1/2013. I took a bus to Matinkylä in Espoo and it was expansive clear pink just as it was in fall, so no surprise. But then I went to Leppävaara from there with a bus that went through Olari and Mankkaa, and I expected Olari to be expansive but I felt pressure at the top of my head, meaning the redness level started to hit in, and normally it hits (presses) the whole head but that might be in the middle and it didn't differ in any major way towards Leppävaara and or even then though there were minor differences and they are of some significance but the thin type of clear pink is typical, just that it isn't expansive like Matinkylä and I expect it to be expansive again on that line up at the (very) top of it (not at Mankkaa yet during the winter half but any time after that there is a possibility, though not at Kilo yet, I think, and maybe or likely even Karakallio and Kauniainen though some possibility. All this and other things make just a relatively small part of Espoo expansively good and it's to cover the major part of the year at least) but not at most of the way in the middle, so that's more limiting if one wants expansive clear pink most all year. The middle or so Espoo here and one might include even Leppävaara in it, seems thin but still not expansive during the winter half, and a bit lonely if using that word though it's not lonely but something like that, thin on presence but still not expansive, that also is thin, and during the non-warm and non-sunny times can feel more or less cold emotionally, and physically too just like white area feels so colder even during summer times. I made one humming test at Leppävaara, and didn't hear anything major wrong, though one might find something still more silent some away from centers just that it might not be worth much. I was walking in Laajalahti and Mankkaa towards half way to Tapiola some days earlier and it's the thin clear pink but not expansive and when I visited a shop in Mankkaa I was surprised to see the most coloring I have ever seen before, like three times more coloring than usual; extreme. Mere pink at Pitäjänmäki in Helsinki also had coloring even during May but it's because nature gets color then and it's on a mere pink area and so looks more colorful than e.g. at expansive clear pink areas and at white areas that need to get non-expansive before the coloring happens. One sign that one has non-expansive clear pink (and mere pink) is when the coloring is there (when visiting a shop). Tapiola area during winter half seems to have the most redness, thicker Aura than any are in Espoo, and it actually feels homey (to the direction of the red core but without the further bads of the red core) and in that way comfortable, just like at mere pink areas after the summer's more or less expansive clear pink, one feel more collected or so when the expansion is no more there but one feels the pressure of it on the head (and body), being so limited, while at clear pink areas there is no major heaviness of the mere pink Aura, and so there is a reason to up to like that type of clear pink, and having a good flat and maybe a shopping center one might not like a risk-move to expansive clear pink. One might not pick some Laajalahti between Leppävaara and Tapiola as it has no shopping center, and the clear pink is thinner, though not that that is worse or is a matter of taste but with non-expansive clear pink or shopping center it's lacking as a combination and being similar like mere pink at nowhere, and additionally it's also likely too thin during the worst - that should be about the best time of one's summer - summer month and beyond partly till fall as it's not of the best quality after that either just not lonely, though at best picks like Matinkylä, if that's the best (I am not sure all or any of the around and Myyrmäki areas in Vantaa have expansive clear pink outside of the summer times, that are good all summer with a top good Aura, while some around Tapiola area has really good Aura only about one month of the summer, about June though one finds some fun near fall at some part of Tapiola at least, with expansive clear pink white light Aura), that's what one might pay for other goods, though Matinkylä doesn't rate to have a fall non-expansive time but from top summer to the fall it just might not be the best one either, but it's one of the thinner expansive clear pinks that should not bother one with heaviness though not that even Tapiola winter half necessarily bothers one too much until one sure prefers clear expansive clear pink, that has its theoretical downsides but one is free of Aura pressures and should be the best as so then. The no shopping center spots are not as good at clear pink areas either until one likes it and has expansive clear pink and maybe a good nature connection, though during the winter half expansive clear pink has some of the loneliness of white area when being outside I suppose though one might not feel problems in the heart, just that one feels like it's a weekday or so. Leppävaara might not be lonely during any time of the year though one can check it at the end part of the 7 and beginning part of the 8, if it's the same as down to Tapiola and at about any other part of Espoo. If it's not, then it's thicker during the summer half but has a thinner quality during the winter half, that's contradictory but has some reason, and the differences are not that much really but can make a lot of difference to someone's likings.

January, the worst month for me (or I have had enough darkness by the end of December) as it takes a heavy cost as the lack of lights, though at some Areas one might suffer more and I am using this year bright light lamp during December and January heavily, from further distance mostly but close also, but with my sensitivity I might not need it as close and it's sort of hurting one's brain when being close. But I see the use (mixed with clear pink and better or more fittingly to the situation kept x-balance this winter) of that lamp mainly after the spring comes and can compare, and generally it takes the whole summer half (11C tops from 5th to the end of 9th, though it's about the light and sun) and then one doesn't get to live the recovered life until living in a country/city that has closer to four sunny hours per average day during the winter months, and that's about enough as middle February in (south) Finland is about so and I am base fine with that.

To me my personal eternal Satya Yuga these days is in the fact that I will have my Enlightenments - and my Xmind - that give me understandings even as alone. I figured I will be able to get enough knowledge as there is knowledge out there and from most part it's easy enough for me to find and understand, and about automatic as there is Internet these days. The knowledge might be even given to me by my parents. These factors make me immortal enough, just like when at one time in the past I was in clear ESFP and was living just that - the S-world or/and the Moment - and there I saw that there was no major death for such a person as he does not have enough to lose to be worried about (especially if one has e.g. little earthly things collected, in case someone is worried enough about losing them) as he has basically just the moment, that he can't lose. For the world, there is especially Sahaja Yoga and Dhyana (the Spirit and witnessing), and they are strongly enough out there, and I think together they produce the base to Satya Yuga, and when they both grow and meet, that starts to be it then and there is a possibility for that in hundreds of years, though the whole case takes thousands of years. I am not really optimistic about this planet at this time but knowing the bases to be there strong enough, it rates that they will grow further. Things still are basically as deep in darkness as they have always been but we have strong base knowledge out there and having seen some progress (though also some things are sort of worse) I know things are improving but the overall level of ability is still too low as there are hardly any people even the major gurus have produced that would have enough knowledge clarity and E/enlightenment in them, it all being from much part a lot of dreams; the same like just below base level of understandings that has been the case for thousands of years.

It doesn't take millions of people awakening in R/reality, so to say, so from that point of view there can happen some good things during the next hundreds of years. When the Dhyana, Mindfulness, Vipassana stuffs grow there will be more people with a better understanding though not that e.g. Buddhist stuffs haven't been out there for thousands of years already and that they have not been made base clear already, but there is a possibility in hundreds of years as the understanding seems to be close and if people so are more awakened, so to say, though it's just the first step but they can understand some more, but according to Buddhism it's just the first step and not necessarily something that gives about anyone enough understanding to see R/reality, as can also be seen of the amount of dreams even those people have even about Dhyana etc. itself (that according to me is just a one-and-all step though it's mainly my Xmind [the Xmind of past doings on these areas and it's so in Jainism that people Xgrow slowly] and not (only) my Dhyana that made me though I might have been born with some Dhyana, also considering how close my Xmind understanding has been about the Eastern stuffs - from other people also one can see the Xstuffs). My view is that the main reason to the blindness of people is mainly in the lack of Dhyana, rather than being genetic or a lack in the Xmind only though the Xmind being far away makes it more difficult and I was no W&C when I was born, just having an understanding of the nature of R/reality. There is no similar lack in general intelligence as millions of people are intelligent (even the little animals act in most intelligent ways). Even science started just some years ago in a major way and taking some view like that one expects inner science also to reach a similar growth, and many things in outer science happened before this atomic time, like now has happened on the inner area.

To me the area I am writing about spiritually, is in Religion that is basically free of any believing but has more or less all the stuffs the religions - and Yogas - also have, them not being wrong, just lacking reason. That's the thing that will be the Religion at the time of Satya Yuga (and about what I will even likely do some writing about in my future lives also, because of my W&C and Kundalini-awakening, that are the cores of Satya Yuga, full in me) and all those aspects are already out there but at areas that limit themselves in one way or the other (I don't limit myself to anything there, and I pick a simple profession, and live a type of Eternity, the Moment, because of Nirvana, S/N, and not limiting my life to any one persona functions). It being actually sort of close these days but they all need to still grow. The day things are clear enough and there is basically just one Religion, though there are a lot of different stuffs in Religion(s), then it's Satya Yuga. But things take their slow course, and I am eternally in Satya Yuga, living my normal life with all the good (and personal) aspects I can collect in it, then just watching lives pass and things improving.

I took a daylight walk from Leppävaara, and Leppävaara didn't feel cold or thin this time (because of the daylight and maybe because of my balance as being loaded on the left is coldness etc.), though I don't think it's thinner than e.g. Tapiola, even when the coldness and more homey clear pink quality is less, thinner in Leppävaara like in much of clear pink Espoo that is thinner but feels so for a different reason, Leppävaara winter escaping the more homey clear pink with some type of added redness in it, that doesn't make it feel thicker like is the case at mere pink (and at thicker clear pink). I walked through Lintuvaara (that took longer than I expected though it's just some three kms) that felt the same as Leppävaara on this journey, and then I entered Vantaa at Hämevaara, that soon looked like having more pure snow, and after maybe some hundred of meters more, I felt more comfortable, and some more going and I felt the good quality of the Aura, that's the typical at this Vantaa trip and at other times also, with more expansion, though not as much as at Matinkylä, that's additionally thinner, but these Vantaa clear pinks can get to highly comfortable, and expansive enough levels, and that was the case on early Pähkinärinne also, that though has not action but it's a comfortable spot at this time of the year and likely at any time of the year (I have been there in June I think also and it was good), and is maybe somethink like it's at about Myyrmäki during the summer. The official Pähkinärinne according to the street sign is a bit later and I felt some pain at the top of my head at that time, not sure why but there is no psycho_somatic idea reason I can be sure about (e.g. memory produced feelings to the mind or body) so I might think there might have been some opening or redness getting a bit more but I don't figure the redness to be so suddenly even a bit more at this point, but whatever, I walked further to Varisto or between Vapaala (where I also walked at and my map didn't have much the names and much was wrong and some streets have the same names) and Varisto and can't say the Aura quality is different but might not rate it much different from Martinlaakso, though it rates a bit clearer, but the noises, I don't know why the noises seemed stronger in Varisto or so as I heard talks, dogs, birds, cards, airplanes stronger than usually or even ever and of the five dogs at least four were barking and of the three people talking two or three can be said to have talked extra loud (also there are very big streets one to two kms near that at least here sound like big noisy waterfalls to me at least when there is a silent moment, though me using noise protection has likely made me more sensitive to noise as even in the red core living after having used heavy noise protection for some time there I started to get some pains from traffic noise outside when walking there and that I haven't really put on mark that much before though I haven't had much experience of it either but I think also my noise protection made me more sensitive to noise, and maybe also my noise problems overall, and a somewhat different persona - Nirvana S/N) and I was thinking if that has something to do with airplane noise but gave up the idea later and just thinking it's the Aura type that makes that place sound louder to me, so from the noise part as well as the lack of action it wasn't a good experience like the early 'Pähkinärinne' was, and maybe the late Hämevaara (I am not exactly sure at what point I was there when I entered Vantaa). I then finally after some going around in Vapaala, entered Myyrmäki (2.5 hours of walk from Leppävaara by now) and I had lost half the daylight by now, that makes things more difficult as I don't see the Aura then as well or at all but only feel it, but I could still feel (or sense) the typical quality of the Aura at this part of Vantaa, that has some delight aspect in it, I think, and it's thicker. I visited a very big shop with good options in Myyrmäki, and there was no major coloring (like Tapiola shopping center does not have at these times, though these are colorings but nothing extra and if it's less it's because of expansive clear pink), and I remember what kind of Aura it's seen and felt inside, not exactly anything to mention, other than it's non-expansive clear pink. While entering Myyrmäki I felt some pain at the back of my head, looking like the redness level has increased further, and I did see it had increased, and with that the grand quality of clear pink drops and it can also be felt some colder or cooler, so maybe something like Leppävaara plus Tapiola (that's 'thicker') as combined. I walked to Martinlaakso and there the quality is a bit better but not so much and I visited a shop and saw the coloring, not extreme like middle Espoo at this time but the around Tapiola about fall time coloring that one might give a number one and the extreme one a number two, or whatever. The no major coloring being zero and anything under it a minus number going down to just minus one perhaps, as my one number covers a pretty large area of coloring. It was already more or less dark and I walked back to Myyrmäki and during that felt the moment of loneliness, isolation, aloneness, though I didn't felt anything major from the Aura, especially being in no left loaded and in balance with some x-load on the left only, and some on the right, and action balance, but I felt something for a moment, so that's a repeated experience to some amount but from most part I think it's for me the isolated place at the edge that might cause that too, and sure when I was walking some more on Myyrmäki, plus waiting a bus back, I was thinking if it could be a home, living there and as a place there is nothing so wrong as action, and the clear pink is there though not expanded enough during the non-summer, but I kind of felt the nostalgic type of category of moving my roots away, though there is no major logical reason for that but that some near Espoo at this time of the year feels more homey to me, as it's more central overall and the aura is at places also homey, like expanding from the Helsinki side and feeling more connected and/or not out of place but homey, in place, and without the red core nor mere pink problems, though not that I am exactly happy about the missing better expansion that one gets in Espoo just about just in Matinkylä (counting out the one family house areas) at this and most of the time of the year, with a thinner (less homey) Aura though. But the minuses for Myyrmäki and more or less around it (with more distance to action and more noise sort of though Martinlaakso has airplanes flying lower, closer, though I am not sure if that's much of a problem inside while outside it's just traffic and might bother mainly at about Varisto where all noise seems to bother more) is the most of the year not that expanded clear pink and maybe the isolation (though that's based mainly on my feeling - from Xmind idea - when I was thinking of it as a home and so it has little to no factual bases). The lack of expansion might be a problem, especially if one feels pressured in the head for other reasons also, but it's top good around here during more or less of the summer and the Aura is more or less a comfortable type and with some possible extra delight quality in it though in the shop in Myyrmäki all is rather limited as the redness is really hitting it less expansive (looks like somewhat poor quality, small, though the overall clear pink at these areas is basically comfortable all year and somewhat anti-reality feeling/looking), and I felt some of it in my eyes also for a moment. The noise levels will be possibly more but not necessarily too much but I don't know. I don't know what to think about that area, there being goods and possible bads and then Aura limitations (but never bad during any time of the year, probably not at any place around Myyrmäki either) but Myyrmäki is the action spot but then the quality of the Aura is some less while around Myyrmäki there are some distance and other possible problems. There are not too many shopping centers with clear pink areas to pick from and the only reason to pick something more or less further away from them would be the excellent Aura and other good factors. All Myyrmäki and around it places rate to beat some Laajalahti in Espoo (but all in all being at the level of Leppävaara and around it, perhaps, though it looks like that it the safer pick but I can't see a good reason it being so and Myyrmäki or around rates to get to some better clear pink quality during the year but that's what I compared to what might be other goods in Leppävaara and near that eliminates some possible problems with the costs of some lesser quality in the Aura, thought it's not said it compares significantly worse to Myyrmäki and around even at the Aura quality just that it might and that's where the risk of Leppävaara and around it is, but if one wants expansive clear pink for the major part of the year then one is not aiming picking Myyrmäki and around it in the first place) that correlates with near mere pink with no action (having a colder quality of Aura, at that time of the year, balance, light, and the Aura do not rate to be good but at like June and then possibly be too thin, but that's just about some single family houses areas anyway, like in much of London it seemed with some more or less high buildings just maybe here or/and there). Not many all year or close, enough expanded clear pinks, but mostly clear pinks with winter lesser expansion and higher homeliness levels in maybe some cases, with shopping centers more or less near. There are of course the other near Vantaa cases still possible in the middle and east Vantaa, and even some east Helsinki places that though rate to be mere pink or close to it at best with some family and other pinks that one might feel comfortable with, while most all Helsinki places rate to be heavier clear pink places that one might not be comfortable with, and they often have no major shopping center even near.

My pick of Italy has been going major down. It was holding well for months, with lately two minor picks for the UK and now a major one, because of personas, doings, that's the case that makes the pick and it's a long range pick also for the future lives in the UK and up to Canada (Australia I have given up, it not fitting to any of my about two personas as the best pick). I don't think the deep sadness feelings about the UK are real for my picked persona and for it the happiness factors of the UK are more and for Italy less, and I rate to get over the deep sadness of the UK. In middle of January I don't feel so bad in Finland either at a comfortable clear pink (and bright light lamp) and if it would be 0C, it would be pretty okay for Doings (and it's more in UK, and though the sunshine isn't there like 3-4 hours per day it isn't clear if I can get up to any of that if working during the days, and of how important I would value it compared to other aspects, and during summer working for months under 24-30C+ at least during days or so, isn't necessarily nice either, the UK weather, other than the lack of sunshine during the winter especially, is safe), though I am still going to keep me feelings and Italian and I am not sad I used that much and more of my life to doing what I kind of spontaneously did, them being my life this life and some more, but now that things have got more balanced in the Xmind as the next things are not so new anymore and my persona favors Doings also, in this persona I like picking the UK, getting more there as doings, actions. With my current persona, I don't think Italian is a factor in picking Italy over the UK (picking Italy over Spain has more point if one can't handle Spanish), it being just a language (and I see this better now with an A2 level of ability where I can write and speak with some difficulty, using English structure on many parts, and being close enough of knowing passively about the words I might need in reading also, and other than the possible knowledge of history, politics, other, one might even get the nationality with A2 there, though it's not sure what it will be in years to come and B1(.2) is the safe option. I could basically go with my current Italian ability though I would like to improve it some more, but at this point of ability Italian with my current persona is more like a language only and the use of it in life in Italy for me isn't major, could as well be English, but with the Italian persona, it would of course be clear that it would pick Italy as a complete pack). There is possibly no 30% cut in salary either in the UK, though for my this life I didn't put that much weight on salary, it being a minor point vs. what feels the best. I do feel the warm things about the goods in Italy and the bads for the Italian persona especially in the UK, but for my current persona those factors get a different weight and as I am sort of fine in Finland also, though with the better views (of Italy) existing all the time, keeping me feeling better, and that immaterial thing seems to be a major factor in life and exists as a better future, including the immediate future and the moment too, and what's around and all those things are also "around" factors. I can write, read, listen Italian, for that I don't need to be in Italy, that didn't feel like right before but as it's just a language, it doesn't have enough weight for me currently, but being just a one good thing in (my) life. I was thinking Italy is the more complete pack but at this time I think the UK is the more complete pack, giving me more as a whole. I do have to deal with more fluctuations of persona still, and need to look at it as a many lives thing also, and deal with the possibly deep sadness of the UK pick, and I don't think that feeling is real enough though it can be there for months at least, but feelings are not to be trusted blind, unfortunately and fortunately. Being the fitting persona and having a better factual pack in some place, those are real factors, the rest not having enough factual bases for/to them. Of course, if one lives the weather factors as sun and light more than my actions planes are going to, then the UK doesn't look like the right pick, but that factor has dropped enough for me to see the UK as a better pick as a whole and if my persona (doings) stays, considering the sadness of being in Italy in the next life also and lacking better actions, and there being no other reason but the weather to be there, it doesn't look that good a deal anymore. Italy is having all kinds of problems, though not that the UK is without problems (predictions seems to look it being even worse in a generation or two), and it's not a fit place to many personas that will not feel it comfortable for many reasons, but to me, picking it for doings, but this time without dropping my feelings (n)either and having a pretty long view in my future, especially to the persona and doings in my next life, seeing myself sad in Italy as I want more from actions and the wholeness than just being like one sided in Italy when I could be both sided in the UK, though not that (n)either one lacks on any side all that much, but as I have picked my path according to my current view as well as some factors look and are different now, the whole changed in a major way and happens to favor the UK in my case at this time. I have two types of personas and I can have both of them at both countries but one of them needs to be on the top and if I favor the better actions in the UK, then that persona dominates, and if I would put those action factors as secondary to being factors, then I would pick Italy. Though not that there are no being factors bad in Italy, and doing(s) factors good in Italy (but those are being factors, doings factors of the Italian or so persona), but the main difference is about my two personas of doings and beings and which of them I feel better with being the dominant or so one though at this time I am not eliminating the beings persona (not all about the Italian persona that just fit better in it) but it with its likings, views, life also will live in me. I might even go in Spain if possible if it would offer me more actions and though the language is not to me and I would have problems with it emotionally, Spain has a better weather, if one thinks it's better - where one's better actions are (at) - as it might be too hot, plus other factors might be worse in Spain. I think as I am now, I fit better in the UK than in Italy, and that with the current persona is better for my next life also, seeing myself looking elsewhere if born in Italy with this persona and the current amount and types of actions Italy offers, and the other problems Italy might have. But I don't see any difference if I live in Turin (Italy, with 3-4 hours of sunshine per day during the winter and some more light time) or in the UK, seeing them just the same basically, but the cost for me in Italy is the lack of action, and if I pick the Italian persona, my pick would be Genoa and secondarily Rome as Turing feels unnecessarily cold (and with no sea near or so to swim in at though that's just a part year but it's one factor in the life of being, like all outdoor things, that are important to me on my being department) though not necessarily darker. But not having picked the being(s) persona as dominating, then it's much like comparing Turin to the UK and the UK doings dominate over the Turin beings, though not that one needs to drop the beings of Genoa, Rome etc. but I just don't see them more fitting to my doings on this life and/or beyond. But the factors of beings, Italian persona, Italian, outdoor life, balance, have all heavily influenced my pack of the Xmind that I now have but at this time I feel more pulled to the directions of doings than beings, though not that that is expected to remain so but I still have the new factual things that have changed, and there are some more also that possibly somewhat changed, or some new subtle factors, so it's not just the persona, but if I again pick the beings dominant or think the lesser doings are fine in Italy, then I will again relax in that persona and see the Light and it's all Clear then, but only because of that, then having a better fit in Italy as it simply will not feel that okay when it's thinking about the UK then and there is a factual balance on the side of Italy then. So, this is all about the persona and/or doings and though the factual factors about Italy, the UK and me/I have been changing and improving, the main line of the persona and doings is still the one making the pick as long as the other factors are not too bad on (n)either of the picks, and in my case they are not but with my current persona the delights of Italy and Italian are less (still fine hobbies and beings factors, as a hobby or (a) secondary life but not all separate time but more or less all the time also) and I have a vision of myself under lesser other goods (though not that I rate them as less until I can't get things good in Italy and go away) and lesser doings in this and especially the next lives (even if not born in Italy this is a base pick for lives) and not being at the better place, and those visions are common to many and it depends of the person(a). If it will be darker and so in the UK, I might have a more solid place live at there, though even that isn't clear if comparing to some Turin (to have the weather factors closer, making the comparison easier or possible) and the UK, if one gets things good enough at both, then there is only the difference of actions if ignoring the language factors that both have their goods, and as I don't need with my current persona to live in Italy because of Italian (that helped me in some ways as a thing and further will) and so what remains is mostly the difference between doings, though I have many times considered that that doings factor is not enough for me to pick the UK but now the weather and Italian factors are not as much of factors for me to pick Italy, but all(-)in(-)all this whole pick stands on persona alone as the picks are close enough. What's next on line for me is facing the bads of my pick of the UK (my emotional etc. state will more or less deteriorate) as well as see (for) how long this current persona favoring of its doings will hold. But I feel myself more fit in the UK now and less fit in Italy and I see less of a reason to live in Italy over the UK than I did before, and now it's just to see if that pick holds the severe counters it will now be facing. While the Italy showing some factors that will further improve it, doesn't look too likely, while some possibility the UK will show some factors that make it still worse but I don't see it gets bad enough like worse than Italy on the material levels and so it would look like I have enough facts already, it now remaning just to see how my current pick holds and the most likely thing I face is deep sadness (that's not the whole truth but my problem in one way and the other), and other than that the Italian/sunnier persona can't be the dominant one as long as my pick of better doings (will) hold, and I know they don't hold alone as they haven't held before either but this time it's different, there being other factors also.

A day later I am back with the Italian persona, producing a list of reasons, for verification, being under the Italian persona, of why I pick Italy over the UK. It started in a way that it started to try to crack some reasons for the UK and started to see the Italian things looking better (giving up something can make it look better or one can see it with new eyes, and in all things fluctuations in picks are so able to produce seeings from different perspectives as well as like new or so) (both when I was still under the UK persona), e.g. Genoa started to look better than I had seen it before and Rome is still unnecessarily hot, and Turin unnecessarily (cold and) dark (half so the UK as a whole, counting in Italian language also, though there is more light and sunshine in Turin than in the UK but it's not really how I feel it and though I don't trust in feelings in full, they tend to insist though they also change, I think, e.g. Italy is too hot more in opinion of the UK persona than in opinion of the Italian persona). The weather point for Italy was one try but it didn't succeed, and I didn't change my mind until the Italian persona set into me, and I missed seeing what changed it or I forgot, though I saw some darkness some time before about the UK. The Italian (and any) persona sees things differently and is blind to the 'facts' or other absolutes for the start, it being like love is blind, that's so with any persona, it just simply not seeing things outside of its own line of being and even ignores them as less important and will need to use effort to even get oneself out of the spontaneous comfort level of one's own persona and its vision of things, of its state of mind. That persona based view though is true then, being relative to what's important on the x-mind or persona at that time or generally. But I can't say I don't overall feel the best with the Italian persona, though it might not be as realistic, just that it's about the absolutes and optimals of the language and the weather, to the being or (n)f-function, while there are absolutes and optimal in one way or/and the other in the UK also, but the absolutes and optimals of the better Italy especially have better light awareness/emotions being quality than the absolutes of the UK, where the goods are different and feel also good but lack the mentioned and so have sort of the opposite of them, like darkness, lack on the better quality of being. It's also about personas  of doing vs. being, st vs. nf or so, but from the other part it's about the absolutes and optimals factually and more or less as one things/knows of the options, though not that the bases on the absolutes have change in my case after at least a couple of years of looking into them and to the factual things, and from that point the emotions can be up to impressively smart, something like memory remembering things, facts, movements, and then there are the  feelings, sensings e.g. cold, heat, taste, them getting the bases faster than the understanding that does not really contain absolute understandings, e.g. it can't taste and feel and so whatever it understands is next to baseless. To call it intelligence is not necessarily the right word. But there is a major insistence of things being understood, supported by 'reason' also, though not that it necessarily will change the truth of the core thing (but can sure improve the factual things). As long as this persona is dominating me, it's like love and the pick is Italy, it not being bad enough factually either, though one sees it with time and when being with the picked absolute a longer time when it's not that much at the x-mind, but what remains then is that one will not be e.g. sad or close, and the same is with the fitting INFJ consort vs. some other outer persona with me, that when there is a separation and then when one picks it again, one feels it stronger on the x-mind, one feeling the absolute goods of it better, though not that other options do not have their absolute goods also as there is no perfect all absolutes containing perfect pick here, but what's the top most best pick, remains the top most absolute pick, even when it makes rationally little sense, the rationally better picks being about other absolutes and that then depends of what one is doing (rather than a mere or so beings factor), and that's the separation difference that might make one to pick other than the main or whatever absolutes. This is much the same as with e.g. the UK vs. Italy, English vs. Italian picks. And when picking a white, pink or red Area to live at, there the best pick is relative to the person where a 'human' might pick the red for the people and action and someone to who(m) white is not lacking, picking it for the optimal or best life, while I prefer pink, clear pink, with thicker or more expansive clear pink (maybe not all clear to me yet and there are subtle differences) with preferably action like a shopping center, and then I like good windows but for the one to who works, does, looks less the way I do, windows or not makes less if any difference, and for the same reason I like good enough outdoors also, temperature, light, sun, sea, Italian, all being on the line of beings, awareness, emotions, though not that I am a major F, but as connected to those others, it's a major factor in the life of beings and that type of an awareness. But is it that one who is of some outer persona picking doings fittings over the beings fittings, is he right, is he living as he possibly should, and if he doesn't for one reason or the other, then maybe there are better picks with about anything, though there are many options even inside the same areas. So, I am not putting as much weight on doings now than I am to beings, and it's because I feel overall better with the beings pick, the doings picks having too little other absolute factors, while it's not possible for me to pick the UK for both personas, no matter what the UK persona thinks about it (it now thinks the other persona remains as the second but still alive and that it's happy enough as so, as a minor, there being so many other goods in the UK and its doings with the other persona that it's the better complete pack, though the Italian persona can never be the major there then, no matter how much Italian factors there will be in that life), it being only possible in Italy as one can still do there (though this too is a sort of minor then or can be a part time major but at the wrong place at that time), and maybe have reasonable flattings also (not necessarily any better in the UK) and if not one has more possibility for outdoor living and can use hearing protection even with an alarm (if the ears fit in comfortably) or have a stronger alarm (though the people living around might not like it) or some vibrating or other alarm option (though maybe not realistic). At some times I will be at one persona, and at other time at some other, and I have more than two of X-them, as others too can x-have, depending of what they do as a whole. When being at the Italian persona, I do not really see the factors of the UK persona, or not till I have been some time on this Italian persona, after the time/counters have hit it also - then about the counter the bad things of the pick (or/and the goods of an another possibility) coming up to the x-mind, and when they are more or less x-gone, and I am still with the pick, then I am more neutral, still feeling okay with the pick (that basically do not rate to be so with the other possibilities, one possibly not feeling even as good as neutral with them though they will have their goods even then but all in all will generally be the lesser option, making full rational sense or not), but then it's possible for the UK option to again start to look more attractive, especially as it takes the main seat at the x-mind at that time, and is maybe more colored by/with the goods, to start with. And so it's a kind of a round, similar to other things, that never really end, though I think it might make the best option stronger, even when it's not going to be the best looking pick at all times and that depends of what one exactly X/x-is at the moment and there will of course be X/x-fluctuations because of different doings.

I walked from Tapiola to Matinkylä. On the way the expansion became more, just not all complete and I wasn't feeling so good about it, and was feeling colder too but I was colder myself and had some extra load on the left, L6, that was also the reason why I didn't feel the shopping center so good this time (or not so much even the last time I think, so some points away about the quality of the shopping center as redness but that's likely what it's about anywhere as so many people are there except during the nights that might not make much of a difference then to the redness level) like I did at the late 2012, though it might have been very marginally then less red but I can't think so at this point but think it was all somewhat from my state of load that I sometimes have and then I don't see the expansion as well but more fuzzy like between light and darkness things are more fuzzy (to me) and only on the light it's like surface and day (earth and not sea), that's also where I generally have different views to my life and likings than when at some left or right sided thing. I took the humming test and there was none at this time (the metro works will go there and so it figures to have hummings later, if it comes from the metro works as I think it does as the humming is more or less all over Tapiola. The metro works end in Matinkylä like at the end of 2015, but some year they figure to keep building it further west and then there might be some more hummings, though not that that is the only factor of the flattings and maybe some flats hold the humming better away just that I don't so think so as it can be heard at the shopping centers also, in case that means something) though 100 meters near the shopping center there was some noise but more silent than the humming and different (ups and downs, like a fishing boat and I have heard something like that strongly with no protection inside a shop in Tapiola so it's shopping center related possibly) and some 500 meters away (to the south) though with houses in-between to shopping center, there was no noise with protection and the purity level increased to bliss (that's together with increased comfort level and the related bliss quality that's not so much or so at all at the other clear pinks though they are not bad and can in some ways be more or less comfortable too, though not that I am a fan of all the clear pinks but with a shopping center one can at least survive under any clear pink, if the air etc. also is good enough) and all-in-all was of the same type than in pre-Pähkinärinne in Vantaa this same month, just that that Vantaa has a thicker Aura, but from other points it's the same (and I don't think the Aura for me can be any better than those), though I didn't look deeper in Matinkylä this time (earlier summer it was fine, some thinner than Tapiola but good and in theory one might think it even better though it's thinner and there is some difference also compared to when one is balanced or not, loaded on the left or on the right, the left loads and sidedness basically perhaps not necessarily liking so of the thinner one though in absolute sense it might be better as it's thinner but not too thin, the thinner is a bit [left emotionally, and physically] colder, like the left side or any load or problem on the left chakras making things, the x-mind, and the body, colder/ more pale and so). I then walked back towards Tapiola and wasn't feeling cold this time but I had become warmer (and the wind level figured to have got less as it might often do about during the time the sun goes down) that balances the left load then perhaps as I was also feeling more balanced as so and as I had protection on I had less traffic noise and was looking the snow this time looking some more pure and I was feeling pretty comfortable, maybe partly because of the top type of an experience on Matinkylä for a moment. Like one time before also, when I walked towards Tapiola, I didn't make a note of the expansion getting away (but I always see the opposite, though I generally see also when the expansion gets more or less away but not so in this case it seems as it has happened twice now and I think it's a general thing also that seeing it that way tends to be a bit different).