Brahma Awareness - Brahma Yoga

The main enlightenment; to get the Awareness (outer Situational). But as the Enlightenment one gets with the Brahma Awareness is from the T-meaning parts more or less the same as one gets with the Buddha, the Sensors do not rate to get such with the Brahma Awareness, though the sex curtain that's on their eyes and body will be removed. There are two kinds of Awareness; in 2006 I call one the Brahmanic and the other the Nirvanic (Buddhist). The base outer Situational seeing (from that comes the Situational wisdom) is more or less the same in both cases. If one is a Sensor (see personality theory; out of 16 different personality types half are sensors and they contain most of the people) or one has the Sensoric enlightenment from dropping the mind where one becomes a Buddha (rather than a Christ like with this other type), see the F-Meaning text, then one can figure that enlightenment will not happen from its enlightenment part with Celibacy as he figures to have it already. The Brahmanic one one gets (except from the T-meaning parts if one already has it as being an ordinary Sensor, that's about the same as being a Buddha) by becoming a celibate (a BRAHMAcharya), after about (e.g.) three months.

The other way (that also adds to the Brahmanic one, the F-part of it so to say, and is the one to have first of these two for sure, and then one doesn't figure to need the enlightenment from the Celibacy. This becomes the second Enlightenment best to have, after the Kundalini awakening - in case one gets it, while this other is no sure either though the method is sure, but it rates to be sensitive to the amount of unbalance one has, that can or rate to make it a longer journey as an amount of balance - see e.g. Sahaja Yoga - is needed before one has enough amount of a drop there, to start the still bigger drop or try go easier through further recovery where the active loads get so little that one comes to the state of a Sensor and maybe stays there long enough for the Sensoric enlightenment to happen. In other case, when the mind is not in balance, the mind [Memory, Ni/Ne and the complete mind if necessary as it can or rate to be; no mind, none] can simply be too tough to stop and keep so, while it's not sure, because of the big amount of active unbalance, unbalance shortly, it even then will be getting to the point of Sensoric enlightenment, though in theory it rates to) likely is by 'dropping the mind', see the "F-Meaning." The awareness of an Intuitive (from personality theory) is in the Memory (Ni/Ne), and to be situationally wise it needs to get free from it; constantly keeping it out of it or maybe even just simply dropping out of mental activity and rest, recover, and one gets the Sensoric Enlightenment, becomes a Buddha. Most people who possibly got the understanding and seeing of the A/awareness out there was by dropping the mind so the A/awareness was not so much in the mind [N(T) perhaps] so one becomes aware of it outside too and so awakes to seeing that one is Here and so T-seeking from this part ends; then one has the Situational wisdom; this happened maybe/likely to Krishnamurti, Shree Rajneesh, Gautama Buddha, Bodhidharma, Zen. It though doesn't necessarily mean one will have the Brahma Awareness, but one will likely have the same Situational wisdom, and that's really the only thing any Seeker of Brahma Awareness is seeking about, and sooner or later he will have to face the wisdom and horrors of the F-Meaning Emptiness too, giving one a Situational view of the F(and T)-out there. When everything get still years beyond the Brahma Awareness and its nirvana, one might not be all content anymore of being just Here, though it has lasted for years and no problem about any meaninglessness, till one runs completely out of it to F-dominating and to 'dropping the mind' that then makes it even more clear, and the block on the F-out view goes off, like when clearing the left channel, but the Emptiness does not hit in yet. All in all not only about dropping the mind, though it can sooner or later be enough, just a matter of if it will take a month or three years (more power on the mind, more at right, then more it might last, first to get to a balance, and then few months, though there are other factors too, but that's about it), or even more (a few months for an ordinary more balanced case?).

The celibacy though doesn't end there as far as sex addiction goes; there are still more and more periods to go, years, the whole life; but every period it gets easier and easier, less and less - first a lot, later more slowly. If one is after the T- and F-meanings (the F-meaning means the heart and that one won't get with the Brahma Awareness, though one can earlier or later nirvanicly drop in the heart and see it, much like any heart oriented person would rate to already know, though there are aspects in the Sensor that one won't get like that being just an NF-dominant), the main Enlightenment to say it shortly, one can achieve them in a couple of months if one is in balance (if not, it might take a couple of years to get in balance first) with the F-meaning stuff, the Buddha, by suppressing the N, the Intuitive dominance, and there one gets the Sensoric dominance and becomes a Buddha, e.g. and S-NT. That's basically much shorter than becoming a celibate, that's basically a life thing, though it keeps decreasing, later slowly, and one gets some extras with it as the full body innocence that many people though already have more or less who are less loaded on sex addiction (as the load on the chakra) and in theory one gets a decrease from the middle channel of Sahaja Yoga, while the case of celibacy haven't been publicly followed all the way like 30, 50, 100, 200 years, though having a theoretical decrease (of the middle channel) might not be enough for some (though not that celibacy is without its theoretical aspects but it goes for the maximum possibility of decrease), though the job is a lot to do (like with any other chakra load), though it's on the spiritual path that one needs to decrease it as much as it needs to and have the full body innocence and whatever extra clarity one gets with the removal of the sex curtain from the eyes and body that one doesn't all figure to get with the Buddha, that has its own extras.

The time before the Brahma Awareness is the most Hardest part of this full (there is no other kind of) celibacy (= total physical suppression, the path of no-release, the path of suppressing addictions - one is also born with them). The no-release of desire-addiction is the only way here, still mostly unknown law to the world, even though it's the master key to get rid of many addictions, and also to get this full enlightenment.

Though it doesn't rate to be the only way to get it as dropping the mind likely can give the same Situational seeing, though note that I have been in burn-out and dropped all for one to two years and did not got it like that though I started in 1996 and had my celibacy at Enlightenment in June 1996, but the dropping of the mind when at more balance, more at left, maybe the left dominating then too (Sahaja Yoga balance), was not until in 2005 while to me it gave then only the outer view of NF or something, about people out there and stuff like that, but there was such an expanse of this type of A/awareness at least, while I did have the F-domination slowly starting to prepare to come [together with the middle channel stuff and/or the middle age or/and whatever] from 1998 already, maybe getting more to the left from right or whatever, so it was a combination of many thing too. The Situational wisdom is likely the only same thing between dropping the mind and celibacy, while the F-Meaning runs into a view of the Emptiness, while the Brahma Awareness does not (to it the "Emptiness" is what one has before the Enlightenment, not after like with the F-Meaning, while what's Nirvana is not that F-Emptiness to a mere celibate but the less view of the Brahma Awareness as it gets nirvanic, one getting adjusted to it).

After e.g. three successful enough (e.g. in theory six orgasm failures per 3 months [if it's e.g. 2 failures per month] won't necessarily spoil it yet, as/if it (what is suppressed) is not fully released by that - that no-release is the most important thing here; but zero is the goal) months the curtain that active sex created will disappear and one will see the all-pervading Awareness, Brahma. (Gita III:38-39). This Secret is far from being well known.

I needed few "practise" months - I didn't try hard enough there - before this successful enough three months, where I didn't only "try" hard, then I had to succeed; perhaps something of those pre-months should be added into that about three months (mostly four I think; perhaps less than three months with better success). Less addicted might perhaps (the same time law might apply) get Brahma Awareness faster. One might think that success here isn't exactly the rule and that it's more likely one will not make it, and Brahma Awareness isn't that important (anywhere near a Need and Search) to SFs and STs, and the NFs have their thinking here (st) and they have other priorities (NF - here), and so Brahma Awareness more likely is useful mainly to some NTs, and even they need to be heavy Seekers (of Meaning and Enlightenment) and young enough (tens of years ahead, more the better), and succeed. Though this is an absolute but there are plenty other priorities and absolutes and this isn't exactly the first in/on line to way the most  because of their outer and inner (the Xmind) personality types. Including to NTs as there are more or less other things too to at least try first, like better balance, better control, dhyana, and the Kundalini-awakening from Sahaja Yoga though it's not sure one gets the Kundalini awakening, but the dhyana [Meditation, witnessing] any N (dhyana is sort of inside the N and the Ss are less inside the N, though dhyana inside the body is limited there by the sex curtain like by the skin - with Brahma there is no inside and so I am not exactly in position to see how the Ss see dhyana, additionally that I am a W&C, though with sex curtain the W&C sees dhyana just the same as without the W&C) should be able to get/see, and so might even go for zen (with or/and without the dhyana; zen being just for getting out of the N, though not that Ss don't do zen, but they are always everywhere and have some other things there, like the nf, ethics, control, less T, that all are also on the path to perfection, and Sahaja Yoga - among other religions - gives good knowledge of what to do about emotions and of course to the mind as connected to emotions, and e.g. Buddhism for the ST-nf's especially is on this path also and is the basic religious as well as ethical path for the improvement of man) and become a Buddha instead or also, and getting in full balance and getting the nf-things better, with or without the Buddha, one might feel content enough already, and secure with the Kundalini-awakening - especially if feeling the Kundalini in one's brain [and the loads on fingers]  [that's more likely with the dhyana that also figures to make a major diffrence to the understanding of Sahaja Yoga and any inner things] - so not being lost the next life again, though one might get a habit for balance and other type of life also [improved emotions and the Xmind overall] and as a Buddha one is out of (not fully in) the N (he exists like NS then) to that amount that one might be secure enough even without the Kundalini-awakening. And one being born with no sex addiction left even with celibacy is not the thing to expect, but one should view it as getting in lesser addiction levels, to lesser sex power level (like with any load) and then being lost in the next life from that part again, and that's where the other things help up to all the way, like being a Buddha (NS) after there then is some possibility one will have enough Wisdom not to Seek, that basically is a useless Search as there is basically nothing to find, other than understand that one is Here. It's also to be noted that some correct path with Brahmacharya (as a non-celibate) might decrease the sex addiction also and at least one is not increasing it and so there might even be some time factor that will all by itself decrease it some, but of course I don't know it, but one can think there being some possibilities other than just getting more addicted any time one is using something more.

The Brahmacharya as progressive is practised by many and there are texts about it and if done right, it might also lead in results, like at least in some temporarily extra activated cases. And all paths are slow, like a lifetime. If one has just been having more sex lately and it's extra stimulated, a well done brahmacharya might be able to cool it down sooner as it's not a 'permanent' load. That is the primary recommended path for most; the big brahmacharya being for the Seekers who want to try to get the Brahma Awareness, and take all the trouble, it being a major thing, and that path does not necessarily offer faster decrease, though I suspect it gives more results (but not for free, the price being higher the less need one has for Brahma Awareness), but that's unknown and I haven't walked that path, other than it's more or less a necessary part of the big brahmacharya also. There are a whole lot of other things one can work with in this life, rather than take all of them at the same time. These things can be best estimated only at the end (though the age factor, other loads decrease and the smaller brahmacharya - and the amount of it - practised by the celibate, make the complete comparing estimations, during and after like 30 years maybe, non-independent) and then what one picks depends on many things and above all on how much one wants the Brahma Awareness, the Curtain removed state some bit similar to the clarity one gets from better x-balance and more sensor (S vs. N), that also offer same view from the W/wisdom point of view, and in the longer run the L6 (work memory, of the N-dominant especially) might melt down enough (even lesser melting gives results to this direction, it being something more to just the body/brain getting clearer from the x-balance - after every x-unloading) for one to see more or less like a sensor, that makes one a Buddha, the (sensor) A/awakened one.

If one is doing nothing about one's loads and addictions then they, like fat, isn't all likely to get up to any less (maybe tens of years get some results and the age factor might help with some loads), even with some work they might not become more than like 1% less, though that follows the general slow path as all loads after one has got them in balance, and one can get that balance to stay stronger and stronger and longer and longer also, but all in all the loads to major enough to decrease - if a lot - takes tens of years and more and it isn't sure balance is enough for it but the time factor might indicate it to be, e.g. if unloading deeper, it works on the x-level mainly, not at the Xlevel that has no extra energy but just a memory/habit of it and if the deeper x-unload over some point gives one any more speed, isn't clear, though I dropped my level from basic (Sahaja Yoga or the first balance) balance to one step lower (peeling an onion, and it's not only trying to peel genes as getting to second level below is faster, though it too might be an X-genetic thing as I think I know they can adjust a bit that fast also - one can also take a look to anything one adjusts up like body, mental, memory and so it can work one way or the other both up as well as down and the easiest way to do that would look like to be to manipulate genes as there isn't necessarily anything too much in the Xmind once the habit has been changed to a full level, but the genes or body is keeping up higher power levels like at L6, R2 and L1, and those do decrease and the main thing is to observe those levels and eliminate them as much as necessary during one's life, also not trusting to any gene things there [I was born with high energy load levels, more or less a burnout, and I am not going to repeat it and will get things still better though I am not going to use my whole life for that or for doing the minimum but I will live also, more than the minimum, and so I pick my level of risk, especially as I am pretty sure of being able to know to continue the next life] but just eliminate them to enough level, and if that is done in living in a good first or second level balance or more, isn't clear other than the more one keeps in action of those, more one is risking), where I am still okay and got to a lower x-habit (at the same time though with NT to S-NT added in 2005 but still as a habit for sure then) and might expect better results, though I am some back to more mental action after some years but it's mandatory for me and I will decrease it again when possible, but even with some comeback, I am not back at the previous level and so could maintain some more activity than planned and still do okay enough, though I can't be sure about that and justy might move to still lower levels, though not too low, some year when possible and if I pick so.

This Brahma Awareness (Full Enlightenment) I got in July 1996. Awareness:-| (is-ness) is the moonlight of our soul. Then it (Brahma) will become Nirvana in one year automatically (all children, about under 13, are in Nirvana); two years more and this Brahma-Nirvana will become Brahma-Nirvana-Atma. (Then again 2 years more and there might be some minor subtle new stage.) I use the Brahma Awareness term in every stage, even though they are all partly different.

The first 18 months, with periods of 3 + 6 + 9 months = 18 months; the next 18 months is one period. 3 + 6 + 9 + 18 + ? [? = also 18, but not similarly a full period as the previous ones, but it counts. The next period lasted (in my case as usual. My case being that I increased the use of orgasms perhaps from once or twice a week to the level where it had at least temporarily increased the addiction to every two days demand, but a year or few just might not be all such a long time that it, its increased part, wouldn't then also decrease more or less faster, and/but/though more or less of that increase probably came also from my or/and my body's potential, while any more permanent increases and decreases outside of one's potentials rate to take more time than months or years, or/and one body) till around 7/2002 (21 months. But things are subtle and periods perhaps won't increase {much} from the 18 months) where it again got little more passive; the changes are subtle after the 1st 18 month period]. The less addicted have probably less hard times. If one is a Brahma Seeker, then there is nothing major to complain after 18 months, as there is no major effort left (neither physical, that mostly ends after the 3 + 6 month periods, then one gets a physical peace, physically things then stay under control all by themselves, but then there is the psychologically difficult 9 months period (and the later part of it can be psychologically hard), as one feels safe, and that is very deceptive, especially after Nirvana (that happens at the later part of that 9 months period). Some lower stomach torture can be there the next 18 months (after the 3+6+9), and after that (after the 3+6+9+18) the only small bother is that sex can soft attract most of the nights while waiting the sleep on the bed (that same sex attraction that used to be there during the days on the previous [the first 18 months period] period has life only on the bed anymore, not during the days anymore), but there is no torture, and one can ignore it any time one wants, but that likely does not happen most of the time in practice; every "over" thing has its root in the addiction, that is getting more and more passive, and becomes less through that. The next small improvement step I had to wait till around 7/2002, and after that the addiction goes decreasing a bit every year or so, and the small bed thing will remain here at least in the near future of years as there is that passive amount of sex addiction taking care of that, but the bed thing gets a bit less every year together with the addiction.

Assuming one didn't fail between about 12-18 months - it might include psychologically difficult time, just after Nirvana (then it's possible to fail e.g. 3 or 4 times, on average, per month, during a four month time, and there is very little one can do about it, but hard psychological and especially physical control during 3 clean days cuts that trend); when the time before it can be better controlled (it's possible to have no orgasms [= failures] from Brahma Awareness to Nirvana). I don't see failing out of the celibacy after e.g. 18 months (3+6+9) is possible, when there is no major physical or psychological effort left, except the lower stomach torture (the next 18 months) that keeps uneasiness on the body perhaps every day, that needs one to have a lot of patience.


I think castration (so that sex/orgasm stops functioning) is rarely an option (though some chance is there that an Intuitive [see personality theory, 16 types] may get Brahma Awareness with it [as one gets it or a form of it with the Sensor enlightenment - from the F_Meaning], but even then its just a possibility if even that as there likely have been many castrated Intuitives and no such stories have I seen. And the decrease of sex addiction - load - is all important, until one is very old or there is sure no way one gets it decreased, but I don't know any sure way that one will not and one can't gamble it, one must know for sure). One would think the same Brahma Awareness gain (seems not as I see no mention of it, and there has been many people in the world who have had a castration), and no effort; but the addiction must pretty fully decrease first (as much as possible in this life - that is more important than the all important Brahma Awareness to Brahma Seekers) and it most logically takes the whole life, meaning that I can't recommend castration, but it's one possibility that logically thinking (I don't know) can eliminate the sex curtain, and then one sees the all pervading Awareness, Brahma. The problem with castration is that the addiction is probably not going to decrease after castration, though I am not sure, but with children it doesn't, while the middle channel and/or the Kundalini might not be able to decrease the addiction amount then (no reprogramming and what purpose is the middle channel then for? While the Kundalini seems to be just for therapy - clearing - no effect to the loads, just to the x-mind, x-body). Also considering the theoretical (the Kundalini decrease together with through the legs - if one has a good Kundalini flow in the brain then it can be used - might even alone do the decrease) decrease from the middle channel (after the Kundalini awakening from Sahaja Yoga), castration would eliminate that more important long run gain (from the middle channel, though only in theory, though it looks to be true for the loads in general), assuming there is an assumed rebirth as one is here. If one is very old, then castration is the only thing that might make sense (few years after the Kundalini awakening from Sahaja Yoga, just in case some gain might be there, then), but as the decrease of the addiction is more important it rates to be better to keep working with Sahaja Yoga even in that case, though if the Brahma Awareness is permanent it wouldn't, but I don't think it is (even with celibacy). Castration (possibly all kinds of castrations) has some physical risks in the long run as one is not (without outer or so help) getting all the stuffs that are not used only to sex, and it's known that the bones are likely or will get softer and so one might end to a wheelchair. The breasts might start to grow even when one is not getting female hormones. One can in theory get to lower levels of addiction with no effort in the long run with the Kundalini awakening at least if one Kundalini meditates, while being very old it's not a big deal either way, but this Kundalini path seems the best then (though then one is missing the Witnessing & Consciousness, something I don't figure a good fit without Brahma Awareness). While Brahma Awareness will show about nothing but you are Here (though it's clarity that gives the Situational wisdom, and the almost invisible - later - presence of the Brahma Awareness, and there's the possible, and the next, Witnessing & Consciousness), and seeing that the seeking will stop (as far as the Thinking meaning goes - Brahma_Yoga_F-Meaning).

Only for younger Brahma Seekers like I it was, or can be, (I got the Brahma Awareness when I was 28 and if I live at 78, I will have it 50 years, but that's not the only factor of life, there being many more). But one must be a Brahma Awareness seeker (one who seeks this Meaning - Situational meaning - of life - the Meaning is that we are Here, that's all), and not too old either; being 50 can be too old, except maybe with the lowest levels of addiction and a long life ahead; being 40 and a Brahma Seeker can be worth it (doesn't rate to be worse than the alternative), it's not too late at 40 when one can have the Brahma Awareness for so many years to come, e.g. good years of at least 45-75 is 30 years.

It would have been hard for me to live those years without the Brahma Awareness, though that was without the new findings, though the Brahma Awareness was the main thing for me, as that was exactly what I was looking for and I absolutely needed it. I don't know how much of that the mere Sensoric Awareness will give - being more or less an ordinary sensor; a B/buddha. Though a Buddha is at least a re-sensor, and to call one an S or an N there doesn't look like to be exactly right, though one can live as a complete S, but the option (though that's also the past of the Buddha, and in case it gets less with years, and so for the same reason there may be no born Buddhas, if the past N slowly dies, though it also depends of what one continues to do, but seeing from some others, it doesn't figure to die in this life, until one wants it to, and that leaves the case of the next life unclear) of being both makes the difference.

But that's a subject of the Buddha, and not the Brahma, though how much they cover each others is not clear to me, other than the Buddha adding to the Brahma, and seeing the usual sensors, they do not have the full innocence because the active addiction to sex is there to more or less amount (and so rates that curtain too to be in some way and more or less on their eyes), nor full if any W&C, in case the Brahma gives the W&C too, that it may not give, as a full, and how much Brahma the Buddha gives is not clear to me, there being millions of seekers and religious people who are sensors, and Buddhas do not rate as religious in the same sense, though that's not their next life, and they are re-sensors, in case there is such a thing.

But what the mere Buddha gives, when got before the Brahma, is a subject for the one who got the Buddha first, and I am not absolutely counting out the sensors, that they could not achieve the Buddha, in case they don't fully have it yet, but mainly it's for the N-dominants, who get (also) the S by suppressing the dominant N, though it's not necessarily the whole phenomenon of what it will produce. There are also born sensors who got the Brahma (Awareness and the full I/innocence) in this life.

If one is not a Brahma Seeker or is too old, one can be happy enough with the Kundalini awakening and the better life and possible knowledge it gives for the future. The vast emptiness; The F-Meaning of life might be the most important, rating to give more or less Situational wisdom like the Brahma Awareness. First the Kundalini awakening, if one gets it, then the Sensoric enlightenment, and that's all one may need, together with recovery.

To decrease the loads there might be a way to unload the loads using the meridians (if they operate energy and it's specific to chakra, and it might not be but the addiction uses the same energy as all else), similarly to through the legs method, but from a different spot. But one is not to leak too much action energy nor any other energy but recover first before the next one. There's no such thing - meridians decrease - that generally at this time. There's also a partial castration as well as counter hormones, after the sex power and the desire will be up to mostly gone, but not all, and so there's a possibility that it could be used as a help in the future, though there's a risk that the sex addiction will then not decrease (in celibacy or not). The counter hormones look like the safer option here, as long as they keep helping (might not have a limit).


The redness of the lips (tongue and nipple redness seem to correlate) tells how much sex power/addiction one has, though the zero level when one was born (redness is likely power, in this case) because of the genes or/and something might not be the same to all, though I believe that the power level - not completely the same as the desire level - at birth is what it shows, but later if one uses more or less, it might not be completely accurate but some sort of an average between genes and the new level. Some things, like some hotnesses (from action), make lips temporarily+ more red. With celibacy ones skin colored part of the lips can (will if it isn't already) also vertically (down-up; horizontal line) increase (about 2 or 3 mm in about 2 or 3 years, but then it stops there - the middle channel theoretically gives the same, perhaps in about 7 years, but I don't know; that skin colored part is probably likely to increase from ordinary people also if they are long enough - years - less sex active). Fully skin colored lips probably means: no sex addiction. Shri Mataji: the power of sex desire can be seen from the redness off the person's lips. But according to my sex theory, that says that actually it is the orgasms per (month) addiction level - not the desire level (the power level is secondary even though more the red lips or the addiction level, the more powerful the sex power is, its power, while the more power doesn't necessarily demand lineary/proportionally more orgasms per month, but power is developed mainly through practise, addiction, that in this case comes from orgasms), as it's stored as addiction. Sahaja Yoga (Shri Mataji) does not know about it, as they do not fully know the laws of addiction - they have not been publicly invented yet. The Kundalini might hit also the loads of all our chakras during the second step of the Kundalini Meditation, after the balance, but I don't know anything sure about it, less so here. Then there's the middle channel with one might not even need to know the laws if one just is not overusing over one's current level of addiction. The decrease of e.g. sex addiction might, I think, come from the middle channel - as it more or less tries to maintain all divine x-levels - one just doesn't get the Brahma. So, Sahaja Yoga is not for celibacy.

When one gets the Brahma Awareness one also gets the full body innocence, as it's amount depends about the amount of sex addiction; when the full body cover created by sex addiction is withdrawn back (to the lower stomach) one only doesn't get to see the Brahma, as that cover doesn't get removed only from the eyes but from the whole body also. That innocence is the left first chakra's main quality that manifests itself through the whole body; less with that cover. So, innocence doesn't have it's root in the Xmind (no attitude increases this innocence) but on the body instead. When the body is innocent, the mind also is innocent. One doesn't need the Brahma Awareness to get more innocence, just less sex addiction. Other purity things or loads, balances of the body, mind and Dharma have little/nothing to do with the divine quality of innocence; they count only/mainly in the bigger innocence picture.

A big help is a salt pack: when sex is really Roaming, one sits on a salt pack (the first chakra; or puts it on the lower stomach), the Roaming will disappear - without salt pack it takes hours to stop during the beginning celibacy, once it starts. Celibacy is hard to achieve; it's also quite perverted to achieve. But those can't be helped much, and life is as it is.

This addiction stops decreasing after about 2-3 years on skin colored part of the lips (according to my experience it tells about overindulgence if it has increased, and when reversed it recovers back to where it was and possibly adds 1 mm more), but it goes still more passive, decreasing, on redness. First one cuts the active addiction off by active celibacy, then in that "passive" state of celibacy it decreases a bit around every year for the rest of one's life and/or as long as it takes, that happening on the area of the Xmind (and chakra), all the way to minimum (sex will be but without the addiction), while the body (lips) also takes more or less recovery, but after the first few years things on the body level remain more same (looking from around the state of - deeper sahaja - balance), just some slow improvement still happens, that though more or less seems to be at a state of stop, but that remains to be seen, but something does happen; it just doesn't in this life or body get all the way (many/most recoveries are a long process as a whole, and even if it will take more or less fully place in Xmind-soul level, the body is unable to make a full recovery). Krishnamurti, Shree Rajneesh, Gopi Krishna didn't got it all the way; what one was born with might stay for much part as the basic body color, that additionally fluctuates depending about the active state of body somewhere. The body however gets lower and lower power levels in this life, but the body might not fully recover (or recovery gets slower as it continues) from any damage, neither do the genes of the body change in one generation, though e.g. the lips do not only follow the genes, but they also follow the overall body state, the Xmind, damage type of laws that recover as they recover and only up to some point. The amount of addiction that has disappeared from the Xmind (and chakra) at any year seems to be the result so far; the rest are partly secondary; but other loads at balance still have major loads, and because of this I tend to believe the lips when they are at balance.

Immediately after one has come to know the Truth, the Brahma Awareness, one could theoretically perhaps fully activate the sex again (if it's possible to get the pressure back with many orgasms - might just somewhat increase the addiction), or perhaps there is a better possibility that the Brahma Awareness will remain in this life and even in the next if it's done only after the Nirvana, though the Nirvana might be a different law from the sex addiction law here. But as long as the addiction is decreasing it makes no sense - or there is the middle channel (and the Kundalini), but to me it's only theoretical - to stop the process. And a celibate naturally doesn't want to quit it.

A celibate gets some orgasms (failures) per year (in my case: 1-15-7-6-4-8-3-0-3), and nightly ejaculations some 1-3 per month, on average; after many (e.g. seven) years the average might drop to one (1) and less; one might not get any for few months, and then also the failures (orgasms) might drop still a bit, though it's meaningless (in early 2003 I felt the zero might happen that year, and it did). The lesser sexual power addiction is just less and that's all, still insisting as being unsatisfied - as addictions do - just more mildly and mainly during the bed time only as has been for years already; it will keep doing that till the addiction has been eliminated closer to a zero (while the chakra rates to keep the sex level at one unit, but that's another matter). It's always just more passive/less than about a year or two ago, while the bed time keeps having regular activity/desire, partly because of habit possibly, but it's there most every bed time, night, as a desire/action.

In 2004, three orgasms (failures), making it three for the year. That's an insignificant amount, and the theme here was the subtle desire that still regularly exists when waiting sleep on bed, that's the only place it really exists, and is some bother because during the year it has become half dislike because it's there every bed time and in my case regularly leads to some action. It's however no force, and I can't say I don't like it also, and it being interesting, but it being there about every bed time, I don't like that; it needs to get still less, and the suppressed amount from the lower stomach needs to get completely eliminated. This year's low amount of nightly ejaculations was a new phenomenon; there was not even one per month, four or five for the year. More or less a byproduct of regular partial masturbation. I have nothing major further to comment till the bed time subtle desire, action, and the partial mental place addiction, gets considerably less for a year or even two as in the past there has been even months of what I could call silent times, and that's why the amount of more or less voluntary action during this year has been a bit odd (possibly non-action went to a streak, beginning with e.g. three days of major physical non-stimulation, and then if the thing is important, the desire for stimulation might stay away more easily, that's the thing that's difficult for example in this state/period, and it doesn't seem to have other than reducing motivation, so that it's not too often/too much, as far as this relativity goes). It just follows its formula, that when there's something suppressed still waiting to die, it will act basically the same way, just with less and less power as it gets less and less. I can feel there's still suppressed amount left in the lower stomach; that also takes, binds some energy. The most final answers of the elimination of sex addiction are still waiting to get answered; the only thing it does is decrease it to some minimum (sex will still exist just as any other Deity phenomenon), likely to the point there's nothing suppressed in lower stomach, though I don't know that for sure, but it has kept decreasing, and it rates to as long as there's still something suppressed. One gets Brahma Awareness and full Body Innocence, and sees the suppressed amount of sex addiction to get more and more eliminated during many many years.

The first orgasms (failures) after Brahma Awareness take the Brahma/Nirvana Awareness away for about 24 hours or so, the sex curtain/screen will come back to the eyes, perhaps less to the whole body anymore, but enough that the vision and body is then more or less covered - more with the first, up to perhaps e.g. the third failure, less with the next few, then nothing is lost anymore. Celibate's orgasms are without pressure, as that was one thing that was suppressed (with the lower stomach), and they are more like ejaculations only, though ejaculations don't count like these orgasms, as they are different.

Brahma Awareness is the Kingdom of Heaven. If one must have Brahma Awareness one must have the Kundalini awakening first. Sex is a part of the first chakra, nothing is ever going to transcend, sublimate, change it, as it's one of the many Divine qualities. Only the addiction can be decreased and removed (it can take many lives to fully go - one gets it from one's physical genes and/or from one's parents meridians and/or from one's past lifes, and from getting addicted to it in this life - no-addiction doesn't mean there will be no sex desire, every now and then, it just means no celibacy - or the middle channel - is needed/possible); the overpower (from addiction-orgasms) can be decreased and removed.

There is a likely possibility that the Brahma year makes one automatically the Witnessing & Consciousness; if not, then it's the next. Also the Buddhist E/enlightenment from dropping the mind (at least the N), stopping the wheel, gets the A/awareness outside of the mind.

The year 2005 again made the addiction less, the power level being less, all the other general things somewhat the same, but the power level is less, a clear difference, just mild anymore; so I like the result so far, in spite it having taken about ten years. I can't say anything final about the redness of the lips, it being this and that depending of the general balance (only at more or less best it's as much as it feels to be), and having overmore is not so much different on redness from having more, both being red, the other just deeper or/and maybe more in store, and the body recovery is possibly somewhat different (the addiction level is most likely what is on the lips on general balance but it's more or less different with those who have increased or decreased the use in this life/body), but I will know more only after/during the next ten years, and that's when the addiction level, the power level is likely that small that I again like the result, though depending of how much the feeling level correlates with the complete truth. The other effecting things are the middle channel, the Kundalini, the amount of loads at right and the left. For me it's not easy to get a clear answer here. The laws of addiction however work the same on all load cases as I have been observing about L1, L6, R2 that they all go further away, being less and less on the surface, going deeper and deeper, while they might not get less on water mixed power at the deeper levels where they currently are and getting still deeper and less, but they can be there with the same way as they were when on the surface years before (with more amount, or just more power - no amounts anywhere, just power). On the surface everything is like with one who has a small amount, and one needs to dig deeper on action to get connection to stronger, and they are there, but deeper and less, not on the surface, and this is the same to all loads and addictions (including fat, that not only follow the losing weight law but the laws of addiction too where it gets difficult if possible to get permanent results at least not without up to years and tens of year getting it back desire from the addiction), so those deeper one's still effect the body, not letting it to be completely as it's on the surface, and the surface is the present and anything deeper is the past; the laws of memory, and it takes years and tens of years for anything to get completely eliminated, and this is where life is difficult, though one can get to live with the surface from most part, but the past is hanging in there deep, taking its long time to die, while if one physically dies then one likely will have the same situation still, just like it's now, though I don't know how that is when it has additionally the suppressed function on (if all stays the same then it too will stay the same); L6, R2 are not so suppressed but like used less, all else being the same.

Asexuality or so might be from zero sex addiction (maybe 1% of people have got more or less there, so we are not very close collectively though that's still a lot of people), and people there might not be interested of sex, though sex is a deity like any emotion and stimulated similarly, and one so can get addicted to it again, though one might see it and get rid of it again. If one dies before zero addiction, one might be reborn as a sort of nympho, though one is just likely to activate the remaining addiction fully (one would continue the celibacy if one would know better, and it seems many nymphos might be doing that as they don't seem to get it satisfied though they might also be superaddicted, maybe women, and maybe it's a mere physical bug). If one is a zero sex addicted (or comparable), one then figures to see the Brahma around in a way that there is a red core where most people in a big city are, and white areas the furthest away and pink in between those, where the clear pink (between white and mere pink) is the first where there is a major (full) expansion and the Brahma or the energy from people in Brahma is most visible and strong. With time things get more or less nirvanic, so it's not that all Brahma things necessarily will remain all the same year after year, but as the main (achievements, changes - good and bad), they as anything such, will, that being what's left when our system has adjusted, got it as balanced as possible between the bliss and depression factors as well as any sense and other (brain, body, feeling) ability based adjustments for optimal or best performance (where our brain tends to aim at).

2012. The level of sex addiction, the power of sex, has again become less, and so it goes, slowly getting less and less like any load. Like with all loads, it's a journey of tens of years and more and one needs to be content to any results one gets during one's lifetime, where one can try to more or less secure also other good things like try to improve oneself in other ways also.