6/2012. I am x-picking the UK at this time, a new point of hobbies selected and them being heating, not fitting as well in Italy, and as the UK is the cold hole, it needs the counter of the heated actions, to balance it, and such wouldn't be optimal in Italy. This point makes it clear, at this time, of what the picks of doings have to say about the pick of the country (the weather and other optimums, functions, personas). This being the key (to me) though not anywhere likely that it will hold, but when ever it is holding, many picks move from the Fi (Italy/Italian) to the Fe (English/the UK) directions, though in my personal heated doings I might be just the opposite but it's not Fi-dominant, but T-dominant, more or less with Se, but then the opposite, the warmer stuffs fit better in that and into the cold hole of the UK.

The other factors to/for picking the UK (with expansion possibilities with English as well as a near possibility of a France rebirth) are seen also; English, economics, work, though not that F/flatting necessarily get any better and might get worse, in the UK, but the pick of the UK/English is the more solid pick and offers more possibilities also. But those solid things are not what makes the pick for me but the persona (depends on the doings) that feels to be, and is better, where it's feeling the best as long as the downsides are not that much worse. And those picks of likings or/and doings change up to everything, though not all in my case but the weights of the doings and likings change heavily, and Italian might not even exist in my the UK pick world, I starting to weigh English that much heavier and not being in the persona that prefers Italian, and the practicality too goes up in value with my UK pick.

When picking the other (Italy) option, then the 'goods' of it will x-dominate and the 'bads' of the other pick (the UK/English) will dominate the x-mind, and all goods of the picked will be seen as well as all bads of the not picked will be seen. And it's relative to what one is (what one likes then, including the personality functions as they more or less have their preferences, likings), being in one's likings, though it's not said that all or up to any will hold when the now-x-mind gets some time in and the whole situation is seen with less weighted stuffs on/in the x-mind. After that my head might again feel more comfortable about Italy because it's expanding,

Or not that much in the hole - I have been expanding less as a result of going more into the hole, and currently I am getting used to the clear pink living, where I see better, have more expansion and all the goods, just feeling a bit light and not as expanded as I have been that much on the hole side and I am not pushing myself in some direction, haven't been mainly doing that for years, feeling usually more like to just see (to) where things are going as it's about Xme, my doings, my being, likings rather than push the x-mind and X-mind somewhere and then like that.

lighter, not in the hole, the weather, Italian, and the UK is more like the opposite and if getting flattings okay in Italy, work and salary being reasonable, then it might be more or less as good as it gets, and I know that, just that it has buts (ifs) and limitations and lacks compared to English and the UK (and the expansions) as what they can offer that Italy (to me) doesn't offer at this time. But in theory I S/see the possibility of Italy, that it can be the best pick, just that I can't be sure of that, of what one could get. I am currently worried and only if getting things okay, would I not be worried, so it's then kind of seeing things okay enough and trying to pick as so. Though not that my doings will be all that good then either but I could still do as so, with lesser weights and I really can't think the flattings to be worse in Italy and can't compare it.

But my worry has a significant weight and that's not all of my problems, one other being learning Italian and the nature of Italian also, that I am not at the current persona seeing all that much better in the whole nor practical - though English is a too big language group but it has potential and one gets more knowledge. It figures easier to learn e.g. Italian than English, when it comes to the whole of it, though English is more simple and one will have difficulties there, on/in that part, with Italian for a longer time (it being like half the time hard to understand even when one knows all the words - correlates with it being Ti-written, and one needs to learn the words stronger than with English as one needs more time to translate it to/in(to) an understandable form).

English is half the time clearly too wrongly written but that's about all if counting out personal likings, where Italian is Fi/Ti, feminine, though the more that bothers one, the more one will be using it as more Fe/Te, masculine, just that the Fi/Ti's will be often using it as more feminine and it can bother, like any language in the 'wrong' hands. For me, to use Italian as a Te is not mainly possible as I need to adjust to Italian, that's Fi/Ti, and only then it's clear and feels right but then I will like it and it opens the Italian persona more or less.

I could then more or less (depending on my hole) go and open the whole pack of the persona, with colors, light and expansion and functional personality (all like Se or/and E, S, that from more or less parts happen with other picks with such personality functions also), but it has its costs of taking off the other functional dominance -- though not that I need it to be Te but the opposite figures better as Se and Ti (I have usually had the bug that I have been doing stuffs that I am not, that is questionable, and it's a bug because the people who do those things are mainly or even only people to who(m) the functions fit, but it might be the INTP at least in my case as at least in my case it's not fit to anything (plus I am an SN these days). Plus the opposites are somewhat interesting as any doings are interesting though not more than half-fitting to me but that's all I have) -- and the better factual/economical etc. good things that I sure more or less will lose and so it's logically better to pick the best things and take whatever persona and language fitting to it as long as they are possible and not horrible and one is not of the Italian persona.

That being the non-fitting problem if I am to have anything to do with Italian, when not in that pick, though at times it might fit but it's a stranger to my main then and not sure it's natural but whatever, in my main I am unlikely to find the delight of Italian in my possible future lives, nor the persona then that fits to it, or the change happens more loosely then also.

To me English is T (feelings won't dominate, as the picks) and Italian F (feelings matter - or/and more Fi likings - and dominate), but that's not the whole case and even the same personas, e.g. Fe-Ni can like either one or both as an NF/nf..

This pick is most heavy on the pick of my doings, in their weights, that also decided of what I like as picks, personalities, functions, F, T etc. Whenever the weight on/in my personality change, my likings, my picks change also, and when ever I do more on those picks and like it so, my personality also change. That's nothing out of ordinary x-mind either, but to me it seems to be a bigger problem and not that I would have it if the planet would have a good country for me that would make them all happy, but as it doesn't have, I have heavy problems with my picks.

With the English pick area, I have a good reason to be in the UK first, as cooler and doings, and then I can expand like in Australia, that's warmer, leaving personalities more open, and no significant economical nor Flattings problems expected, one just needing to get the fitting profession and then one might get this good enough on this planet and have a good life on most all aspects. If born in France, one could make it one's home. Looks like a fitting path to me as I am currently. There is some hole in if delighting in Italian, or picking Italy in this life but I can or could pick the UK in this life if my personality and head can handle it. Then it's just Italian and if one can then fit it as a hobby only, that though isn't a persona, so it can produce a problem of separation but if the English things with expansions is so strong that it won't be moved by it.

Italian can be a delight and then one can enjoy it when it's a delight, just like any other thing that at some time is a delight, and so it looks like the priorities are getting straight, though not that one isn't necessarily getting enough salary and Flattings in Italy, but there are still hobbies, English (also sort of expansive and people) and though hobbies with lesser weight might be fine in Italy, and if not born with English, then Italy is still possible (even if born with English because one does not need to learn it then, that's also why a bit higher education is more possible then even if one would need to learn some bit of some other linqua because it is compulsory), but all in all it's limiting to smaller language (more so with not learning English up to at all, up to being a dropout, then one has a lesser possibility to get anywhere), smaller place, lesser things, lesser Flattings maybe, lesser salaries maybe, and the factors of death when the house falls down or some other reason in Italy producing danger in one way or the other.

The things are not generally straight there - e.g. the Pisa building - and even their language doesn't look straight enough though I don't know it well enough but many things are not as they are supposed to be and though Italians have many qualities that fit to me, some doesn't, e.g. it's said honesty, universality are among them, and if that's so, how it's possible even to live among them? If they think so narrow (English might be the language best here, like the US might be though I value them at some things lower than how things are in much of the EU, but they clearly are ahead in some ways at least and as a pick one might like to be as much in the future as possible, but it's just one pack of values, there being many other factors to consider, like the absolutes) and wrong and can't be trusted at all. Things would get worse than they already are. They think only of themselves and their 'families' and in an dishonest and stealing, non-caring fashion and then be all happy outside like people who have a low moral. Stealing, corruption, their Mafia being just the tip of the Italian soul. I could understand much of that if the place where one lives is brutal, but they are not even poor really, just having some lacks in money and they try to do their best to protect the little they have and in many cases get some more in ways non acceptable. Of course, I don't believe all that just like that but it's more or less true but I guess it's just true as a mild fashion and that they are bend towards taking care of their own people and bit elitistic or so in all ways like French people with their language, and maybe both having a weak English and not feeling comfortable in using it, lowering their value or/and putting them to be the dog and the other factors are of lesser importance to them.

Collective, team, is also a value elsewere, looking like nf from main parts, selfishness from one part. It is valued because of that and because it is thought to be more or less right, including sameness. The problem can be with individuality and globality, that might be some more a USA value in comparison. One can think places like China as a possible collective nightmare and they have their source in dictatorial things also when they are imposed. Many wars come out of that stuff, and it happens on smaller levels also, and there is always some nf-collective connection that more or less supports it.

And then the Italian system hasn't been up to date to immigration, adding to the picture. With time it works better and already might some and they already are getting more used to immigration; maybe more in the bigger cities that might in cases work well enough as well as being more in the future, though some cities can cost more and have more things one doesn't want, including the worse weather, e.g. why one would go in Milan or near when the weather is some bad there, one should at least go in Turin - many immigrants are said to go there and it figures to be one of the cities that work though I think most or all of the bigger cities already work and Genoa has even stuffs printed to immigrants where many of the addresses are so it doesn't look all bad though one is still to figure out many things of what one needs to get there though that's much of the same in any country just that Italy has its 'family' aspects and many old style things still in getting work, and getting F/flattings might not be easy - though Turin is not good enough either until one has to.

One of the main practical problems in Italy has been and is that it's not as modern yet, the country also being some tens of years behind generally, so that's what one is expecting still at this time, like things being more like self-service and old style. In the beginning it hits right into their protections of their own economical, cultural and club well beings that they are so much after in a smallish group ways; it seems the smallish in good and bad, being the Italian soul. One needs to look into good things in Italians and in Italy and their language also and then compare that good and bad picture to the other countries and to what one personally values or needs or is.

The world is not all bad even towards the immigrants as it seems they usually survive in any country, that should be enough of an indication that small things are small things and difficulties can be overcome though one might need to be more prepared. In the near future the Italian problems with all these will become less (with the current course) and so it's then more about the absolutes, flattings, economics than in the bad practical and bad psychological aspects that are off the past and will soon get less and has been getting less generation after generation and most they are worried are those other factors.

Many people consider to move in another country, especially those that can earn more elsewhere (there is some question about the economic area when it isn't balanced, that in my opinion being much of the point of what a country is and one can limit it to smaller units to start seeing the case. The cheaper countries are possible pension places, that might help also their economy - depending on who gets the taxes and pays the healthcare and so on - and an economy there in cases can be good, just cheaper relative to another country that might even be poorer but their money has more global value), though that difference will get less also with time - it is very socialistic but also more capitalistic as free markets - though they have been trying to make it less too fast, but they will get there at some point as long as they get their production and garbage stuffs in order, and the flattings. With the good flattings people have a possibility for higher material, spiritual, emotional, mental things rather than that energy going into trying to tolerate worse things, just staying with lower things as that's all one can then do as the higher things need more subtle, that would be non-tolerable under bad flattings. It will take time before they get the flats more silent with the new materials just maybe, so it's not going to happen before 50-300 years because it's about the whole country rather than just one getting something more silent - and warm.

I have travelled some streets at some places there with the Google Maps and those buildings have so far looked sort of okay, with the general Italian smallish (pretty) beauty look and feel (at the lower, west side of Genoa at least and not that the east side was worse, it just looking some more like a normal city like Helsinki, and just maybe has some more work places inside and maybe still further away. So, the feel/look at the west side was some different, though I have looked just once or twice), but they still look like some -60 flats to me, at the best, thin houses I reasonably guess of what I know, see and have heard, and they are often done by Mafia (they run a lot of different businesses there and they don't need to bother about all laws, though not that a lot of legal businesses bother about them either in any country and all over the world it's more or less visible and more or less protected by laws) with good profits/cheaply I suppose, more or less like it's about competition these days in any country and the result is something in between, at the best perhaps. Though even there stuffs improve on average.

The feel might be a bit isolated even in a big place like Sturla in Genoa, that's the edge big place in Genoa and after that. It seemed the windows remain small and covered though some are not facing the opposite windows there. I have got used to the big windows with at least a reasonable view, and at some personas, I might even need them, but not that it generally is a big thing and to most means nothing. My current windows are east side windows and the sun gets there from like 4-7 am to midday pretty strongly and it works somewhat like a candle and it stimulates the system/right energy, and one is instantly (the UK and winter type) 'cooler' (it depends on how one is at the moment and who one is of how one feels with the sunnier and with the cooler) like after midday here, during Finnish summer when it's a sunny day. In Italy one needs to have the north side windows or have them covered - that might be enough though one lives in the dark then during the summers though one never gets direct sun with north side windows - because it's hot during the summer. Getting north side windows and a sea view isn't the most likely things to happen in the Mediterranean until one lives in Africa; France being the worst here though one can possibly have e.g. parasoles on the windows and have a good time up to most of the year if one likes south side windows and gets such a flat and that it's good and clear pink and with action. If one is less often home during the mornings, or the later day the sun gets in more often, one might like east side windows and live in Spain or east Italy.

Covered or not, and more so with any small holes in the window systems, one will feel differently during different times of the year, much to do with the short and long run sun/light and maybe temperature - at least it too heats one up and cools one down in some ways or sort of and perhaps, and the combined moisture and redness levels also are of major importance in the whole. In my current flat, I just might have problems with some up to 10% higher moisture levels during the summer half of the year maybe because of some 0.5 km away of/from the sea and I have it somewhat on two directions, and so I am not feeling as light as I would like to when the moisture is 50-55% inside in June.

I am feeling the higher wet and the extra heaviness, that I hope will drop some when the aura is mine or/and that the moisture gets less - it was just one time at 45% but that might mean the June is more moist than usual, like it might be during and maybe after the rain days. The clear pink level though is a small extra to that.

Not a heavier clear pink that feels more dream like I suppose than the thinner one that also can feel a lot of dream like, this being an another category of comparison though the line from (heavy) red core to dead white is the main but how things are formed makes the difference, e.g. at Itäkeskus in Helsinki it makes a difference and the whole east Helsinki is a bit strange, like the west north corner in north Helsinki, between Espoo and Vantaa, is a bit strange, and many places have some extras in the Air/Aura and so has my current place. Additionally to higher moisture in my place it seems. The sea of emptiness near east Helsinki - plus it has a sea near - the more redness at the spot being there but so is the near emptiness and it's producing two things, not one.

The extra redness it seems, at my place, is maybe near the cause that also is not good to the eyes, like in some shopping centers it might be felt, and I hope it won't become a problem and I did see the one who lived here before me had something like that in his eyes though more or less also normal se/ti-nf eyes, but I don't think it will be a major problem though I feel it now in my eyes a bit more but it's my imagination/memory producing it (though it's not all coming from imagination but I am not sure of anything at this time and I again got some bacteria/virus as my throat got sick and followed the nose wet but I am not perfect after that either though not sick like in the previous flat though not that that virus is all passive even at this time but I am not sick, but it's likely keeping me a bit less perfect up to half the time still for some smaller longer time. I did clean and bacteria/virus killed the new flat but next time I need to put more attention in how I do it and e.g. cover my mouth etc. the next time as bacteria and virus tend to get to the air/air water. In both flats (I think) I got a bacteria/virus that made me sick already during the first day(s) as it activated like in one week), that might also react to the fact that there is no central air sucker in my kitchen though there is one above the heat plates but that's just that and it can't even be turned on but maybe it's something, though my side window(s) is always open - at this flat I have three spots I can open the windows at so will rate to have less problems with smokers, while covering the air sucker (generally does just bad so usually to be kept open but there are exceptions). Time shows and I have two flats behind my walls - sort of more or less double walls because of how it is here.

The entrance room, bathroom and kitchen are at my sides, windows and staircases at the other two bigger sides, and no one above in my case, leaving the major problem possibility to the one living below - before moving to this flat I might have taken a look of if it's an immigrant from the name on the door though not that they are all noisy - especially as the walls are not heavy, nor the floor of course isn't, and then the lift is extra noisy, but all in all not relatively bad so far. Likely a relatively smarter way to build the thin houses. Nothing like the new reasonably big and more likely silent flats with e.g. a balcony - that can be nice as it's nice to have more space and air or so around. That one though might need to wait 10-20 years before one has a shot to get one - and the cost in theory is then relatively lower also, though not that older houses necessarily cost less, just the new ones cost more.

In Finland too, though many can get the more new flats but most can't, the flats are not necessarily much better than the flat's at the other countries, though on average they might be worse there, but the lose is relatively less if one is not having the more new flats here either, that have a better possibility of being more silent and otherwise good maybe also, though one can always use teddy bears - though not that they alone take but the silent/soft noise away and one gets more limited inside one's head or so (or depends on redness level, but I don't have much comparison point after years of living like that, but the less red, the more expansion), somewhat like the redness does - and some box that makes the air more clean, maybe cools and just maybe warms also, though with more or less a cost in all cases.

19-21C are all freezing to me and at some Malta they might get blue already at 16C because more or less might live inside under such during the winter and it's colder there inside than outside and also because one moves when being outside. I have lived summers in Finland with no heating (under white Aura) but it is warmer than that, but I am different now though many can have problems then also because of homesickness or whatever).

Everything is more naked with less redness (like when the windows are bigger it is less private) but one sees things better then. But with clear pink more awareness (less limited by redness) combined to the presence of Brahma (from people though the opposite sort of also), it being like a dream or/and the hard reality has more distance like when one is drunk or something, just that one is more clear than usual at the same time because there is less pressure to/for the head, more expansion of the awareness, that rates to mean more understanding or so of the Situation one is at because then the A/awareness, one's B/being world, is bigger.

After/end summer the moisture might be more for a couple of months till it gets cold enough like that during the Genoa winter perhaps - even at the clear pink or at least mere pink, though I didn't have so problems with clear pink moisture, but maybe enough, but the mere pink is heavier though the moisture levels are a heavy problem only at the red core but I am again some more aware of the heaviness and wet factors it produces and so I am in doubt if I should live anywhere this near the sea, especially in a warmer country as the winters in Finland are dry. 1-2 km of the sea just might already make a significant difference and that's what I had the last time though not that close of the biggest open of the sea. If one needs that distance - most won't and it isn't clear to me yet if it's that much worse to the others either just that it seems to be some and is a risk - then it just might be harder to go beyond Sturla, at the east Genoa, but that might be mere pink or a mix of white and mere pink rather than more solid clear pink.

About Quarto-Quinto, there might be some waste pipe at 25 m deep at Quinto but it might be standard anywhere and it was just a cartoon I saw about it, though they regularly put their garbage in seas with pipes/tubes also more or less everywhere, often not being safe to swim there in cases at least because they use their near seas still more or less as toilets or/and garbage land like they do at more or less parts of the world. The more western countries dump them much further or on dry land.

At the west Genoa, there is maybe some (more) industry and an aeroporto, making it then somewhat like Vantaa though also like Helsinki as it looks like that much of the way to Ponente, e.g. Sestri Ponente looked like Helsinki city center - Genoa has usually little space, though there are some small parts that are not tightly so packed but look normal - e.g. between Sturla and Center at least Albaro around Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, and the Helsinki center like west also doesn't necessarily differ any.

The higher Sturla (going up having the idea much like going to near Vantaa, though there might not be enough to go up, but it is also a thin city) - seems a possibility from a clear pink point of view and actually maybe being the spot for it but it could be like some east Helsinki  - and west Espoo, north Vantaa - and to get something like Vantaa and Espoo, one might need to go up, but just a possibility, but I think Sturla that's the first part of Levante - that has 10% of the Genoa's people at the edge - is the first possibility for clear pink at some point and going any further starts to figure white, and the same then for Ponente at the west edge of Genoa. Ponente's Pegli was the last that looked next to city like and was sort of similar to Sturla, and both have some sort of (a) beach also, so as long as one has a good redness level; both are maybe two steps from what looks like center to me just that Pegli is some 10 km of the city center and Sturla only 5 km, the 10 km fitting more to the correct clear pink distance, but this is Genoa and not Helsinki-Vantaa-Espoo, and the shape and content too is different, while I am not too sure there is much clear pink with that shape but these are pretty close built and the what looks like the center is close and all that can make a difference, it being what's around and there, the most balanced real clear pink maybe having such all over itself but sure not all necessarily.

With Google Maps there is some possibility I might be seeing red core and white and what's between though can't then make a difference between clear pink and mere pink, but anyway, I think it comes from my memory of similar things and I know it can in one way produce the feelings too and then seeing it different from what one sees-feels really, might not happen and redness levels might not be felt from pictures even at clear pink or white. Other than when one is at such place when looking at the picture, one might think what one sees having more or less such, and the same to whatever one has there puts some limits and types of what one can see and feel maybe and the way how I am less or not at all in the box at clear pink makes a difference to how I see, feel, think.

Getting good windows in Genoa is less likely with these picks, just a possibility. As well as it looked like the big shopping centers are not likely what one will find from Genoa when going further from the core. At best having an ordinary modern shop.

Why there would be a problem in getting flats? From outside things look just normal to me when Google Maps traveling there. In Genoa the bike seems to be the motor bike, like no mere bikes, it would be good to have a flat where it's safer to keep, though one might prefer to use public transport and walking in a big city, that's also safer, sort of. The streets are so hilly and it's too hard to/for most to do biking and in e.g. Genoa there might not be much biking roads.

One's system figure(s) to somewhat adjust to the sun and heat levels and maybe some to some other things also. Decreasing like heat production inside. One of my problems is also inner and that is that I have the left L6's cool X-unloaded when I got my Buddha (SN) and have less help from there to my right side that also needs more unload. But I am not using the x-left load as I used to before, so I have no extra inner cooling going. Plus I am more sensitive to any changes in the Air and Aura, and because of the Enlightenments, I also have more sensitivity and it seems it's going to take tens of years or forever for me to get the reasonable optimals if I am going to be comfortable on this planet without getting it all perfect for me, though in tens of years my right will Xunload and I will be fine/stronger from that point and be able to take more heat - and cold if I will be in more right action then and filled with more of it - and other things also I suppose. It's sort of good that I am hot as it might mean it will become less, as long as I allow it to, and maybe don't balance it with the left - in case it might be less motivated to unload though it might just follow action Xtime and decrease in any case.

There might be even a less possibility of a big shopping center further from center (that might be the Italian diet as the small shops seem to be most they have and they cost more and as Italians are poor, they eat only the spaghetti stuffs. Plus as they buy their drinking water from those shops, so they stay in good shape. They also don't get any food during their working hours).

The refreshing of their online newspapers on the main page is a problem because it does it like all the time.

Getting the best of it is nice (like all the deities) if one has no major personality issues with it and it won't be too hard in comparison to get and maintain.

With the UK with expansion possibilities, I am currently not in the cold (and dark) hole of the UK, though I still see it's there but I am not at this moment in it, because of the expansion possibilities live in my x-mind, and with them I am in the x-UK right now and won't feel the doom of it, though it generally comes a bit later when the positives get melted from the x-mind to the whole picture, but at this time I don't have the hotness or so of Italy, nor its worries, and so the whole pick is better and my awareness and emotions also see that and I am some x-lighter, brighter and maybe some more expanded (I am at clear pink living also but I got my 'awareness' clearer with this new pick here also, indicating that with the best picks as one thinks they are one has a better state of 'awareness' it being like the optimistic state when some goods are there or one is dreaming to get such, and X-loads of the lesser ones with more problems on average will X-drop, like when getting some burden away, emotional, mental, physical) than I was a moment ago with the Italian pick,

That actually stayed a relatively long time like one month as I didn't feel good about the UK pick and it became clear that I can't live with that so it was clear I was to pick Italy even only because of that; also I was deeper in the hole than usual, after a low time winter - at mere pink - and I am better balanced when not in the UK hole, but with the Italy pick comes the heat somewhat, not only because of the sunnier place but because also because of the burden of learning the language, work problems, somewhat (F/)flattings problems maybe, recovery problems, and it isn't the most safe though a Mediterranean area to die at, but then I picked some hobbies as more weight in them in my X-mind,

That are also more right action though when done more can put one in the hole and then Italy would be better as one can't weight them that much, or not with my current state of recovery, and after recovery I still have the hobbies and they figure to wait on the multi-line their turn though not that they still should be weighted as much and I have dropped the UK pick already once before after seeing that but this time I think they still weight enough for me to pick the UK even if I keep the better balance as they have that much interest in my Xmind still.

and then added the expansion possibilities, safety from the economics point and work points, language as English, and my recovery needs and no need to study more necessarily, with a better future as expansion possibilities, and from safety point of view also a better place to die at.

so things changed and I am seeing at the moment the UK with expansions as the brighter pick also in my state of awareness, that's rare if it has even happened before, though it won't figure to last but I can feel the 'temperatures' in my head and compare the picks as so, though things are different when having recovered more and having the language well and if the work, economics, F/flattings also become okay and hobbies not as much limited, then it would likely be all different and Italy up to the best easily, but my emotions haven't got that far yet, just my head.

But as things are, the happiest pick to/for me at this time/moment is the UK with expansion possibilities though I see the cold hole of the UK being there, just that I am not at/in it at this time, and I wasn't so bright, clear and expanded with the Italian option for/during one month than what I am now, that being a new thing (it never having happened that way, just the opposite) and all because of the expansion possibilities perhaps, though I did some ST-actions too, that's more S(e) and so more clear there, but I have done that before also, and my guess is that I am at my current optimal awareness happiness with the UK pick, with the expansion possibilities that I will take seriously, and knowing that if my hobby things and recovery state keep me in the UK during my next or so life too (in case I am reborn there or will move there) then it figures fine too but I don't fall into the hole at this moment because I have some dream of more in my mind (plus hobbies) (similarly, one might have some personal delights in the UK and so maybe not be in the hole there that much), the dreams being able to change the happiness-sadness balance and X-left-right balance and any, with just an idea, and that is normal mind also, like getting happy and sad and dreams can change a lot though they will melt in the reality around more or less soon but they still can keep the balance different when they are X-mind stuffs rather than just x-mind stuffs that are more momentary, e.g. I spent as so the last month with my Italian pick though it wasn't with all the goods and I was in the hole too but balanced with my dream connection/pick of Italian, and now I have the UK with the expansions doing the same but without the problems of Italy, and so having still a better state in my x-mind and X-mind.

A part of the reason why the UK is in the hole and sea, might be because it has a big sea so close (that might need a warmer and sunnier place to balance it), though that's not logical I suppose but I have the feel of it similar to that, and looking the sky of Australia in the pictures, I sometimes have had a more powerful feel of its sky, though I have seen the same type of sky in Finland also, it looking exactly the same but the feel here is mild, not powerful. Again, not logical as I have nothing to show for it but a feel, that rates as a dream and have other reasons for it, but it could be the sea, though maybe not logically. I might have an experience of the sea factors in my Xmind and connect them to those places without it being true up to at all. We connect all the factors from economics to language and everything also as feels and as 'awareness' types too, personality functions, different deities of course too, and combines to what we X(-)are, and there is always more or less reality to it also but to be sure one needs to show them being as hard reality factors also like the weather, the language, the outer personality, economics and work and that they really matter that much in the whole and contain what one dreams them containing.

I would like to make a balance between the F and T, and what I do as a hobby are T and F, so the balance is there if not kicking out all Italian and related persona, that would be one sided and brutal, half blind. That is my favorite pick and perfectly in line of balance in doings and balance in T and F, in case there is such but I think there can be, based on what one does, enjoys, values. It's just hard for me to not pick the UK, that I could pick pretty soon and focus more on recovery, rather than pick Italy much later - in case I even pick it and get there though I would be on the path of balancing with e.g. T and F at least - and put time on learning Italian when I should recover, and then have problems getting (selected) work, and maybe a flat, and then to die there has some risks (and I know more when reborn, it not being worth it to move just because of that in this life) and then one has picked a major Italian rather than English, and with the English (UK and expansions) one has a good possibility for better flattings, better salary, getting the best of the hobbies. So, it's no way an easy pick but the question is, what do I want to have in my life, and if I want the selected balances, then is it not possible elsewhere, why it needs to be Italian and even if so, why does it need to be in Italy? It just doesn't make all sense that it needs to be in Italy and all to that part of the balance is Italian rather than something functional, rather than just that Mantra. But that's all I know currently and I have Italian and related (functions) on my list of doings, that I am interested of/on - at this time or another - and kicking some interest out really hasn't worked very well though when picking other personas/functions, that too has happened, but other than that it seems more like something one need to go through and grow with. And not that one is making an eternity pick, just a life or a few, though maybe radically alter the persona also for still further time, and it's my idea currently that there can be better balances to doings/personas. If that's my main then that's what I should aim to pick, just that I am not sure about of how it should best be done in the global and my situation. But I don't like the idea of going all to this or that when I know I can more or less have them all and that I better balanced in many ways as doing so, and believe it's the best thing for me to do. But how it should be done, is the question, there being also the factors of recovery, economics, being poorer and more in environmental pain, that figure to take a priority over e.g. aesthetics, that's the last flowering, at least if one is not such a persona dominantly, though the main here is about balances; how it should best be done is the question, considering all factors, priorities, times (now and later as combined, and then there is the problem of being born relatively ignorant to the next life, meaning the picks would better be there then already, at least in likings/doings).

I have now made a final decision and picked Italy and Italian. The pick is based on(/ to) all my experience around it(,) on what I have seen for and against but is basically based only on the state of 'awareness' that comes (to me) by X-picking Italy and Italian, it being around SeFi, like being my opposite as well as my 5-8th personality functions and I get more expansion, more light, more such life, beauty, clarity, that I all in all consider better though calling other functions better isn't (all) right. I might not be able to even try to get there in ten years but that's not the main issue (I also consider the UK in this Italian light to not be enough better over Finland, not even with the (the) UK expansions). I have also put the priorities straight of how I want things Balanced and will not put hobbies (the work or so is somewhat another matter) over the 'awareness' to a higher spot though any time I could do them also more in Italy. Italy has enough for me, and the combined pick of Italy and Italian

That I might not like as Fi/Ti and not being so logically written but it's word clear and Fi/Ti-delight - or related - and the delight overcomes the lacks in the way it's written and the Fi/Ti is now also included at the delight, though the way many speak Italian will still bother though it's not more or less counted out with/at/in any language. Without those goods one would have the bads and one would not like enough to pick it over e.g. English.

I can for a longer time use English style with Italian words and just learn more words and just try to pick the main meaning then, what is written/said, that being one point rather than think it's all so difficult to deal with when it's written somewhat differently, and to think it makes one's logic bad, I don't think that is going to become too much the case, and there is no evidence that Italians are more illogical because of it, and they are as smart though maybe partly because they need to deal with that much a more difficult language and it's Ti, that's sort of smarter because it can think. It takes more intelligence to understand and formulate the little bigger stuffs or so with a weak Ni/Te - like it's more difficult to deal with the small things with a weak Ti/Ne/Se/Fi.

is what made the most difference to my 'awareness' and I am picking it much because of it though I had the details like hobbies also clear, there being not too much lose then. This is really a good pick to/for me, just my lack of language ability and recovery(,) make it a 'future' thing, and Italy won't make it easy either, but the pick is the best I know for me.

The hard outer things that are not okay, make one to look for more solid picks, and not that that isn't what one shouldn't do, as it's a part of the system, but one needs to look the whole case through time, and I think I am making the right pick, though I am not sure as I don't know how bad things are going to get but I have made an estimation (the next ten years make me pay more or less of this pick - though I might get some goods also during it if I get to live some more under the more happy 'awareness' - and then if I get in Italy, I pay some more), and I also see the 'awareness' stuffs under a some more hard factor light than I used to. I have spent more and more time under the INTP because the outer things were so bad, though not that they are good now either but better again, that I started to change more and more to the INTP (Ni, Te, Si Fe) and seeing things more and more with those functions, but it's not my pick and I am using it more or less only because I have to and even if I am there dominantly, I need to remember why I have made picks based on other than that, so that I can progress on that path even when outer things are not good enough to have the related functions more dominating or more there to really see and feel why I am walking a path other than what I am at the time.

I was at Soukka and Espoonlahti (both in Espoo) like I was in 6/2011 and it was a bit different this time as on the way there at the spot (there is a shop called "Vepsäläinen") where the clear pink turns into white at this time, I didn't feel the change as radical as before (the last year as well as a week ago when I happened to be at that spot) and I continued all the way (with a bike) and I would rate it all like Kontula and Espoonlahti, no dead white this time at Soukka, though only a day difference might make the difference as well as if it's sunny and how hot, but the time was pretty much the same (16.6.2012, Saturday) and it was sunny all the way and 26-27C, just like the last year, so no difference there I suppose (or the summer Aura starts to enter even in Matinkylä in Espoo already before July), and the Vepsäläinen spot already figures to tell the difference was in my head and I think it was the fact that I had been living under clear pink now three weeks (and bit less than a year at mere pink) as I took a note that the mere pink (and clear pink now) can get into one's x-mind, X-mind and one might not feel the red core as much a red core as one figures to when one lives at white or red. Though the amount of one's x-unload and X-unload also can make a difference as well as how much one is at nf, that though is partly related to e.g. unloading in my case. I did have some physical heart pain that I rarely have but I figure it was because I was psychologically worried about the dead white in Soukka, that to my surprise wasn't there, but it seem the mere pink and clear pink (or the latter as a week ago Vepsäläinen was thinner). Maybe someone might have physical heart problems more easily at white areas if the reason is the nf-people in the heart or it supports heart's well being, as it did when I came back to clear pink. The clear pink though still has redness in it, and the whiter area from that point is better, but one needs to be able to feel better then, and some with lots of brain work and load just might feel lighter and maybe cooler, though his heart might get more trouble, physical and psychological, but he might feel better under that thinner, to counter one's opposite head, it being like a holiday, air.

I haven't been feeling as good as I expected I would have, at this clear pink flat, but there are still some other reasons I need to see to go away or being reasons not going away (I put the teddies on but it increased the low noise like putting the hands over the ears can, so I put stuff inside my ears [even just peas might, silicon(e) peas - without teddies that might make it worse even with peas - eliminate such noise. It much depends on the flat's noise type (of) what is better and at some times one is better than the other] and it was silent, or at least that time it was).

I hope my head will adjust to the clear pink and my aura here will start to dominate and that the noise problems will remain sort of minor (compared to the last two years) and that there will be no bad air problems (that can make even perfect Auras having aspects that will bother and might not go away with ventilation nor machine help though one can try), and that my eyes too will not have the shopping center feel to them, and that (together maybe) I get more relaxed under the clear pink and this flat itself and with its problems.

The low noise seems to be coming from explosions at two places (one normal building place and the other a metro one, and so they will last maybe a year more though the metro isn't ready before 2015) and has somewhat random times too (that's never good), not just evenings, but that has happened in the middle of the night also and as a never ending series and I would hear it a bit better if it was explosions while the other bum bums also sound the same generally but I can hear them just about only in my flat and the source is likely the one living just below me and I hear his bums only in my flat, not even outside of his door and as he is listening music at the same time my guess it's the bass near the thin wall. He has a legal right to practise music some of the time and there is legally nothing one can do about it, though it has been also between 22-24 and that's not necessarily legal (nor was the weekend time when he entered after 2 am and it might start also when he wakes up) but I would find it difficult to prove and I might not wake up to an alarm clock then if I fall asleep during that time. Knowing the nature of people it's tricky to talk about it with them but time shows. And the company would not even do anything about it if it's a problem only to me and it needs to be a problem to at least two flats, or the noise meter showing it too much, that it won't do. Could be worse but time shows how long I can live at this place. There are all kinds of smaller or lesser lasting noises too at other times and if I want silence the odds are I will use a teddy, but at some days I might not need to do that. It's silly that the place of his bass might be the only problem but I am not the one who is silly, and it might be bad enough even at some other place, and why did the one living here before me didn't talk about it with me though I was specific, nor had tried to make it to stop, but that's the 4th flat for me straight where the problem hasn't been fixed (the 1st one having been an extreme problem since 1950's but it is legal so they don't care, and the 3rd where it hasn't been mentioned when well asked or even when knowing a person knowing about it in one case. I see it also from myself if the question isn't specific that it's in our psychology to not tell of some things when not directly and specifically asked about but I have more or less done that and from the one who(m) one knows, one would expect a bit more but the same psychology seem to bind them too, working for the company or having lived at the flat; it being human to try to hide things and protect oneself and it's good in cases too e.g. one person was worried even of the little she told me about that I should not tell to the company that she told it, and it was just about a minor part of the noise and I was expecting to get silence in the mere pink flat though with peas and teddies it was sort of reasonable though I had to use them all the time but maybe during up to five night hours, and it was better on the point that I won't manage with just teddies at this current place, just that I might have here some more silence during other times but not enough is yet clear about the long run.