5/2011. In clear balance (that might predict future, though what one will pick to do, makes more or less a difference), it's like I am prefer(r)ing Italy as the weather is better (correlating with my clear balance), e.g. the sunshine hours during the winter are like four vs. 1.5 in the UK (and Finland) and the temperature also is higher during the winter (both average low and the average high) and in case those weather matters matter that much as it looks like when in clear balance and my preference of Italian over English similarly; Italy has made me happy as the weather (correlates to clarity and balance while the UK type of weather correlates to unclarity. Also not hard to see which is the happy one while the other being more or less the sad or so one. If one wants to live as one is unloaded, clear, balanced, then one might see a correlation for having the same outside too, though if one is so well inside, one might be okay anywhere and might pick doings and other outer factors instead, though that's not all what Italy is as it's also a personality that has its own delights and doings and as the language and the country, those figure better to correlate, and even if picking doings and so, one might enjoy the things in a place like Italy and Italian even if it's not the main focus, and is one supposed to be just something, though it figure to be the majority, but at times and from parts it isn't and one can get the goods of the other too and might not lose that much as one's major) as well as the language while the UK has never done any of that, just that English (that is not as one reads it as it's coded while e.g. Italian is as one reads it, that is one [S-]part of its beauty [L2, L4-nf] and clarity [L2] and one is so more at home [L3] with it as it's so here [S, st=here, s(e)/f(i), nf-st, st-nf]) and the UK has its good sides too.

The economics in the north Italy (and possibly Rome though it's more or less more expensive also) seems okay and it doesn't matter to me that much in this life. There also is a point system in the UK. Pescara (that has 2C winter average lows like the UK has and so not so fitting for working and less so if one works more or less outside though it gets warmer as the day gets older though one might think the evenings - and the nights - might be colder too though I don't know about that but the sun has been gone for some time) has less action and less jobs and feeling more empty. (Pescara figures to have higher flat prices but it seemed like e.g. the near Montesilvano might not have). Its beaching possibilities are potentially good (free beaching might have a problem - there is possibly at least some rocky beach under Pescara maybe that figures so but the distance I don't know while the other options might cost like ten euros though that doesn't figure all there is - but this is Italy compared to e.g. Valencia in Spain 15C winters, big city on the big free beaches and not a cost high place).

It seems one of the reasons it might be difficult to get a (better or any) job in Italy is that there might be much inside stuff, while they also might or figure to ask recommendations or comparable so one better get such every time one leaves some job.

The mountains, I wonder if they might direct one's rebirth somewhat but that's then mostly a bad thing it seems (maybe not if one is not passing the seas that easily as people there are further away) from the point of Genoa, and when on Pescara one is similarly cut off more of the other side of Italy, though also more of/from Africa. It would be then a different case being above those mountains on the north Italy like in/around Milan and Turin (both seem to be inside the mountain area of north Italy). The mountains also seem to have cooler winters and cooler summers if that's what one wants, though the earth might move there with a higher likelihood (perhaps at Pescara level and below, similarly to hot African or so wind that is said to go up to those levels, up to Rome and below).

I can risk the global warming and be stuck in Genoa (or on some mountain) if I have to and move away next life if I have to. I have a problem with cold (21C inside is too cold for me and outside it depends but it's between 7C and 13C before it's warm enough, closer the latter, to handle even a couple of months per year), with hot (28C inside and outside might already be too hot for me) and with moisture (45% inside is the top for me though not comfortable though currently in balance I might handle like up to 50% at 25C though not that it isn't too moist as things are not dry then and with more sensitivity and less balance - especially more inner heat - it rates to feel uncomfortable even without more or less high temperatures. In e.g. balance with no major inner heat, one might not be bothered even when it gets over 50% possibly but any increasing heat factors can make all the difference. Rome seems to have 40-50% pm's outer during the summer). The wind levels figure higher on the west side of (nearer the sea perhaps) Italy and if too much too often, it can be a major bother and higher wind levels even when not all that strong really are a major bother, an uncomfort factor, a pain. Some source says 12 km/h Pescara and Pisa, all year steady in Pisa while in Pescara it drops to 8 during the summer but just before and after summer (4 and 10) it's 16 and is back at the average 12 during the winter. Another source says Pescara has 9-13 km/h winds and the higher one of those during the summer - the lower ones during winter and not one bit higher at 4 and 10, and so the only thing those sources agree with is the general level being low. About Pisa that same source agrees by giving a steady 13 km/h (from 7 knots) all year. The moisture could be high with high heats dropping and Genoa moisture is higher than the average in Italy it seems, though not that it's higher than in Finland and that about the UK though people think the UK is more moist but the stats do not agree though they do not agree with the more or less Mediterranean having moisture (and up to too much heat - the old average was better but that is the past) problems but I have experienced such at late summer in 2010 in Helsinki near the sea and I have heard that in Spain it can be not only moist (I know just that Valencia in Spain - and the UK - has fog. It seems by some source that the humidity is 70% in Barcelona but what is that and it peaks a bit at the end part of the summer and I know the humidity might be higher closer the sea than what the numbers give. Barcelona temperatures might be something like those in Genoa and the heating doesn't seem to be good enough in Barcelona, additionally that it might be moist and noisy. The fog might take views out during huge amount of mornings in Valencia) but one needs extra heaters that might cost too much money to use them for one getting low salary in Italy and low pension, and beaching and the travel there can cost. The cold houses build for heat days are not necessarily thin and only at colder parts of Italy they might not be cold and be possibly less noisy too. I might not like noise and might not handle empty places though they can be bliss and not sure about the center places though they can be comfortable to the heart. The flats in the UK are those old like three floor buildings and not sure how warm they are (less likely cold but) and what the noise levels are, and the plumbing that might as at France and maybe elsewhere at big old cities and old houses perhaps be poor. Flats made around -20 in Finland can be stronger with (big and) high rooms and after that there are worse and still more worse periods and one needs to go near the year 2000 before the house might not be noisy (if the other people living in that house are not silent). Until the place has cold winters or it's a pretty new building, there is a major chance it's cold and noisy, and then add the possible high moisture (more likely near the seas, that one though might prefer but not if it's uncomfortably more moist or whatever then). Windows, I up to need to see out well and get light well. Sunshine hours in the UK are generally one to 2 (1-2) during four months of the year (close the same as in Helsinki where it's dark 11-01 as one (1) [if it wouldn't be dark it would be up to much colder] and not sure if the sky is as dark in the UK if more light might get through as the statistics do not show it). The weather in the UK is not great but many think it's not too cold, not too hot, but I see it depends if like 2C (morning perhaps) to 8C days are sort of cold or not (but much better than Helsinki winter), and how one can handle the four months of 1.5 h of sunshine, though there is two hours more light than in Helsinki during the darkest time(s). So, the UK weather is not bad (also it doesn't rain there more often than in Helsinki) but if one needs sunshine (4 hours per average day during the darkest times and 50% or more during the sunnier times, and there is still more light during the darkest winter in Italy, though less during the summer. One can't make use of all sunshine so 2/3 of it might be just fine but 50% more might be a very big thing and with added temperatures though one needs to suffer hot then. In April one figures to get sunshine every other morning in Italy and it doesn't need to be only like 2C [+sunshine]) and more C, then there are more sunny and warmer options, though it can be worse to suffer cold and noise inside, additionally to other possible extra problems. One might suffer from high heats inside too though coolers are possible but they also cost and spend money. If I pick doings - as dominantly - I likely pick the UK, but as things are, it just might be better to pick the UK (though why would flats be there better for sure, and if one can manage in one way or the other in the flats of Italy, it might be just about the doings) even if not picking the doings but not sure what I am then going to do in the UK.

The UK persona in my case is plenty different from the Italian persona where the UK one is a more practical choice but from the absolute point of view not the best one for me. The UK being that much better for me than Finland in this life, I am not sure about that. If I haven't made a pick of a persona yet, it's no point to go anywhere yet but only when the persona or so matter is clear and then it's real easy. In case picking Italy but not getting there in this life, then for me it might be difficult to pick between Finland and the UK though I might not want is to spend the last 30 years (plus the 30 years or so of the next life plus language study) under the Finnish winter half of the year (totalling 15 years in this remaining life). But additionally, it's about the persona, that can't put only those 30 year factors as the priority but will also put high on priority the personality factors and if they won't go in the UK and don't get in Italy, they will stay in Finland.

The language factor of English is more logical in many ways than one might think as just the alphabets are different e.g. u is a, though it's also some forms of u's, but not only I have never felt as good about it as I feel about Italian from the point of how clear it's written, it being logical and I value that a lot, so much that I wouldn't pick e.g. French over it until I would have psychological connection with French that would be more important. And then, Italian has or had (but still clear) a good feel for me as well as a personality that's more warm as it's better connected to feeling Deities than English is, or at least in my case it is and I know other people often think differently and up to hate some language and all for more or less a personality reason, though that's not all to it. But this is about me, while English being logical, but then I saw that Rome is pronounced as "roum" and that's not really logical, it not being the same word in my current mind (it can be viewed as a soft o and so it's perfectly logical), and so I might better pick Italy/Italian because of that even alone. Also, what kind of life does one pick as doings/persona and is it better than some other picks of doings/personas, those much be weighted and it's not easy to do as one learns more as well as new practical and persona facts pop up every now and then and often put the weight differently. Practical matters do have a weight; one can not weight the preferred personality nor any other factor alone and might have to give up of some factors like some economics, some doings, some personas or parts of them, for more or less degree for the sake of a better complete pick. I might be able to list one hundred factors in favor of the UK compared to Italy in my case, while being able to list maybe just some ten or twenty factors in favor of Italy, but those might not be able to make my mind over the personality factors that will still be picking one or the other based in/on/to its own likings alone. Though the factors listed do include the personality factors too and the list will be weighted, thought out, many many times and one's likings will change many many times, as well as new facts of practical and personas will happen. While it's possible that one has to take the better list as a temporary solutions though then one is not going to die as the other persona but have it more or less as a hobby and it waiting for a better life for it to possibly taking over the dominance.

I think life is also serious business. For me the decision should be easy as long as I have problems with the loads, language and the heat. I can always go in Italy in my next life, that's not far away, and it's not sure I will feel the same way then anymore. While Australia is with isolated cities and isolated from the rest of the world and they have only 20M people and their sea is not the safest in the world, while Mediterranean countries have 60M people each, and not isolated from the rest of the world and the sea is mainly safe and there is no point system to get in those countries and so one can do anything one wants for a living and they are relatively sure things life after life, though the EU people can get in the UK too, though I don't see much any point for me to go in the UK in my next life, there being sort of nothing for me but worse weather and no delight of the language. From the absolute, feelings point of view for me it's currently up to horrible to pick the UK instead but I am trying to see it not being the case though Italy for me has no dark winter, no pale 7 to 9 or 10C highs - they are not warm though not cold either but they are not comfortable. And reduced sunshine, and more rain, just that if one can't handle the four months of heat then one needs to pick the four months of pale plus reduced sunshine.

I could pick even Malta if I would have to but it would be too hot (and more or less too moist, more or less too windy perhaps, etc.. Global warming and one is stuck there and it's a hot time to live there with sun spots) for me (though I might be getting better and could get the other good weather there and then pay the costs when it's hotter and there too it's the hottest like in midday -12 to 3+ and then just might drop 1C or so per hour, but I haven't checked) and unlikely but to this remaining life though it seems it's about 300 vs. 200 bigger than Helsinki and has about 2/3 as many people, so it's not necessarily too small (Espoo and Vantaa included Malta is some 1/3 place) but what little I have read and I can see from a couple of pictures the housing doesn't all look like modern though there are houses that look just fine. Could be horrible but be bearable with an extra heater or two and getting used to little animals and possibly salty everything - maybe not when the foods are straight imported - and water so so maybe and sort of higher costs as everything is imported and water made of sea water and one figures to buy the water in imported bottles. The costs though all in all might be at the level of Finland though not sure about the salaries (lower likely). While the place offering enough action is suspect even compared to Helsinki that's sort of over 1M and more modern though housing is most of the time no good here either until renting a newer one (including Espoo and Vantaa) or some around a -20, while compared to the whole of Italy and London, it won't offer up to enough action and no way to get rid of the weather to an another city there, and one won't be able to enjoy that much of one's favorite language until it's about English. All the factors are important happy-life factors.

I have now been 10 months in the city center and start to think more seriously that I don't want that aural noise and aural pressure in the head that are factors here (it also cuts one off the clear connection to nature - one gets only a minor feel-awareness connection because of the red aura in the x-mind without one would feel the nature connection in the x-mind more or less clearly. In the red area, one won't be able to enjoy the nature much as O/one doesn't have much of a connection), and would prefer the pink or even less as it feels better for the head, though there is then more or less the pains of loneliness. In e.g. Malta if it's like Helsinki, one would find the center, the pink and the blank areas, but one would need to go and take a look (feel) to be sure. Whether one prefers white, pink or red depends of many things; outer (and inner) personality, amount (and contents) of doings, amount (and contents) of social connections, the state of overall and specific x-balances (the state of unloading; also any specific Deity x-balance) and Xbalances (mainly loads), and likings (Xmind, x-mind) of what one values the most and this is somewhat different of its connections to other things. Then one needs to see the long run as the average of what one prefers during for example two years and count it all and compare to what the result would be in the pink and white areas. Theoretically, counting all other factors out but this balance between white (the x-bliss) and red (the social heart), the pink area would be the best pick.

The pink area is something like the area between 5-10-15 km of the heavy core center of the city in 0.5-1M cities.

Not only the map center, e.g. Helsinki tourist center is the most red (the red feels like "home" or so, family perhaps, or just people, live people [and action], in the heart) and it's near the ocean while the east side is empty land (Kulosaari is the first pink to that direction. Sörnäinen is city center red) and gets to white after Itäkeskus, more or less before Kontula that's basically white (I lived there 15 years and got my last three Enlightenments there - I got the first in the city center [and the 2nd from a photograph perhaps in the city center but there was a non-Kundalini feeling person doing the moves also and I could feel the 'heavy' spots on my palms after it when my hands were towards the photograph] where I lived another 15 years before that. Before that I lived near Oulunkylä till 12) but the north Helsinki might sort of not (it's clear pink in e.g. Oulunkylä/Patola) - it might feel somewhat strange (some mixture perhaps) on the north west side at least but maybe not white though at north east it in theory might be more empty. There being Vantaa above Helsinki, and Espoo on the west. The west has pink at the (emptier) west end of Lauttasaari (somewhat heavier but basically clear pink though it might take some spot to see it clearer), and Espoo has much pink (and white as it has empty[er] land [near] later), e.g. at and around Leppävaara it's clear pink and there is a semi-city (action, place family, life, home) shopping center (even a mere shopping center and near basically feels better on a white area especially as it's people and action but even on a pink area, more so on the clear pink, one figures to feel the lacks if there is not enough action and it might result in feelings of loneliness) somewhere - down maybe (on my visit there I enjoyed it to the direction of white but it wasn't empty [of people]. Earlier or so pinks figure to feel more red and so might earn the name "pink" rather than "clear pink"). Some e.g. Lassila in Helsinki has some city elements but might feel rather different, the possibly a bit strange north west of Helsinki that has Espoo and Vantaa near also and I am not sure of what to think about it without a very exact spot and more experience; the spots feeling medium, good, great, depressing etc. and I have a reasonable idea of why in many cases and it has nothing to do with the sort of pink itself there.

I have been in practically up to kms empty

I might note here that people one is especially with or dealing with will be in one's x-mind more or less strongly - one will more or less feel his x-mind specific(al)ly - and feeling is x-being. The same happens with pictures, films, books, languages etc. and they can help too but it's only x-help (for balance, unloading, absolutes, attitudes) - like clearing - so one is not to ignore the Xmind (though the x-mind itself means change also but), its needs and personality, and one is not to ignore that the others - all things - will partly x-change one's attitudes (x-mind, x-being) also, as will different places because of all things there - including the weather and the redness - and all of those partly are sort of fictions too; the places and other personalities factors. The reality being mainly as things are without those though one is never without all of them and the Xmind isn't exactly reality either but it's what one currently is while the x-mind is what one will become but.

(one's mind, x-mind, will face the x-white instantly in the white area even if one has been living in the red area a long time [one potentially will also feel oneself different relative to other people and places/areas anywhere, a common phenomenon as one is not from there, and it works here too, so that one would feel oneself different if one would have been/living there longer, while when one comes back from that place even if having been there just an hour or even less, one will again feel different when coming back 'home' or going somewhere else, and one might then x-be a combination of two places, having the x-qualities of both places, and that too is a common phenomenon about anything])

places inside the red and pink areas and they still more or less were so though one will get anything somewhat lighter as well as heavier by being a bit away or closer from the heaviest places on any area, including living very near - like inside 200 m - the core in the white area and then it might feel somewhat like the shopping center there that's less empty. Empty space alone too counts (maybe not that much the ocean) but might not make much of a difference to the redness level, but is an another factor.

Emotionally I figure to be more happy in Italy than in the UK, though that's not that sure anymore as a whole. In Rome I might suffer three months per year. And that is if everything else is without suffering. English as a language is half okay, and emotionally I have come to more accept it while Italian has been going somewhat under - as a personality - and Italy is also feeling somewhat insecure for me compared to the UK that is feeling comfortable and safe though depressing. There is the psychological factor of happiness though vs. the comfort and security that the UK seems to be giving, but without happiness but more like a mixture of sadness and comfort and some happiness factors. One has to be able to handle the summers - one needs coolers any time it's 28C or so in Finland and if one does anything but about sit, one is perspiring in five minutes, and that can be the case at 24C too when walking just that it's not a major heat problem. The UK has no major pain factors in the weather nor possibly in any other major way until one gets pains if it's too pale as a weather whole (if one prefers the sunnier less rainy days and though there can be enough such in the UK it doesn't mean it's as constant and as quality during the whole day and as outdoor doings 13C and 16C are like the bottom lines one might prefer) and not fitting in(to) one's happy factors that well.

I am trying to get into the Mind of the Place of the UK as the weather being and from minor part to the language being of English in the UK. It's not easy to know what the weather is like in the UK and the other nature depends of where one lives there and it contains not only the white, pink and red but the minds of the people there in the air (and the exact place). The representative weather might be some 11C-15C as some sort of an average of what one will face, that being below the summer 16C. The sunshine hours being 2/3 vs. Italy, maybe in Genoa as a yearly average but even there the sunshine might be like in Rome that has possibly some 50 to 100% more sunshine during the summer and like in Italy, 4 hours during the winter, and counting all that together doesn't all look like 2/3 being the UK comparable sunshine hours but more, and the winter sunshine is that much less that it doesn't show the fact that four hours of sunshine during the winter is a lot more than 1.5 hours of sunshine, and one might better think that at least at some parts of Italy there is twice the amount of sunshine compared to the UK. And what is the quality of the UK sunshine? One might see sun on the walls of some buildings but it doesn't mean one will be in the sun or that the majority of the sky will be blue. The UK is eight months of 3 to 6 hours of sunshine and 11C or higher 8 months per year. It doesn't look like there is an opening of the personality as the x-EP in the UK, like there seems to be in Italy, and it's optional to live there as x-sefi, x-nefi as the language relates.

The Italian summer is a hot problem (though the rest of the year might be great but one compares that hot one to the winter of the UK perhaps mostly though it might not be the case), the economics for the remaining life is less of a problem to me (and might not matter that much as the priority later either) and the rebirth is a risk but Mediterranean related. The UK might feel like a city life place and Italy the sunny one with optional amount of beaching that the UK has none. I am not sure about the mind of the UK, especially in the cities or in London. The representative weather in the UK gets no joy from it not being sunny/being below 16C and it raining, and it rains every other day even in the summer. In Rome when it's generally 30 days of 33-35C and higher during the two or three hottest months of the year (every other or third day). It's sunny when one tries to stay away from the direct sun also, but it can be 33-35C and higher and not that even over 28C is necessarily tolerable though it some of the time at least figures to be cooler in the evening (and morning) but not sure and if the building also gets cooler but the days will possibly be too hot, though it's up to what one is ready to pay for the whole pack of e.g. Italy, Italian and the weather, though the costs are more than just the extra hot summer.

The state of the mind that I experience about the city UK or London as I have seen some movies and documents, though it's not related to the whole reality that never looked that bad but it seems it's a part of it at least and it's all happening under the basically pale weather (most horribly the winter) and looks pretty bad to me, though one might be able to stay away of that for enough amount as well as I might be basically all wrong about it but it's not the first time I have seen and experienced it and I have never liked it, though it doesn't mean that under the sun there isn't something comparable, just better hidden under the soft and shiny sun and warm weather, and a funny language (like Italian). Is there life in the UK? At least I know there is sun and Italian, and the sea, in Italy, so that even if there is no life as far as people go in Italy either, there is at least some natural life, though one can find such under the pale weather in the UK too and that's the real UK as the weather being, as long as one is not too much away from action and lonely.

English could also be nice, when getting the pronunciation problems and any related or other dislikings to minimum and up to likings. Sunny is sunny, pale is pale, pale is cool, sunny is hot. Pale is not happy. Can't one be happy under the pale weather? Have people mistaken about the sun factor? If what I think and feel about the UK now is true for me, I don't at this time feel like going there though I don't think it's all true but if it is as the Mind and as the weather being, it's worse than I thought it would be and I start to see even English in the same messy light, correlating, like Italian clear words to the more clear and more sunny and more warm place of Italy. I feel pretty sick about the UK at the moment. I would need to look mainly the spoken English that figures good or even better than Italian as English is more smooth, and there is no written problem when one speaks English while the text is more or less symbolic, that though doesn't look like a good thing as the visual ease, clarity and beauty is missing (at least it's a significant factor). A good Mind spot from the UK, a good Mind spot from London, and a pink, white or a red zone, visiting the places some year to see for sure, and figuring out the weather factor if it's acceptable in the big picture. I do see that not only the smooth and global English is good but also the cool and near balanced weather (counting out the darkness of the winter) is good though lacking and I have seen good things about the UK, but I will be unsure about it till I have seen it all myself as well as accepted the weather factor and the (written) language factor, and all in comparison to options that I don't have much.

Comparing London to Genoa, the difference might look like acceptable as there is some 7 months of 13C or higher in London vs. Genoa some 9 months

11 months with the current global warming? where the minimum average temperatures in Genoa might be those that London had as average high temperatures before global warming? The source though might even likely be wrong.

But the second to last I saw that shows that the wind speed is what looks to me like strong to very strong in Genoa, average of strong 17 km/h where it's lowest in June (12 km/h) and highest in January (25 km/h) and between these steadily increasing/decreasing. If those are too strong, and correct information (I checked it once with this:, then one might drop Genoa - on the city streets the wind level though might be relatively lower - and even Italy - or moves e.g. on pension to a less windy place that though has 2C - because of it and goes in the UK or so. The average wind speed in Helsinki seems to be (a) steady (per month) 13-15 km/h all year, and London (and Rome that's not what I expected when Pisa and Pescara are lower and it's somewhat inland until it was taken from some beach airport that they have [Sardinia is another place with high win level according to one source and one can guess so too as it has less protection], and the UK has the big sea there) has a steady about 15-17 km/h all year, that's already close the little hurricane level Genoa wind average that's though still much higher during the winter. The Monaco level seems to have something like the Genoa wind level, so that perfect place of Monaco/Nice seems not perfect (n)either. Other than the winter wind speed level, it seems there is a possibility one perhaps might survive in Genoa, but that's about it, but to voluntarily go there is another thing, while in the UK, what does it matter anymore when it's bad enough already and one is not there to enjoy the weather. Wind level Genoa about: 5-7 summer is like 13 km/h and that's Pisa level as well as Helsinki low level, then 3-4 and 8-9 are like 16 km/h that's bit over Helsinki higher level but average Rome and London, and then there is the winter part of 10-02 from 19 to 25 km/h and those are rather massive and additionally there are strong rains generally too, uphill streets (wind, rain, uphill might already somewhat clean the streets by itself) and it's not a beach city though one can always get to beach - and some possibility is one might retire to the right or left if there is enough action and free beaching. Not the lowest 12 km/h spring and autumn winds but the major pick as far as the winds go is the winter half's 19-25 km/h for five months per year; that's how their winter half is bad, and it lasts five months. wiki/Beaufort_scale: 2 is nice when it's not too hot (the best places have more or less this) though good beaching; 3 is the Genoa better half and is reasonable but possibly the best when over 28C; 4 is not nice and possibly up to horrible (Genoa winter half, that's likely lasting too long for being generally acceptable, and is connected to the bit high 16 of spring and autumn as it's not too hot. Four months of 2 (spring) and fours months of 3 (for too hot summer and possibly autumn as a fancy thing) and four months of 4 (or high winter) might be what life on average could be. What does the average wind speed means, is not all clear as it seems to mean the highest speed of the day. The rain amount is not higher than some 50% of the normal during the winter half and it's similar on more or less the west side of Italy also and it's about stronger rain only when it actually rains less often than normal. The last detail was the fog in Genoa that's there at least about every other day - though maybe not seen in Yahoo Weather but they might not report it and what is a fog? E.g. Helsinki has no significant fog though one sees it some of the time and can't see so far but the UK and Valencia might have more often or/and stronger, e.g. they reported fog in Yahoo Weather all the time about Valencia and in the UK I have walked in a fog though they just might not report it similarly in the UK though I haven't checked.

and the 1 mm per day rain amount might be close the same as in Genoa but it rains harder in Genoa and it could be half the less rainy days, though that's not all as a fact, but one week of rain during the summer half of the year is what they both look like with the 1 mm, while with 0.25 mm London has twice the rainy days (all my numbers generally might not include rain amounts under 0.25 mm, and they don't look like to matter to me, while not sure of some 0.1, 0.25, 1.0 mm is given correctly without checking it out. Additionally, one needs to look into the amount of sunny hours too though their quality could be anything. All in all, it's difficult to know what the weather is like not only because one doesn't necessarily know what to think about it in the big picture but also as the numbers don't tell everything), two weeks per month during the summer half (Genoa numbers might be: 7 days of at least 1 mm and up to 14 days of any, in all but the 4 summer months where it's less, while London gets at these good number only during about the 4 summer months and being some 50[-100]% more during other months). The sunshine hours are 2/3 in London and would be more compared to many north Italian cities (that have about as cold - a bit colder I think as long as there is not much sun - winters and at least Milan seems to have just 2 suns at 11-01 [Genoa seems to have 4, though I don't remember having verified it (Turin seems to have about 3.5 suns with minus C - or Yahoo Weather has it at about zero - average lows though London like highs [at least with the sunshine added] and 2000 suns per year with Genoa like summer though it might vary from 24 to 30C, depending of/on the source, while the summer moisture might be over 70 instead of the possible over 60 in Genoa. Picking Turin over London and getting more sunlight, especially for the winter and maybe some more like 1+1 light too during the darkest time, is not all of a bad idea but the winters seem possibly colder than necessary and the summers might be too hot [and the higher moisture adds uncomfort to it - it figures to do the same with a lesser temperature too but it's about the complete picture] - if one is white or even if one isn't if the comfort level to all is sort of 16-27C as a good summer temperature outside and 22-24C inside or to STs or similar that are more heavy on the right it might be like 20C and up to 21C might be used as an average in many places, just maybe a bit colder the higher one is on the building, and as it's still so I must think most people are overly hot - as it's up to very cold for me - though on free markets one just might figure to get up to 24 or 25C), only because it's colder there? They seem to have a correlation as the winters do look like less sunny] and 3 at 2). With the big picture the UK doesn't look that bad that it wouldn't go above Genoa if there is enough other reasons supporting the UK or London. But with an experimental look the difference might be bigger, though it also might not be any bigger.

Helsinki has some 5 months of 13C or higher. This comparison is sort of close (the winter half isn't and is enough reason to move away even to the UK), making it less clear if one should pick Helsinki or the UK, or London or Genoa. But it's hard to know what the weather is like in these places. I know I suffer of the heavier cold during the winter when it's below the average high of minus four C (though when it's not windy, even some -12C might be reasonable for a short time), and not that that is great and anything above zero is a significant improvement of the e.g. -4C, while from zero to plus six it's not nice after the summer as it's cold but one needs to have warm clothes and then it might be less of a problem (the same for the -4C though it might be like -10C in the morning and higher wind levels make these temperature more or less colder, but it's not that one needs to be much out during the mornings and during the colder days. But one of the main problems is the being stuck inside the winter half and even if one would be more or less stuck even during the summer half, the winter half lacks light, sunshine and the better comfort of the temperature and makes life something it doesn't need to be. The lack of light and sunshine, it will start to become heavy in Helsinki during December and the January will be so hard that one sees how bad it has been the latest when it gets more sunny in February - 11-01 seems to be completely dark - and so one sees how important natural light and sunshine is as well as there should be a general sunny holiday in about January for people working under these weathers, and anywhere from the start of December to the end of January will be good times to be away from these dark weathers and it has a lot to do with the lack of light and sun, that then is added by the cold weather that the UK doesn't have and it's not sure if their winter is as dark and at least they have 1+1 hours of more light during the darker times and the lacks in light and sun doesn't feel that bad when it's 10C warmer, though it's impressive that the winter temperature might feel rather bad in the UK even when it's that much warmer, though I don't know it but it can look like it. But the winter half in the UK in my opinion does not cut the year anywhere as badly as it does in Finland and the pale weather factor continues in the UK in a way of the lesser sunlight in the summer like saying it's going to not only give one a bad sunlight winter but also take much of the fun out of the summer (even Finland is not that brutal). Though I don't really know what their winter is like, nor I know how their summer is like other than it's a bit longer and warmer but has only six hours of sunshine. I am worried that the weather is bad in the UK, even in London, as well as I am worried of the Mind there, while I am also worried that Genoa or so wouldn't give me enough as weather over what I will need to pay for it and then it would be better only if the picked personality gives its major support to it. In Finland one goes through the double bad Finnish winter half and from some parts one will face the lacks of C-higher summers and more rain than in Italy. The winter half in Finland is not what I like to face any more than I have to and added the often cold flats to the picture and if one might get rid of them, that one might not, it would be an easy move any time possible.

7C already might give a release from the major pains, and 10-12C is pretty close to be comfortable, that the 13C spring weather is, and at 16C it feels like summer and even if it's not sunny, it doesn't feel that bad - might feel good and is an added variety of a good life factor and one can get some summer rest and cool. Genoa does offer options the latest when on pension to move to some other city and take a swim 3, 4 up to 6 months per year - though one can take a train and get a swim left and right of Genoa too - though it might cost or it can be difficult to find a good place and even if one doesn't swim that often, it's a significant addition to the quality of life as is the language, temperature and any other weather factor as well as the economic factors and the (other) comfort factors like the quality of housing (the flat) that could be too noisy (one needs to use good systems in the ears not to have the ears in pains to stop more or less of the noise and living without the ears is cutting a major life factor out, just the opposite of a good life factor), too cold (one is freezing inside all one's life), too hot, have bad windows (for some like to my current me to have good windows is on the list of good life factors though it's the factor that I can't have too high on priorities at this time). Lots of good life factors and if it would be just about the weather then one would just pick the best weather, but as it is not, it becomes a complex figuring out things and a personality and doings question.

Moving in the UK gets rid of the winter half of Finland (though not the lack of sunlight) but the summer will then have less light and sun but the summer will also last longer and in London be more likely a bit warmer too, and one migth get more or less good of the big city as well as it's basically a better spot to die at though Finland seems fine (though one is likely to face cold winters till one is ready to move and then one could move about anywhere) and one will maybe more likely be reborn as a white man/woman, though lots of immigrants are in big cities and more are coming. The darker and up to black might be good as far as the weather goes but not as far as fitting in anywhere goes if one is Black and other people are white or something in between. Though in London there can be just a couple of million non-whites and one might not be too likely to be reborn there though the biggest cities in France (and Germany likely) also have lots of immigrants. But I think the main focus should be in this life as long as there is enough of it left, and try to pick the best for this life that only in close cases might weight the other life factors in though who wants to risk being poor for lives. For a base human the next life factors can be more important, while to me it's an unknown factor and so doesn't weight as much and less so as I seem to be so interested of picking my weather and the language, and other outer as well as inner comfort and happy factors.

Comparing London and Genoa weather, on paper London doesn't look all that bad and it's 7M vs. some 1M of Genoa though how much one needs? Genoa is much like Helsinki, I suppose. The UK loses points as the no-weather place and the suspect Mind and as a result Genoa starts to look better and anyway my happy factors seem to be more there but I will have to live the life step by step and not jump into something that's so much ahead. Picking the UK one is giving up of/on any weather, there being none then, one just getting rid of the bad winter in case of Finland though one still gets the more or less dark and lack of light winter (with 1+1 to Helsinki) that's a big thing too, and then the summer half's weather if it's better than in Helsinki is not clear as it's less sunny but longer (that is better, the sunny part is worse); it's 1+1 months of more 13C and above but the quality is worse. But the weather one is giving up; both good and bad and one gets just something non-happy pale but reasonable.

If I don't have enough doing reasons to go in the UK, not that good, and then the possible wind level uncomfort in the winter of Italy alone is not enough not to pick Italy (it just drops some points) as the other weather pieces are positive; better temperature, better sunlight hours, less rainy days, better possibility for beaching and other outdoor activities. What is it that the UK can offer better than that is a personal matter but if all things being more or less the same, Italy offers the better weather, though one needs to learn Italian and then hope to get a reasonable work, though one could also go part ready and hope to get something so one is in and then learn more Italian. There might not be anything major wrong with 10-11C average high temperatures (except during other times of the day) if they don't last too long and England has worse weather "only" maybe four months per year (maybe five in Manchester/Liverpool but there is not much point to go there) and that's only e.g. 8C (one can survive already at 7C, and one might even at 0-6C with warm clothes if it's not too windy - I have been taking walks in November and sometimes even during winter at -4C or better [0C is significantly better]. One sort of dies latest at the end of the year when one has no sun and temperature left - the last two months have not only been cold but completely dark, pretty much even when the sun is up, and the hardest winter is still ahead though one will see the sun already sometime in February - with the cost of a colder month but it's nice if it's sunny though I generally prefer the C but here it's going to be too cold anyway and the days are longer and it has been a long time since one saw the sun), and those 11C temperatures last only some one month at the time. Though that's only a C-factor (and it lasts like half the year), rain and sun factors not included. The UK/London has more or less dark winters and it drops some major points though I don't know of the quality of their winter light other than it lasts 1+1 hours longer during the darkest time and that the about 10C warmer winter half of the year makes the lesser lights more tolerable (like November is in Helsinki though it's only 2 or 3C and if it would be 8C, it would be much better), though one is still free to get depressed but one should survive without it in March that has an average of 3.4 hours of sunshine (10 and 2 in Helsinki has 3) with an 11C average high and spring and summer ahead, while November also has that 11C though with only 2 hours of sunshine but one should not get depressed that soon after the summer and autumn. So, being semi-depressed three months per year (or four but in London it's 10C) should not be all horrible and maybe one could then do more during those months, if one doesn't need rest. London vs. Genoa sunshine: London has the sunshine dark winter (though not necessarily as bad as Helsinki but in numbers it's so); Genoa has enough winter shine for one to survive plus 1+1 light, then spring is close the same, but in summer (and autumn) one would hope more shine in London.