4/2013. Good feelings serve (only) happiness and personality functions. Progress of self, mind, body, emotions, evolution; that's all eternally going, coming from positive and negative flows of the functions. But in spite of the progress, all life is only H/here eternally; the time aspect just giving more here factors; the goods (here) still being the only reasons for living and they serve just life itself, that we are a part of, that's more clear when we have like no pains, just the positives of life, and there are the flows of the functions (motivations, spontaneous) with the plays of the emotions (and logic, Xmind, x-mind, as above the emotions levels as the base, as feelings) as motivations also.

Sensors understand more easily as their home is the sensoric world; it being the clear meaning, the home, the world, the purpose. The meaning for the Ns is in the N; NF for the NF and NT for the NT, those being homes also, and all that comes form that: the meaning, purpose, world, goods and bads, priorities, it all being the functional meaning that flows spontaneously and it mainly but not only relates to feelings; the non-feelings being functions itself (and what they try to achieve).

Being an ST(-nf) means less NF power in the x-mind. The ST needs action (especially ST-actions) as it does not have enough meaning in the nf as it's not powerful enough and needs support from the doings (ST) and/or people (nf). The NF needs a good NF state, and the NT needs things to make sense. Both Ns prefer to have their dominant doings in the N, the S-things producing more pains to them than to the STs (and SFs). SFs like to live in the sensor world with dominant feeling (sensoric feelings - not to be mixed with the ST-feelings, I suppose, that are more T-like and nf), and that needs a life where it's comfortably possible, that in my opinion being their main need, though they all have their functional likings also, like any other type, it not being just about (F-)being in the sensoric world but in the sensoric F-world, similar to NFs in the N-world. Pushing the T-things as an SF, isn't ideal, it then being ST, and any time the SF goes over to the NF side, it's NF, and when the nt keeps working, the NT starts to take more of the X-mind area (like when being in the clear SF and doing thinking as an "ex" NT, one will be X-dominantly, losing the clear SF, in like one year like latest, while being born as an SF, it's also genetic, but all groups that do things with genetically non-dominant functions will be in it, but it will not in that life become as good as it's with those who have it genetically dominating and have Xdeveloped (lives) and X-trained (one life) it stronger and better (also like during all the school years in case one might have more power for memory and other functionings and functions). Similarly, after any longer or so rest, one needs to activate the X-/x-powers back for the left and right functions, and similarly they are off when one is on some other X-persona, or even just x-persona. And being on the ST or NF, both cut off an aspect of the NT, and I have experienced and seen that, and what drops off is replaces by other things, feelings, other motivations, other needs and those start directing one's life. While when the NT starts to dominate, those needs become secondary and won't dominate, and one sees things more clearly as far as the NT goes (NF is not in the head, nf is not in the head, ST is not dominating, and when those things are in the head, it cuts like half of the NT mind off, including its abilities get less or/and mixed with those other things, that's generally not an easy situation for the head, especially if one lacks experience of the changing needs. It being easier to be just one or the other, not both, though one is dominantly in those others and it's more of a situation problem that is not optimal for them as things are at the time because of outer and inner things and as one has not built one's life dominantly for those other functions as well as is not experienced on the psychological managements on those areas like nf when never having been so), it not making all the same personality needs based 'mistakes' on the picks, as it's not dominated by those needs.

Picking a language, country, city, weather, and anything, all in my opinion have up to a huge and dominant influence to (my) persona (usually the personas and Xpersonas make the picks rather than the picks make the personas and Xpersonas, but doings make the personas, and so then the difference is just in the amount of illusions when it comes to the picks making the X-personas), though I don't say that that needs to be the case (the illusions of the Xmind, based on wrong emotional-functional connections, lack of better experience, better knowledge, better understanding, lack of Xtime as growth or so, like learning). But I am starting to accept all these things as real and dominant. I also think making a pick based on T/temporary optimal is good, especially for SNs. I can pick to X-be any of the main four personas (NT, NF, SF, ST) but all of them have their costs in one way or the other, coming with negatives also, and the outer and inner situation is generally better to be more optimal soon enough for one to pick some X-dominant (dominant x-state of doings/beings). I picked the more NF over the ST-nf as I simply feel better with the more NF, and picking the UK makes me an ST-nf, an illusion or not, that happens and is so as real to me as anything, or even more so as there are few if any things more dominant in one's life. The NF pick then has serious loses on the other areas and I need to get up to infinite time with this pick (for my Balance), though I can have some backup possibilities additionally, but this kind of picks have up to very serious implications, possible major loses, but taking the risk at the time seems the better path as there is nothing much more important than one's best path, best place in the long run and one's Balance as a whole, those being one's life, rather than take something that needs constant ST and nf supports and limit one's life there, picking a place like London (nf and action, among other things like basically better recovery and other goods of the UK over Italy or staying in Finland) and ST-doings as one's life; I just couldn't pick those needs and that path as the dominant and it's limiting my options too as I can still do and be in Italy (and in Finland) those also, but not necessarily dominantly, and I am not sure I am even recovered enough for picking such a dominant, nor is my situation in any way optimal for such a pick, it being better to pick the SF instead, that I have much liked at ESFP and it has none of those problems, just needing a steady situation to just live at, like having come to the end and then just living, though there are all the loses one gets for the lack of more NT and more T, one paying those prices, like less understanding of the whole (NT) and less ST-goods, it being an SF-artistic but T-poor pick. I am myself now an INTP, S-INTP but with a box of NF over the ST-nf, living in more NF but being an S-INTP, and so I have the positive power of the stronger SF but without it all the time dominating, that would make my NT-vision poorer and produce some NF-problems, that similarly to the SF, prefer a more set place rather than live in a complicated situation, less so when needing help from the NT in a couple of ways (T, less NF and vision), though after having made the pick, it could help to just be more NF but I rather be more careful for now, though not sure what my next step will be, this being just my current opinion, though I kind of get help from the NT for making summaries (it can see and hold things together better than any other type and is maybe least of being any type itself and so biased, as it's mainly putting it all together and commenting), after having collected information, experience, thinking from different views/personas. The picks are heavily based on inner and outer situations and so just optimal picks, and if there would be equal situations, any pick would be as good as any other pick. Though one might think there is some evolution of the Xmind, the next part of the path ahead, but after having been in all the main personas, having seen that the only things that make one pick some persona (outside of genes) are the inner (loads) and outer (possibilities) situations. If my situations would be different, I would have made a different pick, but I need to or better make a pick based on the optimally best pick, and I am not necessarily making anything final, just for now; from moment to moment, so to say. The path too is about fitting optimals and the country, language, and any things, though there is a clear good for me to have more NF in my life, as well as some more S, and could be considered as evolution, but one can view the whole pack as just Balance and optimals. But whatever, other than those and developing my mind just  perhaps (just living, really), my path is more like karma based than dharma based and as long as I get the karma down (taking more or less time, depending of optimals, possibility and habits), I am fine being more or less any persona (or I prefer some more than some others but it's based on that I have an Xmind and loads), though I have no aim at being INTP, but S-INTP with fluctuations is basically what I am doomed to be till I get a better situation for X-picking something else. Being me isn't really high on my list of preferences, but if that as more or less as base is still the best optimal for me, then that's what I better more or less be at this time, liking it or not, other options being worse.

NF to me also gives more cooling to my hot ST-nf, the hotness needing to go out (not necessarily up to SF, that's cool) and I need to give some cooling actions to the left or pick cooling X-picks like the NF-part, though that brings the NT (that's cooler than the ST because of the N on the left, but might prevent the right unloading, but that isn't clear, though one might need enough balance and recovery time rather than just time, and that's really on my list, but the hotness and with nf isn't an easy case and isn't all that if at all a temporary state but more like a years' permanent one and living rather secondary life compared to e.g. SeFi that's more like bliss, and the ST-nf life is more fit to doings than for doing little, though one might try physical actions, though no know how much that might cut down on recovery e.g. people who have physical hobbies might not get enough recovery from their work) also in more, just like when using the ESFP's nt (neti) more bring the NT (NiTe) back more. So, I don't really see how this is going to be good for my recovery and NF. Needing to cut down on the NT. The NT-state with the added NF-spot is similar to France, with the balance of the light and darkness, T and NF, just that I need more air stuffs than France has. My NT could possibly live in e.g. Dublin, because of the darkness and that NT just sits rather than does (a being aspect in darkness and so Dublin is a fit, and has some positive emotions over the UK for some reason to further "improve" that pick, though it has no factual bases other than the fact that the UK can be soon out and getting nationality there even if going there before can take ten years, depending of what they write in law about it, while my positive feeling about Dublin is on the direction like a far away place one feels good about for one reason or the other as long as the nf doesn't think otherwise [and the SF about the worse weather], as it tends to as the nf seem to like the closer things mainly, being more people shaken about the distances, isolation, far away places, smaller numbers, while with the fit persona for a far away place with whatever nature or/and place that place has, one feels like fitting right in, as long as that persona or mode stays or some illusion is broken, some block factor faced or something better still or overall is found), just that it isn't a sensoric function and only in my next life I will be able to picks something more fitting to that or so, after some recovery maybe still picking better Balance also, and then finding a fitting work for that. Though I have already got more used to accepting life as being more of just existing, but still whatever one wants to be, or needs to be, better not be made too worse by bad outer picks.

All functions should pick a life that's basically on their area dominantly, or one might not have a good life. If one feels a (functional) lack somewhere, it's from much (most) part because of these. One needs to fill one's functional needs with enough stuffs, build one's good life. This can include country, language, hobbies, cities. When one has enough, the lacks won't be major and so one will be happy or content, having a good or filled life. People naturally run after these goods, and when getting them, not being happy? I know the filling and functional need is real and will be content when filled as well as during the filling, that also has the actions, good actions. Sad or worse when lacking, sad or worse when not doing the filling. The more goods one has, the better. All dominant functions have their needs and need to be filled. It's like with the meaning of life as being and doing, where though the state itself now is important, that state gets its happiness not only of functions, balances, deities, but also from the aims for better, that are a part of life like the improvements and without one going somewhere, one lacks that meaning, and though one is aware that it will never end, one is also aware that aiming keeps one happy and improve things, improve the state of being also.

I picked Italy and Italian as they give me better NF/nf-feelings (I am an SN and like to stay so - has more light from the S plus the Italian mode has also more of it as well as more expansion that's good too to me and maybe makes even these non-expansive clear pinks a bit better, and the day light helps also). The N is too dark and loaded for me or generally, nor is there anything that much needed to be done as I am through and most things are simple enough and my path goes through/with the SN and to less load, better x-state, and improving with the inner and outer things and trying to stay more patient about those aims. The main  important thing is for me is to stay on my path, the good path being the main important thing; the path I have figured out as far as I now see all the way and the next life included, all picks made. For now I aim for those with a reasonable to good state of being, including enough balance, that not only is about the state of being but also aims for less load. Not too much NT, not too much ST, nor too much NF; not too much right nor left, and as so I am fine, and my recovery needs it, though I am not in absolute need anymore and can have more or less actions though a variety of kinds; not too much of something until it's something simple and less or not loading, and not preventing all unloading. These actions do not make maximum or even good, at this time, unloading but it more or less doesn't lack in actions so much or at all and so more or less won't produce pains. Not easy to improve further until under ideal conditions like silence and clear pink and living in Italy (in my case, though I think they speak something like Italian in Heaven), all just some possibilities though aims. I try to max on situational optimal being also, with the cost of recovery also, but I am not loading myself as much as I would in some more NT and ST actions. There is no end to the path of improving things and the only case where it might be bad is when it makes living now bad, though like when one needs to do something that's not the best state one still often does it as it's for the better. One just forever continues after more and more, also having more or less better living now, including having aims, that as so already add all the goods for the moment also as it makes one feel better, gives good actions, potentially and in the long run improves things. The only bad is when one does these things wrong by losing the living too much and for too long and having aims that do not really give the best result when one combines the living to all the aims and looks what one gets during and at the end of the path. Being and aiming is best to go as much hand in hand as possible and the aim already contains aspects that improve the now also and are more or less necessary for the moment also.

One makes also functionally more or less dominant picks and tries not to drop the other functions out of the picture either, especially when they are semi-conscious, rather than unconscious - not seen, not felt, or about (n)ever - functions. With a fluctuating persona, one better try to pick even more carefully, trying not to lose too much one way nor the other. Putting more time for the dominant though. The dominant being the top most, though I have somewhat stopped thinking of the dominant and just being in better being and with better aims - how could I do it any better? If I am happy with it, then no need to change anything. Not even losing too much NT maybe (all functions being helpful and letting some go too dormant makes it weaker - similarly one can work with them and they get up to very strong, and that's something one needs in a competitive world and with higher studies, and so it's something I don't do much, but keeping it at 100, at the Buddha IQ, balanced; not too weak, not too strong; it's then helpful but not a problem, not loading too much or at all, nor covering too much other goods, though I have picked a path that needs that balance for recovery as well as the state itself feels the best for me with the picked picks while to someone who has no such problems, nor gets them when x-loading more, might have a good life there, but generally it isn't the best pick, with the brains we have these days as they can't handle much) though I am ready to let that go more and more if given a possibility, under an optimal situation.

F-meaninglessness is about bad feelings. Bad feelings are about lacks, about what's missing. Those need to be fixed and also they might need to be balanced with the whole's positive factors and positive feelings. There not only being negative factors. One might better fill even other functions. Attitudes about the whole (balanced, one having both good and bad feelings - the lips might starts to go more down when sad and more than temporarily when one is not running good for years, an NF/nf-function - and what's dominating the x-mind is about fluctuations, x-time, views, thoughts, part vs. whole, and the x-loads), about the addiction, habit power of one's negative feelings and reactions, that can be decreased as others have more or negative stuffs than the others and not only because they are so temporarily or under that much a pressure there, but as they simply have more of that stuff as habit, and much because they don't know it (that much) to be bad, and then one can work with the views also, not just getting to understand better what's a negative feeling, quality, and what's a positive feeling, quality.

Good/God powers are all positive and subtle and getting to know them better and how they work will make a better difference to what the bad/Satan powers are like, that are always non-subtle, disturbed, negative, reactions (God powers are not reactions or even do anything but exist like a sun, wind,  doing just the positive stuffs and having no conflict with the dark stuffs, and if we have, it's first  because we are the dark problem, and I am not saying there is never to be a respond but if there is, it's because of getting something better for sure and that it's not a Satan motivated reaction, but all that is very secondary and is not just to be avoided but not used at all if any way possible) and the more one has those, the more one has problems in chakras (e.g. emotional units that have their positive existence that should be in full and stay full and we,  including me, have a lot to improve on this area in many ways, and one of the ways is to improve the outer situations also as there can not be silence when there is noise, and when there is noise there can not be subtle hearing, and stuffs like that, though not that one can't get stronger in every way but from most parts that is a dangerous path mastered by no-one, maybe counting out some physical ones, and the next on the list of study are the mental powers, and finally the emotional stuffs sometime in the future), and just being in purity without challenge is not going to be good enough, but I don't recommend to deal with the dark as it can sometimes take years to get rid of one unit

E.g. forehead tells me of the disturbance on that area, that covers the insults of the truth, purity and ego, though one can define it better but that's about it, and its power is mainly our own problem and impurity and gives us a possibility to get more pure (habit power and attitude, understanding), so it's not to be taken just as a bad news when ever one is disturbed by something, though one naturally gets more or less immunity to more or less specific darkness like to specific virus. But all in all I am always recommending to keep away of any pains as much as possible (it's not good to live in dark and disturbed stuffs even if they are not one's, like it's good to live with the opposite stuffs and it's good), it usually needing more information than we currently have to start dealing with the dark stuffs and when it isn't necessary because no need and we can get better by not dealing with it, it's just wrong to deal with it when it's more likely to get things worse than better, especially as people tend to do things wrong, considering that even professionals do not generally know things right. All in time when known more, and it usually isn't even necessary.

though most of that is because of one's own impurity and not because of the dark out there, but I don't think there is anyone not being disturbed one bit by all the impure (or any negative) things as they simply must be making some note on chakras as they are senses, and it's bit like eating something bad. But whatever, the path is what all religions, maybe psychology, teach, and it's to stay pure (what comes out makes more difference than what goes in) by knowing these things and letting time take care, and the middle channel helps here also.

5/2013. I am doing more tracking of places and Auras especially, this month and later maybe. The Matinkylä trip was last month 500 meters (two out of three visits these times this has been enough and the third time I was a bit different myself and not so thinking it exotic and thinking it was some better further, though there was noise, building works earlier and it wasn't so exotic the third time deeper either, so it's not just that I came from the thicker side. The seconda time I came from deeper and had that in me when entering 500 meter line where it though suddenly then got worse with more redness and the exotic time stopping - something that might and does cover even nf-needs at least till getting used to it if that happens and one's own aura [amount of energy etc.] also adds or drops of the Aura outside - not being there anymore) further from the shopping center with an expansive clear pink and wasn't even feeling lonely, and I was in about ST-nf mode, and then I visited again this month, with more SF and with half-Italian persona with being outer half so (the other half is still in the hole a bit, that's cooler and sees things outside being more small in a camera way than if one is completely out as an E vs. I, I think, though it works more or less as x-loads also in a similar way (maybe seen also with same personas). So, I don't have at this very time so much need for nf, that might feel some more lonely, feeling the lacks there better, and not having had the better F/flattings for three years straight, has made me to live with protection and controlling emotions more, and being less subtle there, something I can get free from under good F/flattings as well as up to get away of the some dulling influence of the clear pink non-expansive, though with my better Balance, some more SF, some more clarity as so, I see things outside some more clear, some more lighter, though an outside possibility that this month already has some less people around and has made an instant change 2nd of May already from some part or at some places. So, there are things of personas (including picks), balances, times (month) that make some difference, and then the other things are of how much one is with people, living alone, amount of doings, type of doings (personas, x-balances), and when coming from thinner to thicker, the thicker in case it's non-expansive clear pink can feel a bit less and so better, that isn't true, and visiting red core one might already after hours start feeling limited on the head (I will then more or less also start feeling like and INTP rather than SN, something more free, losing more that S-aspect. The other things being about more moisture and the most wax everywhere that makes everything feel less comfortable, including one's body as the connection to all things is waxed, the nature connection of what one sees and feels becoming less, and it's actually some less even at non-expansive clear pink, and that includes even whatever one eats, though the difference makes less to no difference but it's there). Going from thicker Aura to lighter one is not only a good experience (I don't feel comfortable at the thicker mere pink especially, it being lacking in every way other than it's more comfortable and if exists in the Helsinki core as it does during summer Aura, is comfortable, but generally not without the action like that, but I visited North-East Helsinki, like Tapulikaupunki especially as I started to feel the clear pink expansive pretty good compared to earlier this spring with the other persona, like with less to no Italian persona in, though I has sunny days also (that are also factors that change the experience of Auras like thinner feels less thin, making it better than when it's not sunny, and even is cooler during hotter times, and then colder likely during colder times, like when living more or less near the sea it can be both cooler as well as colder because of it. If living in Mediterranean, one is to note that it's more sunny there and warmer so many Auras are better, or the red core can be worse, and worse still at the biggest cities maybe. Not living all near the sea in the sea cities might cover the added moisture and colder winds during e.g. winter, anywhere in the world, and even when picking places like Lauttasaari in Helsinki and Matinkylä in Espoo one is already dealing with some colder winds and the thinner Matinkylä Aura adds some, just that when going deeper to the south in Matinkylä, it seems to wind less and so might be of no problem, and it's more silent also, and with the more expansive clear pink most of the year, just being a bit isolated place but takes just 10-15 minutes to Tapiola with a bike if using the beach or so road. After a few years zones will also be used, bus etc. zones, and it will cost less to travel to most of Espoo and to near Vantaa maybe.

Tapulikaupunki had higher buildings and three of them made noise that could make the flats hum strongly, though likely a temporary case, and there is a bigger road near, though depending of the exact place. I walked in Tapulikaupunki from one train stop before and then after Tapulikaupunki I walked in Tikkurila in Vantaa (that start about the same time it seems) and already some before getting there, being on the big streets there near, the more expansion is there and with the related more or less bliss, that's all in all usually a nice to great experience, and though it's just sort of fiction, it's real and is about two real factors of people and expansion as well as less to no wax, and better connection to anything and nature, and so very real, up to seriously, but it all depends of what one can make of the difference and what it costs in many ways, it not coming without the loses, and for most (humans, so to say) it would make less to no difference, though I think all should see the differences of the Auras if they can see the summer Auras, feel people energies and so make a difference between the Auras of the difference places, like the red core vs. the rest (and the lesser air quality - one more or less gets used to it - and more noise that one also generally gets more or less used to, and getting used to bliss and so also happens though more or less won't remove the goods of it).

Tikkurila during the first week of May is about the thicker clear pink that's expansive enough, and it's a good experience to walk around there, that's actually a bigger place than I was looking in about fall the last time I visited there during a colder evening, and so now I think it's a major place, even more than Myyrmäki in Espoo (that I actually think smaller there days and not sure if their shopping center has enough to offer, though generally no place has enough to offer, e.g. one can't just walk in and expect to find shoes, trousers, jackets but needs to visit tens of shops to have any possibility) where other than the upper and side more expansive clear pinks for existing, being, during a sunny day, limits one pretty much in one place, and the shopping center's fuzzy Aura is not to my taste (such limitations are the opposite of what I like and it's worse than more redness like mere pink as far as it looks while some train station of Pustola has that also but it also has the timeless aspect of the Aura, that's comfortable but as the vision is limited, it's not good for me, though walking at that level there is generally no such limitation of the vision and the silent places there are actually pretty good Flattings, if having one's own house there, but still, it could be dull), though it's not usually good even in Matinkylä shopping center where it feels like the air quality is worse, to describe it like that (it's just the more redness).

So, Tikkurila is a good spot from the Aura and maybe action points, though not sure if there is enough in spite of much city like, but I guess it has more or less and Helsinki is near (with the double train costs at least till the zone costs start sometime 2016 or after). Coming back with a train from Puistola to Helsinki red core, I didn't like it when the Aura got thicker and thicker, it just was getting worse and worse, though it much have been the train also, and it was a busy time, as I don't feel some Oulunkylä in Helsinki that bad though I could do visits there during the thicker times also to see that too but I have no need to that. The core wasn't so bad I suppose, as it's more like all goods eliminated Aura, though it's a risky pick and I wouldn't like it until about or exactly center flat and a silent one and maybe with some sort of window(s) so it would feel less like a box of meaningless living when one has that mode of thinking and feeling, though I like good windows also, liking the expansive stuffs and natural light, but many others won't care about them and in my non-enlightened past I didn't put attention to the case, nor to noises inside nor outside of flat as much, but I was an INTP in action, it being the life then.

From Tikkurila I took a train in Korso and felt the thinner Aura after Hiekkaharju, when going through that major Empty space before Koivukylä. The thinner experience was something like in Metro when going to Itäkeskus (and beyond) in Helsinki when it gets thinner. Hiekkaharju was the last spot of what I might call clear pink, early May. Korso was like Kontula in Helsinki (and Espoonlahti [and more or less before] in Espoo), having some redness with a white Aura. That kind of Aura has a clear lack, missing too much of the people Aura, and though one can live there, no problem, there is still always that lack and the only good thing about Korso is that the flats might be more new (could be late -70+ and painted while the red ones could be -80, and so the situation might not differ from many other areas though these might have a bit higher average), meaning a bit more possibility for a more silent flat. I then walked back to Koivukylä and half way for sure already the Aura was thicker and being the first place where one might live during this time of the year, in early May, though it was also sunny and I had my persona with a bit less need for thicker Aura, but it was a nice thing, especially after all the months in a duller mere pink non-expansive, though I had a good visit in Matinkylä a month earlier, but this was nice, coming from the white area (I didn't so like my walk during that part of the journey, having that lack, that's lack of life also) most clearly, it's a significant and up to major improvement. Already before Koivukylä there were coming high buildings or maybe they are in Koivukylä. I visited the shop in Koivukylä, that's really big and they have some sort of a shopping center there also, and Koivukylä is a big place, with hundreds of high buildings (late -70+ I suppose), so it looks like a big place, though perhaps mainly because of those building for living. The shop inside was sure thinner, and I liked the amount of Aura, though much white in it but it wasn't a bad experience (like the Tapiola-Matinkylä lack of Aura during the summer Aura was though I was in a different mode and persona and other things also, but even after the summer Aura I think it still spoils some of the remaining summer as still being too little though no pains anymore but it's not as good as in June, the Tapiola-Matinkylä line) but mainly good instead, and then I walked some time outside of the shop and had a good time, wondering the amount of whiteness but still feeling good like in thinner expansive clear pink, though with that added white. It's also some cooler (more so in Korso, that's a negative aspect in Finland I suppose, until one is that much hotter, as it adds to the non warm aspects, like winter in Finland with more cold and less sun and less light adds, where even 7C would be better - that's still better when not at white area as one is probably less cold then). If I would have had two places to pick, the Espoo non-expansive -60 flat vs. the more silent flat in Koivukylä, Vantaa, I would have picked the latter, with my current mode at least. I then walked back (all the way to Helsinki) and the Aura was good at the empty spaces also and it was a nice walk, nice Aura, though still that thinner/white part in it also, but good enough this time and with sun, and the nature connection was pretty clear, still better than at non-expansive clear pink, and I could say it gets pretty through, and the timeless part of the Aura for being and just living was there, that has bliss, and it was silent too. At such cases one has a possibility for more subtle, but the life is then based on being and inside too but additionally do doings inside (that's the life during the winter and bad weather). The life might then better be based on just being at one place, and if one is happy enough to that, then places like these, more isolated (but no major problems as then one would sooner or later want to move away or feel there is an unnecessary lack that one would like fixed if there was a better option like some thicker Aura still or still more action, or moving around more). Back in Hiekkaharju and the thicker one sure hit in, and having been living a long time under dull clear pink, it wasn't all that positive an experience, though it has more life, more comfort but one loses the thinner one and that thicker one is a sort of a disturbance to what one can reach with the thinner one. The thicker one feeling like entering some space with people and not feeling it only positive as it covers what was there before, that's like an increase in heat or/and heavier sunny. The Aura still gets some thicker towards Tikkurila and one can make some judgement if one likes it thinner or thicker, both having their goods and bad, depending also of the person.

How it's all during colder and darker winter, the thinner is likely worse then, and then during one to maybe three months of the summer it's all thinner and one might expect Korso Aura to be in Koivukylä and Koivukylä Aura in Tikkurila. The higher one is, the earlier it might start and last longer. As an additional comparison to other white and clear pinks, these Vantaa places seemed (not sure how much it's me) to have less air (no window open or it being less open) like being some inside land rather than nearer the sea (not sure if that's any of the case there but I suspect it might be more or less) and the result is that it feels more thicker in a way, or maybe that's not the right word for it, but it has a similarity to more thicker Auras on the head, like an aspect of non-expansive clear pink that limits the expansion in partly uncomfortable way, though depending of the person as it's also a comfort aspect of being limited, like a close-aspect, but it isn't an absolute or an exotic factor - that includes the bliss and less wax with better connections, though not that non-expansive clear pink or even mere pink isn't already comfortable enough compared to red core wax on everything, including the body, the wax cutting of more or less of the awareness of SF-aspects, of the feeling of sensoric things. The SF can also serve as a balance to ST-nf/NF, like sun and good temperature, that are basically SF-aspects also, and the being aspect belongs on those areas, that's happy to those alone, though the nf/NF isn't as when one makes a note of the nf/NF-lacks there, the SF-beings can't covert them though they can balance them and up to dominate the nf/NF-lacks. So, finally, one would like all aspects to be good.

For me, all clear pinks are possible, as the red core center flat, but I am not too sure of the non-expansive clear pink until it's a bit better like Leppävaara vs. Tapiola just maybe, though the winter with the Tapiola aura might be more homey, but Leppävaara has up to no lacks of the Aura during any time of the year and might be even just good during the summer (I haven't tracked that yet), and having the better actions, some semi-city feel, it's (Leppävaara and around) a solid pick. But if one is looking for more exotic and absolute picks, one needs to look into Matinkylä in Espoo, and more or less all just outside of Helsinki spots, including the North-East Vantaa from Tikkurila to Koivukylä and around, and likely nearer the airport also. And these Vantaa places are not the last on the list but could the the first also, and many of them have more or less shopping centers and action maybe, and some city feel because of the many buildings at least. The more one feels isolated, the less good the more exotic picks get, and they do have functional factuals in them also, the exotic being some more SF (but with people Aura and more or less actions and balancing the nf/NFs possibility) and the nf/NF being more worried of the isolation factors and the value nf/NF-factors that make the lesser like SF factors less important as well as they might find a better fit from elsewhere. Sunnier countries give one more options as they make more or less any aura better, though one might feel more lonely during a heat day in some isolated spot when feeling it good for communications and maybe beach, and the red core might be hotter. One indication of a best place is to think how one feels like living in such a place for the rest of one's life, that then tends to bring up the SF as well as the nf/NF aspects of life (that also more or less cover each other) but also actions and all, the whole life, and in balance to what one needs or/and is best for one.

A day later I was biking to Matinkylä again, and this "4th" visit was the same as the 3rd one, saying there is no major bliss, just the Aura is thinner as before, as usually. Similarly in Tapiola and around there has been some change since 2nd May as far as I saw, with more clarity to see in Tapiola (and around) but no other change, and with this Matinkylä lost the major bliss only (though one's personality type might have some to do with it but I don't think so anymore though there is no bliss when coming towards thicker Aura from there, that there maybe should be).

Both these areas so share a similarity to Leppävaara and around, being like gray, and so I think in my case Espoo is secondary to Vantaa in the absolute sense, though a right spot in Matinkylä is still acceptable in that case, but if counting in bliss, not sure how many months per year Matinkylä has that (the shopping center and near will not have, it was not a positive experience during winter visit there to me, but during fall visit it too seemed to be, to me) and the summer 1+ months is partly white (and so maybe being more or less on the same line with Koivukylä in Vantaa, though both have their goods and bads and I think Koivukylä is more exotic, though also some danger as it has more white. Matinkylä has a bigger shopping center, if it needs to be that near, that it could as it's nice during winter dark when one might like to be there sometimes - just the opposite it just could be during a sunny day with some bliss, it having more pull then and no major reason for nf-stuffs or so. But generally, one does not feel like fast getting up and go away from "beach" and go to some shopping center, though one can mix things up a bit but it's less significant, and this is a somewhat repeated an experience of mine in some ways; the place not having action being on the darker side as nf, until one personally likes such, that is possible) and followed with maybe something similar to 5th month after that, or like in Tapiola after summer Aura, just holding above white but not as good as June after expansion (with bliss). June then being the good time and the rest is more or less a waste of good summer.

I haven't lived here full one year yet (in case matters much if any, but might matter some), some two weeks to go, and I do (still and maybe will continue but it isn't sure) see bliss in Vantaa. I biked in Leppävaara also (during this same trip), the shopping center was a bit fuzzy, similar to Myyrmäki shopping center, I suppose, but I visited Myyrmäki also during this same trip and the fuzzy factor is not so clear, but it's there.

In Myyrmäki I maybe have sort of enough to shop, similar to Leppävaara (but has Prisma with some more stuffs maybe, though they might build another one in Myyrmäki) and maybe Matinkylä (that's bigger than Myyrmäki shopping center, more on line with the Leppävaara one) (maybe it's a good idea to try to shop a bit during the visits so one sees what they have, but it might not be a significant difference, and so for me I might rate all these three on that the same, not giving points there until it's that close otherwise).

Myyrmäki I place the same as Leppävaara, neither having but non-expansive clear pink during winter half and more, though near Myyrmäki one might have some at least during May, and then Myyrmäki is more likely to have more expansive bliss during the summer, but I haven't verified, so I can't say Myyrmäki is better than Leppävaara in absolute matters, just that it might be, though some other functions, like nf, are also absolute things, not just what I consider SF (though helps the nf in a way also).

The best places in the absolute sense are in other-Vantaa (than in Myyrmäki and around, than in Espoo maybe) where there is a possibility for expansive clear pink more or less during all the year and they have more or less times, and more or less amounts, of bliss also, and they in cases have action also, but that depends of the person as those places in many cases are more made to the state of existing, living, being (that I call the absolute factors here), rather than for action, being more like on the side places away from action but being like holiday places.

Though some more absolute places have more action than the other places and some have up to no significant white even during the summer, plus then some thicker during the winter, that figures to be good, but still not being non-expansive, though I didn't check these places during April and during winter, and the thinner ones (like Koivukylä and Matinkylä) will be white during more or less of the summer (my guess is one month at least in Matinkylä [like in half or so Espoo] is half-white [maybe even white it could be called], and in Koivukylä maybe three months is more or less full white, during 6-8 or so, and it's possibly half-white during the 9, so in that more or less likely case, Koivukylä is not on the top of the list for expansive clear pink) can be white in Koivukylä, making it not good enough until one is an SF perhaps and the winter being dark and cold doesn't make that part of the year better, though it's expansive, but some sunnier and warmer country would make that kind of a place significantly better though still up to suffering the three months of white) and even when just non-sunny(,) they will be more pale - even Myyrmäki and around loses much of its white light bliss; I at the moment call it white light though different from some fall Tapiola white light, the white light generally meaning the shine in/on Aura when its sunny, that partly seem to produce the bliss as seen, though I don't go all the way saying there is no bliss when there is no light, and then there is light with no sunny, both inside and outside one's flat, that might be good enough or something. Bliss is also at least with the expansion with Aura and lesser time existing then, and they prefer enough silence to get the most out of the state of best being. Silence makes a major difference under any Aura as its then a home and one can get lost in anything, rather than being awakened/disturbed and needing to use protection and drop more subtle, living a more gross life, like just moving things from one place to another. And adding some dull Aura to that, caps the experience, especially when there is no light outside.

I am getting very unsure of getting in Italy, and I am just getting older, and have been thinking of sooner try in Italy and even the same year follow it with the UK (or Ireland as the situations in the UK are unclear while they are clear in Ireland, though I don't know what blocks can come on my way about Dublin, but if none [not going to happen but blocks may not be permanent though they keep coming in new findings and changes again], the only major bad for beings-life is the still worse weather compared to e.g. London and then the lesser actions, lesser work places, work possibilities like compared to the whole of England, or even to the whole of Scotland, and it isn't really a standard favored nf-pick; even e.g. Bristol over London isn't under many of such nf-modes), and at the same time I am on the way of improving my situation in Finland, on my work educations, Italian ability, preparations of all the three countries (plus Ireland and even Scotland on the waiting list, and in imagination as mode and living, being limited to that only, not having Italian options, but it's between the UK and Ireland and the Ireland case also helps in seeing the UK more realistically perhaps though there is the case of the non-EU that needs to be figured out even for the next life). Trying to manage all these things and emotions at the same time (plus recovery, non-load, the future, getting older every year) is too fuzzy to make any decision (less so under my current flattings, plus I am changing all the time, partly because of my current flattings, but also heavily because of my overall situation and needs and what's optimal, e.g. nf [plus raw, clear S, lack of NT-vision, additionally to the nf-problems that additionally has less nf-power to manipulate positive states or just have more energy as so as well as NF-mode lives in the mind and not in outer situation where one needs to be in harmony with it in e.g. that case or/and stay in dominant ST, that's rather bad for recovery maybe - mental - and for balance that gives better feelings at least, that gets some nearer of being an SF, that has minor nf-problems and doesn't reguire dominant doings or even the dominant N-mode, having the price in NT-vision and ST-doings, and in N(T)-doings and in minor way in NF-feelings as positive doings mode as SF can cover enough of that though with more or less of that lack though it can be partly added, or I can, similarly to ST having more nf without being an NF, and ST being more sort of SF, as mostly existing, being somewhat similar as a state of being at least, not so sure of how they handle the nf-things in that state of being-living and what about the more spontaneous ST] isn't anywhere near the best optimal for me at this time though could be later, more to the direction of my INTP but also partly not, and it isn't my pick and needing to think and feel what I am not currently, makes things further difficult). Much also depends of luck, of what will happen about many things, and picking only some absolute isn't the right way in my situation but I need to improve things step by step and see where it goes and what I get, though I might try to do anything during the next and coming years, based on time factor alone, just having a priority order like try Italy before the UK (or so; Dublin, Scotland, Finland) and that might wake up some eyes, or make it - if up to very lucky.

I keep changing but it's not reliable as it's manipulated by the outer situations also or even alone, and not being able to fully trust in one's current feelings, thoughts, likings, needs one to think in a bigger area where one uses the past, future, and visiting Places and the related countries maybe, though all places are basically the same under the Auras and weather factors, that should be a good spot for dropping some illusions (preferably after getting used to them also). I keep changing, my outer situations keep changing in many ways (flats, Auras, what I get improved in many ways, the situations in other countries, my likings and picks of persona and doings and picked path as a whole). Other than the absolutes (to me as also persona related maybe) there hasn't been anything that has been staying the same during the many years of 'thinking' about this, and so trying to pick the option that has the maximum number of absolutes (not considering the hard factors until blocks or serious enough, and even giving up more or less on recovery, that I have more or less done so far also), though not that nf-factors over SF-factors lack absolutes (the question of what are the absolutes and related priorities to me now and in the near and further future). Then how far one is to push the pick of the absolute path over getting things good enough to call it a life before just living at least as far as the Place goes, though this is basically my last big pick (that doesn't matter in a big way as I can continue ([in] [the]) next life - if I am still alive - when I am more ready); I don't know how far, where is the line? At least years still possible even if not the best. At least that's the order of things (and one can't push the best option further than where it becomes worse, being better to pick other, though one might have a backup e.g. in Finland, and sticking with the best pick, but I think it's at some point easily worse and trying the other option(s) is better at that point) and it isn't said one needs to stay in any place forever, just taking the loses and changing the place, and possibly not even having been a lose.