Chakras | Left-Middle Right

Mooladhara chakra
Innocence (Deity; Body => Xmind) Innocence Consciousness:-)
Purity (Body; surroundings) Purity Courage
Sex (Deity) Chastity 'Energy' (= work) from R2
'Wisdom (Brahma; E&b) Earth(&body) wisdom (yoga)  
Swadisthana chakra
Pure Knowledge Pure mentality 'Creativity' (x)
Esthetic sense (beauty) Pure creativity Logic processor (1)
'Pure desire (1/7) Kundalini (1.5) 'Thinking (0) (loading)
Nabhi chakra
Peace Satisfaction (L3) Attention processor
'Morality (1/7) Well-being (a feeling) Restricter of consciousness:-)
Home Balance  
Void (lower temple)
Self mastery ('conditionings) Support (like all middle chakras) Self mastery (control)
Heart chakra
Safety sense Fearlessness Restricter of behavior
Compassion, Sympathy Self-esteem, outer worth 'Sense of responsibility (Dharma)
Vishuddhi chakra
(Self-)value sense Self-confidence Speech processor (1+)
Self-respect' Mastery 'Speech properties
Agnya chakra
X/x-mind, I (am-ness) Silence ego (I-ness)
Memory, superego (am-ness) Forgiveness (L2, L4; catch L6/R6) I-knowledge (I/am-ness; w&c)
Conditionings, samskaras (am-ness)   I-sense (I-ness)
Sahasrara: Temples, Brain, central nervous system (is-am-ness in Meditation)
[B]rahma chakra: Existence ([B]rahma [A]wareness:-[]]); [T]ruth; [Bliss] (Being-ness)