11/2011. All figure to have their country and language (many feel at home with some country, language, city, though a part of it can be also if it's a bigger place as it has more people, and action, there), like all have their hobbies, though many have hobbies and 'likings' beyond their outer personas and they are not necessarily fitting but that's some more complicated. The likings like the country and the language are known to have lasted a lifetime, that's a strong indication of how well they are rooted in one's (outer) persona. With the 'right' picks one feels the most comfortable with and is the most home at, and possibly is living just a shadow of a life with some other picks. To live in Finland, one from that part needs to feel to be a Finnish; one can possibly also find the 'feel' of it and more or less be so, but still it figures to be just an x-mind thing, until one falls in love or so with it, or just accepts it and makes a home there, and home is also from much part just about living and the place isn't necessarily of major importance; the place often possibly being more or less of an illusion also, though not based on nothing. If it doesn't last a lifetime, sooner or later one can move again, the point possibly being to be at/in the right place at the right time.

The shine (and shrine) made what looks like the final decision in favor of Italy (or against the UK); there is more (sun)shine in Italy, in the air, that additionally might make the Brahma more visible (for/to me); more light at least and like 18C and above makes it the best and half the year in Italy can be like those.

It's not even Italian vs. English that made this pick as I don't get the delights of Italian and will see its problems when I am not in that state of energy and awareness where Italian will have its delights, its energy, awareness, 'colors'. The primal state is also in favor of Italian, as life itself, and I am not getting in it in the UK, that also is under a shadow compared to more sunnier places. I also don't always like 7C, raining and no sunshine.

English is global, more smooth, more warm; Fe vs. Fi perhaps or sort of, like the USA and Australia feeling more Si-home at least to me, rooted as so, when Italy to me feels more of the air aspect of Ne and Se, that one also feels or so from pictures of such people and more or less no air aspect with the Ni and Si aspects and pictures and they somehow so far have been there in countries also, and in languages, among other qualities, and much of them are really so in one way or/and the other and not just being Xmind stuff, that in many cases wouldn't even make a difference e.g. with pictures.

With Fe/Te there will be a warmer flow but one will be lacking the air and so might start to feel the warmth as uncomfortable in the bottle of Si that though gets one closer the warmth (though not all missing from many Ne and Se and it's about the exact person also), the Se leaking it out together with the cooler fi flows, that on average figure better for me because of my loads, though that will be different depending of what I am doing, x-loading, and in cases I can be x-cold, left loaded and feel more comfortable with Si and Ni as counter, but it's not about my INTP then, that's not so left but one can look at it as right or (actively) balanced.

Picking something that correlates with major globality factors and gets the other goods also better, is a major factor to think about, trying to figure out what it really contains and compare it to the options. Australia seems to have the 60M people by the time I might get ready to move there in my next life, and be open to more or less all nationalities, just limiting what profession one needs to pick.

If I drop out of school when I am like 14, it makes it up to impossible for me to get in Australia, and it's not easy to get things well anywhere, but Italy for my case seems (to be) the only possibility then if moving anywhere, though needing language learnings and some professional or so education figures necessary.

Canada also need a special profession and more or less a study path and a limited work, and to die in Canada and being reborn in India helps isn't too good.

Not that the UK improves the weather situation much over Finland as it's still dark in the UK during the winter and the winter half of the year is rather pale. The UK birth has the advantage of English and extra possibilities in many ways. I am getting older and pretty fast, and being reborn as Mediterranean and not even needing to learn another language, are extra points that one might think are similar to any extra points the UK is offering.

The UK still retaining its smart decision status, while Italy is based just one some 50-50 persona and shine, weather, sea, and feeling like a shaky island in comparision though 60M is huge and living a brainless recovery life (if not needing that much recovery, the deal is with balanced living where no kind of brain activity produces any kinds of pains, like I get from like too much writing or reading and in another ways from any ST doings too much or from any NF doings if it loads the left too much, all feeling bad, painful and unbalanced in one way or the other and the way to recover likely isn't there, even if the loading is somewhat different, though not sure s it's one common idea of doing more and not getting extreme loaded at some one thing. But recovery even in balance isn't sure, though according to memory laws it can work in balance while going too far with unloading isn't good either though one gets stronger right side x-unloadings after x-unloading the left [deeper], though being too hot then too. I am just to pick some persona that deals with my recovery needs) and lives looks just the right place, rather than pick another dark place, though it's up to 8C average high there during the winter and one might come to think it's enough for now and with English, recovery, expanding possibilities.

The Brainless opens the door to difficulties and one figures e.g. to get the worst of all material things.

Finally, I just will be reborn (in case there is another life considering the aspects of the Xmind, energies, Deities, W&C, Brahma; all possible without a soul, including the deepening memory laws from the x-mind to the X-mind and Xmind, the birth of the outer persona, the Xmind stuffs with genetics and Xparents and the other Xpeople as collective) in India (but hope not to) and I am back at zero, except that I will have my persona and mentality.

There is no final decision for me about the language either with the 50-50 persona.

Though these thoughts will have a relevance for my next life also, but basically I am wasting my time with this picks game as it doesn't matter enough to where I will go, and it doesn't matter enough to my next life either.

If I pick the UK, it makes me feel sick even by thinking about picking darkness and more cold, though it's just for this life, that's bad anyway, and I get some additional possibilities, maybe some holidays if I pick to, and maybe some better picks as clear pink though again it's just a nothing maybe.

I also don't think I should weight the India rebirth as much as I might do, as it's not written anywhere I will so likely be reborn there, though the facts tends to be correct, them just being the case just that I don't know what the rebirth laws are (other than what can be observed and is known by science as genes and the mind and persona).

I also get to move in the UK more lightly as it doesn't need all that much recovery as Italy does for it to be the optimal pick to make. But even now I feel the sick feeling of picking the UK - generally it would mean [X]morally something bad has been picked (one generally tries to stay inside the good feelings and when getting to the point of feeling bad about something including morally or so, the deities, one is better not to get over that point as one knows or something it not being good, though the negative or so feelings are nowhere yet made clear by science as a whole, e.g. bad things faced do not necessarily mean they are bad for you or bad at all or something better to be necessarily avoided, e.g. not feeling comfortable about doing something is probably correct but when not doing so is worse it's still the better option), and it does look like I am so blind any time I am picking the UK in spite of the bad feels.

I have seen pictures from Australia in 2006-7 and the ESFP liked it, it being the (sun) shine basically, the weather, and the UK as so is that much more pale that it looks so in the pictures also and is not what I would pick as the place to live at as it lack that life. It's not that the UK pick is the UK pick only, or even partly, it just being in between and a competitive pick.

If I want in my next life, there is a possibility of Italy even as early as 16, so it's not necessarily that one loses a world by being reborn not Mediterranean (that well might happen if one dies there as it's a somewhat big place), and even there one could be far away from the beach, and maybe more often than not will be, and at north Italy the weather isn't all different from the weather in the UK, and to die in the UK is safer than in Italy based on what's around.

I just need to see how the silence persona will protest, saying Italy pick is complete in happy life (the weather and shrine) while it's clear the UK is feeling sad or depressing and the silence persona (Italy) says there is no point in picking the UK, it not being any kind of a pick.

The UK has been a sick pick all the way though things have improved on that and it can't be all true and it will not be a permanent pick, not even for this life if getting some holidays, and clear pink and silence never was there in the first place about the UK, nor has it been in these Italy vs. the UK thinkings, and so the feel can not know all things and should change accordingly.

I do know the missing shine is the reason for me not to pick the UK, but I am not picking it for lives here, and that's all I know at this point for sure, the persona and all other factors could be anything.

Shaky, Italy is shaky, so something feeling bad about it too (the people and maybe actions aspects being worse in Italy for me and when one is lonely, one can see the value in London and when one is not feeling lonely, one might feel some Bristol like a nice spot, but not otherwise and with the Italy persona or so, silence and subtle and by pure optimal facts of the weather and even for being lonely having weather, and factually thinking there are enough people things in Italy also, it not being factual that London should be picked if one feels, lonely, isolated or something related where one might prefer city center living and then London does not necessarily give things good there either, and so those are just connected feelings or so and does not hold against the facts necessarily. Outside of simply more action and being okay with the weather in the UK also, but these too might be not enough as part views are just parts, additionally that connected emotions need to be factually verified), comparing that to possibly temporary depression in the UK with possible holidays and possible better Flattings (often bad, e.g. some Manchester seemed to say it has half the flats bad). So, I will feel shaky or sad, no matter what. But maybe just temporarily sad but not shaky seems like the best pick at this time, and Italy does not offer expansion possibilities while it's possible to move from the UK to Italy. I am not even giving up Italy for the next life nor in the long run.

All I need to tolerate is some sadness as long as I stay in the UK, all else being up to good, including the future. The next life I will know more and might be able to make better picks than in this one. My pick of the UK does not mean that I have picked the UK but it means that I have picked it as a temporary spot till I get better and get more information, after I have the English expansion possibilities as well as Italy, in the next and further lives, and even in this life I have Italy as a possible holiday place from Finland as well as from the UK, and Italian can stay also, just not pushing it but not letting my life to drop out of it when there is not major need, and I might get some more understanding of the nature of Italian (and English) when I get more experience with them, though not that mere experience has changed my English views much, mostly just by looking into some language one gets something changed but I expect Italian to show me something as time goes (also, it came from my ESFP and that might be getting more dead as time goes though it's a part of me now, but is a reason to give this decision more time) though I am putting my views on English and the UK with expansions as attitudes and emotions, it being my main pick, not Italy and Italian; even when I stay in Finland all my life, it will be English and the UK with expansions, just that I am not all that interested of taking a holiday in the UK, though I will do that too if I don't get there, just to get things clearer or for no reason really but to clear my head a bit about it.

It seems I will make English (as global and partly as itself as it's pretty good with no problems really, if it's one's mother tongue, and other than that it needs like double trouble to learn though the grammar is easier) a priority, and maybe economics from some part too, and the Flatting factors maybe have a better possibility to be better with English. The weather, needs a move in Australia that's the weak point with English as it needs a special profession, moving in (60M) Australia, that's not all nature safe as well as the sun can be dangerous, and one might not be allowed in Australia in the next life and as it's filling, it might get in trouble to support all those people and they need to deal with the increased garbage, and it's a big island so it might be able to manage it for some time. Australia is not the best thing in the world nor a sure thing one gets or goes there, while some Italy could be. The USA is English with 300M and it's one country, that's all-in-all way the best with good economics and all kinds of weathers, just that one would basically need to go in Canada and die there, and that is one of the best long run moves one can make. Then one could drop the idea of living in a sunny place and pick the UK, or Canada, and it's not that one will be eternally stuck with bad weather (though not that it's necessarily bad but looks much like the weather in Helsinki because of the dark winter and mere 8C or so average highs though I don't know how dark it's in the best of Canada) at those places as there is a possibility to be reborn in France or (the) USA, and elsewhere.

The problem with picks is that I don't stay the same even the majority of the time and my views of the weather, language, doings, picked personas and other things, change, and so I have little to base my picks on as they are based on inner factors that keep changing, and all I have outside of those are the hard facts.

The plan is like this(:) Go in Australia if born in the UK or in India, and if Australia is not good enough, then if from the UK, go in Canada with the same profession and as one was born in the UK (to normal parents maybe) one will consider the longer way and go even directly to Canada, and if liking it in the UK, maybe stay there (for) one life or more. As the pick is the English (global, that also includes people emotionally/deity/persona, not just factually as hard facts), and I pick to be an S-INTP and do nothing as is fitting to an INTP, I will be more in the IP-box and then pick an INFP, though an INFJ is just fine too except it has the Se, Ne, Ti that can not only be air but provoke thinking or other mental doings, as well as feel more distant, while the INFP might not feel stucky as one will be that "stucky" also (flow, being in Si, that from the point of Se might be felt as stucky, if Se is ones air). If I will have trouble being with the Ns (if becoming more of an S) as their N-mind enters my x-mind, I will need to pick an S, from the IP box I suppose, an ISTP perhaps, though that will not feel up to any more fitting if I do even bit more with Se, Ti, Ne, in case I am back at prefering INFJ, and INFP and ISTP would feel stucky, and any time I am at clear S, N is not fitting, not even INFJ, especially if I am at EP when IXXX feels too IXXX, additionally to N's N-weigh feeling too much (a heavy F). And my base INTP does not all matter as I see from others that they can be at X-something, like they would be that outer persona but still not as Xmind (or/and as genes), and similarly it depends of what I am doing of what I am and then what I am dictates of what I like and what fits to me. So, the only thing that is clear is that I am and like whatever I am doing and being, and what that is as an X-mind average of all (not fully as an Xmind but more than a more momentary x-mind), is more like a combination of all, just needing to see the average of the past and guess about the average of the future, but still, it's just a guess and all I have is the past as the fact so far plus some idea of how my future might be and here I am trying to guess it to the other life, that's pretty hopeless but I know what I need to achieve and other stuffs and can try to guess and why I need to guess is that if I am building a future, everything needs to fit, and all decisions need to be built right now and there are many steps, one being doing nothing or so but then when recovered enough, then what I will do is that I will be doing, but exactly what things and how much, I can just guess, and I do have bases for those guesses and need to have so I can build my future better, and not to make picks now that simply do not turn out to be the best or even good picks in the future that I will be.

The special profession might have an other view to what functions I will be using, so there is a hole in the plan, but that's the best I can think now. But as I will be going in Australia if I want the weather, or in Canada and hope to get the weather in the next or so life, the plan is still mainly fine if ready to pay the functional cost for Australia/Canada. These plans are based on picked priorities of English, (hoped) possibly good Flattings and possibly economics. Even if up to two of these three factors would be good e.g. in Italy, it still might not be good enough. To go to Australia figures to need some 10 years of competition (7-9, 1-3, plus work), that one might not be willing to do but drop out at like 14 (to get some simple work/-education when 14-16 perhaps, to study alone or/and while working to some profession if possible. A no brain work that one can do anywhere - and is willing to do for life for mere delight of existing perhaps or/and having it more brain easy as work - and more or less not needing language ability [if not needing to learn e.g. Italian, like seven full years] so one has a freedom of movement inside the country as well as anywhere in the world), and if born in France or e.g. Mediterranean, one could do that.

One does not know enough English when like 13 and does not have enough knowledge to make the best decisions at that point. If things go well towards the 16, one has a possibility of getting the special profession and work like four years perhaps and then get out, but waking up late for it, it gets late though one might still get out of there when like 30 instead of when like 25, just that it's not on the path of no brain.

It might be best to pick a country where one can do any work, just that one does not necessarily get there and needs to learn the language though one might try to get in with about no language study and so there are easy possibilities, but it won't be any place that needs a special education until it happens pretty easily or one is ready to go after it, but it seems it's possible to get out of India life after life, though getting enough money to do so might be a problem (like in Africa and so, additionally to being somewhat isolated as not fitting in as well e.g. even I fit significantly better in the UK than in Italy according to my lonely feelings, when ever they happen to be there, or for some other reason like English added as global and more ready for it and expansion possibilities), but getting out of India seems like a thing to do, and being a more possible rebirth place for me, I am pretty much in this planning for up to many lives.

Being born with English is never a lose until one is going to move e.g. in Mediterranean and so being born with a language etc. there is a major good, in case the UK pick in this life might be simply bad, though there might not be a big worry about that as there are good expansion possibilities though work pick (with a somewhat longer path of education and competition) is often needed.

My x-mind, that's under the laws of x-doings like with all people, just that in my case the change is more radical, getting more or less deeper like the X-mind, that might also be called the 'unconscious', though also my x-mind gets some more like the whatever I am doing and I generally do not think but the x-mind and the Xmind, but the x-mind or its peak is also a controlling part at the top of the X-mind, or the Xmind to put it simply but there is an X-mind working all the time and it's not the peak just that one is aware of the X-mind also as live, and with control one can have e.g. peace over whatever is happening there as long as it's under the power of the x-mind or the control, and one needs that control/peak as there are e.g. fear things and putting oneself in them one would be in trouble in that part-information reaction there, but with the control on the top one can be relatively unshaken, though one is then not taking the matter necessarily as seriously as one should though doing the opposite is generally taking it too seriously - in case one would need to use logic to get it in the bigger view of the things and put the focus to something else, and the NF/nf-type of people, and partly SFs, generally understands much more about emotional management than an NT would that simply is not usually close enough of them to need to do but his NT and more or less ignore the emotions, and that's why he is not as aware of emotions as the NF/nf-types are, though the SF/sf-types have their own kinds of an emotional world, dominantly it being about sensoric emotions where the NF/nf (mental emotions) are minor things only and so do not need any specific way of living and management of them, though that makes them whatever they are inside then (when they get any dominant, they will speak), though they have a minor to no impact when they are not on the light of one's seeing and experience (consciousness) and they generally are not much if at all visible or even in function. To see some/many things of the languages and places, it all depends of the personas also, one not seeing some/many things under some one functional persona. That is very much the key, the soft key to making these and other picks.

To keep things simple and more all personality fitting, and global, picking only English is a good pick, though not that it's impossible to learn another language well. Flattings also are not favored to be good at Mediterranean. I heavily want the bases, though partly biased because of my current situation but I know the value of them being over some subtle flowerings and personas (on my surface) as they won't exist under bad bases. The weather, one gives up of the (sun) shine with the UK and it's from that part about the 10C warmer winter (half of the year), if it's good enough, though some might get some holidays, but generally not like two months (12-01 maybe) to cover more or less of the difference, plus some (more) beaching during summers maybe, though one might spend more winter even under only 4 sunshine hours per average day, that just might be enough.