2/2010 (I wrote almost all country - and spiritual housing - related stuffs on this Part 6 later than this in 2010, and actually about the whole page figures to be of that, later written). Some things can be cleared on the issue of the nf-heart as depression, and the Part 5 had stuff about that, the fact of there being no F-meaning is not an existential, universal problem but an nf-heart problem related to doings, people and beings, depending of where one is at, the depression coming from the lack of a good place to be at, e.g. in doings there is life, but that I can not continue if I want to get healed, and when I didn't do, I was put at the nf-heart, and I have never done anything that much on that area and my outer situation for it as people and as globally and even universally, was and is bad, and so no happy place for me and the reason for being depressed about it. After I have been in the ESFP, and picked the path of doings there, unfortunately, basically wasting up to four years of the needed path of recovery,

Though I didn't have it all figured of how to recover even when I started to unload through the legs, as I should have continued better, though I also did not have the nf-mode and actually had the SF-mode, ESFP, and was flying there, but I was ignoring the fact that I should recover as soon as possible and ignoring that is just not right, especially as I had seen me being late in 2005, when I should have continued the unload better as early as in 1998, though I didn't see what to do when on balance but it should have been a simple matter to see one needs to continue. So, then 12 years later as about 42 years old, not good, but as long as I am okay at least as far as the loads go before I will die, it has been a good life as far as the results go, but not as the nf goes.

as I figured I get things to Italy (or the UK, that the nf as more global might prefer, while my sf liked/likes Italy as Mediterranean and Italian, that without the nf-extra I now have, would be my place, though later and about here too the nf likes Italian thing while not really the UK thing that can be liked by the ST/st then. So, things change too) and then take that path sooner or later, and then I would have had also an improved land based situation, though it can't but happen then next or so life, the priority being the recovery, then the less important factors, even if it would cap all that I would need to do - and so I was trying to get that in too, but it wasn't the right thing to do. Rome figures too hot - 28C - for most people during three months of the year. In the centre - where one can't afford to live in the biggest cities or one can in the 0.5M - there are maybe too many people, air is worse, noise from traffic, and comparing to places with green and space, from one's home also and more calm walking outside, and the newer better - and often they cost less - houses rate to be further away from the center; all those things are great at many not so centre/central places and possibly fits more so to a life of a non-mental person here though it's also action to the emptiness. In the center it's harder to find a place where one is not looking at walls/other people's windows, and if light and space is important to one - most people seem to like to live in the dark - like to me especially when I personally mentally x-do the minimum to nothing, then such things, plus people, action.

And one might find something better for one, like from Zone 2 in London that costs less and still possibly not be too far away - but it's not the centre -- though it can be up to plenty close and be more or less so itself too -- when stepping out of the door and one might end up spending up to two hours (maybe four in cases and if one lives in Zones 3-6+ - the sides of London have proportionally the most white people as London is mostly black so to say - and at up to near small cities, using maybe trains or bus(s)es, or one might get a car, something that figures useless and too slow and cost too much in Zone 1. One might need to pick the right area and the right spot especially in London/the UK as it's not all the same and even as safe as Helsinki has so far been (though every month bad things and up to more or less kills are happening here but the gang problem is still waiting to happen), but it's mostly about picking the place according to one's nationality - or not - and the prices - or not - and how it looks and feels like - or not - and possibly as a white person, life at the edges of (the) Greater London, at the nearest edge of where one is working perhaps, though it's no major city, or pick the work if possible/reasonable from where one wants to live at.

My limit of summer has dropped to 27C and that leaves just about Genoa if one wants still warmer winters, though in the next life I might be able to handle more than 27C, and in this life there are other smaller and bigger cities in Italy too that are somewhat not all hot during the summer. But that's what is still okay with me with my current loads and unloading (with the left cooler x-down).

The Wikipedia vs. some other source might say different summer temperatures for e.g. Turin, it being possibly 30C type hot, not like Genoa, though it might depends of where in Turin one exactly lives in at, the hills it says being cooler. It doesn't seem to rain very often, like it doesn't seem to in Genoa either though both of those places have pretty high rain amounts (I checked two years and it was raining in Genoa about as often as in London). Turin seems to have relative humidity according to Wiki from 70 (whatever that means) to 80%, but to me seems basically like Genoa's as the higher winter humidity of Turin doesn't matter. Genoa humidity is usually given like 70 am and 60 pm though most places in Italy seem to have 90-100% as the highest (for some time perhaps and not sure if it gets inside that fast) and then it drops to 50% (even to 40%) in about anywhere (during May) but at about Genoa, it having the 60% all months so it seems a bit more moist than Pisa/Livorno, Rome, Pescara that get down to 50% perhaps (during May).

Humidity numbers are not necessarily correct (like it never snows in Genoa: I have a photo to prove it), and when living near the ocean, 100 meters, 1 km, 5 km, 10 km, it might make a difference during the over 13C or so times - after the (very) hot summers (low humidity outside rates to help). London has 1.5K of sunlight year, while Turin has 2K and Genoa has 2.2K according (to) Wiki. The average sunlight hours of Genoa seem to be from 4 to 10 (beats London, while the London winter high of Yahoo Weather 8C is pretty nice though there is some less light and sunlight, not lacking about the 12C of Genoa and it's not too hot in London during the summer, just often 24-5C and it's said some 30C, so one gets to know those temperatures - so knowing how its elsewhere - but they are not the usuals); 4 to 10 being as good as it goes anywhere, if the numbers are correct. Some Genoa is a long type city and could possible even be too moist such ocean being there. But it hasn't been indicated like it's (incorrectly, I think) about Turin, that Genoa would be moist, but it might be.

If one wants 0.5M and bigger cities and not 28C and higher averages (though some give Genoa like 25-28-28-26 or so but during one summer it was like a clock 24-27-27-24, just like the Yahoo Weather gives it, though at least e.g. during the extreme summer of 2010, the clock was often 30C -, possibly (as a liking) warmer winters, and possibly less humidity, and the north as economy, and possibly not an expensive city, then one does not have a lot of options. Genoa just might be good, but it depends of the correct numbers (and the weather is not the only thing one needs to check), and the wind level might be high (the west side of Italy seems like that), just good during hot summers as it's cooling. There are at least some rats at least in Genoa, though they might not be more dangerous than dogs and cats but I don't know. There might be some more dog shit. It's not clear one might like to sleep on ho(s)tel beds (maybe not even in one's own flat without extra care) in e.g. Italy, that might have e.g. animals and animal stuffs on them; I haven't read that it would be a major problem, and it often looks like a pretty normal, though more warm, city in the EU, and so there is some possibility that one might survive. There's also, some say, at least some unsafe place(s) in e.g. Genoa, not all safe even during the days, like near the sea at some Genoa's place(s) (being in a ho(s)tel there so might be less safe - maybe just outside). At this time, I don't see Genoa as a dangerous place, and one can or can't possibly move. As white or whatever, one might be looking significantly different from Italians (even in Spain one sort of might not so? Italians are looking that much different). Doesn't look too homely. It seems I would fit better in France (the etheric or so look seems like what I have/had, even if they in cases genetically look like something else), and in the UK I would have less difference than in Italy though I don't look like an English. London seems pretty multinational. In Genoa one might need to do some travelling (figures easy and not really costly with the train) if one wants to do some serious beaching, like during just 2/12, but it's like two months of a holiday and so is a lot also, though in the Mediterranean it might be cut by the jelly fishes, and it seems one might need to use some shoes or so even in the water. And the hot sun is bad for the skin and should be avoided until one knows all about it. Anywhere in e.g. Italy they might not be willing to speak English (20% of them?), but maybe one can mix in some Italian, and I would aid my Italian with English.

with the UK like winters. Puts Italy somewhat more back in my options, and I don't mind being reborn in France.

English as a global language is a bonus, though they might not speak normal or even English to be exact in all of the UK, e.g. in Scotland one might have trouble with their English and it might be better avoided, though one can always move later inside the UK, it not being all important where one lands first, but as soon as one starts getting all kinds of thing in order there, it's less good to move. Also good is a language one likes.

At e.g. Manchester (the humidity may be too high and I don't have the numbers that I could trust in/about). But at Manchester one could live at the city centre and close to it - Greater Manchester figures up to very urban (though the people might be living also in non-modern and often lacking terraced houses, though one doesn't figure to need to take one) - and cheaper around it, though the salaries just might not be as good as in London? In case they even are better in London and there are also e.g. many minimum salary workers of some 7 - before 2010 - or so too, though that's so in any country too, e.g. cleaners seem to get such type of starting salaries, while in Italy most seem to get such type of salaries, that looks like it steals from people. The south or whatever Manchester seems to have gangs. The humidity is said to be high in Manchester and okay in London, and I have the BBC Weather numbers for the humidity of London and I think they were a bit lower than in Helsinki, like all the bad numbers seem a bit lower there than in Helsinki. But I don't have the numbers for Manchester, just that it's said to be humid, just as it's said that Turin is humid, that it doesn't figure to be.

In the UK there are some gangs (some 200 in London, seems black types mainly in London) of young men hanging around, something that's there in the UK, USA, and elsewhere and it's spreading. Weapons, drugs. I might not bother that much about it in the big picture but it's a factor. One might always be able to change the place more or less if some is of too much bother. Spain might be better but not as good as Helsinki here - and I am not a fan of Spanish though it's "just" (depends of one's mentality/personality) a lesser language factor. They seem to like stealing in Italy like in Spain plus Italy has (south) mafias and Spain(s) just might have more violence, even the language seems to have it, plus some ugly stuff, while Italy is often (small and) pretty, maybe partly because of its language.

Working days, hobbies/rest evenings, sleeping nights, moment to moment living, to have life in the moment too or it's all just work. Being well recovered and fresh makes life and work all that much more a pleasure or so. That needs quality in the moment, that one though should get much from/of the state of one's being, and what extra one country doesn't have for it, it can have some other factors for it. A moment for eternity, that being the possible decision.

Generally, it's not straight easy to get a place rented from the centre or even from anywhere because of the competition. But some agencies and privates might not put people to compete and there are some big renting companies that have many rent places and seem not to be based on competition but it can take months or up to much more and can be difficult if one is not in a need. The room temperature seems to be and is from 20C to 21C with two or more of the big companies. The places I have lived in before so far have made it possible for one to put there up to 24 or 25C, or possibly 23C in case it's very cold outside, but not these big companies. It seems so far to me that if there is a place available, especially in the centre, it tends to have something wrong in it, like noise, so it would make sense to ask the person who is leaving/left from there - to get his phone number if possible - as the people who rent it will not tell one about the problems even if they know though one might be on the top of the line if one is then looking another place from the same company. Being stuck even years on a bad place is no fun.

The country, that idea might change monthly or more often, from those possible for/to one, in my case between Italy and England (in case I get or go anywhere), and in Italy it was finally Rome, until I experienced that I can't handle the heat there (though it might not be all bad as the BBC Weather calls it "medium," possibly as it's a non-humid summer but it calls also Malta as "medium." Also, the nights are down to 20C, though the days can go up to 40C and might often be over 30C. The day by day weather averages from/of many years will show how it is) (it's about new facts and one's possibly changing personality and feelings that keep seeing things differently), while in England, London and the 0.5M cities are on the list (though the greater area can be much more in some places of the UK it seems, like that of Manchester is said to be 2.5M [but maybe 1/3 of the urban area might be some 17 km away. 7M is London with the 32 boroughs, and that is the London, while around it is another up to 7M as it continues), and maybe even smaller ones if I think the aura of a lesser city is full enough (I might start to dislike the city centre life and so a smaller city would be okay too, though one might run into too much emptiness that produces possibly a painful feel of loneliness, but maybe there is something in-between or even without as there is clarity, sensitivity, clear nature, good up to necessary things missing otherwise. Also Zone 2 and even further in London, up to smaller cities around and so even the whole of the UK becomes a possibility though much of it might be too moist, and if one wants clarity, one needs to find such from London perhaps or around, anywhere from the UK, that one finds of course, possibly even from London or just around it, or from south England or any).

It's about practical matters and feel-likings. I have more things to learn and experience, and need to go and take some looks and many kinds of feels of emotions to moistures too, though just looking into some place is different from living there a month or more and moving around there enough during that time as well as see how one feels about them, and having similar experience before, one might see its possible nature faster, though it just might look somewhat different when having got used to it. There figure to be places that fit to one better than other places, and it's about finding a home or so, though the feels are not fully correct but of some Deity, feel, not of all of them and one should see from where the cause of the feel comes from, to understand it and then put it into the whole picture of the Deities, feels and realities, possibilities and also think about the long run - that though is never so clear and keeps changing - though one might/could more or less possibly move later.

The e.g. three months of 28C and more in Italy are too much for me in this life and generally too, and if the moisture gets higher at the late summer and after because of that, it's no good until the moisture/humidity levels are otherwise lower there (and one is possibly not living near the ocean, or one is some 100m+, 1km+ away from that might also help as might a smaller ocean perhaps, but I don't have the numbers but just some solid experience and views). The freedom and my rights in Italy for me is less than in Finland and they have some problems like what seems like lower salary, higher taxes. The flowers not being enough in itself if one can't be comfortable enough with the base situation, that should also be considered as sort of flowers, increasing one's recovered moment's good life, though the final aim is to get the flowers too; the weather and the language delights and maybe some other things.

If taking another country, there are plenty bad sides to it too, like one is leaving people and usually having language problems. Salary like in Italy could be seriously lower, though the possibly lover costs might cover some of it. Genoa just might be the spot in Italy, though no place to have good beaching; 0.5M plus maybe some expansion to the area, could be the minimum for me or I might start to feel it too lacking (or it's too full for the head if one wants it to be clear. And are the flats comfortable; C and noise and whatever? One would need more information) though I am more like comparing it to a way emptier place than some 0.2M city (could be just right for the head only or too big with central living, or 0.5M or more but living in an empty enough place, but maybe not too empty) with central living, though the quality of houses - at least in cases - can again be significantly old/poor when being central (though it's about who are on the other side of the walls too, not necessarily when it has been made as it has been looking like they can't make much right) as well as people who leave those central flats might more often be leaving them for a reason that there are problems and one should know all kinds of things of what not to take and what's risky to take, though for the start one might have to take anything.

People emptiness as well as people fullness can be felt, when getting to the centre one can feel the mass of people; it can be felt inside the house alone also. Places have their feels, not just the facts (the feels could come from memory, but maybe it's in the atmosphere, or too), and one's mind lives in those feels there like the atmosphere there. For the lack of people, it could be a support, while it being a bother to clarity, personal x-mind, silence, that could be too. Or it's the sea one is then living in, and one keeps one's clarity perhaps, though the x-mind's extra 'noise' will be there though it's not coming from one's own system, but one pays some price like that, getting more people, action. These things being significant to be aware of when thinking where exactly to live in at, and then finally pick one that seems and feels okay, in case one has enough possibilities to choose. The facts and feels of the locations and places.

Maybe not at the beach road/city as I am experiencing the moisture to be of too much bother like at 50% and even below, though it was an exceptionally hot summer, followed by the autumn of it cooling down. The 20-40% range being the winter (with heating)/comfortable one, though one might feel the 30% as too dry. One can even feel the Kundalini - or as what one feels in it - as moist when it's 50% humidity inside (though I additionally had the summer heats of 24-30C still in my body even when they already were gone) and even less, and one feels the air and everything as uncomfortably too moist and it's even hard to get sleep (though there also were what seems like the common stronger negative vibrations, disturbing, on the clothes, on the bed, on the new place, and the higher pressure in my head, not just the uncomfort from the high moisture, that is a problem in itself also). Maybe not a beach city for safety (though some of them just might have lower moistures otherwise and some London - and Rome - is not on the beach - it has the Thames, but London is not too moist, but thinking where one lives in London might be of some importance). I had been living 15 years some ten kilometers/kilometres of the beach and the moisture was all the time feeling - never measured - like 30-40% and it was great, both with the perfect windows as well as without the perfect windows. The 55% feels plenty bad for me, inside, it being closer to 100% moisture outside then, while the 50% inside is maybe some 80-90% outside, though that might depend of the outside temperature also, e.g. it seems it's said the winters in Finland are less moist inside though it's 90-80% outside during the winter here, while likely some under 13C will be less moist inside than above it and the worst months are above it and it seems especially late summer down to under 13C maybe. I don't know about the spring and the early summer. One's past experiences about e.g. the moisture does not necessarily count later.

In many cases getting a place rented from the city centre can be difficult or even impossible, especially with limited time. One might see it better to start at the biggest cities like London and Rome - much because of the hostels - but the risk is that one might then be stuck in that city. Some bigger work companies might have/can help one to flats or/and less, and finally generally the city or social helps can help one to get something - and tell one from where to look - if one has nothing, though one needs to be a resident (and even more like having the local social security number) that one gets after e.g. 6-12 weeks, though not necessarily a flat for the start or at all as there are that many immigrants these days. First one might figure to seek a flat so one can move things there if one figures to get any job one is willing to do at least till one becomes a resident. And if one does not get a place or so rented first (residency in e.g. Italy 2010 doesn't seem compulsory but one seems to need to leave every three months or so - except in the UK it seems where one seems to be able to stay as long as one wants though not necessarily as e.g. taxes after 183 days or so - but one seems not to get e.g. electricity without being a resident. One seems to get the ID with residency. So, the point one is to get the residency, and the ID. And the nationality e.g. in Italy after 4-5 years as one would need to get another EU 5 years or so permit to stay otherwise, while in the UK one seems not to need any further permits but the residency at least when an EU, and so in theory one could stay on pension without having the nationality but there can be other rules then), then a job and then rent a place (and use agents and renting companies), and possibly be fast as a - very - small part of them just might go to the first, and live in a hostel till one gets something better, including a bedsit - some common stuff is shared - or less. Competition is the problem in getting a place but putting all together, it looks like one has a reasonable chance in getting something, as long as one can live in a hostel or so till that happens. In London/UK there are papers and online versions of them too for renting a place. About Italy, I don't know, but one can pick at least the names of the agents (with some more competition?) from what one sees online when they rent places online.

Nothing much of a swimming place in Genoa though at least some small spot(s) ( The problems with beaching is that when it's hot enough for it for sure, it often figures too hot for other living, though it also depends of e.g. how much one is having loads on chakras, and if okay, it might be okay or even fun for like two or four months per year, though it's 'too hot', and then one could have warmer and clearer weather much all year though one could change that hot period to a reasonably cold one like the London winter and have the rest more or less the same.

London because of hostels is much the same as Rome (though in Italy one might be able to rent someone's summer place for the winter half and additionally some place - also a real home - for [one] person is cheaper during those times), but Rome is more difficult because of (the) language and heat limitations (Rome's unemployment rates seem like 10% and the north Italy figures still less - not different from what it's in the UK - while the south Italy is like 20%). Italy for me has more emotional happiness (my current image of the UK feels more or less sad and dark compared to my image of Italy and especially the language, though the life and work figures just the same no matter where one is and these feelings are from my Italian personality, about the flowers and not the bases; it being a sad thing to not have the flowers or all the flower or so but that's not all there is in life) over more comfort and hard facts. And up to the only long run problems is the heat, if picking the emotional factors of Italy and Italian that can make one feel happy (deep) inside, while the UK and English makes one feel comfortable, safer and it being up to beautiful in a simple and smooth way, and sure global. Italy is simply poorer and hot on those factors. But the UK being enough, it might not be.

After more recovery, picking a hot place, even having some work where there is not that hot, though such may not be easy or one's line or work to make it to happen, like food shops that can be cool, and not a heavy job as it increases the inner heat. Making some other cooler city to happen in Italy is at least a shot and possible and for many people might not be a major problem. At this point I don't like the idea of living in the UK over Italy, but my Italy/Italian has never been more than half ready and I am losing more as time goes, and I am not ready to/for it from the recovery point either, and there are good things in the UK. I prefer the UK over Finland, it being mainly a weather and a global language question, but.

On (the) paper the UK is just like Helsinki (the UK rains as much or somewhat less and has the same amount or less of rainy days, is as moist or somewhat less, the sunshine is as much or somewhat less during the summer) except the winter half is warmer and has a 1+1 hours of more sunlight (light not sunshine. It being just as dark during the summer) (the summer has then less and somewhat less sunshine though a part of it is during the sleeping hours). Reasonably, the UK, at least the best of it, might have one of the best weathers in the world (though it's e.g. from 2 to 6 hours of sunshine vs. e.g. 4 to 10 in Italy, and it's not nice to lose that, and the winters could be warmer. Colder and darker and that's how I have felt it all the way, but not sure of how bad that is), and for many people that is so, and combined to all the other goods there, a very good place. Feelings about the 'place' is an another factor, and it's not easy to see what all those feelings mean, and one might need to understand them, and get more information.

As long as I recover enough (that is unlikely based on my past statistics), I might go in Italy, though that could again change any time, and the odds are that it will, and the outer factors also can change. I might possibly even sleep during the hottest hours, something that might be the case also in case one happens to be reborn in India (my odds of being reborn there might be high, just hoping that not to be the case and I hope the distance helps), that's some 30C and worse during the days (though one then figures to move at least to north India, that figures cooler during the winters at least, and the mountains in all India are, some sort of a possible similarity to Italy), though one might have a body that can handle the heat somewhat better, like in Italy one might have, also seeing how they might have up to winter clothes during the warm winters even in the south.

Even if I would pick Italy because I feel or/and see so, and I would see enough factual green, still their limitations might make it up to impossible for me to pick it, but time shows and it seems it's possible, it then being about recovery and the weather and in some life the weather can be okay and then it should be the right pick for me, if the personality supports it and no more horrible factors against Italy pops up or seeing some other place as better. Also stuff like the average penis (true? Biological? The TargetMap & & disagrees - where Italians have above average but it was self reported while some Italian study - not self reported - was of/from about 3.3k of men [in the army - that's not compulsory there] - - had a smaller than average. Additionally, it seems to grow still when above 20 age, and it seems the average height of men has grown in the 'west' to around 180 cm) and child per woman is lower, though might be up at 1.5 in 2010, the first maybe not because their average height is a bit lower and the latter is figured to be because of medium poverty (lower salaries), though not necessarily at/in the north. I am not thinking that my chances of a rebirth in Italy are good. These country things being mostly for my next life. But until I pick that path, the facts are leaving me just the UK and the tiny Malta (cockroaches - figures serious and they might like 20-30C - and possible garbage problems, additionally to possible moisture problems for me - and at least during the 'winters' or autumns and possibly later summers they could be moist (and 'cold' until heated enough though not sure if the heating is going to get the moisture significantly lower when it's that bad but it could some like 5-10% perhaps during the times of heating) - and lower salaries - but still can have higher costs in comparison though figure to be standard EU prices on average and some Sirocco like in south Italy (40C figures to happen; during the months of 7 and 8 it's often even 35C it seems, and the summer is additionally strongly humid and at least during the months of 8 and 9 it's extreme it seems and getting sleep is even generally more difficult. I would never pick Malta here and much the same figures might go for perhaps at least the beach cities in Italy, Spain, Australia etc. though the humidity levels on paper could be low during the summers) and not necessarily all so many good - if any good - swimming places - and rocky generally - and some might have a pipe/tube that leads dirty water in it, the sea water not necessarily being so clean there and the drinking or so water figures to be made of the sea water and all might taste a bit salty or then not.

I have started to feel better about the option of the UK after the Italian and the whole of the EU situation has become worse for me in many ways and though the UK has also become worse in one thing, it's just in one, though a significant one but not so big in the big picture though Finland becomes a competitive option because of it. And I have been looking pictures and some videos about the cities in England (where I figure to go) and I feel somewhat better about the UK than I used to, though it's still on the area of darker and sader than Italy that's better as (a) weather and as (a) language, both being good for me - and that's hugely important as the D/divine choice for me - though I also have an another kind of a personality there than in the UK where I can only include it in some ways but it's not that D/divine choice as a whole. I won't be happy in the UK like I would be in Italy (there I would just suffer from the missing bases but it doesn't mean I would be sad about it, it just being pain/uncomfort), and the personalities connected to them are different, or one of them is the same. But I feel good about the improvement the UK offers for me over Finland, though it's not clear the UK is the best pick for me in this life, but in the next it could be, though then Italy could be the best but it's not the best for me in this life. I could stay in Finland and move in Italy in my next life, just that I better go in the UK, but I might not be willing to pay the price of what I will lose in that deal in this life.

I might not like to go in England in one or more of my main personalities (basically the T put as the second though it's not the whole case). Other than the next to impossibility for me to pick Italy, Italy has more Divine sense (for one/some of my personalities) in it than going in some place where one/some really doesn't want to be (at/in), it just being an improvement then (but could/would be the best for some personality). But the facts are facts and counting all together, I am supposed to pick England as it is the best choice for my complete current situation, but if one of my personalities favoring e.g. Italy is more dominant, it will make its own choice and possibly can't pick the UK, in case it (F) even likely will simply ignore all the facts and try to get in Italy, going there more or less no matter what, though it won't go there before being recovered enough.

In the city centre, where I am currently living, the people factor in my head means people comfort but also heat/heat points (though from my left x-unload too and the stress in the situation but that's not all as it's so much different at the different places) and sort of physical pressure and 'noise,' all in my head, and a drop in clarity, sensitivity, outer awareness, lightness. The very exact place has some effect too. One of course can find some empty enough places from/in the UK, or possibly even from London or near.

The exact place in the city centre makes a big difference, e.g. the current one's (maybe like 1 km of the exact centre) problems are more people ('noise', less empty), more hot spots in the head and more pressure in the head, as spiritual factors (the one living on/in my upstairs might have that brain but one also feels more people as one comes to the more centre area) and are no good, and I don't feel even meditating one bit (just trying to get rest, trying to tolerate the outer head(s), though I would have prefer(r)ed to move to another place as it's not clear I can manage to rest here, but that's now what it's going to be. Just that it's not only about my head anymore and I might have to move again at some point) because of that pressure (and heat spots) in my head (and the remaining negativities of my room, that can be partly stimulated from me and from other's heads also, not just of my flat; the negativities adding a disturbance of its own), this place of the 1st floor, while I rented another place 1 km further still, 6/6th floor, that was immediately feeling lighter (the feel I got also seems to indicate she maybe had green stuff there as I have felt that same type of a feel some months later in a room where there was plenty green stuff - and it was a she also in case it makes any difference - though it could have been something else also/additionally, but I figure it was at least additionally also about the green stuff), and it did have less to none hot spots (hard to say of the physical factors of constant noise terrorism from downstairs and that it was only 19-20C, having been living on/in/with 25-24C - currently I am trying to get used to 24-23C and maybe lower, in case I have to live in 20C or so in the future) and less to no pressure, while my head is instantly pressured at my 1st floor place and it gets the hot spots, but there is less noise and it's warmer, so I kept that (I need to keep the old when I am testing the new) though it's much worse spiritually, and I felt like meditating a lot in the 6th floor place (the floor might or might not make some difference - and the bit further distance of the centre, it might not make that much of a difference, though the 6th is still a bit "further" away and has none living above it. My own 'unconscious' mind also might have something to do with it, also harder to see from all the psychological 'noise' here, at the 1st floor place) and it was a place where one could have got healthy, and it was feeling healthy (it also did not have major negativities - as natural reactions - like my 1st floor place, and it took a couple of months for them to get better - from the air first - and from all things like clothes they could be felt), but it was impossible because of the outer noise (and the temperature) as I prefer to live in silence most of the time, like just listening, and my body heat is kept at minimum or even below.

One year now since 11/2009 when Italy and the UK first were balanced and I have been changing between them tens of times since then as new facts have been showing up. From 2006 to 2009 it was all favoring Italy - during I learned Italian (picked it over Spanish and Spain after six months or whatever of a debate with myself as Spain was the better country for me but the language wasn't - with the 'knowledge' I have now, it would possibly have been France vs. the UK, but there is first the debate between Italy and France, that's not clear to me yet, and now it would be too late for me, and from the latter half of 2006 up to the end of 2009 I was in my Italian mode, so there was never any chance for the France to happen) half way to a reasonable amount - but then it changed in me at the nf (people, the UK, English) vs. sf (absolutes; Italian, weather) and also Italy suddenly went worse for me (things changed in Italy, not in me), and it has been staying back and forth in balance ever since as new facts have been showing up. Any new fact can change the balance again in favor of e.g. Italy/the UK (London, and near it, and the south England (as) secondarily, though it seems plenty moist at least at some places there and so Greater Manchester is back in the picture, more so in case one finds London difficult and finds no other good spot like finding more action in GM, that can be cheaper also, though possibly the moisture can lower the level of comfort possibly even up to uncomfortable, more or less during the summer half, but not sure if London is better as I have seen both higher and lower moisture numbers from there and from Manchester (e.g. 60 summer pm GM and 70 for London) and it takes more time than I have to find correct moisture numbers - it's also possible that near the river it's up to much more moist -- and every city seems to have a river), but I don't see a major reason why Italy wouldn't work for me no matter what spot I would pick from there, even if limiting it to 27C summers as the average high, that I could be able to handle. If I value doings more than beings and the doings will be too much limited in Italy and I won't be ready to give them up that much then I will try to get in the UK, but otherwise not; then I will try to get in Italy, and if I don't get in Italy, then I will try to get in the UK. But if I won't recover enough, I won't try to get in Italy and then maybe not in the UK either though there is a chance still as it's cooler there, but other than that I will then be staying in Finland. Though nothing much of that thinking is of any help (like in this life) when the priorities are more strongly on recovery and it's not happening fast enough. All these thoughts and workings ever since I got the idea in 2006, has been up to a total waste as there is a higher priority in up to a complete recovery and that will take even lifes/lives, and only time shows what one might prefer after the possible recovery. It's just that there is a curiosity and psychology involved around these matters and related personality and doings daily.

When the necessary recovery is achieved (possibly not in this life), one has a possibility to a bigger mental life, but still it shouldn't be so much that no further recovery happens in the long run, though one has a choice then, but one priority, even if not the main priority at that point, is to get completely recovered; all body, all soul (the loads on the fingers), even up to the more or less possible unconscious clearing (might not happen but at the priority recovery if even there as it's dealing with the lifes/lives long memories and things are slow at the memory level. And one might not need to be at those levels to get changed there, though basically they have 'always' been there). So, another kind of priorities as what one would like to do in life, what is the life as doings as one likes it, those things away and one has not much of a life, but the priorities are priorities.

I don't have that much problems with temperatures below 28 or 27C or so and the 28C seems to be a known number where the temperature feels too uncomfortable. I have experienced 28-30C as plenty uncomfortable (though I additionally had the left more x-unloaded, though it has been hot during some summers before also but this added some), in 2010, it being a major difference to lower temperatures like 24-27C, though being less loaded (on the right) might make the 28C and above reasonable enough even for a white person. Spain has big cities on the beach, and only possibly not too moist, though some Valencia - my first pick favorit(i)es though I haven't been there - like I first picked Perth in Australia but it's hot and a sort of isolated and Australia is isolated too - and they also speak Valencian(o) or so, Catalan perhaps, it not being the case in Malaga I think - has mist like England perhaps though it might not mean anything, and Spain has free beaches, a bigger language, but I didn't tolerate Spanish and likely still don't, and I enjoy Italian even in my more the UK related nf-factor being in, though it puts a more or less wall in-between - then I feel more fitting for the UK and English - and I need to e.g. open my Italian personality/some of its personalities and then the related delights will open up too (but my UK 'Dharma' or Karma might not like it, though it's not really there then, as the dominant one, and it is or was - might not be a factor anymore, and I have my recovery priority). The bigger cities with a beach especially are all too hot for up to most people at least during two of the summer months - but it's close (the same at many spots in Italy too, like 26C, 29, 29, 26, so it's not impossible to pick some spots in Italy too though they figure small cities), though 30-31C often means that it's often 33-35+C even up to half of the peak summer, like in Rome it's usually about 30 days (about 15 just might be holidays and a couple are weekends) every year 33-35C and more or less above and up to 40C. In Rome(,) 2006-2010 and 2003 had the most of high heat days of the 2001-2010, the rest having like 14. The 28-30C and 31-32C are also more or less heat days, e.g. 28C+ is like 90 days per year, three months. Colder/cooled work and summer holidays (if one is not working all summers) might help some and during some other years it's cooler, and one might stay up all nights (though the building might stay close to as hot all the time, especially if the sun is hitting it constantly - picking a flat so that the south sun or so is not getting there might help as the south side of the building might have the outer temperature or more 24h while the north side might have less. Not too good if one wants sunshine but maybe one gets evening shine or so, though it heats and getting all is wanted by some but could be hot), and one might try to stay x-loaded on the left (produces cold; visual) and less x-loaded on the right (hot; thinking), though the unloading/healing needs one to not usually load the left nor right. When on pension there is no work though the heat just might be more uncomfortable then and the coolers when better cost money and electricity and not all if any places have them for old people. Sooner or later one will be stuck in about Genoa if one can't handle the heat. Pescara (and e.g. Livorno/Pisa - might be even less) seems to have only (up to) 10 days 33C+, just 2/10 of the years were about 30 days (2003 [Rome had about 60 days] and 2007 - both also had 33C+ the lasts of 8th but immediately cooler the 1sts of 9th -- the 9th sometimes might have some 33C+ but it's generally insignificant). Pescara has perhaps less than three months of 28-29C+, that can generally also be plenty hot for up to (the) most of people. But it seems there are other spots than Genoa - if one can't handle Rome - that might be a bit better. Rome also had down to like 10 during some years, so more years might be needed but Pescara figures cooler on the east, and it has the sea nearer though the wind levels might be less there though Rome is more inland (20-30+ km to the beach - figure mainly 30C-level like Pescara, Livorno/Pisa) and heated, just the opposite it might be in the city centre though it depends of where the work building is there - and as one's own flat one perhaps can't afford the centre). One might test Rome (maybe close to London costs, maybe not [depends of the source] - one lives in Rome too at/in/on Z2+ - it seems Rome has higher salaries like the north Italy but maybe not), close to two years, one summer; moving there e.g. in autumn, then if the summer is too hot, move away before the next summer (or in cases not being there during the hottest summer), though from getting the nationality point of view one figures to need a new (reasonable) job soon enough, so it's somewhat risky.