7. Superego and Ego Temples

All chakras as mini, integration, cool breeze (control)

Channel out of balance/over pressured
6. Agnya

Sight, hearing, thought, memory, ego, superego (control)

R: Hot. RM: (Super)ego disturbed - unpardonable (/mf), forehead disturbed (mf; catching)

L: x-mind (work memory, visual), harming oneself. conditionings (/mf), self-pity (mf)

5. Vishuddhi

Neck, throat, arms, mouth, tongue, teeth, nose, face (control)

R: Hot

L: Disturbed self-respect - manifestation (= mf) is the feelings of guilt(y). (Smoking)

4. Heart

Heart, breathing, breast/chest (control)

R: Hot

L: Insecurity - fears (mf). Binding love, grief, drugs, overactivity

3a. Void (lower Temple)

Force field, digestion (control)

R: Over pressure

L: Disturbed Self-mastery (mf)

3. Nabhi

Spleen (speed supervisor), pancreas, liver, stomach, intestines (control)

R: Hot (liver and attention 'energy')

L: Moral dishonesty - restlessness (mf). Miserableness (/mf), alcohol

2. Swadisthana

Liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas (control)

R: Hot (at the right lower stomach; right kidney)

L: Mental Impurity (against Pure Knowledge/Mentality) - negativity (mf)

1. Mooladhara

Genitals, excrement (control)

R: Hot (R1 [Chakra? Deity!] takes its 'energy' [= work] from R2)

L: Sex addiction - oversexual power (mf)

Balancing help R: Ice pack (balancing), (left hand or) the legs into cold water (hotness, over), hand technique - left hand/palm back (at hot-warm balance) or on chakra (with cool breeze) (or down), (candle (L)), (through the legs!?)

L: (Candle!?), hand technique - right hand/palm down (or on chakra, or back), footsoaking, (through the legs - L6!). The other side if the cause (unbalance) is there

  • The chakras take care of all the psychological and bodily functions. Too much loaded/unbalanced chakras create bodily, psychological and mental problems (secondarily the other way around also).
  • The left side problems are also overload problems (additionally Dharma).
  • The loads follow the laws of addiction, losing weight, memory, increase. The middle channel and the attitude do part of the needed things here; but a mere balance just keeps the situation the same. The purpose of balancing is to (re)establish the chakras, x-mind/brain into balance when they are out of balance, but it can be necessary to continue to balance (to unload the loads outside of the laws of addiction) as there is still load left.
  • The over activity leaves (mostly) through the legs (sole). The soul hotness also leaves through the left arm, the top of the head and the aura.
  • Based on acupuncture's meridians.