6-7/2011. Espoo: I took a deeper look into Espoo and took a six hour bike ride there. One needs a bike there as the distances are too long for walking (one can try track with a car too though it figures easier to miss things when going faster - and with other people but not necessarily and bike seems to be just fine, no need to walk, though that's what I do in the city center though nothing more to track there. One can take a metro, train, bus and step away at any spot one is tracking, would make tracking any place itself - though possibly with less details - easier and faster perhaps. I would take a metro when going in the east as there is not much space one needs to cover, though not that one needs to cover the space to get a general feel but just moving around some when on some spot). Not too great most of the year for using the bike though one can if one insists. Helsinki is a spot where one does fine by walking (and using public transports while in Espoo one better use a bike too). I went first to Tapiola, during a summer weekend so it's not all accurate as many people were on a holiday elsewhere and not too many were working there during the weekend. But it was pink, the shopping center is fine, though nothing much has been happening in Tapiola during the 20 years from my last visit; I was expecting to see a different and larger Tapiola but it was all basically the same as before. Espoo, when it's not white (and it turned out that it's white only on the west side - or I only looked the south part of Espoo, though not Espoon keskus as it was a long journey already but it's worth looking as it's reputation as a clean place or so might not be good it seems though it figures to have action, shops), Espoo (the east side of the south half or so) is nicely pink, and when I say so I mean it's clear pink, a variety of clear pink, though the shopping center of Tapiola has a bit more red but it was clear pink just a couple of hundred meters from it and it's not that one necessarily lives in the center there though there are such buildings maybe that near also. The whole line then up to Leppävaara and above is much the same. All clear pink is about bliss though it's that fairyland (though so is the pinkier pink too in many cases but not as the main in my current dictionary). My take now is not to go beyond the clear pink where it turns up to a dead_like (N/nirvana; lack of Life) uncomfortable white. The next I went to Matinkylä, at about bottom center of Espoo and it was clear pink and it had a semi-city stuff there, so it's nice, clear pink feeling nice. It also has a sea there and it's nice and they have some beach there too that was okay. That's pretty much the south north line in Espoo, though one can go still further as it's only some half way to the west end of Espoo when the comfortable clear pink turns to uncomfortable white pink so to say - I didn't experience any bliss there, just the pain of the lacks of redness, like one can experience a couple (of) hundred meters away from the shopping center in Kontula, the center and near having more to the direction of clear pink and so it feels good, like at some point between Itäkeskus and Kontula, though one will experience a rather white nature connection there. I know there are clear pink type of areas on east Helsinki but none figure to have enough action, though some spots might get close while it's often no different in Espoo as it's lots of open space and clear pink but at many places the action is not there and that is the only lack there one has to think if one wants to live in a place like that or not. The third place I visited was Soukka at the west end and I didn't see a semi-city there but more like the stuff one sees in east Helsinki, that I generally do not like as they lack action and when that is combined to the white area (without bliss even), I wouldn't go to live there even if I would have to die, so to say (it was white and I understood not to take a flat from a white area [one just might see - maybe no feel to it but one simply sees it - it even from a picture as it can look like lacking Life, but I haven't checked it, so just a possibility]. My final flat might be pink, possibly with bliss. The easiest to get are the white ones as people don't generally want to live on the edge and far away. So, not a very good combination to my situation as it's a bigger problem to me personally and impersonally. There might be some unwanted places at pink areas too somewhere, while in the city center if not elsewhere one then seems to run into more or less noise problems. So, it might take some years as a whole). Then I continued up to Espoonlahti and on the way there (that had many ups to go and is not comfortable with a bike) I looked the beach, that I didn't really like and it has the boats there too (and places like Soukka and Espoonlahti have more nature things like snakes; the kyy snake and the water snake), though not that the Matinkylä beach didn't have but it was nicer and a bit further away. I think there is some third beach too but I had only the sun and a couple of names of the places to direct me (I was doings reasonably well just saw a couple of extra places. I saw that the notes on the way that tell where some place is and how far it is was too often directed to some wrong direction that the only thing one could be sure was that one gets to such a place on some direction from that spot and how far it is. Better use a map). Espoonlahti was feeling better and I might live there temporarily if it would be free, so to say, if I would have to though it has no semi-city there, though it's not exactly nothing but that spot was feeling the worst to me of the whole place actually. It was like clear pink but lighter, though white, and it's the same and it again got stronger at about the same line (I came back a bit differently) as when I went to the west side, and one can feel it instantly, it being the comfortable clear pink (and so generally better than what any white area can give) though the redness will keep getting more as one keeps moving towards Helsinki and on the east side of Espoo it might feel stronger when coming from the west side of Espoo, compared to when coming from Helsinki, but they are all good, the clear pinks, and it's up to one to pick if possible of how much white one wants to have in that clear pink and it still feeling comfortable. And then of how much action one would like to have and if even that is enough but one would prefer more action and live in more or less the red area. Munkkiniemi (I came back from that direction) is there in about between Helsinki red core and east Espoo (similar to Lauttasaari, the more Helsinki side of it) and it's pretty nice and not all that far away from action and it has nature that adds to the feel there.

North(-east) Helsinki: I took another bike ride there - it felt maybe somewhat easier this time though it lasted almost as long and I had only one rest day in between (and I am not yet used to biking as I am to walking). It had somewhat the same "strange" feel as the north-west Helsinki had/has and I think it must be because of the combination of Helsinki and Vantaa (and Espoo) and though it's pink and gets to clear pink, the air quality as well as the pink quality suffers somewhat, e.g. I didn't feel bliss there even in clear pink areas as I did in Espoo, because of that added thing, and it looks like clear pink and at some places the mind also thinks so and so the heart is near to feel so too but it didn't got to bliss. First I went in Pihlajisto, then to Pihlajamäki, and then to (Ala-)Malmi. First of all I expected to face the same clear pink as in Oulunkylä/Patola,

That's up to the fairiest place I know in Helsinki, as a land, though I have also lived there and though I rate it high on how far or close it is and about its clear pink quality, I have to take points away as it's a bit lonely place, lacking action though it has some specific outdoor activities but as I have a nostalgic history there too, it's possibly (not that it might necessarily remain like more than a bit more but it's an additional risk) a bit worse for me also and might also make my judgement a bit off, though the last time I walked there (this same summer) it felt just the same, no difference (I visited Oulunkylä on this trip again just for comparison) but it might feel more fairy than it actually is as my past might make the amount of pink that's in all pink areas of Helsinki, feeling more clear than it is, though it's not exactly a place of bliss and there is a fear, risk of loneliness and I take that seriously though generally it's a hard aspect to improve about when picking a pink area but there are details and every place feels different because of those and there are different things and when it's between different pink areas, how much bliss there is, is not more than maybe half the story as the other specifics are just as serious and more serious when the bliss level isn't much anyway.

but it wasn't there though I drove through Käpylä (that also might be the best way to east Helsinki as there are some difficulties to get a traight line with a bike between Herttoniemi and Itäkeskus), that's between the red area and Oulunkylä, but it was just pink, though relatively comfortable one. Also the order with Pihlajisto, Pihlajamäki and (Ala-)Malmi was just the opposite as the amount of redness (that one would have expected to decrease further), and/or good feel. The first place was a nice small homely place, and the second was still good though I might not be much of a fan of it's center as feel but it wasn't bad at all, and the 2nd place had also high buildings at it's highest point, so they were plenty high that might be nice though I don't know of the quality of those houses though from the look could be -70 in case they have no major protection against noise, at least not in Helsinki, though the worst are like -39 to -45 or so because of the war time, that basically have no noise protection (the flats before that have stronger walls and big rooms - those houses have windows that contain many small pieces and the more the older it is or at least the whole thing looks like to me like that - though they started to make bigger rooms again in -80 perhaps as a rule though not sure of the quality and lots of -70 have bigger rooms too and might have no difference as a whole either, and -50, -60 can have bigger rooms - my current has. So, it sure isn't clear anywhere but just maybe indicates something little though it might be a rather useless piece of information, just getting some ideas out of the system for more realistic comparison and that is mainly about the noise factor). One could live at either one of those without major problems. But Malmi, I didn't like it from major parts though it has semi-city action but it was feeling dirty and drunken to me and I wouldn't like to live there on permanent bases though that's just one visit there and has nothing to do with the redness but just a general feel that also might take its views from one's mind connections rather than it being purely a divine note, or it can be personal but at this time I don't figure it to change as I have some conscious and unconscious (not put clearly on paper as reasons) preferences. After those three I went in Tapanila, that was having single family houses (good maps mark those with lighter color though e.g. one floor schools can be marked with darker), so nothing to say about that place, similar to some Itä-Pakila as so, but after that if not at some point there too, one could think one has entered clear pink and it was so in Puistola, another single family houses place, and above it was Suurmetsä (might be just Puistola these days, Suurmetsä having moved above Jakomäki and I wasn't there), that seemed the same and no shopping centers really, Suurmetsä having just a tiny bit of it, less than Pihlajamäki. After Suurmetsä - and there was no white area nor bliss clear pink even here though not that I can say clear pink is without bliss but it's nothing compared to Espoo that definitely has clear pink with bliss and Vantaa figures to have at some point - I went to Tapulikaupunki, that has high buildings (many -70, though the color I saw was something else too - the closer the -80 it is the more red it seems it might have but I don't know), but about action I can't say as I might not have looked well enough but was mostly just passing by, but I don't expect action here either, but all the north (east and west) Helsinki areas have the near quality or "red" Helsinki on them combined to the more or less of pink, nature and possibly space (not that much space at all places - after Malmi one starts to get space on this story while below it and at north-west Helsinki there is a much close building to the direction of single family houses just that they are higher. Kannelmäki had some good space experience on its shopping center - a large or huge Prisma and some other shops - where I could feel the space aspect combines to the pink aspect, though the shopping center was closed that day). After Tapulikaupunki I went to the sides of Suutarila and Siltamäki and have nothing really to comment as I didn't went deeper but action is not want I would rate to see there, but still clear white and at the latter my mind started to feel more like it should on a white area, but could not get into my heart though I think it's closely related to (Itä-)Pakila (that's closely related to Oulunkylä/Patola though Pakila(s) has no high buildings, no action) as redness and so feel, though it's also on the close side of it and my Xmind as memory can add to my experience because of it. But anyway, not much of high buildings, not much of action, if any of those, and a bit isolates as they are further away and one might cut those of even only because of that. Then I entered Tapaninvainio, even closer Pakila(s) and clear pink category (that doesn't tell anything about the bliss level nor about any specifics otherwise). Then I went to Pukinmäki, that's similar to the experience of Helsinki side of Lauttasaari as far as the redness level goes (but without any type of specifics) and I could add the first two places I visited to that same (Pihlajisto, Pihlajamäki - also starting with a "P" and is about the places on north-east I prefer the most as combined reasons) though the experience of clearer pink and relative bliss is possible at more or less of these three places, but the strongest point was the good enough feel at more or less all of these places. Pukinmäki has lots of close building and the buildings are mostly the same and so compared to any area with a similarity there though there are specifics and the feel might be something closer to Vuosaari as the buildings thought they are different and Pukinmäki has just semi-high buildings, and it didn't seem to have a shopping center at all as I saw just one center spot and it seemed to have just a piazza, restaurant (I didn't see not feel any drunken feel there) and a kioski, but one might think it has some shop somewhere or they need to go in Malmi to do their shopping, that though is close, like Ylä-Malmi that might be the heaviest spot in Malmi. There is also a place called "Malmi" at the lower right side of Pukinmäki, that has a feel to the direction of Pukinmäki, making Malmi more specific, though its feel has something of the general malmi too but with the head one can't rate it different from Pukinmäki. Pukinmäki has relatively big space for football and volleyball (on sand, I suppose). Nature connection for any outdoor activities is better outside the red areas (and might need somewhat a different focus as one is not as aware the more red the area). Oulunkylä (or so) has a small forest for running and skiing, and a big ice-skating place - where one can play at least tennis during the summer time or so, and the costs 30 years ago were not high. Similarly, one can pick a place by hobbies too, it being one factor.

On the way back to red, one tends to feel the places one visited possibly lonely, empty, lacking action (I had the same feel and doubt when I came from Espoo) but it's what the heart says; red not being good for the head. As long as one can handle the situation (as lesser 'action') and be filled enough with a pink heart not to feel lonely (up to miserable from that point), there are real possibilities for a blissful life in some pink area, that feels more as nature, and when it's more or less better for the head, I tend to believe it's the solution from the absolute point of view. The next thing is then to pick the exact quality of pink as well as the exact place, and finally the exact flat (some areas have e.g. more newer flats). I am not saying Helsinki is entirely without bliss but the possibilities for a better bliss are greater in Espoo and likely in Vantaa. Personally, I have Espoo currently (could change) somewhat high on my priority list based on no white and good bliss level, and the only things that pull it down are the lack of actions factors in the place (that does not need to lack more actions than it has to if one picks a place that has it better than on average) and as distance to actions elsewhere, like to Helsinki red core - the pink areas in Helsinki near the red Helsinki has a definite plus here. So, in case I haven't missed something (like the winter time though as I have lived and as I have seen, experienced, the white areas are white areas during summer also, just that some near cases might be more white when it's not summer with green trees, blue sky, higher temperatures, more sun, happier people - though there are less of them during summer) Helsinki basically lacks white places, one needing to go to edges of east Helsinki to find them. While the case in Espoo, the Soukka, the place itself did not have much of a positive impact on me though, but it was white way before Soukka, but then going just one place higher, to Espoonlahti, there was more life as more redness as there was Soukka below it and maybe more redness from other places nearer. But whatever, the bottom line is to rate many factors, like the amount of redness, bliss, actions, homeliness, distances, flats, the exact other details. Malmi airport? I didn't saw it being a problem and there is generally more noise from cars though the planes were fying low, but it's not like I was seeing them many, I saw a couple to be rated and I was there a couple (of) hours, though I might have easily missed many but so would one living there then. One thing I perhaps might mention is that north-east Helsinki just might have sort of much traffic, trains, big streets, though it might not look like that on the map, but I was there and was thinking it not being the most traffic low places and I live in the city center and I have seen e.g. Oulunkylä (less traffic it seems but the only difference might be that I haven't been much thinking about Oulunkylä/Patola and Pakila(s) having many big streets more or less near and will be noisy in one spot but better a couple of hundred meters to another direction, but at any place there can be otherwise a silent - and no action - place but there is constant noise of some big street(s)), Espoo (again, my take). Though I did travel often with the bigger streets too, but I was much elsewhere too (people travel in/to Vantaa and Helsinki and there are a sort of variety of roads they use so there are possibly more roads that are more busy than possibly at other spots of the whole north part of Helsinki, at least when it comes to the places having most people there, but it might be so for all places at north-east Helsinki that even smaller streets just might have a bit more traffic. In Espoo there are plenty big streets that are busy while the smaller ones might be rather empty though it depends of the day and time, e.g. people work at some places there and the traffic is accordingly, but Espoo and Vantaa as a whole are not in between places, and that goes also to the amount of redness and the quality of air - physically, too) - many being pretty close of nice pink or about there though when they don't get to enough bliss, other factors get higher on priority, e.g. the three lower Ps might take over some spot like that as the bliss is not that much above and these are closer. I am not rating any of them as clear pink at this time though I suppose that's where the higher one of those rate to be put, and then there are other factors like homeliness, space, nature, that can increase the whatever bliss the place has as pink level, and it's not to be forgotten that red(ness) too is bliss, in a human way, and as long as the head can deal with it, so far so good, though one lacks better nature bliss, but one has other things, including the redness itself. The lacks of the three Ps is that the outdoor possibilities can be limited and though the houses build near each other or so and looking like some -80 buildings (they tend to have more or less red in them, though at least -90 ones might also have) might look nice and the whole feel be good in some ways, but when it comes to clear white, bliss, space, nature, outdoor possibilities, there might not be much to be happy about, so it's rather person dependent, and the message here is that what feels okay, may not offer enough, so one needs to think about the things it offers too, so all the factors need to be in the picture to make the best decisions.

I figure to visit one or so East Helsinki spots at some point and maybe towards the Espoo Center as there are places on the way there on that horizontal line as well as around the Espoo Center, all as one pack. About Vantaa, I am curious of the amount of bliss possible and how that would match with action and other factors at those places, but there is a lot of Vantaa, so I might not get there as I might not be here anymore, in the city center. New white areas I could face there and see more of them, in case they have some differences really, as itself. But I know there are white areas at the edges, so nothing much to look there as well as they figure to feel just a variety of dead/nirvana. One's own energy, how much one is having it (activated) and how much one is doing, can make (and makes up to lot as in action one might not ever feel it empty even in a white area as one's x-mind is too filled as well as one has more energy in one's aura from one's own x-mind). Is the white/bliss Brahma or nirvana, death? No comment, I sort of don't know. And the closer one is to more humans the more red there is and so the bliss is of humans? No comment, I don't know, just that there is a point there, but it's not going to be bliss because of redness, and that's why I have given it a name "Tao," as different for redness and Brahma, though both of them are in the picture in one way or the other.

I took a metro to the end of the line, in Mellunkylä/Mellunmäki in east Helsinki. It was dead white at that spot, but I didn't bother to look it closer where people live there but I call it dead white though it gets some redness from people where they mostly are but doesn't rate to get even to the level of Kontula that's somewhat like Espoonlahti on the west edge of Espoo. I walked back, in Kontula, somewhat through Vesala, using smaller roads and it started to get some color near Kontula, though still white. Maybe the first time I rate Kontula shopping center just a bit dirty perhaps (though things are also relative and it's generally an okay place and one feel, why now? What is this about, but I saw/felt it and write it here. Maybe I have just come to see something better, though what place isn't any dirty?) but overall it's a decent place, just that it doesn't fit to me anymore perhaps [though it can be relative to where one is currently living at/has been living long enough like nine or 12 months and is just a relativity fiction, but I have more: seen, experienced, changed, learned, got a bit older too] though it's a relaxed place and clean at many points and generally, some that I like walking and it feel up to blissful but it's not lasting more than some hundred of meters - though some more places to walk at but it's too empty there and one would need to pick the path accordingly from the directions of more red - and where one lives - is flatting - one would need more red though some parts in Kontula have it more than the other parts and with time it might get more redness and bliss if it gets still bigger or the area around gets bigger or expands. But at this time Kontula is not the place to pick (nor would I bet all in favor that the near left side places between Kontula and Itäkeskus are but they definitely have a higher possibility for it. Itäkeskus is possibly mere pink [though not sure and could be more empty though I really haven't felt the white or so freedom there, nor clear white and bliss, and there will be a major change when going towards Kontula] and actually a small place compared to it having many big shops and a major shopping center, but one can move outside (of) Itäkeskus too and at many places the same possibility is there if one looks around. Kurkimäki is white as I have felt it empty, while I haven't had anything noted before about Myllypuro that's between Kontula and Itäkeskus, at the west side of the road - the experience on the way to Kontula from Itäkeskus figures best on the east side of the road. Myllypuro is an ex-garbage collecting place and some people have had health problems there and that added though it has a major sports hall and maybe a bit shopping center though nothing much I suppose, but easy to count out Myllypuro. That leaves only the very near places of Itäkeskus also as the - more or less near perhaps - east side places, on the east side of Itäkeskus, that possibly figure getting rapidly white and one could find maybe just a small spot that's clear pink before it turns to white, and to mere pink or so when coming back, similar to when going from Itäkeskus to Kontula). I then walked through Rajakylä (Vantaa), that's above Vesala (Helsinki), and as Rajakylä has some people living there, it wasn't dead white but like in Kontula, though it would possibly be dead white if there would not be living much any people as above that is Fazerila, a big factory and it was dead white there as well as instantly (on the right side) outside of Rajakylä, there being lots of empty space (mainly meaning that there is no people) and the infinite emptiness opens just at the right there. No one was working at the summer Sunday at that factory though I don't expect it to make much of a difference but I don't know. For comparison there is another Fazer in Kannelmäki and it was clear white or so (though no one was working during a summer weekend there) and Orion factory in Espoo/Tapiola has lots of empty space and clear white with with the Espoo bliss too, and no one was living around nor working during a summer weekend. I was walking at the north side of Fazerila to Suurmetsä (I just looked the bottom half of it, though it's a small place and Vantaa is so close that one can throw a stone there from Suurmetsä as Vantaa starts after it, and Puistola or so is sort of just there too so from that point too it's not such a wonder Suurmetsä is or seems to be though figures to be more pink than one might think when looking from the other way) above Jakomäki, and about instantly (somewhere about that place Vantaa ends and Helsinki starts. The experience is the most clear, and possibly won't even start any earlier, though I only walked there once [that though seems to be good enough for other than other times as non-summer if matters and the amount of people everywhere at that time, and one's own amount of (x-)loads], when entering Suurmetsä from that empty direction to the area where people live) when I entered Suurmetsä, it changed from dead white to clear and comfortable pink and with bliss too I should rate (that's generally more or less there with clear pink - that's more comfortable to the heart than high white and white). I didn't expect such so soon and instantly on that edge and near the infinite emptiness and though I might be a bit biased as I came from the dead white, I don't think so, while the place itself was also comfortable, many semi-high buildings (near each other). Also, clear white rates as fairyland too, as it does here too but what fairyland is, is not just clear pink [I sometimes might write that as "clear white" and in case I do, it means clear pink - it's actually "white" in reality as one sees it] but it needs to have the feel and look of a fairyland (because of the type of clear pink the place has and possibly some other factors). I then walked to Jakomäki below it and pretty soon there was a shopping center that has a big shop (there seems to be a shop in Suurmetsä too but smaller though I could make sense of the shop's windows and text as I haven't seen such before so not sure), apteekki, two pubs or so that had a drunken feeling and the outside sort of a miniature wild west as the type of people, cars, a bit the USA sort of. I didn't like that much, and then I walked through Jakomäki and I rate it as the lowest pink (like I rate Kontula as close highest white, meaning not pink but not dead white either). A place like Suurmetsä figures good for my head and heart and a comfortable place and didn't look like having a noise problem outside though not that one can walk more than some hundred meters and one is near a big street, but it's more the problem in Jakomäki - at the south end of it I could hear the big streets from the west and the east somewhat well. But Suurmetsä seems a hidden fairyland (it's at a spot that has people living around it) (though there might be no major fairyland - all clear pink is a fairyland but - but the type be somewhere like "strong clear pink." The White area looks like grey/gray or so - or, simply, it just more or less lacks the extra 'lights' that shine in the Aura/air, that is produced by humans it seems; energy it seems. Grey might in cases mean that there is a block/x-load somewhere and one is not clear, so using grey to indicate the nothing might not be so correct, it just saying that when one keeps decreasing the light, "grey" is something it might start to correlate with, and finally black so to say; (the) death (and Life being white light, energy, though right side energy is sunny, and human mind is like "red," that's one thing that also is there where white light is and at the red areas it more or less covers the white light, while in "pink" areas it does less so but still produces the white light, that's most intence where the red - pink - covers it the least, it being then clear pink. This is how I currently think it is. The energy being needed for the heart for it not to feel lonely, and it can get if from doings - energy - or/and from the Aura, or even just from being clear if one's own aura and balanced, clear, peace, flower energy is then enough to be seen and felt, so not to feel lonely, but having company, energy company). Similarly, if one puts oneself in (a) more intense/more energy, one will see the Aura/air as having more light in it, as well as one's eyes [and personal aura, though not that it's necessarily personal but just in the near air] will have more light in them. This is how one sees these Auras. There is also the etheric look - and smell - of the body, that's not aura but, and all things have an effect to moves, thoughts, feels, moods, personality, x-mind, Xmind, but there are categories of A/aura (including around the body but they more or less seem to be tricks of the eyes/physics), etheric 'body', astral 'body'/soul, physical body, x-mind, Xmind, and they are much connected), something one might find from the east Helsinki too but it's much like hit or miss and even on the same place it could change from one spot to another but it would need some searching but it seems basically mere pink up to Itäkeskus but that's just one line as one can move a bit away from that line to the south and north and take a look. I then walked from Jakomäki (that might in theory be Kontula white as the dead white is there just outside of it on the east side, but the west side seems to add some to it and goes into that area or/and into heads of people there though it just might get further too if there would be more people living in between north Helsinki and east Helsinki) to north Helsinki and walked its east side, Tattarisuo, Tattariharju and there the redness again increased to the like clear white and more comfortable and its related somewhat bliss though the north Helsinki and north-west Helsinki is not really famous of having bliss in the clear pink, though it's never without bliss, but visiting some more fairyland places gives something more even if not bliss, and visiting some more bliss places like Espoo, gives a better idea of how deep the bliss can go. I then continued to walk (to city center) and the amount of bliss or related and so did make some changes along the way, and it has much to do with how much space there is - of how many people are living there - and from that one might see that if one lives in a place that has mere pink at the place one has the flat, it might be clear pink around it, where one moves outside, but if the outside is even high white, in theory, though not in my practise, the flat place might have clear pink with more or less bliss. If one feels lonely still at clear pink, it's not clear the flat will be but mere pink. Though for me the clear pink has possibly up to more content than the mere pink or so, and the other possibility for heavier content if the red, the city center, while in between there might not be anything heavy, and one might feel even lonely there, though mentally one can thinks its closed place to city core, to action and heavier experience (and one can go to the clear pink direction too) and so manage it mentally, though it's just a theory one would feel like that lonely on the mere pink or so area though I have seen some indications of the possibility but I have seen them of the fairyland too in some places though the bliss level might be limited and they are generally a bit further away from the city core than the mere red areas. But the red as well as the clear white has the possibility of giving a heavier experience, though one's system might be used to it somewhat and somewhat adjust, making one feel and see them less, and that happened with the Brahma awareness when one has had it one year, that one becomes significantly less aware of it, and the system adjusting to much anything is also a known general phenomenon. I don't think I would recommend Jakomäki from the level of redness it has though it rates as pink, clear pink (with a minor dead white but not a major dead white), but when there are better spots to pink, why pink a redness level like that? And I don't see there are other factors turning the decision to other direction though one could play tennis there it seem, though so one could in a near place too and there are other places where one could play tennis near, while I have no facts of the costs and how often one gets to play and even if it's in the pink area here though it more or less seemed to be (additionally at least football and a swimming halli).

South-west Vantaa bike trip, six hours (from Helsinki city core and back). First, Pähkinärinne; fine place, higher buildings, clear pink, though no Espoo comparable bliss. After that it was countryside and though it was pink, it was thinner, and I put it to lowest pink levels and it's up to everyone if it's enough for one or not, and it could be as it's not white and when it has the combination of countryside without white, it's pretty nice to some. Those two thin pink places were Hämeenkylä (Hämeenkylän Kartano was noisy because of Kehä III but it's not Hameenkylä) and Askisto (that I expected to be white but it seems the amount of people it has at left and the combination of all others as the formation and the combined number of people is enough to barely keep it not being white. Actually there was a possibility that the two places before it could have all been more or less white, especially Hämeenkylä, though it was close). Askisto had one pub or so and one shop, maybe just at the the other end of it. Askisto is no high building place but similar to Pakila, and so should be pretty nice, and Hämeenkylä had much the same but there are differences. With those two, it's countryside and Pakila type with a rather thin but possibly strong enough clear pink level and at one point I was thinking that it might even be stronger in Askisto than Hämeenkylä, and one possible reason is that there is more nature in Hämeenkylä compared to a place like Askisto that had one family building after one family building. The safe bet is to ignore those countryside places (and perhaps sleepy places being secondary too but not sure) that also have more distance from everything and lesser shopping and action possibilities, but one might like thin pink there and there is nothing wrong with those places and in theory it's possible to rent a house or so with more or less one's own walls and garden with up to no higher costs (the nature though will be on the first floor when this far, and any other problems but others' heads are less there - one can get changed even by black and white printer pictures, that I often use). Then I went to Varisto, that was similar to Itäkeskus big companies places that sell beds, tables etc. and no one was there - though it was an early morning and no one is working there yet. It was empty though was feeling like a semi-city because of all those shops there but they were "nothing" shops though there are people that live in Varisto. Varisto itself was the first place (though Pähkinärinne is close to be about so) that has comfortable clear pink by far, an excellent clear pink. It was also the first place (though I noted one when I came to the top of Askisto and the noise was clear - though not that I am necessarily saying it to be a major problem compared to traffic noise but it's something of a factor always when living at these areas as in this trip. The nearer one is to the airport at these place, the lower the airplanes are) where it's clear the big airport is bringing extra noise from airplanes - they seem to always come from about the east and go about to west and they fly lower when this close the airport. Then I went in Martinlaakso where the airplane situation was the same and they fly around there areas pretty constantly; I saw one when I went to a shop and three - one after another - when I came out. The clear pink it comfortable clear pink here too (and it was nice to see in the shop too of how one sees and feels it there), but this clear pink around these areas (Varisto, Martinlaakso, then Silvola, Kaivoksela and Myyrmäki) are all very sedative clear pinks that induce sleep easily and it's possible one who lives 25 hour days like I do, might be living 24 hours days here, though just an idea, hardly the case, but it's sedative and sleep inducing (though I was a bit tired too but at least it's sedative or sleep hormones inducing), and it's not necessarily good no matter how sedative, peace inducing effect it has as it also makes hard factors of reality less close and that can lead to lacks of reactions as one doesn't feel them as strong (just before Buddha, the 4th Enlightenment, and before too it was there, I had problems with the dream like power of Brahmic existence, though the Brahma year was years behind, as one feels somewhat like in a soft dream so to say, and that sedative influence did the same here on these places on this trip, though it might not last as so as I don't have that problem at least not as much or as far as I can see in the city center anymore, like I had in 2005) but one is sedatived, and the other problem is that it seems to be sleep inducing, that might not be nice. But it was top good in Varisto and top good in Martinlaakso - that had some shopping center there (and a swimming hall with a gym) that had somewhat a bigger type of a shop that one might be fine with, apteekki, hair cut, one bank (Sampo - Kontula has often like three of everything - food shops, general shops, hair cuts, banks, many pubs or so and doubles like apteekki, kioski, clock shop. And Itäkeskus is sort of near), kioski, and something else, and the nearest bigger shopping center place is just below in Myyrmäki. But I visited Silvola, though nothing there but it's similar to Herttoniemi "industrial" area as it looks and partly is, having car companies, the difference being that it's not as big and it has sedative clear pink that Herttoniemi doesn't have. Silvola also has major noisy streets and of course airplane noise. Kaivoksela was the next; the same sedative clear pink, the big street noise further away is not much but it's there always, so can't say it's nature silent at any time. There was high buildings, people living, and Myyrmäki is just one the left. Entering Myyrmäki, just about there it became more pink, something similar to Tapiola in Espoo when it comes to entering its shoppoing center, but in Myyrmäki the bit pink stays somewhat in the whole of Myyrmäki, and in the shopping center (A major one, the biggest on this trip by far, that's like Itäkeskus shopping center that has all the shops, though Myyrmäki one is also spread outside like it's in Tapiola and below Leppävaara - Leppävaara has a shopping center called Sello and maybe that was it, though the type of clear pink is much the same in the whole (of) east half of south Espoo) one might feel it in the eyes also as the redness level might disturb them though it's connected to the relative personal too and even one visit sometimes in some place - or when one is clear and well enough - and one might not feel it the next time, though there was little possibility for such to have been felt in the sedative and A/aware - one can see and feel the clear pink/brahma/tao in the air too - place like Martinlaakso, it not inducing possibly any feels but sedative. Not that Myyrmäki gets to the level of the best clear pinks here, and they and Myyrmäki will have the additional problem is that the clear pink being sedative might actually not be what one might like as one might like something more "fresh" and less sleepy, so I am not sure about these sedative places either (and the thinner pink countryside places) and maybe the Pähkinärinne would be a more normal place or all these, but it depends of the person and it's hard to say but for me there are better places like in Espoo when it comes to the quality of the clear pink. But these sedative clear pinks sure were plenty impressive, just that it might not be what one might want in the long run until one needs sedatives. Though our system tends to adjust somewhat to anything sooner or later like in 9 to 12 months, but it's not necessarily going to remove the problem like when I live in the city center, I know it's not good for my head and at this specific flat even less so, and I know there are up to clear pinks that have bliss and fresh air (as so but also as increased pink feels like the quality of air - Aura - has got worse, like when entering Tapiola shopping center, Myyrmäki - from those other sedative places here, and it's there somewhat in the nort-west Helsinki too just under these Vantaa places I looked in this trip, and like the three lower Ps at the bottom of the north Helsinki though expected them to be clear pink like Oulunkylä/Patola, or/and the amount of bliss is major reduces (at higher north Helsinki that rates as clear pink but the bliss of e.g. Espoo or even the type of Oulunkylä necessarily isn't there though Pakila(s) as quality is pretty close to more or less of those though the energy is different in both places as it basically always is though on this trip there were major similarities to the feels on all of the places (like there more or less was at the upper half of north Helsinki, like there from some parts was in east part of south Espoo, etc., though all of these have its major in the pink type but there was something else too in many places that have a similarity that the other places more or less don't have) and they are just at those places. Myyrmäki had the airplanes too flying but generally the were higher and more distant though one could still hear them so to say that they are in the life picture here too but at least they have more distance. I didn't make a major note of car noise in Myyrmäki but basically there are roads all around Myyrmäki shopping center, bigger all smaller a bit distant or not but basically one's life will be near those streets often I think though the flats might be of more distant. The Aura of the place might change according to how many people there are at any time but my guess is it won't change very fast but takes time like when entering a new flat it takes time for that place to get one's own A/aura. The places in this trip are a bit too far if one is to come to red core every day with a bike as it take e.g. 45 minutes (using Vihdintie road that's about as easy as it goes anywhere). But these places have at least the Myyrmäki shopping center more or less near, so that won't often be the reason why one would need to go any further, and these places are in Vantaa and it costs some more to travel in/to Helsinki, and the same for Espoo. When one is in North Helsinki, one might have more problems though there is a train and possibly even Vantaa above might have something. Myyrmäki has a train station and Martinlaakso or near has one.

Trying to see the redness level from the pictures based on white light amount seen, doesn't look like a working method, and even if it would work at some specific level, that would be limited, and then on has to consider the amount of light the picture has, and so I don't think the lights will tell anything though one will see dead dark at dead white areas sometimes and clear strong pink at such areas in some pictures too but they figure to be more of an accident. Then I was trying to see if the strength of the air could be seen, but I couldn't see that either. Then I might think that when one is clear and in a clear area, one might be able to feel it from the picture, but my feels are limited in the city core, while being clear makes one also more sensitive and it might also be disturbing in one's general life, though it's nice in itself. One gets general feels from the pictures and can think something of the and of how it relates to one's Xmind vs. general realities and what every feeling means and from what it's coming from but generally one just takes a note if one happens to see/feel something specific though one could do some study too.