7/2012. In Espoo, the Summer Aura starts some time after the 10th day, maybe 12th day (near Helsinki) and one can feel some aspects of loneliness because of the (just) increased darkness, death and meaninglessness, though it's not white. The Summer Aura makes the near Helsinki here lighter than the clear pink at other times is here (the clear pink is some bit lighter just a bit further from where I am, maybe perfect there). This that I have now, makes the moisture feel less though it's 62% (inside) and has been so when it was the non-Summer Aura also and was feeling more moist. I don't at the moment really feel the eyes as no-redness in them, though it should be so, as I have been here before also - in 2011 - during the Summer Aura and that was the case, so maybe it's coming from my memory this time and I don't think it's in the specifics of this flat only as I have felt the same outside. Maybe it's also some cooler when it's less redness (though the weather has been cooler for days now), e.g. from clear pink to white it often feels cooler when stepping to white, like it might feel hotter when during a hot sunny day going from mere pink to red core, as well as the higher moisture figures to be felt more the more redness there is. Some Matinkylš in Espoo generally (e.g. during non-Summer Aura) might feel a bit colder than the near Helsinki part of Espoo and both are near the sea, but it's possible the clear pink being a bit less (maybe perfect before the Summer Aura) at Matinkylš (and before it) and has something to do with it, but the cold winds in Lauttasaari are often there to make it colder (maybe Lauttasaari is 'warmer' because of more redness just that it also gets more winds) and Matinkylš might have more of that too. Some 28C and higher is too high to me no matter how much or less pink level there is it seems and it might be even less at the red core because its buildings might get less sun or/and are otherwise cooler, possibly even when the temperature inside is more or less the same, though that doesn't correlate to/with how one might feel to/about that outside then. A good time to do visits at the big cities, red cores, mere pinks as they are all less so during the Summer Aura, though not sure of the exact time at every place as it might take a few days more at the red core compared to around it for the Summer Aura to set in (for the non-Summer Aura to mainly die). Maybe some Matinkylš level clear pink is better as during the Summer Aura near Helsinki the lights are less, the energy is less (the expansion then is also with less energy, with more darkness, less light), I don't feel as naked and on the stage anymore because those are less and I feel things more normal as a result of that and more lightness (and the 62% inside moisture too isn't such a factor at 15C outside and 25C inside and no sunshine). I think I might have also understood something better about my life as a result of things feeling more normal.

I was looking once again into what goods I have in my next life and thought there are better things and some worse maybe as I do lose some things also; it actually didn't look that much different of what I basically have already and in some aspects I have something better too even right here. I also came to view these times on this planet like some past history, there being still so many things wrong, but I also see how things have improved and I am hopeful because of that and the goods in the West are sort of good.

I am not hopeful of some stuffs like Sahaja Yoga becoming anything but like Kundalini Yoga - as incredible as it might seem - and for the psychology to advance to good enough answers is under doubt, or it has a limited area where the knowledge of emotions has a possibility to get good, but other than that and the outer personality theory, that might be it, from the major parts. I am not really worried about anything but the knowledge of the loads (that's a part in medical science also), it being the first and only thing that's really important, and one can even ignore all the rest, though many things tend to connect to that - basically unknown - subject.

The energy is rather strong in/on the Aura at the red core (though under unwanted things) and at the mere pink and then even at rather thinner clear pink also it might sort of be, though not necessarily at any clear pink that isn't near the red core, even if the energy is major at some clear pink, it might have a different nature when nearer the red core or further away from it). But as long as one can handle the dimmer clear pink and prefers it better, one might aim at closer to the white line (though close the white it might be white or similar during the Summer Aura, like two months per year), getting the clear pink but not any more than one needs or prefers. The naked and so factor is more or less the opposite of what I have felt the clear pink to be on my visits at clear pink areas, where I haven't felt it like that though I wasn't living there (I also have here a huge wall size window but I don't think it dominates to case and I could cover it too). Maybe the strongest clear pink makes one feel more like at mere pink, and the thinnest drops the light and energy level to dim and is also less naked then. I did feel disoriented at the mere pink flat during its summer Aura when it was comparable clear pink with expansion and mentioned that one feels more collected or so when one isn't that expanded, but I didn't feel like naked there, but there was a somewhat similar point though different (and I was more or less permanently sick at those times). Not that it's bad to have a more comfortable energy level from the pinkier Aura, or being more naked and on the stage (that might be less of a difference to those who like it and are maybe extroverts) and one more or less figures to get adjusted, but it has that more heaviness, feels less normal (and the other clear pinks also has more dream like Aura to them though so has the mere pink but one isn't as expanded though not to be is uncomfortably tight) , the moisture level bothers some more (it might not bother even at 60% here during the summer Aura - and at the white area where I lived about 15 years I never made a note that the moisture would be uncomfortable to me there [and the flat was basically always silent inside and outside though at the end some Islam or so moved below (to) me and did his prayers with music and was talking on the window much of the time to the phone, though nothing of a problem compared to other places, but the -70 (and -80) places too figure bad from the noise - and maybe temperature - points if the other people around the 'soft' walls and floors there are not silent as they hold just little noise and the only other things that can be less at the -70 flats are all kinds of bangs that I have come to hear on more or less constant bases at the -60 flats that were not there in the -70 flat nor at any other flat I have lived at or visited at. Even the more or less constant hums and bums in the (')outside(') 'nature' are factors that even alone might make a flat good or bad, though not that humans generally necessarily make much of a note of them but they can be major bothers and are constant stressors any time when more especially even if one is not aware of them - but if it would all be suddenly silent one would be more or less in inner silence and in less stress instantly - the problem just being that one figures to need to live at the flat before knowing though some more silent area - and a 90+ flat though no sure thing - and the odds figure better it has less of those. Even the eyes might be under some (redness) 'smoke' like in my flat though I take a note of it only a minority of the time but they figure to be constant minor stressors under less conscious levels, it being like living in a room with some smoke or like always being a bit tired on/in the eyes, and I didn't make a note of that at the mere pink summer aura expansion nor generally anywhere but at the redness smoke or just at the shopping centers from a psychological point, and I am not getting it why I still have these eyes during the summer aura here, and I did put the eyes of the one that lived here before me in my note and it correlated with that redness or so eye factor but it's more or less normal with that personality type, while summer aura doesn't mean it's fully so but has aspects of the old more or less all the way that the summer aura lasts, though I am not sure about it, just made a note of it before also though it might actually be so at the permanent clear pink also and I can easily be mistaken about it, especially as it doesn't make full sense, and why are they so specific to this place also doesn't fit other than there being some other reason than the redness level for it, but I don't see any other reason for it]. The white at the white are living was getting into me, being too little life energy for/to me anymore when recovering and having a further lower energy level in me and lesser doings] - when one can be uncomfortable at 50% at the red core and here too it isn't exactly comfortable).

The nf-meaning for the Ss might be people itself, and to Ns People as the NF-mind (itself). To NTs and SFs, those things do not have up to any meaning, just that I think the NF things (and with the SFs the nf-things, I might think) should be okay to them also, and that's more or less my aim, though it has two things in it, the black heart of things not being okay there, and it includes the loneliness and meaninglessness and one is fine if the nf and/or NF things are okay there, it keeping the heart occupied or so, but seems to be a part of the Dharma of the heart, without one might feel meaninglessness though it also depends of how much redness, actions one has around and is doing, though they can act just like covers like the NT and even an ST is doings (e.g. and introvert ST might like being alone more than and extrovert). The red/happy heart is about things like the absolutes/optimals that make one happy, and is the reason that my case prefers Italy and Italian, and if I would be at the S-nf (e.g. like ESTP - I also guess EP might prefer people some more than other types on average though I really didn't have the need at ESFP though I did deal with people then but it's more like a by-product of being that type rather than a need like it would be to many S-nf's), I would maybe (and I did) prefer the people aspect of a place like London over Italy, though I later picked Rome as the in between solution, that I then dropped from the reason that it's too hot (and because of some other points too) and figured the big city with a more optimal weather of Genoa is my best pick for now. If I am going to be an N, I might better pick such a job also, if it's not too destructive and I am not in more need of recovery, like it's not all important what S-job one does as an S, though in both cases there are fitting and less fitting picks. But my N is temporary, based on my need of it, and if I ever do not need it, I might try to stay at ESFP, especially if I have no doings holding me away from it, in case I might as well pick it, and the world too can manage withiout my N and I am not serving the humanity any further, wanting to get recovered fully and having a good and happy life and going academic is too dangerous to one's health especially under the ignorance. I don't feel an S-work to be on the area of what would fit to an N-mind, my S-life needing to get the meaning from the delight of S-existing, that I know well, and then it's great to have an S-job, and relatively more or less any will do. When there is no S-delight, it feels non-fitting and additionally meaningless if one has some N(F)-stuffs thinking/feeling otherwise. Doing the most simplest works get significantly less salary than having some reasonable middle level S-professional education, though some places pay like 50% more of the more or less same work even with the same profession. To be free and to be an S and recovering, I might in my next life pick a job that's rather basic (maybe a basic professional education) and easy to get at any place and at a part of the city sooner or later, and that's just to keep things simple for a simple mind living a simple life and with maximum expansion possibilities and to get what I consider important; a happy (SeFi - the happiest I think and just close by to me) life and recovering (SF is fitting though not all the EP that is a bit light as no Si/Ni, but then it as a compensation doesn't have the Ni doing auto-processing - that's a weakness to the EPs but also freedom). The SeFi at least in my case is expansive (E) and happy (SeFi - and my inner things at the SF and NT world are good, so it's basically heaven, though depending of the outer factors too but one needs just stuff like enough silence and maybe a warm flat, especially as one has picked a persona based on mere being, more so to E, Se, F), and needs only a place where it can be brainless, living the SeFi. It's a big step though with a possibility to be brainless and no doings holding one away, it can be picked and one can stay at it and then its own likings will make it easy to stay there as that is what one then wants.

Google Mapped Rome very little and got a more positive picture, the houses are not all bad, and there is space also and not uphills all necessary. Genoa is very built up compared to Rome. Though Rome is not good as it's too hot, three months being above Genoa and especially 28C+ and on average one of those months is boiling with extreme highs, and even Genoa can be like too hot maybe more so when older though one is on pension but it's heating three months in Genoa also, and five months in Rome. Pescara, I took a little look too and at the near above, Montesilvano. Pescara is not a major city and it shows and it's good only if one likes that and gets enough action, but generally action is limited perhaps at all under 0.5M cities or so and the red core heavy center doesn't exist at those smaller cities and if one is living anything outside of the center there, it gets to be rather outside and it being white gets to be more likely, though if one can afford the center or near, it might be nice from the redness point, though the more or less infinite emptiness all over can put that Aura to it also, but the possibility that one might have things good at (the) small cities exists. Pescara as panorama picture looks like it could be a city but it wasn't like that as far as I saw when Google M/mapping it, it being more like some outside of the center - at the bigger cities - buildings where people just live though the center and in them also, e.g. in Genoa too, they have shops also, but those bigger cities can have the same goods, but also the additional action. Biking being out of the question in Genoa, though one can if one dares, and walking when old is probably ever harder, then one doesn't have those possibilites, just the motor bike in case one can still do that and it being okay enough, and if one can afford it, also considering that it's likely going to get stolen every now and then, though one might buy used ones and they rate to have many and maybe one sometimes gets one's own bike back too if one seeks, though one likely needs to pay for it but one knows it will be okay and not broken or so soon.

The Summer Aura here figures less than the optimal (for me) and will influence my thinking as I am not as comfortable in the people heart as I am optimally supposed to be. I do see some things some better I think, but the fact that I am shaken is not good for making the best picks though one might get out of the "comfort zone" and so be less dreamy and get something done, and I have got something done, but I also have needs that I don't need to have and my thinking must be influenced to that directing and related like darkness, meaninglessness, death, cold heart, over working at the T is more a possibility as the state of existing is shaken (in the heart - and by my earlier observations when not at the summer aura, the added nf-balance would be good, that's also related to this case, while under summer aura here my picks can be colder, more T-picks, and that's also one aspect why I might understand some aspects better then and get some things done better then, though with the other side loses, but in the long run when there is such variation, one might be able to get more done and understand more, though one could more comfortably just walk the optimal path and get things done, just that the changes give one more weighted views to things), and that's not optimal though one might get some things done ahead of time. It has also been rather cold for a July, the sun and temperature being some bit parts that produce some bit more light, non cold, life, happiness as well as the Aura might be a bit more under those when it's better seen also, not just felt, though it's in this case mostly the extra aspects and not that it make the Aura less (as felt), though one might think it so also when tracking these Auras at some other place. The best long range picks are generally not done when one is shaken in one way or the other, though they also are aspects of the facts and when not shaken one is too positive, ignoring some facts to more or less amount. But from main part, I wouldn't do my picks when I am not optimal, and that also includes when I am a bit too positive, so there is a balance also for making the best picks, and that also includes the long range of observing one's life and the outer life, to get the average, so one is not making picks based out of the averages and optimals in one's life, and even one's absolutes are more or less based on optimals. All the optimals and absolutes and one is most comfortable and I think that is the best aim and with a lack in those somewhere, one is not comfortable and has need (also useless ones as a by-product) and is like looking the meaning of life that's nowhere to be found as it's also as the F, just a by-product of the lacks in the people heart and mainly as an Aura but anything positively and negatively (shaken) related to that also, e.g. people like H/harmony, being A/accepted, B/belonging, F/mother and F/father, F/friends, P/people, and about the comfortable states of beings in the (people) heart, and then one has a comfortable home (family) also, there not being death (that's why loses shake), coldness, meaninglessness. When the energy level on the people heart decrease, one feels the loses, when it continues (unknown time but when the instant shock of a thing like summer aura is gone, it figures to be still much the same as before, the instant feelings of it being more or less correct already I think though I have had it just four days so far but I am not unfamiliar with it generally at the white areas). I believe in optimals and absolutes, to comfort levels and the related (direct or un/indirect) needs and when the picks are just optimal, one can make one's life any better on those areas, that being then it, and then one could just life, the meaning then being the life under absolutes and optimals, that has nothing to do with some (doing) meaning other than being in absolutes and optimals comfortable, and the NFs/nss have always views their life like that, while the NTs have views their lifes not like that, them getting enough comfort from their NT-life and they have goals there, but for an NT/nf the goal is more about a comfortable state of being and there is a goal only when one s trying to imporve on those areas and though they too have other goals in theor lives, they are not as related to meaning though they can be personally important and rooted to more basic needs. The summer Aura would have no major infuence over me if I would be at the NT (NiTe) (as very loaded and I have been doing nothing for a year or two when not in balance and did nothing in a white are, and felt just fine, but it can be the energy level I had so much though I was comfortable in balance also after that) and or SF (not at nf), so I would say the redness levels have these nf-influences mainly to STs and NFs, and above most to the STs or to some of them (like to Es, to EPs possibly more than to any other type though just a guess but they are emptier on the Ni/Si and outer on their views and doings and relations). Since Buddha, I can't put myself strictly as being an NT, nor an SF, but I see I am dominantly and NT, INTP still, just that it's not all to it anymore, and I have the S too, that being the difference from most part I think, S-INTP, and then I understand that as having the variations because of that S, that the NT is not as much with N anymore, that then means some more of ST, that has nf, and I do have some more SF also, and some more E but that's much dependent of my x-picks and as an INTP I am still just that as the core and the main and that's what I view myself to be and possibly remain to be and pick to be, and anyway it's a difficult world to pick to be something else, needing more optimal conditions, while with the NT I can manage the less optimal conditions better. But even as INTP, I add to my view that I am an S-INTP and with it's extensions and even the part time other personas that I can be if so the winds blow or I pick to be, and the illusions of being some persona, it's not something for me to believe in as I could pick other personas also and live so the rest of my life, and the fact that I fall back to INTP, isn't a fact as it's just my major past, the variations and picks being the fact and there is nothing but the optimal outer and inner situation that make me pick something rather than something else and any time some thing is a bit better, I am already picking something minor differently or dropping some minor or a part of it, so there is change even on the minor areas and a bit by bit not just as a big move, though as unloading, I am going to go to the goals I have seen when I am more unloaded, or a longer time and more clearly there, while as I go according to loads (Xloads but also X-loads) getting less, it's a slower process and the changes happen slower, up to without taking a note of it as it's as slow as growing old, though one sees that and radically so, life being just a process of death after some around 35 and I would call that radical, more like extra time one can use if one wants but the life is manly over though I have a more positive view to that also as they are just signs of getting older (though also physically worse) and energy levels getting less and all kinds of changes have their good sides also though it's rather death like and I think it's no absolute, no optimal and so no good from most parts as one would be far better if not that old, but it doesn't need to be all that negative view and if one has had a good life and done things well, one is going to have a good life after around 35 also. The major changes in my S-INTP persona are about the NT and NF I think, like the UK and Italy, and they have their own priorities, and so I need to have a view that contains both, though I am an NT, but not only or even mainly thinking of the lond run and adding in the S as SF also, that also has additional values and makes my S and N mixed, depending of my doings, and it's my past that is the NT, and only my situations keep me still using it as much as I use it, but even if I continue using it, but not all dominantly, the other aspects of my limbo being rate to catch up with time, and I did have more nf especially even some half a year before Buddha, though I had some moments before that also, that being a product of my better balance and maybe other Enlightenments or just my older age and maybe in connection to my situation of having things not okay on that area. But, I am not a mere NT nor a mere SF anymore, no matter what the reason is, and from most parts I suspect it's the S-INTP in spite of the moments of nf even before Buddha, but the better balance with time also got to the point where the nf got some part in my X-mind also (also the M6, Sahaja Yoga's middle 6-chakra, that gets stonger pretty soon after the Kundalini awakening, holding more silence, has a significant part in un-doings/balance of my x-mind, that's basically always clear or more clear - though with the NF/nf-stuffs the clarity might not be as good as with the SF/sf-stuffs where one can experience more clarity and it correlates well with the clarity of the SF-nature inside and outside - compared to what it was before, though not that it's clear mainly because of that but because of a better balance - that makes inner and outer things some more S(F)-clear - and Enlightenments. Though I might not be aware of the middle channel overall nor at any spot anymore as I am that used to it and maybe it's better integrated too to my system and habits) on some more permanent bases and with the Buddha it got permanent though if I would just do and do (even as an ST but doing more ST makes one an nf and I have seen that to happen to myself) I would likely lose track of it again, so as more balanced and it being made permanent deep also with the Buddha, I have aspect in myself permanents, and the SN is one of them, together with it, so it's not that I necessarily am getting my variations from the SN, it being just one factor no different from the ST, SF, nf. But I know what it's to be an NT, SF and I am generally not that dominantly but more like and ST-nf, but as my main is the NT, I am more like an NT and SF, that it my base and the ST-nf is an extension and how much ST or nf there is, depends of the use and actions just like with any ST-person has, and as I am a dominant N, that nf then happens under that N, making it sort of like NF, and at EP I can even fly just like an ENFP I think (ESFP doesn't fly, just likes the same area things and lives in the air), though without being one, and that is normal fluctuations to any persona, just that things are more close to me as I am some less of just something, but INTP is what I am, though because of the past and my current needs, and having a persona that's optimal in a situation one is, is the smartest way to be something, but I am not going to rate myself as being something but it being about my possibilities and picks and I am not really happy about the NiTe as it's a rather useless one from the work point of view as it's not supported by any profession, and then I think one can have a better balance in every way, though not that it's possible to be them all, or even a limbo for a long time (as long as one's past persona takes to die), but one can have aspects, extensions as one can see from many personas that they have them as we are all different and with those extensions one can have a better balance in one's life functionally and overall, though not that the things on this planet are made to support such professionally but it's doesn't mean one needs to be without extension and have time for them also and still one might manage well enough on the are of one's work and maybe better in some cases, but even if one then is not good enough, it's from the absolute and optimal point the thing that needs to be done over full time and competition even if one then fits nowhere, and the not fitting anywhere professionally or even otherwise also, is more or less what one needs to be on this plant it seems, though not that I am going to stop looking my place, and one of the possibilities is that when my unload becomes more and more (it even sort of did that before the Buddha when I wasn't in any way doing unloading, just got my balance years earlier), I get to see what's most fit, though much depends of my situation too, but also the situations will become less with time, even if not in this life, they will, and the absolutes and optimals get more importance, while will my unload lead me to ISFP, ESFP, or some STs, and even NF as st+NF as it's more balanced there, or NT taking more share, it will depend of how far I unload and what I will be doing and the guess is that I will become more SF and won't be doing as much ST-stuffs as a result, but any time I would be okay, good weather, the ST would rate to get more power on outer doings even if I have dropped much of it's mental doings, and any time Italian persona is there, I have nf, and as NT, it's under the N, then there is much NF and the only competition to that comes if I pick ESFP, and any time I pick nothing (no nf, no ST-doings), not at the nf (X/x-dominantly) then I am at ISFP-type as I am unloading and that can have connections to the likings of the INTP when the N is more up there, and I am more like ISFP with INTP at the moment as the nf is not there, nor the ST, but as I have some x-connection to the ISFP, I am not x-dominantly as likings on the INTP even if it as doing is dominating at the moment, I am having the cooler connection to the SF, though I will be cooler when doing more NT generally as the L6 gets X-loaded - when it isn't and I start doing NT, I get hot, as it doesn't have that balance and being an NT means one is doing it enough to have the L6 X-load there and one is cool additionally to running hot on the R2. But I spend time out of that complete NT, or at least in a way of not doing it more and so I am much like ST-nf then, and more in the nf, I am much like NF then, and those are more or less hot or the average around there is so, while the SF is more like the state after the NT-doings and when the L6 X/x-load unloads, one is not so SF anymore, but I might rate it as ST-nf, and it being more on the ST or nf, depends of my X/x-picks. The NF is more at left that the ST is, though that's not all that clear but that's about it is, the F being at the left, the T at/on the right, and living in the N with the F also, means one gets X-loaded on the L6 and otherwise too is more x-connected there like if I have a view on the SF though being at the NT, I have more feel to the SF then, because of a change in focus and that will influence my x-mind then also. Getting unload on the right isn't necessarily working as well if one is X-loaded on the L6 but I did make some progress before the Buddha also though I wasn't working on that area though I had better balance than before Sahaja Yoga balance and so it figures to progress also, and being more at one side when being loaded there more, might not be the right place and optimally not the balance and being more cool when being more hot and being more hot when being more cool would look like more natural, but being somewhere where one is not needing help could only secondarily help, but left and right might be different e.g. too much at the left and one might better be more on the right or in balance, but for me to be more on the left, might not help my case on the right, and the NT would be more on the left in this case and being more there as T, I would be more as NT and would need to be there more as NF or SF, though the SF can be like L6 X-load and it might make the system less motivated to unload the right, or more power to it, keeping the T counter powered to more passivity, though that doesn't mean it's what is going to motivate it to X-unload or Xunload the fastest. So, other than specifically looking into some functional case, I overall don't know what is the possible best path, but I know specifics and that F can balance the right some or keep one more away from too much NT, like anything else but NT in one's x-mind and one has something else going on there also, while some X-loadings are not going to be good if the idea is to give more speed to unloading, though the long run average is more likely just memory and exactly counted rather than of what the system gets motivated about at the X-mind level. With the Buddha, the suppression of the N(T), I have been more familiar with writing than thinking in my N, at the NT, it being more cut off, that being the major thing that happened, and with that I am not X-living dominantly in the N, and as long as it doesn't take that dominace back, that it might not if I keep the L6 X-unloaded at least the majority of the time, or have it loaded with Se as a result of S(e)-doings, then it figurs to stay away and the time-memory will continue doing change in my Xmind, making the old more and more the past. As a result of not being completely at the N, I have like all the extension, that I call a (Temporary) limbo state of a persona. The X-load at the L6 is also good at being a ghost (left world as so) and one is more cut off of the balance where one is more with a live nf (and life vs. mental) than oneis when in that X-load, that then shows when one is out of that action but not unloade of it yet, and the ghost is not what one wants when being at white or close as the live in a good X-balance has more life (itself people/person) in it. As an SF, ISFP, one can be loaded so and a ghost as one is an SF then, while NF loading the L6, he too will be a ghost at the end of the actions, and it hits the loneliness, meaninglessness at mere pink also, not just at white, and might hit it even at the red core.

Is it okay to be stupid? As mains (what's considered the main intelligence) many outer personas are not intelligent, e.g. when I was at the ESFP, though a new one, I saw some Latin book of Italian history and considered as fancy as aesthetics value and as core of the language (and as Italian history bases there perhaps) and was considering to buy it like a sort of a piece of art (with a meaning), but as an NT, it's stupid as Latin is past history (that they still study in Italy as more or less compulsory) and no good from the optimals and absolutes point, and history is not a fact, just a movie (entertainment) and the core bases are hardly limited to Latin as language nor otherwise. Then there is the nf-religion, that similarly has the fancy and the meaning (truth) to an nf, but from the NT point of view it's not smart other than from the emotional meaning point of view as their playground, but again, it's their game and their life and smart of them, but again the problem is in the fact that it's main intelligence stupid and they generally don't see that as if they would, they would simply pick something that is additionally intelligent, like the Latin person would pick Italian and focus on absolutes and beauty, and art, rather than to something where aspects of meaning, core, art are but in an unintelligent pack, just producing connections to idea to emotions. It's like one has a personality that is very good at picking its own things but hasn't enough intelligence to see the whole case, having changed it to an increased sensitivity to deal with e.g. se/fi- or nf-aspects of anything, like anything that has anything green in it is great, no matter what it is; if it's green, it's go(o)d. So, that's what one is picking if one picks to drop the main intelligence (the NT) and pick SF, ST-nf or NF, them all dropping out the thing of being intelligent in favor of being a specialist in some other absolute or so area. And even the Italian person is under a suspect of being stupid as it's basically NF (and SeFi) connected and gives value to things that would not weight as much if one would make the pick with the NT, or even with ISFP (though that fit for a moment in Genoa 2-3 years ago) or ST (as doings, actions, people). But if one has some nf-heart, one needs to take care of that also, that not being stupid, and I have also considered sure absolutes generally as well as persanally, and optimals, and practical things in the long run too, so I don't think it's stupid to pick Italy and Italian, just that the NT has less there to do as he doesn't have an nf-heart but am sf-heart, or even the SeFi that also very much liked Italian and Italy (and Australia or more or less any as weather), in its own way. And I don't think nf is stupid but a weakness to an NT, as can many aesthetic things too be though less important by far, and the reason why SeFi would be smart is that it's EP, that's nice in my opinion, and S, that's Buddha and better health, better recovery, more happiness, and F or Fi is nice too as something maybe more sensitive than Fe, that has other likings as more warm things or so, and neti is a visual dimension that is nice, when ST has less so, or/and SiFe, NiTe, and it's not that the neti is there on the top, that's basically bad compared to S-reality, its goods like health and the happiness of that and the Fi (I even call what SeFi can at least potentially see and experience being God; he sees God, the real God and it has nothing to do with the mental emotions, the nf, but being like Brahma, all over, clear, uncovered, Se-seen, Fi-felt). Life being more of the being and secondarily of the detail of intelligence of doing every day small things or even the bigger ones in/on the longer run. But the cost will be the lack of top NT, being unable to see the whole, making picks based on green only, nt being able to manage emotional or maybe even mental problems as well for the lack of being able to see the whole, and the connection to ground or so from the Ni/Si isn't there and one runs wild and lose like without memory connection to the past (N or Ni or Si or something; I call it Ni/Si as when I cut it off, that's one thing I lose and I remember one time I passed over the stop where I was supposed to get out and other stuffs like that were there and will be there when cutting it off or/and cutting of the mind/brain and just be, cutting of the T, cutting of thinking, and with the cut EP is there, in my case and it's my 3-4th function pairs, in a 4-3 order though, but when cutting the Ni/Si off there is only that and Fi/Ne possibility and Fi is a connection, Se less so being one, like if one does nothing one is doing SiFe, and if an NT does nothing he is doing SeFi or NiTe, the latter being the sort of non-doing NT, that one can then do also while being at rest one might be visual and so be in neti, nefi, so that too happens, but basically it's then secondary and the Ne, Ti, Se are active 'outdoor' doings stuffs, so though e.g. FeNi and TeNi are, but if I am to do something with my NT, I am starting to use more Ne/Ti, while if I do nothing, I do less that and more the NiTe is most clear and I am most clear at the IP and so I call it the rest box). If it's okay to be stupid, as I have figured earlier, depends of what one needs, of the possibilities, and if the outer cases optimally (already) allow it, it's then smart to be stupid and recover (though one can recover under any functions and picking other, even SeFi or ST, doesn't mean one is necessarily going to do any better and might even do worse, if the e.g. NT is kept under enough passivity, like NiTe dreaming) and enjoy life, the loses on the whole view (but not as sensitive or so) being less than what one gets by being happily stupid and recovering. It's more or less the same with if it's okay to be weak, unskilled, non-nf, F, ST, poor, it depending of the situation and secondarily of what one is ready to pay for it, what one is aiming or needing to achieve, and if all stuffs like that say it's okay and better, then it figures to be okay and better, at least for the time being.

Staying in Finland, like in a current flat, for the rest of my life, moving to another flat like -70 flat, likely not improving things enough if any, and that, and the being right here now the rest of my life, doesn't look good. Going in Italy has the language problems and I am too overloaded to study it more, in spite of being able to use it some, but the path will be long and as I am not ready, I am not ready, the main thing being to recover, and the place isn't Italy and it isn't Finland, but the UK, though I don't know how I will deal with the coolness, darkness, sadness there, but at least it counters my overload somewhat, and the new thing is that I have picked Australia/Canada (20M/35M and growing and so it's not too much people at least, English then possibly not being a too big a language group if limited to national also, at that time, but that's secondary to me) or stay in the UK in my next life if I am born in the UK and if I am not, at least I had something more interesting to do than stay here now in Finland the rest of my life. I am picking the solid pick and it's the smartest thing for me, though if I would be okay, I would like picking Italy, but even then it's a bit off place of where the world is and in economics and somewhat in possibilities. As my next life education, I get some medium level education (there is no burnout then and one has some other life than just that and the N) as it pays better than something less and might get me in Australia/Canada. When I am in the UK, I have nothing major further to think and aim to get, then it all ends, and getting the nationality caps the journey. Even now I get to adjust my mind to the future views here, there and in the next life, having things clear, finally. And other than the possible problem with sadness, I feel good about this pick, as I usually do for a start, but it's a good pick from most points, it being the best I might get. The UK is just optimal to my heat, after the left unload or not being used as X-loaded the right is lacking behind and Italy with its temperatures and sun would be too hot for me, and the needs on flattings, work are all more likely and in the long run inferior to the UK with expansions option. Then the new positive things (with that fitting better in the UK) of the expansions really being better for me than Italy, and even staying in the UK is possible though when and if it stops being the optimal the expansions come in. I am happy about this pick because of those new points, making this even better than staying in Finland even from just the balance point of view, but a possible improvement on flattings would be fine too, and to die in the UK is better than to die in Finland, and the possibilities of the UK and English are better. But I think the final pick has come, based on my optimal on heat as well as less to no study of language, better work things and just maybe even better flat things, though I am not expecting it. But no way Finland nor Italy will be the best pick for me in this life, and if I stay in Finland, then I might study some more Italian but not necessarily but might focus on recovery (and the Italian person would not fit into my future) or/and doings. To get somewhere in the UK, the possibility seem good enough to be optimistic about it, and if not, making a shot in Italy isn't all out of the question when I am like 55 or maybe more (though I don't necessarily need to go there for the weather nor for the nf, having enough of those too or not needing them exactly like that, them not going to disappear because I don't go in Italy, the absolutes being cases in themselves, not as some places necessarily, or that's what I think now and it makes sense and taking the whole case, the UK with Expansions and English is the best fit, as is the middle level work education too. The whole plan so fitting to me, being my (outer) path and if it took closer to three years to make that pick, with two years of Italian study wasted, plus maybe one more year of research, though much global too, then that's reasonable, being worth the time, though if it costs be me getting in the UK, not too good. I also got some extra information of redness levels and flats, compared to if I would have just went in the UK before them, though I likely would have got more or less that information there too, so I mostly just spent some 2006-2012, like six years really, getting to this answer, though the option to go in the UK didn't come up before the end of the year 2009, and the 2006-2009 time was much in the ESFP and still not knowing how much I will recover and I had a better possibility for that then but it didn't turn out good as the flattings were too bad and I had that other persona, so nothing I could have done about it, and 2010 had a better possibility for recovery but I could only work the first half of year of it as deep recovery before running into flat problems and it's now two years from that and I wouldn't expect in all that as flattings, recovery issue, still some lack of information to have been able to make a pick, but the original plane was the recover more during that time, but it didn't happen enough and then it was just an outside possibility if I go later, like five to ten years of now in Italy, with enough language ability but I figured now that it's if not too much study, then the things I pick would not be better than in the UK, and then I picks the UK with expansions as my best pick, that I have picked before too but this time with a final reason and fitting perfectly to the optimal pick of the UK for me in this life, and all I have to deal is the sadness connected to the UK, as long as it lasts, but it's the optimal pick for me in this life and I know it now, and it has happiness factors too and I am happy too because of them, and then the expansions when and if I pick them in my next life, that I also am likely to pick if reborn elsewhere, though if that place is Mediterranean, I might or even figure to stay there then, and with a better recovery in my next life, it isn't clear what persona in me takes the dominance, but the English path is the best for me and with my pick of the UK persona or so, though with expansions, I am likely to take the expansions over Mediterranean if it needs for me to learn that language. So, a couple of new things having happened and the pick is clearly on the UK with expansions and it will be final and I know it this time as it's the new optimal, there being no other possibility, and even the extensions usually beat the other options and I have made that pick too, fitting to my life as a whole now and in the future), and if I end staying in Finland, I will find enough things to do like recovery, doings, holidays, to get to the end of this life without major down feelings, the situation not being all bad and I can make use of that time and have some entertainment also and when and if getting over the sadness of the lose of not getting anywhere, it figures to feel reasonable, the last 25 or so years, if I ended up not getting anywhere. It makes a significant difference to being here, especially under the Summer Aura here that has loneliness, meaninglessness, being more pessimistic and I think more realistic too, and with a future now, it adds positive aspects to now and one is happier, as one is with a good positive goal generally, and the only way to be happy now without a positive goal is if one has the positive right now, but when that isn't the case, then the positive is in the future, in the aims, that adds to this moment then, making it happier.

Getting a flat and a job in the UK isn't necessarily easy, e.g. in Finland we often/generally have competition about flats (and jobs) (and the Grand Helsinki might not be the easiest place to get a flat rented of/from because of that), that makes is theoretically impossible for more or less of the people to get any kind of a flat fast. I have a plan of how I am going to go after the flat and the job in the UK (and in any country, and there are things to know and plan, it not being easy). It's a gamble to have a work but no flat, and it's a gamble to move in a flat (from another country) before having a job. One just might prefer gambling one or both of those. One needs to have a pretty complete plan to deal with all. I will have a ticket back also that I will use at one point if I don't get anything. If London fails, I might try an another city in the UK, the next time.