2/2011. (The) English people and Italian people understand most of the words of the other's language as Italian is sort of like 90% (of) English (if one does not choose English then it partly seems Italian is the next on the list as it has that global connection, it being about people and numbers - there are bigger languages than Italian, though while bigger is not necessarily better as it can be too much/many but the bigger the number the more and generally better everything it offers though more or less of that will spread to the small also), though mostly the other sort of 10% is used, though there is often a non-English looking word too that means the same as the English looking word and one needs to understand them too, but the easiest is to use (the) English looking words, other than that it's easier to learn Italian first if one is going to learn both as all one sort of needs to do is to kick the last vowel off and pervert its pronunciation and one has English (perverts as written and even the pronunciation is from some parts under a doubt and in case that drops then English shakes, but e.g. salora, see the -a as useless, and see the salor (as) better, also as "seilö!?" [= sailor, (sailxr, sailar, sailer, er=ö?). One could also dance after the "seilö" about the whole great new finding, it's being cool] but then see salora as pretty and clear.

A related personality would additionally get delights of(f/from; off from) Italian (one could be in awe of the beauty as discovered with some Italian or a similar word - salora doesn't figure to be an Italian word - and be up to ecstatic [ex-static?!] and then there is the possibility to find the opposite and up to hate it and be able to tell why as facts) or English and in cases (from/)of both, or/and up to hate up to both, e.g. British (the very official) English might be too much for/to many while Italian being too childish, rigid, non-cool or/and so, though Italian is generally liked more than English, that people generally more or less hate as it's written. Additionally, likings and dislikings might also be personality problems. Also, there is a trick that when one likes something, one starts to dislike something else,

Additionally, when one discards something, it can start to look better, like when moving, leaving, golden memories, though it's just the opposite of it just having been disliked. That's the counter argument too - happening when one has turned away.

While when living in the moment, when relatively good it feels golden, while the past and even the future might not feel golden anymore as I see the pains in the past and what it will have to face in the future, in spite of good things in the past I see those pains instead and the past for me is mainly about what one has been able to achieve, and the future, when not seen as golden, I see it just as still better, but not a paradise as life is not easy and there is the daily work and this planet that's not so good. This moment is the only place where I am alive, but that view is connected to the x-personality, the state of balance and other things, and is no truth as a whole, but as how one can see it, as one can see it in other ways and other things when the x-thing is standing in some other ways.

and one can make it the opposite too and continue like that. Also (the) fashion changes, one's personal too, and it changes with e.g. any new facts or so - it can or will do that back also - and it's not that one has all the facts about something, so no possibility to pick the right one until one knows enough or needs it so. Then there is the general bliss (and the opposite and any) phenomenon(s) turning more or less nirvanic as time goes, it being about the new, old, whole, balance - the last I am trying to use to unload the deep right as when in balance the system might have no reason to unload anything, though the view might be rather unorthodox and it's related to resting additionally, and when not in balance - rather than in balance with no x-loading - it's possible the system is working only with that problem and no healing happens, though the problem here is the right load (that comes here back as memory and in theory causes damage, and it does come back and without the cooler balance of the left/body action, and so the body gets loaded similalary with that "ex"-load or the current but without a cooler balance). But only the x-time and not the unload factor might be the only Xmemory load factor. Additional possibility is that to heal the left problem on the body - or more - one could try to be loaded on the right; and to heal a right problem on the body or more, one might load the left and then with an x-time factor long enough, the system gets damaged to the opposite direction, healing the problem or at least the body or it gets balanced as double damaged, or/and double loaded but the opposite (like the L6 work memory, more so on the computer, on the balance level balances the R2, thinking, logic, the system adjusting so, at least with the NT's; the ST's can be on the right and the NF's on the left, or more so, though the Ni/Te tends to be more on the right and the Ne/Ti more on the left as non-visual vs. visual).

If one is going to learn more languages, the third can be Spanish (or French), that's possibly 10-20% Italian, a very different language (the known comparisons to Latin bases are some theoretical ones as in practice they usually more or less are not there, other than as grammar and maybe letters) and finally learn French, that would be the hard way to go to learn first as from Italian/Spanish one can learn f/m and if it's the same or different in French, it helping as there is about no rules for that in French (though maybe one could pervert French by adding some end stuffs, e.g. it seems like in English that the -e is the end vowel or there sort of is none, and the -e to me seems to more often be an f, and the rest could be an m, like in Italian. The exception words like man and woman), and one has learned lots of similar words already, that too helping, and French's double vowels and stuff like that are there in English too in a way - in French they tend to be logical, though it's like taking an Italian word and putting there several sort of random letters, just for nothing, and then they pronounce sort of every third letter through their nose, something similar to Spanish and English that are often spoken with something in the mouth like eating at the same time (and the French nose sounds seem to have been made more or less ö's, ä's in English, the idea in both cases being something messy to what seems like the round-the-word, and in Italian they partly don't round and partly they have the softening end vowel and they make the vowels longer; e.g. anchor [änkö, where the ö rounds and the ä - that's a in English - could be an ö too and similarly in French it would be a nose sound, and the last one or so would be a nose sound] vs. Italian a:ncora [anchor], and anco:ra [still (yet, again)], there being some trick in all these languages rather than it being something straight like aankora and ankoora like it's in Finnish - also about (the) long vowels - the end vowel in Finnish is usual but it seem more or less balanced with the n and t ends, while in Italian it might be too soft and homogeneous as a written form. 50-50 split just might be too hard, maybe ugly, as it looks like at least, as sharp), and Spanish has some nasty sounds (and English rather messy and strange ones), that's the reason it's horrible (German is not horrible but it's not nice enough though some sound(s) are nicely 'feminine' like in Italian, and in Swedish - that used to be my other mother tongue but I forgot it when I was six or seven. German has sort of no similarity to Latin) but it's the second largest language in the world, sort of, and pretty logical, just needing some cleaning, though even then the words are not as correct as in Italian (correct is a thing of reality, and always correlates to beauty, not just a random collection of letters), and so there's not much point in cleaning when they could simply throw it in the garbage, like they actually have done in Spain already, and take Italian instead, that's actually an improved version of Spanish, from where Italian sort of originates. While French might be from Latin, and some drunk smoker formed French from/of/off it, then it was cleaned to the level of Spanish. People bother about all kinds of boloney as languages as it fits their globality or personality (outer and likely the inner); then those languages must be improved, though I think also (the) people need to be improved though the language might remain but they can see it needs improvements. I think everyone to who(m) language matters enough need the knowledge English can give, and if one is going to do any travel(l)ing. It would be a time for having two mother tongues, the other being the current global one, and it seems having two mother tongues is no problem. All but English mothers could start to use English more or less like it's pronounced,

And also the opposite perhaps, though one could then just pick Italian and make it more simple e.g. parlare will become parla - that's anyway how one maybe better view and learn and up to use the verbs in Italian - and they could start to use words like will and would so that one does not need to break words in Italian to see what they contain - English starts from that, e.g. I will do, it being the broken form of dowillI - that's Italian - without it means nothing. I["ai"](o["i:o"]) rest(a)(re). Will that really sound worse, I don't know but in English they don't say he rest, but still, how can it be so different between e.g. noi (we; 4) and voi (you; 5)? In case there is no difference(,) then it's optional and should also sound fine, though maybe not when no one else is using it so, though to me to say the 4 and 5 so differently does sound like going too far when it could and should be more simple, and it just being optional like he speak vs. speaks. That third form could be it, the base, e.g. in Finnish it's (I think) puhuu (parla, speaks), though the main word is puhua (parlare, [to] speak) and in Finnish it might be better on average, e.g. minä aikoa/aikoo puhua - a double verb perhaps, minä en puhua, minä mennä/menee juoksee - a double verb sort of like in Italian, and similarly or so two or so forms could be used. Minä ei (mennä - fare [do] etc. possible helping verb) juoksee/juosta, minä en/me ei/ne haluta/haluu/ juosta/juoksee/puhuu/a. I think Italian is prettier with parlo, parli, parla, though the parliamo, parlate might be a bit lot, though so are the Finnish, me puhumme, te puhutte, but there are the me and te, though I am not sure of it as being current Finnish as it has somewhat changed during the last 20+ years, and me puhuu/puhua looks much the same as puhumme, just that the latter might sort of round it additionally, making it more clear at the end too.

and then the mothers would have to follow. Not that it's even then all pretty(,) but would do as (the) second language. But as it is, even if I would recover enough to go in the UK, just the language factor can make me not to go (I am already rating not to recover enough to go in Italy, and I likely will stay in Finland, and that's it about English forever). f/m, maybe that's pretty existential, but not really logical but with words like man, woman when it's done with the same word, e.g. mano being man and mana a woman, though not sure if the articles should be used at all, and the last letter already is a sort of such. And the adjectives, do they really need to connect to the main word with the f/m last vowel? (A/The) language is important also, as it sounds (like), and maybe has variety. (The) logic alone is limited to what it can reach, see, understand; it's often not enough to just 'think' about things as one is often lacking information.

Maybe I should keep the lights more down when I start to speed up too much, and put them more up only when I go more on the depressing side (putting up music etc. figures to help in both cases, them having also something else there but themselves), but be fast to put them down again. Sun is possibly not that bad as the daylight tends to sort of slow one down. I have these speeding problems especially at (the) times (that) I have unloaded much the left side but the right (plus its habit) is still not at the same level. Though the daylight also can do good (light might balance the left, especially the L6, but also the Sensoric and larger outer and inner world is then more there), and of course aiming to balance that right by unloading (plus a new habit).

Without meaning, it's rather meaningless to live, and I don't see a meaning in English for me. And as the recovery has so far failed, and the lack of peace adding to it, I don't get any meaning in Italy either, other than for the future life as a view. And the meaning in Finland, it's basically just about recovery, and in case I am not getting that, year after year the same thing, there's not much meaning to it either. The recovery being the meaning of life and that's about it as when recovered, one has (a) life, and all life before that is just trying to achieve that life.

As unloaded, I am in like 'S,' Sensor, and there is no flying nor related delights, as the S (usually) is just here and that's all. It doesn't see the delights of Italian nor Italy, and actually prefers the UK, South England, London fine, while Finland (possibly even e.g. Manchester) feel "colder" options, though one reason the S here prefers the UK over Italy is that it doesn't in my case prefer the hotter and sunnier Italy, and partly feels the economical state of the UK better, and this S is not an EP type of a ST-flying type either, that would have no problems picking Italy though it wouldn't care much of what. This other 'S' had the roots more in the nf, comfortably so, though it's the heart really, somewhere on the lines of INFP, though things can change fast, also in the nature of this S, again. It's an S-feel pick, not having any reason over that, but just where it feel most to be at, though it has no interests, hobbies, doings other than just living, working and being, though it's also connected to my recovery aims, but as a persona, that's all it needs and wants, and Italy and Italian would be over its horizon, and it does like that cooler thing, but not something as bad as the Finnish winter half, and there might be something as a bigger place also for it as even Helsinki (0.5M + 0.5M) seems a pretty small place for it, and connected to the rest of the country, seems a bit small, like living in a place that has nothing really, even when it's that big, though this persona could be just okay in a small 0.2M place perhaps, in some other place than Finland, that just feels small and so lacking in aspects related, though this S is not really going after more people but (at least as center living) after more numbers, things, and I suppose it just doesn't like the winter half here. But all that is about the feelings of places and trying to see why, so it's not final and there might be a mistake somewhere, though it's the way it has been and it's about personality; one persona picking or not picking the UK, and I know why, and one persona picking or not picking Italian or/and Italy, and I know why, and I say the same about this 'S'-persona, that that's just how it prefers things, and it figures to stay so. To see the whole thing with all personas, one needs to know what one is going to be in the future, and that I can see only when I am okay enough, and other than that everything is just changing and even new variations of personas come and up to go, though the collection of personas might just be increasing, but mainly it's about what one can do and be, what one needs to be, though there are options, and I need to see the okay first, and then I know what I saw on the way there (though I am not expecting to become okay enough in this life) as well as as okay, one has options, rather than just need to be what (of one or more options) one has to be. But whatever, the UK still hasn't dropped away, but it's not about people and nf anymore it seems, the nf actually more likely picking Italy (though that's the Italian and flying heart, not the black people heart, there being different type of hearts, more than these too), though it was the UK when it first started to dominate, it being a need, but it's not necessarily a need anymore with center living and/or the black heart in balance or/and living in the area of the red heart (the colder S [EP?] can make it colder and then has the need, while this other 'S' [IP? Though I am not necessarily talking about the whole personas but it can be a combination of connections or/and the past and present/future] as the unloaded [x-unload] variation rather than the one coming out of doings and picked persona, even without the x-unload, with other connections).

My possibility of a rebirth in Italy, when dropping dead there, doesn't look like better than the possibility of a rebirth in France (and USA) when dropping dead in south England (from about London to Bristol). With a(n) UK rebirth one has English as the mother tongue, that looks good whether one likes it or hates (anything in between and one might not have enough [of a ] reason to go - the negative reason being to get rid of the study of English). The spot for the death in the UK looks better than the spot in Italy, though one is then looking like getting a Mediterranean rebirth - if that's what one is, then one figures to take that. But for me, my unload is the highest priority for better life, and as unloaded (x-unloaded), it can be and is more or less the S, and for it, it's not a worse deal to be in the UK, the exception being the ESFP, that would go in Italy as it gets the delights of the weather and Italian, but I don't figure to live in that, until I manipulate it and I am not figuring to do it, for avoiding generally a less economical pick (inner and outer salaries and jobs with my language ability and so) and the EP tends to be more of a flying type and I am not ready for it, being too loaded, and the ESFP is more like a persona to be taken when okay and no need to think anything, but just get forgotten in a good spot and live life () moment to moment, but I am not there from either part. For me, the death in the UK looks better, there not being a better life to be expected for the next if I would die in Italy, and for this life, the UK fits better to my priority of recovering, and if not too late and I won't change my mind about going. (A possible UK or other as the rebirth might - there are loses for recovery and so it's likely not good to go too early - to pay itself back for whatever trouble and loses I get from/of the move to England in this life, and I am still to continue my recovery even when working while in Italy it would make somewhat less sense as Italian is a part of the delight reason of moving there and it needs at least some study, though maybe not all much necessarily but anyway (the) Italian is a reason and it's mental, while I don't have that as the delight as English even if I have to or so do some pronunciation study(.))(.) So, the in between step as the UK, seems like the best move, though it looked like rather marginal, but adding the loaded state and not so likely rebirth in Italy, it's getting there. The "safety" factors in the UK look better as economics, global English, unloading, not too hot, and so it looks and feels safer, and Italy and Italian one can have as a hobby forever, it being the order of priority, though when recovered in some distant future, the Mediterranean can clearly be the better pick with its better weather, including warmer seas. But that's in the future, at the end of an up to a long long recovery, and maybe one then picks even something tropical - Mediterranean is not so, while in e.g. Australia - though small and isolated and needs special jobs to get (in) there - they have the Mediterranean and tropical if one wants and maybe the seas will be less killing in the future, and they speak e.g. English, that's global. A big city, 7-14M London, some 3M Rome, maybe one wants that (Rome is hot up to half of the year), even further away of them as being more empty, while the options are more like for beaching (Mediterranean has that like 3-4 months per year) even if that is just a swim per day or so (even small things are up to great - as long as the cost is not too high). But it's much to most about the personality, not only about the loads and economics and other possible "safety" factors. But as longs as my personality supports the UK over Italy, the supporting facts to that are major, while if the personality changes, it can't easily up to at all go against its heart and so it picks what it prefers (though if that's not the final persona, there are no guarantees and all one might be left is the possibly worse economical situation and possible up to major heats and maybe a smaller city than one at the moment might like, and the language problems if one doesn't get the delights of it that much, and lesser unloading perhaps, and other loses, though maybe some goods too), the facts e.g. in my case about Italy and the Mediterranean not being that bad that it couldn't, and only the state of unload might make it pick otherwise, though it could pick Genoa straight or through some other city, in case there are no summer moisture problems and one can handle its average summer heats, though if one is not recovering further, that the job even alone (plus (the) language study) could make, one would be more or less stuck in one place, with rather weak beaching possibilities though one might get a dip there even daily (during some summer months), but of how much delight that is /is that, is another thing and the temperatures are lower, no beaching life to mention, just a somewhat more sunny (and warmer) weather than in London - where one has the option to live from Zone2 to Zone6 and beyond, though possibly missing central life - Bristol (that I liked to compare to Genoa to get some comparison, while other than the heats, one might be comparing London to Rome, though nothing of this is all true and there are other options in Italy and the UK, and comparing London to some beach place in the Mediterranean might be more like the thing to do - though one should know the Mafia places, at least Sicily and Calabria and possibly near it, if one is running a business or so and also the salaries - or the costs being higher like the hotel, hostel, travel, living costs - might be cut as mafia gets their share of the profits. In the UK there seems to be only gangs, with knifes, and drugs maybe) might not but it's just 0.5M or so, and one might go up to Manchester and Liverpool for rents of possibly 370 not central or possibly 515 for central in 2010, and Bristol might cost some more, while London Z2 especially here might be 650, and likely a bit less further, plus the salaries might be a bit higher (though so might be the metro, train, bus and travel costs and times be higher), and it might be the safest spot to die in at, the Bristol and south England coming second, while Great Manchester level obviously is not as good for that.

Even if I heal enough for Italy, the fingers will show loads left and that still figures to be the priority, and no study of Italian figures to be on the list. I also might be picking English as the priority, it being good enough and global (though possibly too big to find what one might be looking for but then one might learn at least a bit of the smaller language groups and make translations, though it might be too much work. But it's unlikely I would find up to any information when it comes to something that's top important to me, though the reason additionally figures to be that there more or less isn't any. One might try to limit the searches to specific countries and areas, if such functions are there. Personally to me, it shouldn't matter as I should be in Nirvana, so to say, surfing the real seas, and anyway, I don't figure need to know but the fingers - as the main thing that matters is the knowledge of the loads) and I have enough places to pick in the future lives even with that. So, if getting healed enough, the UK seems to be on the list, though I am not to take anything seriously as my decisions change every two weeks, but every time I learn something new and so they do get more serious time after time, and I am just waiting to see if something again comes up or down or whatever (it's about the personality, that still sees enough to support its likings, though at the same time it comes with some new facts also, and it - I am not necessarily doing anything really though I can also see or seek some new facts or clarity if I have to, like about English pronunciation - starts to seek them right after I have made a decision for something else and against something, it then trying its best to bust it back as it was) and I change it to Italy. Whenever I make a decision, it looks like final, just that it hasn't been so, and in two weeks or so I figure to have it back as Italy, though it might take from five minutes to two months. But it rates to find a way to bust it again as it has done it every time so far. Even if it would be years "clear," it could change again as I had Italy as the aim from about the second half of 2006 to the end (or 10-11) of 2009, it being then supported by the ESFP, but after being made a second and even, to nf then, the things started to fluctuate and it has been doing that ever since, and with some more or less new personalities too as the time has went, and it's a lot about the personality (that often comes with likings rather than the opposite), and it needs a rather major factors (that also have been collecting as the time has went) to make a decision against its likings. And it's going to try to bust the new/improved factors now, and if it succeeds, that it likely will, it will be Italy again, till new factors will be found or/and the personality will change again; then it's again the UK. At some point it will be finally Finland, it being too late (I didn't get healed enough - in spite of that being the priority, the changing keeps happening and new factors popping up), but there's some years to go to that and this game figures to continue till then, or stops only for not being busted for years or the personality staying as something for years or so. It can have an end as since this fluctuation started, it was between Italy and Spain first; Spain being the country and Italy had the language, and that took maybe six months and took plenty work too as I needed to collect information too, but finally I couldn't pick Spanish that I can't handle, while Italy is Mediterranean too. And that finally never got busted. I have also been thinking about the whole planet, before Italy the non-EU and then the EU and somewhat during the Italy times also, while now it's only between Italy and the UK, all other options (for going somewhere in this life) being eliminated. So, there is a reason to hope that this too will get into a final decision, though even if it stays so for years, no guarantee it won't change again, though it has a good chance that it will then finally be clear or just stays. Then there will be no options left, nothing more to think around here, even the city/cities having been picked at least for the start, e.g. I will start in London if I go in the UK as it's just the best to do so for me, while if it's Italy then it figures to be (the) cooler Genoa, through other city if I have to, and if I get still cooler later, there will be other options, cities I could pick. But I need to get plenty healed before 50, that I would study enough Italian (at that late of age it's pretty much not so smart, and it would be about the personality then, and why would I pick that personality to give me that extra work even if it's delight as I have my priorities to recover and other personalities have their own delights or something. If I pick that Italian personality for forever, then I could see it might pick it) for it to be worth it to take the pack of Italy, and that needs to get busted before Italy can become a possibility, and if it gets busted and I get healed so much (until it busts that somehow) and will be of the supporting personality (it being basically final forever then), only then it will be Italy. But I say it's plenty to do to bust the recovery factor (it being my life), but as I have seen, somehow it rates to bust it, though the easy way for it is to bust it as a possibility for getting healed enough and so it's still that getting healed enough it's Italy, getting healed some, it's UK, and not getting healed, it's Finland. So, I seem to have achieved nothing here. But many points have been improved and need to be busted, as as it's now, it will be the UK and my recovery up to Italy in ten years even is not a favorite to happen, though It might pick Italy even now and Be it in Finland and all the way if that's what it's going to be if not enough healed. So, nothing big seems to have changed, but still major fine points have changed, the main point being perhaps that Italy can't happen as it needs the study of Italian that I shouldn't do and if not doing it, a major factor, a reason to go in Italy is gone. Now, I am just going to wait and see when that gets busted.

After one hour the situation is already something like this; all personalities think it's the most reasonable to think I will not be recovered to so much that I would have a situation where I can pick anything. So, the Italian persona can't bust my recovery factor, that's my life, but it's ready to give up the language factor up to about completely if necessary but still (at least try) to go in Italy, in Genoa. That then actually dropped in this moment the Italian person based on Italian, and instead there is the UK 'S' persona with some new aspects to it, with parts of INTP and parts of Italy and maybe something else also, but it's close to the same 'S' that's not interested of Italy nor Italian nor study of it (nor hobbies and doings) at all, but with the additional parts, it currently thinks why not pick Genoa instead as one is not going to do anything anyway and there not being a difference for the death at either place and Mediterranean seem possibly better, and the UK has really never been on the list anyway, at least not yet. If the recovery happens enough to go anywhere, then Genoa should be just as good as the UK, London, and I don't at the moment really see why I would be in the UK, in London; what's the point really? I could be anywhere with a decent weather as long as Italian doesn't become compulsory for the nationality, that it might, in case it seems I better drop it (Additionally for Italy being a very difficult country for me to fit in, it has bad economics etc., and they always invents new things, change laws etc., against me, when I have decided to go there and then I invent a way to overcome those changes, or the laws change again, to better, or I change. A lot of work for nothing, but I suppose some things are just there to wait to happen and one should think them to do so. In 2011 it seems that to get the permanent residency one needs basic Italian ability and if that is as it looks like so for the nationality, I might not be able to go there even in the long shot case that I get healed enough. Neither Italy nor my body is co-operating). But as things are now, the It is at the moment going in Genoa in case there will be any going. So, it dropped the language and its delight and related personality, to still aim to get in Italy, and things have been getting worse and worse about Italy during the last year; beach more or less dropping, other cities more or less dropping as too hot, economics (unknown from half parts), the body of the next life, and being less fitting in Italy than in the UK as far as the look goes, healing having taken way too longer than expected and actually I was to go in about 2011 originally, but things changed in Italy as well as I figured it necessary to recover first, that also didn't then continue fast enough nor did I get good peace for it. And then I am supposed to drop the language even up to all, though that figures no more possible as a law. The UK must be really a bad deal if that's better. But that's still on the level of It-thinking, if it's the better pick than the UK, like London (up to Bristol) vs. Genoa (and maybe more later), but initially It feels Genoa as a warmer and closer place than London that's a bit colder (and less sunny) and more distant when it comes to the centre (there might not be that much in Genoa but it's not distant in the same way perhaps. Picking e.g. Bristol one can have more or less the centre, though It is thinking just London), though It feels London (and the UK) as more safe and in that way sort of more modern (though it's much all history and old houses too, in much of the UK), and with one word as more economic, that also is about the job. The It is still just thinking and haven't made any decision yet.

One more hour and it's clear I am not going to go in Italy without more language study in the future, and I am not going to go there without the delight of it either, with a related personality, that the 'S' isn't. And I do prefer the better economical situation in the UK. The possibility that I would get enough delight out of Italian with the 'S' persona or whatever so, x-unloaded, is not good, and the possibility that I would get healed enough to go in Italy, also is small. And so, though it's still the same that to Italy in the best case and to the UK in the good case, and in other cases stay in Finland. But the possibility of Italian is too small to consider under this persona (small times small is very small), that more or less figures to be there at the x-unload, except in the case of the ESFP. All the expansion possibilities of the UK death and rebirth and moving later if one so thinks in the future lives. The recovery will take time and it will be the priority and so there can be only Finland and the UK, there not being any Italy possible because of that, though it loses the two years of study of Italian - one year was just making it stronger. But what is lost is lost, it being about what is the best thing to do when starting from this point, and it wasn't the only things I have lost because I dropped to recovery, I lost many more years, but to get the recovery and the related personality, I just have to drop all those years. One part of my journey has been getting it more and more into my mind and understanding to give all necessary things to recovery, and I hope I would have understood that ten years earlier but it wasn't to be; one can only play the game as one sees it.

The economical situation in Italy is worse than it's in the UK and France - that's the spot one in theory picks as Mediterranean or so, but there is not much and the waters figure not so clean. It seems that Italy is like 20 years behind in economics (the north, maybe less). The salaries are lower but the costs might be relatively higher. The salaries are 30% lower that means one has much less money after the living costs are paid. I have seen such level about Milan too but the average salary in the north of Italy might be close to what it's in Finland (as an average - there too like in about any country the lesser places have lower salaries, much so, and one possibly might make even more in Italy in cases), so it isn't necessarily that much lower there (nor at Rome and so) but it hasn't in any way been made clear and I have seen other information - like that Milan case - that says otherwise. France is richer (the south too?) according to the economists and they have a 2 children average and I don't know - as I haven't looked - of them having any sort of problems - or they have immigrants like the UK - including like crime (the UK - and Spain perhaps - can have more), while it seems like Italians steal and cheat and can't be trusted and it's in their nature - mafias, corruption, and everything being just so so and slow. The flats, do they figure e.g. silent? One might thing they might not be as material, and additionally one might think Italian's could be more noisy. The UK is more modern, but not cheap and it sure too is old, and it seems (in Finland) the modern possibly better buildings started after 1990 or later, but not likely everywhere, just that the knowledge for it seems to have started about there. But what one is to think? One would be making a drop in economics going in Italy (compared to e.g. the UK and France). To go on Italy on pension, possibly fine from that point (but one needs to live there; might have problems), but risky from the point of a rebirth; as a woman in north Africa, and not so great as a man either, and there is violence and next to wars even at the moment (in both Egypt and Libya. Might have a dictator or so. Arabs), and the other side of the sea Adriatico is poor (and had their wars). The country is as big as the UK and half or so of the space seems to be mountains, so they live close each others in the north, lacking space (not in smaller places anywhere as it's clear they are all small cities and plenty empty space around, and some Genoa has the sea not hard to see and the mountains, though the economics figures somewhat worse in Genoa - including the buildings and they are so near each others - and in the not-north and at small places perhaps though the tourists might make it somewhat more costly). Rome seems to have up to serious air pollution (though it's a big place and it's common, but Italy has major problems with air pollusion [and sea pollusion and garbage, and with everything it seems]. Living further away from the centre, that anyway figures to cost up to too much in the big cities, though it still might be polluted, but e.g. 10+ km of the city centre in Helsinki and the air is clean for sure, all being more sensitively experienced, also as the people's heads are not so many there, though it then at points is up to painfully too empty - the heart needs something or it will have more or less pains). The south Italy is poor, garbage problem (was/is in Naples even), and the roads might be having lots of holes - possibly one reason the buses might drive like even 30 km/h at some places all the way - the traffic death rate etc. might be double or more and it's not as safe to drive there and one might better not have a car as the roads too might be too bad though not necessarily - and small the streets can be (parking might be up to impossible and no spot to keep the car either perhaps not near the home either, and walking when the roads might be full of dog shit, and using a bike - that figure to get stolen soon - tough the other way as it's up or down though not when travelling sideways [one could live there too but it can cost twice as much], and the streets in theory could be full of broken glass as they up to never do cleaning there), and the bigger streets may not be free but cost money as can the beaches or they are dirty or on poor and small areas. Italian people seem to buy their drinking water (that's a work) though they could drink the tap water too, but it doesn't say much good about it. It's said it's harder to get a job (and easier in the UK), but I don't see the logic with it as it has the same needs for jobs as any other reasonable country has. And even with a marginal language ability, how could it be any different? But of course, many jobs need better language ability anywhere. Maybe they are just slow and messy, like thinking of using the net and they have everything barely working if they even ever look into their emails etc. (it seemed they don't bother answering to them and the phone numbers might not work, though they might have just been e.g. cheating deposit money, but that should be all typical Italy. Things non-working like that and possibly inside type of work getting is more common and not to everyone. Some bases for the problems of getting a work figures true, but much of it might be about other than simple work and then the higher demands for language ability, and then things work slow and sloppy if they work at all. North Italy seems to have just a 5% unemployment, 10% Rome, 20% south. But what kind of a work one is ready to do if one doesn't get what one is thinking about in the shorter long run even (possibly with the simple works one might get what one gets anywhere else, and one has e.g. a five year permit to stay and seek, so they too better find something), and if not improving language ability, and what if the nationality needs language ability. Corrupt as a spirit, taxes avoided as a spirit, people figure to steal and cheat as a rule (some nationalities that are poor - including Italy - are likely to steal and cheat in any country, including when renting a flat in any country, including the UK. That looking like the reason for their nature). It might be worth it in an another life, though with the whole world as an option then and it too being better than it's now, there is much to think about then too. The pull (to) there is from some personality types plus the simple logic of the weather and the language, have formed my liking(s) about it, and there are major facts for it, and the cost generally is the economics and in my case still more. Other options for a better weather are there other than Italy, that do not have so problems in economics and the system, though they might have some other problems one way or the other, and they do not speak Italian; somehow unreal of how a language can have such a strong pull up to all life. It seems pretty clear I would go in Italy (the exception would be being pretty young, having the right profession - that can be the point for no Australia, no Canada, leaving only Italy if one wants even just the weather, but that's about the personality type and doings. I won't figure to study any or maybe if reborn in the UK - and then maybe going somewhere else; the UK, Australia, Canada. Learning both English and Italian figures to take 28 years part time and one gets no rest but gets loaded instead. One hard reality factor). But in my situation, it doesn't look like I can go in Italy (or even in the UK, (to) where I don't want, but it figures to improve things and at least a step in between) and even if I could, it doesn't look like worth it without the language and preferably more years left before (the) death. It seems, I stay in Finland or try to get in the UK, that for me being smart in many ways and no need to up to ever study other languages and one can always move in some future life, while being reborn outside of the UK, France is near and if elsewhere because of what I am, it might be okay then too. It being about a good pick in many ways; economics, rebirth, possibly body, global language, no major language problems (in case one needs language) and in some ways more doings perhaps, e.g. London is big. But for me, the difference between going in the UK and staying in Finland is not much, while about Italy it's about the recovery and Italian and it's about time and personality, values, realities, the truth.

In about a week I have dropped the UK again in favor of Fi/It, the reason being Italian and that for me there isn't enough a point to go in the UK even if I couldn't go in Italy, as under the It I will be going in Italy in the next life anyway, as I would have in this life earlier if I would have been okay. And the EU is big. I then basically drop English forever. It's not only about the country and the language but about the soul, mind, right, wrong, personality. Economically, a bad pick. Basically, it seems I am staying in Finland, but with a (multi) selected personality and its related life. If I could go in the UK, I about could go in Italy too, and even without the language from most parts though it loses major point on comparison to the UK, but that too was dropped, it too losing major points. While the nationality, remains to be seen. And being reborn in e.g. Egypt (80M, very poor, though much of Africa just might try to get even there), one has some problems ahead to get back in Italy. But I might drop Italy again, as it's hard to pick the economics (though just years in this life and in the next it's like 50 years later from this/that point, and so, looks good enough, but it's not sure), rebirth (risky), the language problems (and up to dropping English [for] forever) and the heats of the summers though just some three months per year and up to none in Genoa, that though is limiting in many ways. It's still so much about the recovery and personality, that it's not yet possible to weight things based on them, other than keep moving and wait and see. I just can't know the answer yet, though the facts have become sharper and sharper, they still can't solve this problem as it's about time and personality, neither being clear yet.