12/2011. I don't think I can pick the UK as it's too depressing and I don't want to limit myself in Australia, that's nature dangerous, isolated and needs a special profession. I will do the simplest of professions and pick my place and the Mediterranean does just fine, it being way the easiest, and if born in India, or in Thailand, Vietnam (one of the countries where the rent levels though can be too high for low salary, while India seems fine) etc., and they don't figure as blind or so there as they are all Buddhists, though at least in India there are many such "based" ideas and "enlightened" people on that area and lots of western and other texts and they can be worse than death and I don't want to deal with stuffs like that. The base Buddhism is also too anti-Deity, being death oriented, that's a fine step but standing on one leg; God and life being in the D/deities.

Other 'enlightenments' are like the Dharma awakening (being open to G/good(ness), the Deities) and sort of also the Dhyana awakening (Meditation, the base S/spirit, Shiva, Vishnu, [Brahma]), and similarly sort of Deity-'enlightenments' like P/peace and H/heart (with or without 'no future', being 'timeless' NF/nf with ST/st that's just here - there are many H/here things) and they are also outer personality (and Dharma) related where one could be in them for more power too (they will then be felt by others too more strongly, and I think being less so is the balance though one is always centered in some ways and having something more some of the time, more so when it's still new, is a part of life, living) and sort of "enlightened" as so (similar to R/religious "/'enlightenment'/" of God by 'surrender', relaxation or/and so) and that also means being more blind to other centers, to other tops of outer personas, all in the x-mind like any temporary thing just that those are more or less lasting, the whole life as personality, though not that one needs to be only in it the whole life as it's doings related and even little bit of something else and one sees, feels things somewhat differently even if it's not C/clearly dominating. Mindfulness, W&C has the views of such, just needing some education, and Buddhism at least has some base from where to start doing some seeing and without any things that are not there and with whatever is there, there will be more understanding of it as one not only lives it but S/sees it as well, and we are the mind as well as we are not the mind (the x-mind could be said to be the no-mind, the now, the living, though not the same thing [awareness, consciousness, Deities, the body, they all are but are not the Xmind though it's related and connected but without the Xmind - M/memory - there is no past in our mind, in our system], and the Xmind as the mind [the mind though has Deities too but the Xmind too sort of has as it's connected and the memory stuffs in the Xmind are related and connected], as the past, that we are and are not - and we are connected to some stuffs in our Xmind as doings, addictions, passions, desires, aims, hobbies, likings, dislikings and those can and do C/change - and there is nothing strange about it but can be more or less easily understood (that) that is the case as it's perfectly theoretical also. To say one is (the Xmind) or one isn't (the Xmind), isn't right, that being the most any Buddha has been able to say [and many times some of them - at some time - seem to say one or the other just to give weight to it but they sort of all more or less know they both are and are not and I like to weight the not being (no Xmind) only for S/seeing and change and I weight the being [the system, the Deities] and the Xmind as the most sane and common sense and ordinary living and that it's none of my business that there is also some W/witness in me, it doing its things and I do my things; I don't call myself the W/witness as the Spirit though I am not going to make a number against it but just live my Xmind and system knowing perfectly well there is S/seeing and change, death and no-persona also, just that they are not the one living, and basically not Life either as far as death - and the W/witness-spirit that's not me as Xpersona and even system or the Deities - goes as Life is in the Deities and I live them and my Xmind that I always will be], though that is not the end to the understanding one can have about the mind (the system) and the Xmind (the M/memory). I think the Spirit and so related to the Xmind as me-persona are under the same whole and are one being, that is the whole soul and is connected to the Brahma[-sea] as a part of it though still moving in it as an information-memory unit and our Awareness being (the) B/brahma, that left side awareness that takes care most of the 'unconscious' and body things and is also our mirror/witness though not seeing anything without sun-consciousness, and instant memory units, the brain, though all those are details and are not of major importance what comes to S/seeing and change, Dharma [that means like our system (B/being, perhaps); D/deity-ethics but is also used for the related knowledge or some path] and Karma [that means like memory (non-being, perhaps - connected to the being when one is living one's Xmind though the focus can/will also be in the B/being up to dominantly but the Xmind also will be there as we don't live without it and so one looks things with both, if that's the way one can say it, like in Meditation or half so there are both, the being [the system; the spirit-awareness as 'space', deities-/memory as feelings/moods, thoughts as integrated to feelings and as separate but connected with thoughts more or less then leading though "/'passive'/" thoughs as more or less (X/x-)memory leading. And the body, the world, attention (that is directing/the act of directing our focus area, and so sort of related to x-mind that though is just x-mind that we sort of can't do anything with I suppose, just with attention that can be used with/as can thoughts and feelings [focus on them] - and more or less all the chakras and outer like inner Xmind personality functions or stuffs can be used or manipulated [they so are more or less objects - or used/manipulated - of focus like outer objects and more or less fill the x-mind, the system] as well as get used [Kundalini - the left side energy or so - can be used in a way that it can be directed as it 'follows' the attention, plus its cooling energy will increase when especially the L6 is used and all-in-all the left side is cool though not that the feel of hotness isn't necessarily there and the function of the Kundalini, the cooling energy might be the cooler though it's not there on the right so it doesn't make full sense for it to be so, and the left side energy simply might all be cool, to balance the hot on the right in actions, because of the body]- on/in the x-mind, in our system), (sun-)consciousness (that is like what keeps us awake, like lights on, there I suppose sort of being nothing we can do with it though it's like focus/attention, it being the light/consciousness in that focus and is the most dominant, not the focus that's more like a hand vs. the body here, especially in the W&C that gives one the round meditative mini-cosmos of Consciousness & A/awareness, it being the full self-"awareness," or the full x-mind/system awareness/consciousness; Witnessing. But still, there is nothing, inner nor outer, one can do without that hand and many inner doings figure to be more important than being a W&C, though much of the stuffs might be more difficult to do and understand without it), dominant personality functions] and the Xmind and there is no separation in a sense that they are both there and that's basically how all and especially the W&C exists); the (chakra) loads (energy amounts) and the other Xmind stuffs that are connected to chakras as memory as/plus the Xmind has habits, likings etc., more or less good, bad or/and neutral]).

As I am not going in the UK nor take the expansions as there is not enough need for that, I don't figure to get anywhere in this life, though some minor possibility I might get in Italy at some point. Why should I weight the material things if it won't make me happy and makes me up to deeply sad, at this time. Feelings around the matter might be Xmind stuffs and not reality, but they might be reality also, but the fact is that I have no reason to go in the UK and expansions, not even to take some long run to get in the USA as I can get things well enough and be happy enough at many other places also. I am pretty much finished with this issue of Italy vs. the UK, it having lasted two years and I am done with it.

I got some more views about the flats in the UK. I already knew they are old and so figure to be what those old (200 years perhaps) houses have, and now it seems the standard that they are cold (they have one window level, air coming in and heating costs would be too much it seems), up to very cold, and noisy, up to very noisy (one might better get the top floor. It's very possible one hears the sounds of the other flats more close to like coming from the next room in one's own flat). Everything about those flats is bad, like all the waste and water systems, and they figure to be rotten (and would get rotten if the winds wouldn't get in) and they have or had those floors covering mats, carpets and they use shoes it seems because of them and because it's cold, those and the whole flat figure to be full of exotic animals and dirty. Looks really horrible (the UK so seems horrible, also thinking it - to me - seems to feel sad, depressive, at some but massive feeling points, and it's the general view about the UK also so it's not fully only me, the only strong points being economics - though not that there are no minimum salary workers - the global English and that compared to Helsinki they have two months of like 11-13C during the spring and another two during the autumn when we still have like 0-7C here, plus they have like 7C winters to our -4C winters as the average high though still more or less as dark winters though 1+1 more light hours during the darkest time(s) and the sky just might be a little bit lighter as an average guess. The UK however looks like more primitive and sad than Finland, and thinking of what looks like the violent nature of some more there and their global bad things they have done in the past, it's a rather side place to think about until one feels okay there and gets good flattings), and not that the situation is much any different anywhere in Mediterranean until one gets a new flat though they might also be cold and noisy. It seems a very small part of the world has good flattings, like Scandinavia can have though at least in Finland it's more or less about the competition of what one gets and if one gets something good here one might better not go to any other country in case Flattings are important to some.

Maybe one could have some holidays in e.g. Dubai - though just maybe they have some sharks (very near Oman mainly - tiger sharks), but it's more separated from the bigger sea, around killer jellyfishes during summer (when one isn't there), and maybe sea-snakes but not a significant problem maybe though they can kill (some possibility also that they put up to dangerous garbage in the seas or so and it can be bad for health to swim in Dubai but they say they are trying to make that illegal thing to stop and it's not considered too dangerous to swin there, though they rate to have problems with where to put the garbage), and though Dubai is considered safe, the laws and religion in these in-between places are not all ideal for women or even for men as the laws might be tricky - or so with 23-25C average high winter temperatures that seems reasonable if one wants to swim also (it's up to 10C colder than in Thailand, maybe 5C, depending; the sun protection factor if one burns, e.g. direct hot sun for even less than two hours to [non-moving but both sides] white skin - possibly getting 'permanent' black/brown spots - and then one might better take a one month's break, though swimming just might still be possible but life might not be very comfortable) (22-23C is perfect - with sun - for other holiday living [though not sure if there is anything to do in Dubai and even streets with walking seem limited there], it being the best that that part of the weather can be - the 21C is already cold inside though down to 18C is still okay outside at least if it's sunny) (the travel distance to a beach - island perhaps - might be an extra time/cost thing) and just perhaps e.g. Dubai is not as far away, though seems close India but perhaps costs half to fly in Dubai but otherwise costs more than around India as Dubai has maybe mostly European level of costs. Thailand (not necessarily better than India as beaching in all Thailand isn't necessarily ideal as swimming in e.g. Pattaya is not recommended - except on some islands there - as the water isn't even clear, but on the other hand some Goa in India might have already got rather junky and to swim in the ocean at most places in India is either dirty or dangerous because of the power of the ocean - Thailand has also/mainly/only its "M/mediterranean" side - even some places like Australia might have). One might be able to rent e.g. a temporary flat for a month or more with European level normal rent costs.

Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh in South India have some more or less big cities with a beach nearer or further, and swimming more or less safe or dangerous, and maybe not allowed during more or less of the summer. So, depending on what work one does, one has possibilities to beach in India, not all depending on what part in India one is born at, because of language limitations. The beach cities are hot (including the average low, and moisture). Additionally to more or less beach possibility, Karnataka has higher elevation cities that are cooler during most of the year and so might be the best picks in India.

If one wants the right temperature and the swim, one is short of options from Europe as a white man if over e.g. 28C (average high - though the more or less usual high might or might not be like 2C higher than that) is too much (under direct sun even on a holiday. Thailand has cooler mornings and the sun goes down like 18:00, and it's not always too moist). I don't think I want 30C holidays (only after having been under it a month, it just maybe might feel cooler) and so my options are like here only if even there, then getting them only in Mediterranean or so during the summer and around when it's reasonable in Finland also but adding some city and beach holidays could be fine and not at 30C.

Hostels might have bed bugs (they seem to have increased in Canada/USA also - the bed bugs figure to live inside but perhaps they can survive even -18C) and they can be anywhere there though they eat during nights maybe. Bed bugs figure to make one uncomfortable. I am just not sure how much if any a myth they are, but they have been found. Camping might not have that problem and it's more or less one's own place. Camping having other problems and it might be easier to take a dorm though one might not get them for more than one week at the time. Dubai, like 7 am up and 17:30 down, compared to Thailand's like 6:30 am up and 18:00 down, during the darkest time of the year, but it can be only at the average low, e.g. 14C, during the Dubai morning (meaning the flats too figure to be cold though they might still be warmer from the day before as well as they might have invented heating) and so one should be sceptical about the Dubai morning and maybe the evening and about the sea temperature (and it wasn't mentioned how many sunshine hours Dubai has, during the winter, just that it rains like once per week. Also if it's windy wasn't mentioned but seems it might be little with a small ocean though some Sardiania can be windy, and Genoa during the winter - the sand might get in one's hair. During the months of 11 [12, I suppose, possibly even 1] and 3 one could get more temperature [even those 30C's for some time without going in Thailand, and picking just the right time one can make it 30C or 27.5C or 25C and down to 23C or so and the sea water might be warmer after the 30C period -- that might make the 23C with sun better than it looks thought not that I think it's the best for beaching and it or so is more or less the high point of the day though one might better avoid getting burned also and even under protection from sun one might still get up to half of it -- like they might be in fall in Mediterranean] though the morning beaching/C seems still too cold, especially if going that early [and during evenings air temperature just might already be under 20C, and the sun is down all evening like it's in Thailand and perhaps about anywhere though Australia might get to like 19:00 and 20:00 - maybe 17:00 during their winters and 19:00 and 20:00 during their summers but one should also compare to when the sun gets up and how many sunshine hours there are and what's the C] and seem bit soon when even Italy gets to like 21:00 during the summer [when working (the) days, it doesn't leave too much light/sunshine after (the) work at some places]. One might be up earlier, partly depending of how cold it's then but it might be sunny plus it's warmer under the direct sun. Under a hot sun/weather it might not be all bad for the water to be a bit cooler, though one might not like it, e.g. when going from sauna to swim (and to shower), one is not often liking it though it might be temporary and some do like the water to be more cooling, that it might not be e.g. in Thailand.

Even the shower water figures to come with up to a very low pressure in the UK while in Finland one can have it come with more pressure, and can use more of it - at many houses in the UK the warm water is limited. Only if one thinks one might get some better flat rented (with or without competition) in the UK, it would make sense to go there, in case the flattings matter, like they matter to me especially as it's one of the few reasons of picking the UK over Mediterranean and if that reason has been removed, there is little point to go in the UK if one has good flattings and might not get them (though one might try) in the UK (or in Mediterranean somewhere, and they do have some newer though likely thin houses there also, plus some one floor buildings though they can still have two bad walls -- not if one sees they are heavy -- and they might not be many and could be harder to get, and those hot people tend to be more noisy and care less about the noise of others as well as about the noise of their own). So, the final look on flattings is bad and one is on a hunt to get something better, that one might or might not get. Realistically, I will never try the UK, and if I go in Australia (lower education can often get one here, maybe using online help to get one a job, and then maybe one gets there if lucky. They also have limitations of how many they take per year from this and that profession and it figures to get harder and harder in the future. One would need to make a professional pick based on possibilities and hope to get lucky or have a backup as some other country with English or not, or a part of the country but one would be picking a profession and life one might otherwise not pick) or/and Canada (higher education might get one there at some point of one's life)) in my next life, I wouldn't go from/through the UK, though temporarily one might pick another English country, but I would go directly (In Canada the wiki seemed to say their English sounds like American, but is British also, but one might then pick the American [or Canadian] one, or pick whatever one thinks is the best. But about Australia, it seems it's the British English but they have their own more or less official dictionary also - T/the Macquarie D/dictionary, and the wiki says it's closer the British and Canadian English than American English, and so one might pick the Australian English as the base if that's where one is going to be and if not sure then pick the British English I suppose, that might also be global, though maybe one could pick whatever one likes or/and thinks is the best, also considering the movies when/if listened with English that is mainly American and so makes major sense to learn American English - if the country where one is has the movies with original speaking - but it's not going to be fitting to all professions and might produce additional problems to anyone, though it might be worth it as there are the goods also and one might like something else more).

So, though I had stopped solving the problem of Italy vs. the UK, after it having failed for two years, it was in less than one month solved for me because of what I happened to hear, and then it all looked clear enough that it's no good for me to go in the UK. The feelings (I think not just my personal feelings and I am not even more than half so at such a persona but I am still fine with the facts of it and feel fine enough about it) too like Italy and Italian and they are supported by (the) weather and logical language reasons. The flattings and economics have not shown to be so bad that they would become more important to me in this life than those other factors (though if I get good Flatting in Finland and have a possibility to get in Italy, I might not go in this life [and it's only theoretically possible for me] - and the heating for one person might cost 500€ per month in Italy, or under 100€ depending of the source, during the colder 6 months per year, so one might need to get that bit of info, but it doesn't look like too expensive if one keeps a low temperature and is not living where gas costs e.g. four times more. All things in Italy are like that - made difficult but possible it seems. Mediterranean houses figure cold and noisy and the heating costs could be too much as well as not warm enough. In Malta one would usually use gas at this time and it doesn't look like costing that much though they are asking more and more every year and it doesn't figure to be warm enough for me and comfortable either, additionally to noise, though not that flats to me in this life are necessarily going to be silent and warm anywhere, but suffering colds - it seems their flats can be even colder than the C outside as they are some stone holes perhaps - the first floor at least there perhaps more - like being a cellar that together with moisture I have a negative experience from my previous flat though mostly because of the red core - half the year plus too much heat two months per year would make 2/3 of the year potentially up to hugely miserable in e.g. Malta, plus the moisture problems during winter at least that are considered a problem even for average humans, and Malta might be too populated too, plus noise problems, and the possible lack of good pink quality, other smells and factors, possibly/likely salty water - and possible lacks of water - though buying the water when drinking it and that is some extra work too. But other than the Housing factors [or the sea water might not be clean enough] - that figure the most important to me - it might be a good place and they seem to see Italian TV too and are not uncommon with that language and one can more or less deal with English in Malta, so some nice combinations, but I don't see how one is going to make that a reality though it's not impossible, just likely too unlikely to my taste); in my next life I have more possibilities and will need to consider the economics, flattings (in case I know to think about them) and the global English factors also, meaning it's not like all clear of how much the language factors have weight for me, just that it's not a possibility for me anymore in this life and so I have no acute reason to solve it though there is less reason to go in Italy in this life if I would rate to go in Australia or Canada in my next life, though I don't know how possible that will be in my next life and what the situation is then and so the only things I might look into further is how much I will be rating English vs. Italian, but at this time I don't have to and I think (though my thinking doesn't matter all as it keeps changing) I have made my decision in favor of Italy and 60M as it's all enough and just fine for me and gives me all the freedoms, plus I will have some other countries too as options and will not need to pick the global English (that one might learn too, that doesn't look like that difficult if one is an Italian, and not to make English too a dominant factor over so many other factors) nor further economics and I have reasonable possibilities in my possible next life to overcome the flatting factors.

It starts to look like there are no good flattings on this planet, but if one gets the rare ones or knows some place on this planet with good weather that has good F/flattings, then. In Thailand there are no heating costs (maybe water, and cooking etc.) - there is never cold - and for a black man it doesn't figure too hot either (for a white man Italy seems better, or Spain if one likes Spanish rather than dislikes it, and even France is possible but it's limited to Nice mainly [and the sea water quality even this day like here is not always good enough and might be up to bad during my next life], though only the summer is 30C hot at some places in France like in Spain and if okay loaded as a white man it shouldn't be a problem and the city might be a beach city that e.g. Rome isn't - it has 33C+ like half the summer when the beach city like Pescara has it mostly half of that - or practically not at all, and it's 2C cooler during the summer there), and the religion, that's about everyone's religion there (though mostly in the form other than Dhyana, them having it as a usual religion also, like all other religions are, not factual) , makes more sense though not that I agree with it, and many things there are pretty good too, and they have just one language, though not a modern better one (Latin based, that's next to being God as far as it's written - in Italian mainly. Only in Vietnam they have dropped the picture writing, while these other related countries, that maybe use somewhat Sanskrit based languages, use both) and it's difficult in many ways and currently only up to half of them speak more or less exactly the official version of it, and one might as well learn Italian or English and go elsewhere though as a black man/woman it's not so clear. I don't like some major limitations to freedom in Thailand, and the likely crappy flats but it's just about the noise and modern comforts then (1/3 of the people are from India or China and half of them are men with an average of small penis, additionally that they are not Italians or even western though might have similarities to many Italians. The sizes with women also differ but that's not all to it. In many cases, it's possibly better to get a girl from where one is before - even after - one moves and there might be more from where to pick then also, and also the chemistry just might then be better and at least it might be more fitting overall. The downside is at least that the other - either one - might not feel as comfortable there and might move away/back; there is no such problem when one picks a local girl - though one might still later move back though that is less likely - as long as that is easy to do [one would prefer as large a field to pick from as possible, making it more fitting on average, in case one picks a partner to live with, that I don't necessarily rate to do] and fitting, and it might be nice that the local girl speaks the language as her mother tongue as well as she might increase the goods of being in that country, being more rooted - with the non-local one might always have a feel of being more separate, though that's just an idea and the opposite too has a factor in it that one has something there that's more close to what one is when one has someone from the same country, and maybe both are partly true and might also depend of the person one is, e.g. feeling at home somewhere and have there someone that then isn't so, but still having it so might be more fitting, but there can be the fear or so that one of them might sooner or later not feel so comfortable there nor fitting as well as the double plus increase of being alians in that country. What if the other is not happy there but stays, and what about the overall combined x-mind and silence, also considering the family and that some people have visitors up to most every day/evening. Being from e.g. India, one might better take a wife from there, though it depends on to where one goes also and to Australia [or Canada] one just might not get the wife there before one has the nationality if even then, and that factor might make it not good enough to go in Australia, and if I am born in India, it's no Canada, and going life after life in Australia is an extra work and limitations and the place might not even be worth it, though it looks like the primary place and might be so, though limitations, maybe more or less extra work, limiting laws and maybe F/flattings are bad, and the language is not all sane. They might all make it not worth it and one might do just fine somewhere else as a black man/woman with more freedom and clarity, that both look like Absolute factors one might prefer to be, but there are other facts also, that are more or less as Absolute) and one could spend most all time outside (that is a big flat) though it rains a lot/hard. It's possible to have there more protected sea as well as the bigger sea, like in Spain (though the big seas are dangerous too, additionally too all the other dangers in many countries, including Australia with many animals that more or less kill there from very small to bigger animals, including e.g. spiders that can kill and one might need to see what spider it was to get the right medicine). Maybe lots of raining and moisture during the summer might be too bad, and the sunshine hours might be low. It's in one way or/and the other a pretty crappy and non-fitting world just about anywhere one might get, at this time, so there not being much any reason to go anywhere and if going, it hasn't been made easy.

For me, there will be the search for/of a silent flat at clear pink in Espoo/Vantaa and a long shot that I would end in Italy, that has a good enough (feel, logic) language in a big enough country and reasonable salary and reasonable freedom, just the F/flattings are whatever they are,

Even in the north they might be cold and noisy, why not? In my current flat I haven't had cold inside (the same company owns/major runs it as my previous warm flat and so I am not having problems with a freezing flat till I get to a bigger company - where I might end up for the rest of my life - and suffer at least cold [if the extra heater - if not spending too much - doesn't improve the C with the controller set to another C, or replaced, or removed, as it is but it might not still give enough heat, but at least it won't lower it], so I am not too interested of staying in Finland until I have to but I likely have to) and it's minus C outside, so it might not be entirely impossible that it wouldn't be cold inside somewhere in Italy during the winter and so. My current flat also didn't look like all that hot during the summer as many flats can be and I got direct sunshine here during much/most of the days, though it was the 8th month but I think I might have seen it correctly, though with no trees to make it less the direct sun is no good and that's why they use up to heavy protection at sunny hot countries there for their windows. It's not entirely impossible that the flats couldn't additionally be a bit cooler during the summer in hot countries. Then they would be just noisy, one needing to live with peas (maybe not any much deep as the ears might not handle it if used too much so) and teddy bears and hope that will be enough - Italians just might e.g. talk all day and the mentioned protection might not be enough and one would need to use more massive peas - though alone just 20 dB - and if that doesn't help either, one might be in trouble until making something better like putting better protection inside the teddy bears - or just using both though that's not necessarily enough and if so then making good teddies can also be difficult - and hoping the teddies wouldn't leak too much, though many teddies also give their SNRs.

and the location of the death isn't necessarily as safe but it's also Mediterranean/EU. The UK has more or less too bad flatting problems and their winter is dark and rainy, not making that much a difference to Finland as it's no outdoor weather though possible and the Finnish winter has like no rain and there is white, though it takes a long time for the spring and autumn to get better, but still it isn't something great even if it would be like in the UK, while the winter top colds in Finland are limited to morning temperatures and to some very cold weeks. And maybe one gets to be away some part of the winter.

In case one easily picks a profession from something that gets one is Australia, Canada then it would be easy and English is readily there, but if one is not sure about that or not fitting into such selectivity, like I don't at this point figure to be, then there is mainly the western (if one is western) more open world to pick from, and for my case Italy seems like the only option until I am born as a black man and pick something else (it's also safer to be a black man in a black country as well as one fits better in) though the problem would still be the learning of a language or more.

2/2012. I have been changing as a persona because of my flatting problems in Finland and the already common persona of INTP

Since the red core - has to do with its limiting expansion plus the noise too and my current place has enough noise to limit me as well as the constant mere pink that's actually not only limiting but also feels more heavy and all in all heavy and limiting are not the elements of the Se but of the Si and my x-mind is vulnerable to any Mantras and other factors though the main thing here is the lack of silence where I can not be in cosmos, in Life but live under a helmet, protecting against the outer factors and constantly inside dealing with the stressing factors, taking the inner positions of protecting against it and dealing with it, it being more or less a 24/7 factor going on and only sometimes like an hour per week I might have something of the Life and the Se and outer L/life and so, the ones fitting well in Italy, and only in theory there is a possibility of such silence for the near lives as it's asking silence in a world that has no idea of it and not that that is the only factor that is not right for me if picking a place like Italy, so I am kind of thinking I will need to pick a persona that has more resistance against the 'outer' bad factors, more so because of me that is more vulnerable/sensitive and so picking [an outer] persona that fits better on this planet at this time, though it makes one more dominantly blind to Se-factors or so, but it's about survival and optimal and as it seems I am asking too much to have a Life, I will just have to take the survial and get just a life, that should be better than increased suffering and not that it can be that bad in Australia and I still have a Life possibility there if I would happen to get the factors that would fit in it though not that it's all the same but it's more and on this planet at this time it's always better to have a stronger thing of English plus outer things maybe better to have the base thing better as relative - one vs. the world - and factual, it fitting better in this time, and I might not have any Brahma in my next life, that then would not be an issue either as it's part of the sensitivity and expansion. Though I see no major reason why I wouldn't get the Brahma again and I would have a lesser level of addiction in any case. Not that "Australia" is the "truth" and my persona, but I am not alone in this world and might have no other option from the comfort and survival point of view and I really can't even get to see it these days as I am never like weeks and months in Life to know the truth of the whole matter and even if I would, like I might imagine it possibly to be the case, then how to fit it in the world and I just do not think a place itself - Italy - can be of such a major factor over Australia that it would win this picking competition, Italy only having its Mantra from Italian, the language that's connected to the country, though it's then connected to the persona also and that's the only factor that I am unsure about and if it's the pick, Italy being the pick because of it alone, then picking Australia would be missing the core of that life, and it might be up to a sin. But as things are, there is the survival that takes a priority over the flowers, and then there are other like economical, people, global and personal factors that more or less are on the side of picking Australia over Italy, though the flower can never be fully open in Australia, but it's for the best of it and the whole system when it can't handle it but it can be only as open as it can handle. One also needs to think about all the other spiritual noises like vibrations.

has been getting pretty steady and if it not being the case, I need to be supported by silence, and clear pink expansion maybe, and then Italy being better perhaps, but as I have been more lately, Italian is up to somewhat too feminine, English being more balanced there (or fitting to Si and so), though this is all based on my protection against the noise, and that too is an additional point in Italy as the noise factor just might be too high there, depending on the flat form and luck, plus the other problems of Italy and its limitations to me, those too being important factors in life. But things change in the world, and I change and my lifestyle and how I am made by the outer factors (as the crappy world for example that is a factor for sure and I can't ignore it until my personality puts me in Italy, that it's not doing under the current personal and up to global factors, not something I can be) so there is no sure thing, but as things are now, I am picking things based from the point of INTP (though not that it will dominate in my x-mind all the time and with silence and so it might become the usual secondary - and so slowly die - and at no point have I picked it, just that it was picked for me by the outer factors that are harder to deal with without Si and NT) and one of the picks is Australia, and I can educate myself through junior high school (7-9 - other than that I might drop out when about 14, that will produce some problems in countries where one needs to get till 9th or till one is 16, but what's right for/to me is right for me and it's not generally right for others considering the life and complications ahead not to get the best of it), it not being too much to ask I think and not too hard (and energy wasting), and then get a profession that gets me in Australia and I can go in Australia like that life after life till the world gets better overall for me to go somewhere else also. English is a major factor, and it's a good language though I have never got delight dealing with it and it's not all sane but in the future further away there figures to be some changes in it, making it more sane while as it's now, it's mainly about the wrong way it's written, that's not the core of English but more like an additional bother, and with the corrections in the written form and some with pronunciations, it might look and feel like the best language, even if not giving delights and some personalities would still prefer some other languages as they get delights there, but it looks like English is going to be such a major thing and get improvements, that it gets some extra points now already, and when it's the second mother tongue, maybe being there at home and school side by side with the primary mother tongue, then it comes naturally and there will be no major bothers in learning it and so, but till then one might put more weight on English as a place and language. And things on the economics and Flatting things improve in the world. Even white (vs. red) living is reasonable to me in my next life and so that gives some more area if lacking on clear pink, while one needs to pick also who exactly one is living with (loads, doings), even working with and the places where one is working at and think somewhat about the profession where it's working at, though not that one is necessarily all the time working at the red core - and mere pink that's not all bad - or need to pick such a city or so to work at. Also, the profession one gets is not something one is necessarily going to work all life with though having got the education and maybe the work experience, it makes less sense to change but it could be done, especially if picking some up to brainless work, that might be possible economically also as maybe most of the professions that get one in e.g. Australia have the usual level salaries for the one with a medium level of education to it (it's clear to me I will not in my next life get any higher level of education that has me doing major/academic brainwork full time, while having a competitive or so education to get a good life is pretty smart to do on this planet at this time as it's sort of unfair and shitty towards people that can't or won't compete on the economical or so levels, and that includes flats that are silent and warm, hard to get, and from much part my pick of English and Australia - with some education - is because of the lack of silence and warm flats, that I consider basic needs, as well as more or less clear pink in my case at least, or it being a pretty horrible component together with noise or/and other lacks in Flattings, the red core being tolerable only under silence, though I aim for clear pink with silence but silence is more important of those). Australia has some weather picks too (as soon as one gets there as one is supposed to stay at needed part of Australia) of different kind of, up to tropical or so,

20-30C average highs all year as well as the morning temperatures do not get all that low as they might at some other places though in Mediterranean they do not necessarily get too low and it's just the morning, but at this time Mediterranean is potentially more crappy and limiting place, from most part to me it being about the lesser silence and lesser heating though not that one necessarily will suffer from either one, but then it's Italian and economics and other possible limitations and if one is not of e.g. the Italian persona, it's not a good pick in many cases at this time of the world though not that one necessarily gets things all better in e.g. Australia but I made my pick in favor of Australia [and expansions, English, up to Mediterranean and elsewhere even, depending on profession] with my current persona and this time of the world and my other situations, thinking it's more fitting and better at this time of the world, though need to see myself in the next life and the outer situations there before being able to make the best pick but I see no major reason why things would get better enough in just some 50+ years in favor of Italy but instead I am thinking the factors will remain much the same though I need to see all of them then and see if one even gets in Australia at that time or that things do not get too crappy there by then and one's persona might be prefering something else then also, and if reborn in India it makes little sense to go in Canada [with higher education] where the major extra point is the near possibility of a rebirth in the USA, and then if Australia is out also, I am sort of lacking the option but to pick Italy perhaps - in Thailand and in other parts of India, one would need to learn their more or less maybe primitive language that though isn't necessaily the thing that makes the whole decision and it's more or less mainly for the black man as it's hot - and more or less moist maybe like during the year when it's raining much. India is warm and has what looks like relative good economics, so maybe not much reason to move out with a base profession, if even with a higher one, though one then probably better try as it's a good deal, plus might get some better things also, and even base profession might have a car or whatever, useful in some professions.

as well as cooler, though in many cases with rain and if it's not a problems then it might be less sunny and less light during the rain months though just guessing, but it rains a lot as well as it might be plenty moist at the tropical parts at least though not that a reasonable moisture (and a reasonable rain) is necessarily a problem outside of the red core.

But this Australia pick is not a pick at all as this is still in the same program of picking between this and that and can't be solved as it's between two different personas. What comes to Italy, it's the other persona, that I actually should pick perhaps, and whatever price it asks (not really but if things do not turn out well, it's the risk I will be taking though could move elsewhere then later though it could be difficult), might be what I need to pay for it as it's personality spiritual, though just one of the personas, so also means nothing. But Mediterranean is situated better perhaps - mainly meaningless perhaps - and have the freedom though limitations. I also need to recover and the Australian/English persona is (like, more or less) connected to the 'old' persona, that is loaded, and the opposite energy to it, the cooling one from the Se, Fi or/and the opposite part is feeling like the way to be taken then. And I might not have so good possibilities to pick some place under the variety of opposite factors and I never really stay so long on the old persona area and do not really feel it to be the best path for/to me to take, just that it has the best things to offer to me. Picking Italy is giving up of up to all and everything and having a poorer life there, in all ways but as recovery and in spirit of that persona, but it looks like the logical thing to do, but also based on that persona, that's sort of meaningless and it can't be argued I won't unload on the old persona area just as fine. This is about possibilities and personas and what one is ready to take and lose picking either one, and I don't like to lose the goods of either one but have no option but to pick one or the other, and that is not really possible. That's why I left this subject unsolved after two years, and I am leaving this too unsolved and let time make its job; will be decided by time and change in this life and in the possible next life.

Thailand as a black man even does not have its things as well as they are in Italy, and that point added, it drops Thailand from my picks (additionally that staying in India isn't worse, just that Thailand is Buddhist, that though might mean nothing, and I might not be dealing with any such subjects in the future, having what I need already), until I am born there. Picking Canada would have the possible death place factor in it but that's about it and I would rather go surfing in Australia and have a better weather right there and the death rates because of sharks (and strong sea) and other animals and things do not figure to be too high - though it might be a bit more uncomfortable to relax there - that one could not take the little added risk. Get in Australia in the next life is not sure, though expansion possibilities exist in full as well as temporary stays in those, nor is it sure it's good enough now/then for one reason or the other and some other options might have got a bit better. The reasons for Australia are economics, flattings (silence to peace to sensitivity/subtle to aesthetics, expansion [especially with clear pink but also here], a whole life and Life in itself, truly awesome to be so, it being the best Place there is without life is mediocre at best and not really worth living in comparison and those aspect fit best with Italian perhaps but one might be less likely to get such in Italy) I suppose and English that additionally that it's global and all one needs to learn is that people are an aspect in the heart (and if enough of a need, English can take the priority over the goods of Italian and any stuckiness of picking Australia as connected to Si-Fe-Te-Ni instead of the more air having Se-Fi-Ti-Ne), while Italian is also in the heart but not as people and it's much about the aesthetic delight as well as it makes more sense as corrected English though does not necessarily fit to persona (though I saw a half-point that it might not need to fit though it's still connected to the pick). It's also more difficult to know about Italian when 14, though one might not know about flattings, economics and many other things either and actually might try to go in Spain even, with Spanish expansions, though it doesn't mean I am a favorite to miss the language factors in my next life, even that early. It just might looks rather silly to try to go in Australia when Mediterranean is there but adding even English (even just as no need for other languages. Plus global and people factors) and it makes sense though with the cost of needing to get the needed educations and there will be a significant delay if one gets (sort of as having English and Australia has its goods and anyway one might learn English too that would then take more time and energy) much earlier in Mediterranean though one would likely be spending even years doing up to nothing but study Mediterranean language and then one would still be lacking education, so even just from those points of view, the Mediterranean is the one that starts to look silly. But maybe I will feel better with Italian and learning it will be a good time and maybe I will drop out of schools early (I might find it difficult to study in your schools as I don't rate to study anything I don't want to or/and need to and in case I figure I don't need to - and need unloading - I figure to drop out like after 14 and then study only my own more or less need to stuffs like Italian and at 16 I might get my own flat and work or/and try to move in Italy) and have my own life and go/get in Italy early and do whatever work and have lots of places as options and moving too perhaps and I can always get more educations there and have a good time (more freedom of doings and movings - inside and outside though one is poorer also - and additional Italian delight, just the possibility of it being shaky as I might get less silence and that would make it worse - I don't think I should be major more shaky because of other reasons like the lacks of English, globality, people, and worse economics as I have already picked to be poor and should do just fine in Italy as people and language, and I can learn more or less English too though I might not need to. So, for me, then the reality check from other points is that there is the usual hard life but the weather [with some more or less bad winter 1/4 to half, and/or too hot summers] and the language are also there, not outside of the reality check and the goods make the bads too feel less bad as long as they are not too bad and lasting too long). And there will be loses with both picks so it's not that I need to drop Italy just because it has some problems and actually in the best case scenario it has it all, something Australia for me as I more or less currently am, can't offer, it being the safe option and not the option picked by me, fitting to me.