passivities the right side loads will not unload, though after one has got rid of the major knot like the L6+N+R2-combo/block in balance problem, this rule may not be true, and is not all try here either, and later, having progressed here and maybe being a Buddha/Sensor too, unloading through the legs might be constant, as there is no major block that needs to 'melt' or so first, and that's a major step of health and permanence for fuller open(n)ess of the left channel also, even though the complex of L6+R2 and maybe N is still there, but they may not have any complex any more as a problem, and possibly getting recovered faster and constantly now, is a major step in health, for the Ns at least, the S's just maybe not having this block). This is so whether one uses the Kundalini meditation or not (the best when balancing the left channel, or more so the L6 from where most of the cool breeze seems to come 'from'), and when the Kundalini is not flowing well one gets better (right side) results with just passivity (through the legs).

The flow through the legs is not to be continued too long (e.g. a week or a two ten hours per day) because there can come problems, e.g. one wants to urinate, so one does, but it doesn't help and one keeps wanting to urinate - how long one can stand it? Though pain killers and sleeping pills and a doctor might help. It's a raise against time to get sleep (how long can one stay awake, a few days, a week, a few weeks, a month, a year, ten years, more?). In my case it was over 12 hours (and I used some methods and it was a wrong thing to do, though I got one release after messing more pain to myself so there was an emergency release] and also tried some things like hot bath and the candle that both were really bad. The feet on cold water and maybe an icepack might have been of some help, not the opposite, though it's a sort of illogical, but whatever works here is right, and as the balance was so much, the Kudalini is not much of a help though it could be valuable (otherwise). One should generally stick just to the Kundalini flow and for informed [like here] use of the through the legs method [the fuller knowledge of that is not a part of Sahaja Yoga, but it's necessary to know, and should be known in Zen, as it's the other half of why zen works, the other being control] and not mess with things, though they have their good places) then I got sleep and was over the problem for now (when waking up and during the emergency release [the candle light was the main reason, burning my left side because I got such a low cooling energy there, and then the problem was wiped out with some release at the point of enough uncomfort/pain] I noticed that it felt like the right energy unload but a little bit cooler as it was at the left channel and in this case somewhat more powerful like it could not be stopped that easily [this is a different from that emergency unload, that was to fix the left problem I messed in there. When unloading the right or so, with this unloading through the legs method, that much, it starts to unload all ones energy stronger and one has to go in action to stop it or one will end up in trouble], and that [not the emergency unload] release was there during the day too. It was important to get sleep. I soon noticed that the release from the legs is now right again, usually, in the beginning, happening when waking up for example, and the more powerful release, not sure if it was because of the emergency release or left releasing, but the right keeps unloading). The left overload from too much right energy going out will possibly cause overpressure at the left (or then it's just the problem of too little right - and left - energy, but it did feel like an overpressure on the left channel) and one of its problems is then overpressure for the bladder or similar that's telling that one needs to go even though one needs not, and it (and some other things that might happen so some other people) somewhat a death serious problem. The left does rate to try to balance on its own too, its slow and it seems one needs to count one's life mainly on that, hope the best, though I would use whatever I would find helpful, but the best is not the end up in this problem because we need enough active left and right side energy to deal with many things, including our overloaded chakras and organs, and their needs of energy to manage what they need to manage. After unloading the right (and the left) through the legs, one should put the left in balance as soon as it Kundalini flows better, so keeping the balance better, or with no Kundalini, to give it time.

The first problem was that when the left and right are at balance, they won't progress. Now that problem is not there and the left gets to unload as long as the right is overunloaded first, when one is on the 2nd step (after the active balance). The urinate problem is a real danger and one needs to be prepared for it, and maybe after the sleep the left will then start to unload. What if one does not get it balanced enough so that one could get sleep. One can again use the Kundalini meditation to unload the left (and clear the body) after the throught the legs method but then beware the pull of the right doing its unloading, in can get power over nature and keep unloading too strongly. The solution is here, but e.g. the urinate problem puts one into a careful use of it or one will end up in trouble.

I can tell that at the balance, the x-balance, the Kundalini feels like the grinding Kundalini, small but enough to grind with, but like during my first two months in 2005, I still agree with my view that it's rather useless though one can get some blocks of the L6 work memory or whatever open with a temporarily stronger flow, but it's a lot of grinding and not necessarily of any help; I expect that the Kundalini does nothing but clearing (until one uses it to balance the L6 work memory - though just passivity, rest, can do the same that then can do better with the R2 too at the same time or separately as more L6 might melt first - one can get a stronger Kundalini flow for the body and maybe for the channel clearing by giving activity to the L6 with work memory, visual work, tv, radio), and it's useful with the through the legs method too as it creates unbalance and the body does not stay up to date and more than serious problems at extremes will happen, so one needs to be careful and do no ten hours per day (after the first days or a week or so) plus no activity and one to two weeks, then one likely is already in serious trouble, and later not that much is likely needed, and one feels unbalanced at least till with the Kundalini, action, and time the body gets balanced, adjusted, though when unloading the right through the legs one becomes more left sided, and one feels kind of sick always when unloading enough the right as the body needs its time to deal with the new situation, and so one should unload the right not more than five hours per day (after the balance, after the [primarily] L6 has unloaded - then the flow has/can have more/primarily hot in it [at one point at least] and there are other indications. The first day or two one might stand more but one needs to look if one gets pale/white, sick, weak, [too] cold and figure that one might have overdone it, but five hours it probably can take, while the unload of the right will not likely do any more [in idea, while one does need to unload the R2 after the L6 as L6 takes cold off and one needs to take the remaining balancing hot away from the right, from R2 to be at balance clear, right and left unloaded, from the active part] than the unload of the left similarly (L6) does, the load more or less remaining, but it keeps one of from too much doings and can help to keep one at a state where the recovery is more likely or better)

And that is not safe either even with the Kundalini, while with experience one knows better to observe how one feels, to try to stay more on the safe side, though when it goes wrong it just suddenly happens, though things like too little color on the face-body, some tense, sick and other feels on the stomach and the area, and the sicker body, mind, and one might be just ten hours away from serious trouble (for the first time unloading the right through the legs was also stuck for half-a-day and then suddenly I/the body was in serious trouble), and there's also spontaneity about the right unloading when one gets it to work, so it gets a sort of aggressive, so one should and can then use it less I think, it having become something like it perhaps is supposed to be, or maybe not in case of that much load, that then can give problems to the body to stay up to date. And I do have something a sort of grown in my head around these same times, that keeps it more silent than what the M6 (an automatic work memory/'passive' thinking/mind control) does, and stuff like that keeps the attention more away from the mind, and so helps this through the legs method to work more spontaneously too as it can need some being here and now and maybe some attention to the legs too, like when one keeps the attention in the brain to get the Kundalini feel and function there.

Years after, in 2009, I had the same problem (counting out an additional pain that kept me at bed in intense but the next days decreasing pain 2-3 days; my guess is it's a lower liver infection, or it will point the place and sort of the type of pain, causing the intense pain as it then looks like it hits the upper stomach, and the reason I associate to it is not only the more or more sudden drop of energy level at the right, especially at the problem area, but also the lack of cool from the left to balance my too hot spot there, though I unloaded, overly so, both sides through the legs, but it too seems to cause too much pressure, relative pressure, on the left, too much left side energy as it then seem like it unloaded more the right side and so the left side was being too much in pressure, and the same thing now happens in this 2009 story, but this 2nd time I am overloading the left, not overly unloading the channels, sort of more the right) as in 2005 when I unloaded the channels too much though the legs, most directed to unload the right warm/hot energy. But in 2009 I was doing monitor work constantly for weeks, up to 30 hours per day, especially towards the end, and I did notice that the system started to feel uncomfortable, especially during the last week where I further increased it, and I also needed to go to urinate more often, more often the further I went in this overloading (the monitor is producing lots of visual cool action from the left, much more than looking in ordinary life) and finally I had the constant need to urinate, like the bladder would be full and one must go, but the bladder is empty. At that point I then stopped and started to unload and in two hours it unloaded to the point where the pain hit the lower left back, muscles, that were top tense and the pain intense but not all the way unbearable like in that 'liver' case, while I did take two Aspirins but it seems they have no effect to this pain. So, I waited it to further unload in that pain for two hours and then it got over the pain point (I am not sure one should go into complete unload as fast as I did though I had the urinate 'pain' too, but a softer unload just might not hit that pain level, but it's tricky to verify though it could be repeated several times and then compared), the pain stopped and the need to urinate stopped too, them being connected, and it was over. These are just my type of problems, not necessarily general as I have a minor NF1, but a lot of people have something and can face up to serious problems at any extreme more easily.

With the right unload cases it would continue unbearable pain from the 'liver' (R2 in my case) together with this other problem and the next day the pain level as a whole would be similar to the pain level in this 2009 case, though in 2005 - and later 2006 when the sun I took too much unloaded suddenly the heat of the right, causing the same right side over unload or/and fast unload and I was in pain then too though the urinate case might not hit there - all day and only after sleep the next day, all day, be at the level of this 2009 case, caused by what seems like muscles but the whole system is there under too much pressure or/and so (cold energy included), while the muscles reacting similarly to loads is common to all people, all know it, but not usually at this pain level, it sort of looking like being a part in having a more sensitive nervous system, though the middle channel also keep the balance better and might cause one to overload oneself more than one would without it, though it's also likely forcing more rapid x-unload in its aim to maintain better balance, and additionally one is more sensitive, though that might not make as much difference here though one needs to adjust one's ideas about the load levels as it can be more when one thinks it's less as one feels at better balance with the supporting middle channel, and one might have other Enlightenments too that might add to the clarity of one's x-mind, head, even when one is under some x-load, and so all in all one would feel more in balance and head more clear and it doesn't look like the state one would be without them and so the need to adjust, though the middle channel also seems to add to the more rapid or more spontaneous x-unload but from most part one needs time off similar to sleeping, though one does not unload but the body when sleeping, but the x-mind, x-system unloads the fastest when doing nothing and even doing what seems little, like walking, might prevent the unload even on the long run, maybe it taking ten times longer then and the times of the unload would even then come maybe mostly from when one is doing about nothing, though the most strong things will unload even all the time (one sees this from the energy unloading through the legs, though if in action the action x-loads at the same time), and with some overloading they could even unload suddenly so there is some possible further technique, basically medical science I suppose but not necessarily, but something similar I suppose, while the fact of possibly body doing works (even unloading needs work and it's doing it basically mainly when one is doing about nothing, though there is also words to be mentioned about more balanced living but if one wants unload in the main meaning of that word, it means one does about nothing, and then after hours or days sees what is the result of that compared to other ways) to correct some things during the unloads might then not happen as one x-unloaded so fast, but that may not be the case, it being just the extra energy - x-load level - getting unloaded.

on average, and one can have activity too. The loads from right (R2 at least) will start to unload, while it can take up to few hours if the L6 needs to melt first (in the morning it might be more likely melted, and one could unload the right, and after that one could Kundalini meditate to get the body cleared as after that and both in the mornings the body is in a sort of a mess, sort of similarly to when one unloads the right), but some of the time some action can help too, to get the L6 melted (the x-action increases the Kundalini flow). If one takes care that the body recovers and not unload too much the right, one rates to do without the Kundalini too, though one must be careful, while at the end one will have less color in the body as that right energy gives color to the body, and one will be more at left, something similar to the personality groups EP and IJ, though e.g. ENFJ too can be, but they have their hot spots too and that's more or less why they are at the EJ, are more at the left (and EP/IJs are Se's), so that's nothing clear, just a beginning view. Through the legs method is no fast method either (and one needs to be real careful even with it), but at least one makes progress, not being blocked to the spot where one is in balance and can't make any more progress that the laws of addiction allow, and they may not be able to do anything either, the case looks like being to get the mental block complex of about L6+R2+iNtutive to release, and in cases one might have to go all the way to get rid of the N-dominance to get over that block, it possibly being the factor that maintains that block and the Kundalini can't do anything about it, nor will the Kundalini work when one is in active balance.

The through-the-legs method is there with the Kundalini meditation too, but also without the Kundalini meditation one can flow the active unbalance energy through the legs (the Kundalini isn't necessarily any more helpful, it being more for the other clearing and maybe one gets the left L6-'block' to open-melt faster than when waiting just with the through-the-legs method), and what comes to the Kundalini, its flow will completely stop when the L6 is completely at balance, and after that one can/should often balance the right side (deeper), and for that there's only the through-the-legs method, though time possibly might work too as long as one doesn't then load the L6 during that time, the L6 always, first, generally, not all true, maybe not later, balancing primarily/first, then the R2 (for example). The through-the-legs method likely can only be for clearing, just like the Kundalini, though I actively use the through-the-legs method and the Kundalini is secondary for me (and the help techniques I don't use much at all. The icepack might still be useful at times and when it works then it's good at least for R2, it being some more speed and more specific than the mere through the legs). The third step (and during the other steps too) is about the laws of addiction (that might not easily or at all break the L6+R2+N-complex, e.g. like in life generally, the iNtuitives tend to stay iNtuitives - they might have to hit up to the Buddha/Sensor before that complex breaks [enough or completely, hard to say but the complex as it was there is no more there], but not necessarily), though it more or less works together with keeping a lower (active) load level, so it's not that these steps are all separate. The right side's over energy is stored like (it's the same) the stimulated right side energy (with heat. It's some heating, energy system all over the body, like the left side's - cool - energy, the Kundalini is all over, inside, the body, and bodily the overloads are more or less connected to the grown parts in the body and brain and those are also what push the nerves and so we get info where that load is, though it seems it can be located in the exact spot too, like I know there is extra pressure or so in the back of my head and that feels on my left L6 finger too, while not sure about where the R2 would be feeling, except that the right side around those spots and in the whole channel is too hot because of it) that gets stimulated e.g. by sun and it gets stored (the real sun also fills the right x-energy, and I can get some problems because of it as I have too much load at the R2 and it gets x-more like that and takes an emergency release that in some cases leads to the pain bed for three days as it releases it too much, just the same like when unloading the right too much; so, taking sun is occasionally risky for me and I can't do it too much, and should more or less beware of getting too hot - sun light maybe - as the emergency release can be dangerous for me). One needs to get its energy level down from some points that are over heated (energy, stimulated), and as e.g. sun can heat, e.g. ice can cool down (in theory some advanced things would still be faster, though it's also addiction connected, and one needs some advanced memory decrease - of the addictions stored that may be in the body only like cutting it or using medicine - too to get this complete).

Living in the clear unloaded balance and clarity, unloaded energy, especially the problem energy, mental, unloaded, that is the Place and in theory decreases the loads, that place being the place to be and live in at if one wants the loads to decrease (not understanding/doing this correctly misses the chance of getting healed in any way after the mere balance that can heal the problems of what a boiling water produces, but the problems created by the hot water won't decrease, won't get healed by the mere balance only). The problem with the mere balance is that it's not enough and the middle channel then additionally helps one to stay in what looks like the balance - a non-middle channel person might be in an imbalance with that amount of activity but I might not be and additionally I tend to stay clear though one otherwise would tend to not be - and a sort of is but it's not the unloaded clear balance, it needing a non-mental life. The mere balance being more or less the way to live if one does not need to decrease the loads and try to heal the body. Like eating as much as one spends, no extra fat happens, but it won't decrease it either) as well as being happy in an otherwise unhappy situation for the nf, that's then okay too from the part that it sees that whatever can be done is being done and it's in more balance and in a more clarity-happiness, things being okay on the surface, that in the x-mind - plus the deeper unload - theory will become more and more as time goes and is the health, just the below, the loads, the past, the memory, needs to decrease, something where one should avoid being and doing for years or more.

Just keeping the attention uninterruptedly at the top of the head (there's no point, just a place and a direction - above the Agnya [Xmind, the L6; but R6 here] chakra), and the Kundalini flow is soon there (in the x-mind, the brain, the Temples; the top, upper part of the head - that is the B/brain where the Kundalini will then work). It's easier with eyes closed. Then one keeps one's attention uninterruptedly in about that flow. That is all. The flow, vibrations, (can) become better after e.g. 10 minutes of uninterrupted flow. Sahaja Yoga techniques can be used. I need a photograph of Shri Mataji to have a stronger/cooler flow.

All Sahaja Yogis do not feel the Kundalini in the brain or at all - maybe because of the left 5th chakra's bigger load (or/and some personality type function is weaker. Any [emotional]pressure at any lower chakra, e.g. the heart, might cause one to be stuck more, e.g. it might press e.g. the L6 [or the right or left side of the back of the head, or somewhere else in the head], like when one has e.g. a hand or a finger somewhere in the head then one rates to feel more or less no flow in the brain, and the pressures and the loads press the nerves and that's how one gets info e.g. through the fingers) - in case the meditation for them is mainly a collective sharing-vibrations experience, together with ordinary balancing through the legs, and all other techniques and the correct knowledge, everything but the cool breeze of the Kundalini in the brain that others use to help themselves to balance and clear their own system.

A great tip (to some people): ice pack. I used it a lot every day for three years. It is very good for hot logic processor - right Swadisthana, in and on (its aura) the right side of the lower stomach, 14-301 min., it will speed up its 'outer' cooling - the 'inner' mainly follows the laws of addiction, memory, karma.

Photograph, Vibrations. To create a photograph effective enough for sahaja Kundalini meditation needs more imbalance and perhaps (must with live; perhaps with a photograph) many/some Sahaja yogis. That is why only Shri Mataji's photographs are used - though, if one is there in collective Sahaja Yoga with the same or more amount of imbalance one will have the same maha-flow, or flow/cool. It is a catalythical /synchronicity phenomenon. Normal photographs give (vibrate) feelings etc., of the person's soul happenings, at that time, to Deities (we are one of them, the Xmind - it's real) - and I witness that happening in myself. The computer pictures also vibrate feelings etc., but less lively. About the Kundalini I am not so optimistic when it's not a photograph that is developed from the original negative. Not a photograph quality - nor is the hardware.

The only option I know that might be even as good is a photograph that is taken from a photograph, as long as it's not a "soft" (matta) photograph (I have tested few and they were worse than nothing), that it has a hard surface (that they were before those "soft" ones came). I assume the "soft" photographs were taken with a normal zoom camera (and not e.g. with a digital zoom camera, that is worse). About the "hard" ones, I haven't tested more than small or unclear ones, but I saw it's at least the second best option, as far as I know. The very small clear ones one might need to keep very close, the head.

Kundalini meditation without a good Kundalini photograph is not a good option in the beginning as it would be far less effective. Only after some years, when one is open-clean, whenever one has a strong enough x-mind imbalance it might be up to 2/3 effective; otherwise more like up to 50%.

The "Kundalini" and the problems. The Gopi Krishna problems created by the "Kundalini" looks like having been taken from the (beginning) celibacy; but whatever, they have nothing to do with Kundalini. There are also people who think the "Kundalini" is S/sex energy, A/awareness, P/prana, or some psychological phenomenon or disorder produced by "Kundalini". Any extreme change can produce more or less problems and that's mainly what these are about. It sometimes even looks like that people who have problems somehow start thinking they are from Kundalini, but it's also a fact that some people who practise meditation, yoga, get problems, even feel energies and their doings in a way that looks strange to me, but all in all, it's some change in their energy system as a result of their doings or/and undoings (loading, unloading, opening, closing, mind, energies), and going slow and in a balanced way enough is the safer path. My 'genetic' weaknesses are in my NF1 (L6, R2 related) and I need to be a bit more careful on that/those areas, as well as at any area where I have any type of weaknesses, and that more or less means at more or less all areas. The Kundalini itself produces no problems; there basically is no Kundalini as there is just the left (the Kundalini) and right (consciousness) energy and the rest are just waves (and loads).

Because of the Kundalini enlightened more sensitive nervous system one might feel some mostly minor (non-)disturbing spots in the body after e.g. 6 months from the Kundalini awakening. In my case first the back of the head and few years later (its whole meridian down to) the bottom of the feet (soles), the only sometimes major thing here as far as I know (others who have other - meridian - problems might feel something else) where one might feel severe (sometimes, maybe just during the first year/s when it first happens, as far as severe goes) pain when strongly actively out of balance/loaded - then one just balances the mind (the x-mind, the work memory, the active mind & the right Swadisthana) and lets the 'eyes' (Back-Agnya), rest; the stress etc. The Kundalini and the Kundalini awakening is always pleasant. When the Kundalini awakens, and is raised also, one always feels nothing or close to it (perhaps Dhyana; [perhaps] fingers, palms; perhaps Kundalini), as it's a small subtle phenomenon - subtle energy, like air (and I know others in Sahaja Yoga having it awaken and I have awakened it myself also, and no problems). Other than e.g. the back of the head possibility (one just becomes bodily aware of that problem, not that the Kundalini awakening creates that problem) the Kundalini awakening never creates any problems, and Kundalini itself never, but works gently, like air - it won't feel any different than e.g. the breath moving in/out in the lungs and nose, mouth, or the wind on one's body; it just moves in the brain instead, and anywhere one keeps one's attention at on/in, but mostly it balances best only through/in the brain.

Picture etc. awakening. The one in and others. I don't know if they wake up the Kundalini but there's a possibility (some people say they have got their Kundalini awakening like that). First the Kundalini vibration wakes the dormant (might not be dormant) Kundalini (can a picture etc. do that), then raising it may (perhaps) be needed (pictures etc. pull up might do that, but it is only a pull up: it doesn't necessarily 'wake up' the Kundalini - can raise etc. it only if it's already awakened, the awakening perhaps being something else - the rise of the Kundalini followed by the enlightenment of the nervous system). One does feel much from computer pictures also, experience/feel, and many experience is not because of the picture's Kundalini vibrations - less in pictures - and some are of its effect in the person (Shri Mataji) of the picture, but an effect is not the same as the Kundalini (that though might effect one's own Kundalini). Not a photograph quality (picture & monitor). Pictures rate to be for fun and study meditation, not for major Kundalini meditation. A strong Kundalini photograph is (still) likely needed (and a good personal quality in it, but that's likely still too far from today's understanding and ability).

One gets - Kundalini - vibrations from many things, and can't very easily tell whether it's a universal or/and a personal truth, or what the Deities/Kundalini are meaning, in this or that particular case. Here one needs more experience and some study. This is what Shri Mataji calls "The Meta Science of Sahaja Yoga". Kundalini and pictures are only a piece of it; it contains all the vibrations etc. one can feel in Deities, and so contains the Dharma also. If one's Kundalini is not awakened one won't feel any (cool) Kundalini vibrations. If the Kundalini gets awakened it might take a month (or more) before one starts feeling the cool vibrations of Kundalini. How the pictures etc. work? It feels like they have a 'dead' soul of their own; {a light phenomenon, and then} a Deity sense phenomenon. Deities (chakras, or part of it; qualities of our soul) read them. In the same way as psychokinesis of the used things, like newspapers, have their own vibrations (chemical => Deity sensation => mind), kinetic (not a Deities + {light} picture {+ memory}, Deities + sound {etc.} {+ memory}, Deities + memory {+ conditionings} phenomenon). Deities read chemical information also; but kinetic (chemical) vibrations (and memory vibrations {from (Deities =>) memory => Deities}) change; the vibrations╣ in the picture (╣from Deities => perhaps memory => Deities) don't; a picture contains no (kinetic) vibrations; Deities create (= read, sense) them from the picture (+ perhaps memory). How can it then awaken the Kundalini (= the Kundalini Deity) ? Awakening might need a live (kinetic; soul, chemical, physical) contact to the awakened Kundalini, though in physics it might be just the same light phenomenon (both being pictures, the real as well as the picture. It seems there are all the same vibrations stored in the photograph as there as in the real thing, and then the so called Kundalini awakening would happen also just like it would be real, as it's real, and the what seems a likely lifting happens because there is a Kundalini flow - or the left cool energy to possibly be exact - up; the hand lifting can also do it, manually - not sure from the other but if it lifts from the doer then there's a flow up). If the (so-called) dormant Kundalini needs only lifting, then it might (hand lifting has some extra magic; and keeping the attention at the top of the head has more effect, at least if one already has an enlightened Kundalini contact - e.g. it would stay in the memory [that's as far as I see what this enlightenment is all about; like the right side becoming more aware of the left side because of some connection that happens when some flow goes up or whatever and as a result the whole system will be more aware and able, and may have nothing to do with the so called Kundalini that's the cool energy from the left side that one gets under increased awareness and control as a result of this increased inner system awareness] once it is lifted at the x-mind) be possible, as what ever is happening in the person of any photograph, will also start happening in the person who is in contact with it.

Waking the Kundalini from another person needs the awakened Kundalini and the hand lifting, and that might be enough, but there are other things, the most important being that one has lifted one's own Kundalini up to the Sahasrara (brain, Temples, x-mind) and then keeps it flow there (perhaps some time first, as that can strengthen the flow) while hand lifting the other's Kundalini. That should be enough (even without hand lifting one's Kundalini at the Sahasrara, brain might be enough - synchronicity - but the hand lifting is an important part, and might also be enough all by itself), but it's always helpful to have Shri Mataji's Kundalini photograph there, as that strengthens at least one's own Kundalini vibrations, that can be a big aid (like collective Kundalini meditation). Perhaps in some rare cases the awakener's Kundalini might not be awakened but Shri Mataji's Kundalini photograph awakens the other's Kundalini. The other can also keep the attention at the top of his head, as that might aid a bit, eyes closed, or maybe just looking the photograph, though it's sensed without the look also. And there are other aids, like the affirmations (it might help getting the flow up, to use the hands like that, on chakras and step by step higher, and there will possibly be a somewhat better inner awareness, and what comes to those mantra affirmations at the same time there's some idea as the affirmations are more or less connected to chakras, and using the Kundalini Mata affirmation too has the idea that the left side's cool energy, or the Kundalini as it's usually called, would get an affirmation reaction from that in case our system figures that it connects to that. All ideas connect to something, that being how our 'unconscious' [divine] psychology works; suggestions - thoughts, feelings, memories, conditionings), meditation, keeping the palms (not sure if that basically makes a difference, just that they are closer) towards Shri Mataji's Kundalini photograph - close to it at the end of that awakening process, feeling the fingers, palms (I felt the palms, meaning both channels were that much out of balance; the fingers I felt some following night, and in my case the back of the head, L6, later). That's because the nervous system will become more sensitive (then one more easily feels when something, a load, is pressing the nerves - I don't know how much is any more I have them because of my NF1, but I suspect up to nothing as I have bigger L6 and R2 loads, that actually produce my NF1 in my opinion, them being one and the same in my case, with my genes as the weakest points where someone else would have got something else or nothing).

Sahaja Yogis generally don't have the self realization (dhyana, Sri Shiva's 112 methods of meditation - most of them will show the state of the spirit, witnessing consciousness, dhyana) that probably makes it possible to feel the flow of Kundalini in the brain and then use it in Sahaja Kundalini meditation to clear the system, by keeping the attention in the brain, where the Kundalini will then flow and better because of the attention there. The flow is because of the work memory x-load (L6) mainly but all left energy is also cool, and one can also unload it through the legs, by resting, and similarly the work memory load that is connected to the load on the right, usually the thinking, R2, unload in non-action, in rest, it being hot then. The system is more or less understood in Sahaja Yoga, and it works with the Kundalini awakening and without the Kundalini awakening. And one can understand the emotions, the chakras, with or without the Kundalini awakening. The age of Enlightenment unlikely starts from Sahaja Yoga alone, though many have the Kundalini awakened (that's why it will remain, it not going to diappear, possibly not from Sahaja Yoga either), but the understanding of the system isn't complete and there is more or less no dhyana. The Dhyana is from where it more likely will start from (though knowing the loads, energies of left and right, or just energy, unloading, would also be major, maybe together with the understanding of the mind, memory, emotions), and it's possible to get it easily if one is an iNtuitive (personality theory) dominant, with the methods of Shiva (vijnana bhairava tantra) and then as a result one will have one's self realization, spirit, witnessing consciousness, and though one can develop it further (e.g. Buddhism dhyana - where one will also get more free from wrong identity view, rituals, ill will and so on, common with all paths from religions to psychology, all being about getting more aware and getting less negative [by not cooperating with them, being like zen, both being much like zen, that also can include the unload and balance, the path that as a whole leads to N/nirvana and perfection, and so the path is basically as easy as it can be, it being about the state of pure being, and it works for any personality type]. Getting more free from the causes of suffering) if dhyana just would be there with the Kundalini awakening, that would be enough as this basic pack, but it seems that might have to wait up to thousands of years to happen more collectively, though things are improving all the time. These are the basic things that are needed for one to see, understand one's system and unload, taking care of oneself, and the Kundalini isn't necessary, or even dhyana sort of isn't necessary, it all coming down to about zen.